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“Your girlfriend is very cute,” Stan my co-worker remarked. Mandy and I met several guys from work last night at the local watering hole.

“Very cute indeed. Is she any good in bed?”

“Stan, how can you ask such a question?”

“She has that sex appeal that guys notice. And you’re a healthy eighteen-year-old. So, is she a good fuck?”

I turned and walked away. Stan had a reputation for being obnoxious. This was the first I had experience firsthand.

Truth be known, I didn’t know if she was a good fuck. Mandy and I had only been dating for a month. She sucked my cock several times but we just didn’t have an opportunity to do more. Not that I had anything to compare to, but her blowjobs were wonderful. Much better than the jacking off I had been doing.

“You going to Stan’s party?” one of the other guys asked me as I went back to my job.

“I don’t think so. He wants me to bring Mandy and I don’t want him making moves on my girl. I wouldn’t put it past him.”

“Oh, he’s OK. Gruff and coarse sometimes but all in all OK. It would be good to go, get to meet some of the others from work.”

I was working a summer job between high school and college, and felt a bit awkward since almost everyone else was mid-twenties or older. I was the kid. Mandy wanted to go to the party. It was fun and much different than the work environment and Stan was a perfect gentleman.

“Glad you came, Bobby. Good opportunity to get to know people. Mandy looks like a real gem, you are a lucky guy.”

“Thanks, Stan. I am lucky. We get along well. It’s a bit of a pain that we both live at home. Not much chance for privacy.”

“Yeah, that can be a problem. Say, sorry I busted your balls the other day, you know, about Mandy. It didn’t mean anything. You know me.”

“Forget it. Actually you hit a sensitive topic: you asked if she was a good fuck. We haven’t dated all that long and not once have we done it. We both live at home. I suppose we could have gotten a motel room but anything I could afford would be pretty sleazy.”

“I remember back when I was younger. Had the same problem.”

“And what did you do about it?”

“Well, my brother lived in the same town and let me use his apartment. We arranged that he had some things to do so we had the place for an hour or two. Back then I didn’t last very long so that was plenty,” he laughed. “It was a perfect situation. My girl and I did a lot of fucking in his bed over the next year.”

“Good idea. Unfortunately, I don’t have a brother.”

“Yeah, but you’ve seen my apartment. I could let you use it, see how things go with your girl.”

“Really? You wouldn’t mind us fucking in your bed?”

“I have two bedrooms, mine and a spare. Mine has a king-size bed but the spare bedroom in only a regular bed. You could use that one. Not mine.”

“Damn, Stan, you are a real friend. I guess you remember how it’s like being eighteen and horny all the time?”

“Still am, I’m only 26, not an old fart.”

“You know what I mean. Let me talk with Mandy. I’m sure she will want to take you up on your offer.”


“You guys can use this bedroom. Clean sheets. Just strip the bed when you’re done and I’ll wash them later. I put some extra towels in the bathroom. I won’t be back until after four. Just lock and pull the door shut. Have fun!”

Mandy and I hugged, excited with the opportunity for sex. Within minutes we were undressed and kissing in the spare bedroom bed. It was my first time to see her nude. Great body, perky tits and a shaved pussy! Just like in the porn videos!

“I can’t believe you have never had sex with a girl, you are a very handsome guy. And, damn, Bobby, your cock is the biggest I’ve ever seen. It sure didn’t take long for it to get hard. Now that I’ve seen how big you are, I can’t wait to feel it in my pussy. You ready?”

“God, yes! You will be my first pussy and I can’t wait.”

“First pussy? Does that mean you are already planning on other pussies?” she teased me.

“Honey, I need to start somewhere. I hope I will do ok. Will my cock fit ok? Your pussy seems rather small.”

“It will fit fine, I hope. But you have a big one, much larger than the guy I previously dated. First get me excited so my juices are flowing.”

“Sure, what should I do?”

“Come between my legs and lick me with your tongue.”

I hesitated. “It won’t taste bad, Bobby. Trust me. If you want to be a good lover you need to eat pussy. No time like the present to start learning. I’ll tell you what to do.”

She spread her legs wide and I brought my head to her crotch. Of course I had seen enough porn to know generally what to do. But watching and doing are two different things. Would the taste be as awful as some guys have said? Well, if I wanted to do more this was going to be the price. I tentatively stock out my tongue, tasting pussy for the first time.

“Put it between my pussy lips. Yes, like that. Now lick. Go up and down, in and out. Experiment.”

The taste wasn’t too bad, in fact kind of sexy. Her pussy was leaking which I figured meant I was üsküdar escort doing ok.

“That’s enough for now, time to fuck. Put the head of your cock between my pussy lips and move it up and down. Feel good? Easy, don’t push. Now use your hand to position it at my vagina, my pussy hole. Yes, that’s the spot. Now push just a little. Feel the head go in? Now pull back again. Now push. Keep doing that and don’t go deeper. Now push a little more. Now in and out, just use about two inches of your cock. Damn you are big! OK, go deeper but slowly. You about half way?”

“No, only about two inches.”

“OK, I’m ready for more. Push deep.”

Her warm, tight pussy surrounded my cock. I’m doing it! After all these years of dreaming about pussy, I’m fucking a girl! I rapidly thrust in and out, my balls slapping against her ass.

“Slower, honey, make it last.”

I was way too fast and furious and wouldn’t last long at this pace. Before I could get control, however, my sperm pulsed up my cock and I exploded deep into her pussy. How totally embarrassing.

“Just stay in me, honey and keep moving, just a little so it doesn’t come out.”

My cock was not quite as stiff and bent a little as I continued moving in and out. I felt her hand underneath, rubbing her clitoris. A little while more and I was almost back to full size.

“OK, you feel pretty good, Bobby, let’s try it again. You already have me worked up pretty good. Now fuck me with long, deep strokes but don’t go too fast.”

I knew better now what to expect. My cock stiffened as I moved in and out. Her pussy squeezed me tightly, it’s warmth enveloping my shaft when I was fully inserted. The tip of my cock felt something firm and she shivered. Not her hymen, this was deep inside. Each deep push and I felt the same firmness, almost like a barrier. The tingling in my cock increased and I almost involuntarily went faster. Not as bad as the first time, but still probably too fast and pushed me over the edge.

“You will be a talented lover once you get more experience. We still have plenty of time before your friend comes back. I want to cuddle and then do it again.”

Third time was a charm. This time she had an orgasm! And that caused me to come moments later. We lay breathless on the damp sheets, side by side. I was very proud that this time she had an orgasm. Mandy fondled my limp cock and placed my hand on her pussy. I explored her swollen pussy lips, still wet from my leaking cum.

“Did you feel it, Bobby, my cervix? Each time you bumped it, it sent tingles through my whole body. Wow, what a feeling! That other guy couldn’t get deep enough, I guess. Too bad we don’t have more time, honey.”

We took a shower together, stripped the bed, piled up the towels, and left.

“Well, how did it go,” Stan asked the next day.

“Great! Thank you so much for letting us use your place. Mandy and I fucked three times. The first was a disaster, I lasted only seconds. The second was better, a few minutes. And the third we both climaxed! So now I can answer your question, yes, my girlfriend is a good fuck!”

“Super. You want to use my place again?”

“Could we? How soon?”

“How about Saturday afternoon? I can save up some errands and give you about the same amount of time.”


“This is going to be fun, Bobby, now that we got your pesky virginity out of the way. I was so surprised at the size of your cock. Much bigger than that guy I dated but he had lots experience so was better at fucking, but you will catch up.”

“Was he your first?”

“Yeah, first and only until you. I just turned eighteen and went to a bar with some friends. They served 3.2 beer so we could drink. This guy was there, probably out to score some young pussy like me. Eric was five years older and much slicker in his lines compared with guys our age. Anyway I left my friends and went back to his place.

“An hour after meeting the guy, his cock was in my virgin pussy. It happened that quickly. I spent the night and he fucked me several times. In the morning my pussy was too sore to fuck so he taught me to suck his cock. My girlfriends figured out what happened.

“Two days later I was back in his bed. I couldn’t get enough of his cock. I suppose you would say I became his cock slut. I’ll bet we fucked thirty times over the next month. He showed me all types of positions and doggy and on top became my favorites. I wasn’t on the pill and he didn’t use a condom. Pretty stupid, huh? Don’t worry, I am now.

“He also fucked me in the ass. I was pretty drunk when he did it otherwise I would have said no. The first time it hurt and I was really sore the next day. That must have stretched me out and next time was much better. He liked doing my ass and said lots of girls wouldn’t. Fool that I was, that made me feel special.

“Anyway we dated for just a month and then he dumped me. I realized I was just another piece of ass to him and swore to only date someone my own age. And then I met you. So I’m the one with experience. Does yenibosna escort that bother you?”

“No, you told me up front you weren’t a virgin. And I could see how an older guy could be appealing.”

Mandy sucked my cock to hardness.

“OK, Bobby, stick it in.” She turned on her tummy and spread her legs. “Remember, slowly, honey. Long strokes. We have all day.”

Determined to do better than my first time, I slowly moved in and out. Gradually I lengthened my thrusts, withdrawing almost completely before again pushing deep, using the full length of my cock. It was the most delicious feeling I had ever experienced. Her pussy felt like a tight glove gripping the shaft and the sensation was driving me wild. My cock head tingled as my excitement grew and suddenly it happened. I thrust and bottomed out, my cock pulsing cum deep inside. Damn! I knew that was still too quick.

“Much better, Bobby. Now eat my pussy and make me cum.”

She rolled over and spread her legs. I kissed along her inner thighs, and progressed slowly upwards. Not giving it a thought I nudged apart her now swollen pussy lips with my tongue. She was much juicier than the first time I ate her. I licked up and down, back and forth. I forced my tongue as deep as I could.

“Oh, honey, that’s great. Can you taste cum?”

Huh? Oh, yeah, I now remembered I already squirted in her. Duh! No wonder she was so juicy! But the taste was the same, so far.

“I’m going to push some out.”

Some creamy stuff, cum, appeared between her lips and I knew what she wanted me to do. I stuck out my tongue and tasted myself. Moments later a torrent of pussy juice gushed all over my face and mouth.

“Damn, Bobby, that was wonderful! Lots of guys won’t eat even pussy, at least that’s what my girlfriends complain about. I doubt any of them do it after sex. You are one in a million!”

We lay side by side, her hand on my limp cock as I cupped her pussy, my index finger slowly rubbing between her lips. I got hard again and she took it in her mouth.

“Oh, I taste pussy and cum. Very sexy. This time I want on top.”

She mounted me and rocked back and forth, my cock smoothly sliding in and out of her already slick pussy. She milked my cock of every last drop. I stayed hard and she continued to use my cock. Faster and faster she went, and then she exploded.


We arranged to again use Stan’s apartment a few days later. Pretty much as a replay, Mandy sucked me, I ate her pussy, and we fucked. This time we both climaxed, almost together. That was nice. A short rest and she got up on all fours and begged me to pound her pussy. She pushed back to meet each thrust. Once finished we snuggled and fell asleep.

I looked up to find Stan standing in the bedroom doorway. “Stan, what are you doing here?” I exclaimed. That woke up Mandy, who stared and belatedly pulled up the sheet to cover herself.

“Sorry. I didn’t see your car outside and thought you had already left.” He waited in the kitchen for us to get dressed and leave.

“Our fault, Stan,” I admitted on Monday. “We fucked for the second time and fell asleep, didn’t even hear you come in.”

“Sorry I embarrassed you. I hope you don’t mind me saying, but your girlfriend is one great piece of ass. What a body!”

“You saw?”

“Oh, yeah! You were both asleep. Your girl had one leg over you, exposing her pussy. It was all red and puffy, obviously you guys had just fucked. Very sexy. You are a lucky guy!”

Sure, I was proud of my girl but disconcerted that my co-worker had seen everything.

“Don’t worry,” he added, reading my mind. “I don’t talk.”

That evening I fessed up to Mandy and assumed she would be furious. She wasn’t.

“It was an accident, Bobby. No harm done. Your friend has really been putting himself out for us.”

“Yeah, he’s a great guy. Maybe we could take him out to dinner as a thank you?”

“That’s a good idea. Someplace pretty nice.”


I wondered if meeting again at his apartment would be awkward for Mandy. She knew Stan had seen her naked.

“We want to thank you for letting us use your apartment. It’s the only opportunity we have to get together.”

“Glad to do it. I remember back when I was living with my parents, I had the same problem.”

“We don’t know how to thank you enough,” Mandy added. “I know it’s a real bother to leave for several hours to give us privacy. You could stay in the living room while Bobby and I use the bedroom.”

I looked sharply at Mandy. What’s this?

“Mandy, that would be really awkward,” I stammered.

“Well, the only reason I’m suggesting it is to make it easier on Stan. He wouldn’t have to leave. The bedroom door will be closed. And besides, he’s already seen us naked, right? He knows what we’re doing.”

We were nervous with Stan was in the other room. Mandy sucked my cock and that pretty much made me focus on us. After we fucked Mandy made a trip to the bathroom.

“I don’t know what I was thinking but wanted a glass zeytinburnu escort of water. I forgot that this time Stan was out there. Oops.”

“You were nude?”

“Sure. We just fucked, remember, probably had cum running down my leg. Stan got a really good look so I figured what the hell, show off a little. So I stood there and let him check me out. He reminds me of that guy I dated.”

“I thought you were my girl?”

“I am, honey. My pussy is yours. But I was thinking, maybe you would let me share.”

“Is that what this is all about, why you suggested he stay while we fucked?”

“Well at least I figured it would be a turn-on for both of us to be fucking while he was here. And then I found myself standing nude in front of Stan. He came over to me and pushed a finger into my pussy and whispered that he would like to fuck me. I couldn’t help but wonder what he is like in bed. How about we try it, just once? It would be exciting.”

I didn’t know how to respond. I wanted Mandy all to myself. But she took my silence as acceptance and opened the bedroom door.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to invite Stan to join us,” she responded and walked into the living room.

“You ok with this, Bobby?” he asked as he entered the bedroom, nude.

“Mandy thinks it would be fun,” as I glanced at his already hard cock.

“Let’s use my bedroom. It’s a king bed and gives us more room.” Mandy laid in the center of the bed and motioned us to either side. His cock was already hard, mine wasn’t. I had already cum twice.

She played my cock and it gradually got hard. Then she alternated sucking our cocks. I noted with satisfaction that mine was bigger.

“Bobby, I want you to fuck me first.” She positioned herself to suck his cock while lifting her butt to give me access.

My cock had been hard but with Stan watching, it lost most of its stiffness. I felt so inexperienced. He had a reputation at work of being a real stud and I had zero reputation.

“Come on, honey, put it in,” she wiggled her ass. “My pussy needs you.”

I pressed the head to her vagina, using my hand to keep it from bending. It was still mostly full size but not very stiff. Having Stan in bed with us was intimidating. I moved in and out, using my hand to help. Her pussy was still somewhat stretch from earlier so I didn’t have to push too hard. Gradually I got hard.

Soon I forgot all about Stan as I slammed into Mandy. My cock was bigger and I demonstrated with long thrusts, coming completely out and then in to my balls. I reached under her to massage her pussy and clitoris. I was determined to bring her to orgasm, hopefully with mine. Her pussy muscles clamped down and I shoved deep, blasting my second load against her cervix.

“You make me feel so good, honey. Now eat me.”

I could show off a little by eating two loads of creampie. I plunged my tongue deep inside her stretched pussy, tasting both of us. I used my mouth to cover her pussy, my tongue diddling her clitoris. She arched her back and moaned over and over as her pussy tightened and flooded my mouth with hot juices. I sucked and licked up every drop.

“Oh, Bobby, that was terrific! Stan, I hope you’re ready to fuck me. Eat me afterwards, OK?”

“Of course, honey. I love to eat pussy, with or without the cream.”

She swung around and dropped down on his cock. I had never seen anyone else fuck before. His cock spread her lips and disappeared inside her gushing pussy. Two loads of my cum oozed out around his cock. He pounded into her, his balls slapping against her ass. Mandy grunted with each thrust, responding to his vigorous thrusting. She humped back to meet him, taking him deep.

I watched with fascination and jealousy as my co-worker’s hard cock fucked my girl. He seemed to know just how to read her arousal and would back off for a moment, then resume. Each time she seemed to climb higher. Suddenly he stopped, impaling her with his cock. Mandy felt him cum and grabbed his ass, keeping him inside. “Oh, fuck, oh fuck, so good, oh baby fill me with your cum. God, feels so good!”

He pounded her through her climax, triggering another orgasm and then a third. Finally satiated she laid motionless. After a moment he started to get up. “No. Eat me, baby.” She placed her pussy over his face.

“Just sex, honey,” she said as we drove home. “You are my guy, nothing has changed. The guy I first dated wanted to share me with some friends. I refused and that was one reason why we broke up. Afterwards I thought, why not? It’s just sex. I’m young and horny. You guys can only get it up a couple of times or so. When Stan accidentally saw us in bed, I saw the look he gave me. He wanted me. I let him get a good look before I pulled up the sheet and he knew I was interested.

“Thank you for being a good sport. You are a great guy and I love you. But you have to admit that your skill is still somewhat limited and Stan knows his way around a girl. This was a great opportunity to watch and learn. We won’t do this very often, all the rest of the time it’s just you and me.”

I had a lot to think about. Mandy was right, I wasn’t much of a lover but I had expectation of getting better. For one thing I needed to be more forceful when I fuck. And I noticed that several times when she was on the verge of cumming he backed off. She got more excited each time he resumed. I’ll have to try that. One thing for sure, I don’t want to lose her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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