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Asa Akira

On a sunny Saturday morning there’s some activity outside of the new neighbor’s house. A beautiful brunette washes her classic ‘68 sky blue T-Bird, clad in only cut off shorts and a closely cropped top with a plunging neckline she quickly attracts the attention of her young and handsome neighbor. She takes the hose to rinse off her soapy car and thus soaking herself from reflected spray from the nozzle, her skimpy top clings to her bountiful bosom and her hard nipples stand out against the fabric of her shirt. She leans forward to get the top of the car rinsed off and thus showing off her ample breasts.

A handsome young neighbor walks outside to pick up his paper, looking up he can’t help but notice the spectacular view bestowed upon him by his neighbor’s action of leaning over to wash off the roof of her car. Feeling bold he walks over to her house, “hi, my name is Drew, what’s your name?” She looks up and flashes her well-built neighbor a smile, “well hello there Drew, my name’s Mustang.” She extends her hand to him in greeting, pausing at her nearly completed work.

She finishes rinsing off and drying her car with his help. Drew starts up some small talk, about her car and what great curves it has. “I bet that car really moves fast,” he says with an evil grin. She blushes slightly, “she sure does, handles like a champ, want to go for a ride sometime?” Immediately he perks up, “sure! I’d love to, maybe if I’m good you might even let me drive it.” Mustang chuckles, maybe, help me put the stuff away and we can go out now.” Drew grabs a bucket and some rags to help her out, he can’t help but notice what a perfect little ass she has.

She grabs the keys after putting the supplies away, she looks him over, admiring the muscles that his shirt can’t hide. He gets into the passenger side of the car, “can you take the top off?” He asks seemingly innocently. She smiles as she kocaeli escort puts the convertible’s top down before sliding into the drivers seat. Quickly getting the car started she pulls out of the driveway, “how about a nice country drive?” She smiles sweetly at him as he leans back in his seat. “sounds great!” He answers with a smile. She nods and drives off down the road, heading away from the city. Mustang leans back in her seat, enjoying the feel of the wind in her long brown hair.

Drew turns his head, just to get a nice glimpse of the woman next to him, he notices how awesome her body is and how the wind has made her nipples stand straight up. As he continues to look at her beautiful breasts he gets a bit of a bulge in his shorts. Mustang inadvertently hits a pot hole, making her bountiful breasts jump, one resting half in and half out of her skimpy shirt, giving him a titillating glimpse of her hard, erect tit.

Noticing the small but growing bulge in his shorts she smiles slyly, “now what were you saying earlier about dropping my top? You first.” Drew gives a half evil, half shy grin and slowly pulls off his shirt, revealing his sculpted chest and torso. The bulge in his shorts is very noticeable, “your turn.”

She looks over his muscled torso and chest with appreciative eyes, then turns her attention back to the road seeing there’s a long straight stretch ahead she props the wheel in place with a knee and slowly pulls off her shirt, tossing it in the back seat. Her ample breasts, now free jiggle at every crack in the road, her nipples hard and full with excitement. She shakes her head as the wind whips over her naked breasts and through her long hair, “feels good.” She then returns her hands to the wheel. Drew can barely contain himself as he watches her beautiful breasts wiggle freely, he smiles and touches her arm. “I bet I know what would feel better.” He offers kocaeli escort bayan suggestively.

She smiles evilly, “your hands somewhere else for starters.” She gives him a wink as they go around a curve in the road, her plump breasts swaying with the movement.

He turns his body and reaches out for her breasts. He gently caresses them, feeling their softness and warmth, he has to have them, lick them, enjoy them. he moves up and slowly start to nibble at her ear lobes as he rubs and plays with her large breasts. He squeezes one of her tits, rolling it gently between his fingers and pulling tenderly. She moans at the attention to her sensitive nipples and breasts, she concentrates on her driving, becoming very wet, until they reach a place to pull over.

Although it’s open there’s no one around and the grass is green. She stop the car and turns it off then moves closer to him and kisses his chest and his own hard nipples. One hand caressing his neck and the other his torso near the bulge of his pants. He starts to suck on one of her sensitive nipples and spreads his legs in encouragement of her touching. He takes one of his hands and slides it up between her legs, feeling her warmth and wetness. Teasingly she rubs the bulge on the outside of his pants, feeling it strain against the fabric before unzipping his pants to let his manhood free of it’s fabric prison. She strokes him as he rubs her soaking wet shorts.

Knowing that no one is around he gets out of the car and motions of her to follow him. Mustang follows willingly and lays down where Drew motions to, the hood of her car. He removes her shorts and starts licking his way towards her hot and sopping pussy. She moans as the heat of the engine gets her even hotter, the inside of her legs and tight pussy lips are burning for him, she feels her breasts, playing with them as kocaeli escort he licks her. He sucks firmly on her erect clit and inserts one finger into her hot pussy to finger fuck her. “You taste soooooooooo good.” She whimpers with want and moves her hips with his finger, desiring deeper penetration. He puts another finger in and starts to pump faster with his fingers, he can taste her juices, “do you want more?” She nods and half moans, replying huskily with want, “I want you now!!”

He gets on top of the car, and her, and slowly, teasingly place his throbbing cock between her wet legs. She wraps her arms around him, drawing him nearer to her and kisses his lips, tasting her juices on them. He kisses her back firmly and enters her, deeper and deeper, moaning as her tight pussy clamps down on his cock. She moans louder and moves with his thrusts, climbing higher and higher in ecstasy. The cum is starting to build within him, not sure how much longer he can hold on he whispers in her ear, “I want you to cum with me baby.”

She moans as the friction and pure power bring her to the top, her pussy clamps down on his huge cock as she gets to the brink of cumming. As Mustang starts to groan loudly Drew loses all control and shoots his hot cum deep inside her steaming pussy, “oh my God baby!!” She climaxes as he fills her with his cum, her juices flow out in abundance, hitting his hot balls in a steaming shower of her sex. She grabs at his back as she cums before finally relaxing. “Oh that was soooo great!”

She kisses him as he slides off of her, she hops off the car to get their clothes needing to get back for work. “So what are you doing tomorrow afternoon?”

He chuckles as he pulls on his pants, “nothing that can’t be cancelled.”

She chuckles, fastening her shorts, “great then we can meet for dinner and,” she rubs her breasts teasingly, “some dessert.”

He looks at her greedily and nods, “sounds fantastic, only how about dessert and then dinner??”

She gets in her car, and he in the passenger side, “we can arrange that easily.” She slips on her skimpy top and heads back to town, eagerly awaiting tomorrow night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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