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We both take the day off from work and arrange to go to a secluded beach on a warm summer day. Arriving there, we get settled on a blanket and relax .

We have brought a cooler with drinks and food to make a day of it.

The beach is deserted, except for us, and someone standing a good distance away down the beach. So far away in fact, that it is impossible to tell whether the person is male or female.

We begin drinking and having fun.

After awhile you notice my skin turning red from the sun and start applying suntan oil to my shoulders. Reaching behind me, you untie the strings of my bikini top. You remove it from my breasts and expose them to the warm sun. You gently lay me back on the blanket and start applying oil to my 36c tits. Your hands feel good on me, as you massage my nipples making them hard.

Laying down next to me, we begin a wet passionate tongue kiss. Slowly your hand drifts down my body toward my moist pussy. You slip your fingers into my bikini bottoms and begin to rub my swollen clit. I part my legs to give you better access to me. You slip your fingers into my wet slit and start to work my tight pussy.

Looking up you notice we are not alone. The person from down the beach has come closer for a better look.

“I think he like what he sees,” you remark.

I move my hands up to my tits covering them and you stop me saying, “Don’t Karen let’s give him a show.”

With a wave of your hand you invite him over for a cold beer. Being no fool he accepts quickly.

I can’t help but notice his body. He is big and very muscular, with a large bulge in his swimsuit.

The two of you begin drinking, as I lay back to catch some sun. I hear him tell you his name is Mike, the rest of the conversation is washed out by the sounds of the waves.

After a short while, I feel your hands begin to apply oil on my legs. Opening my eyes, I look up at you and you remark, “You are starting to get a burn on these sexy legs of yours.”

I reply, “Thanks Peter you are so sweet.” I lay back and close my eyes. Slowly you work the hot oil into my skin, starting at my ankles. You work your way up my legs past my knees and over my thighs. Your fingers coming ever closer to my crotch.

You begin to rub my pussy over my bikini bottoms. Then kneeling between my legs, you slip your hand inside my swimsuit and start fingering my pussy. As your finger explores my tight hole, you start rubbing my clit with your thumb. “Oh Peter that feels so good,” I moan. My body starts to shake as I cum on your finger.

“Lift your hips Karen,” I hear you tell me. As I do, you pull down the skimpy bikini and take it off. I lay there naked under the summer sun, letting you explore me. This time you push two fingers into my wet pussy, my hips begin to buck against your hand and you bring me off again.

You take but a moment to remove your shorts and return to between my legs.

Your cock is rock hard and you deftly ataköy escort guide it to my wet hole.

“Peter don’t not here,” I plead.

You reply, “Don’t worry Karen its OK.”

You hold me down and push your cock into me. Deeper and deeper with each stroke till you are buried inside my wet, tight pussy.

I don’t last long and begin to climax on your thick shaft.

Putting my legs over your shoulders you continue your assault on my tender pussy. I lay there with my eyes closed. Enjoying the feeling of your hard cock inside me.

I startle as I hear you speak, “Here you do her chest and shoulders.”

Confused I open my eyes, only to find Mike standing there watching. The bottle of suntan oil in his big hand. Until now I thought he had left.

Opening the bottle of oil, he kneels down next to my shoulder. “Oh no,” I protest, “No way.” I start to cover my tits with my hands.

“Relax Karen just let it happen I won’t be mad,” you reassure me.

“Peter,” I exclaim. Looking up at you, I see you have that devilish look in your eye.

Your cock is still inside me and you begin rubbing my clit, while slowly and deeply fucking me.

I feel Mike’s hands on mine, removing my hands from my tits.

He pours the hot oil over my tits and begins to rub it in, paying special attention to my hard sensitive nipples. The sensations overwhelm me and I moan loudly, “Oh God I’m Cumming.”

I feel Mike’s hand leave my tits and I open my eyes to see him removing his shorts. He is built like a Greek god, with a large dick swinging between his legs.

He kneels back down next to me with that massive piece of meat just inches from my face. “Go ahead Karen suck his cock,” you tell me. He brings his dick to my lips and I open my mouth. I start to suck him, feeling him grow in my mouth, while you fuck me with long deep strokes.

The head of his dick dick fills my mouth, as I try to stretch my lips around it. Again an orgasm washes over me. I cum as his cock grows fully erect in my talented mouth. You pull your cock from my wet pussy and chuckle saying, “Watch this Mike, she loves the taste of her pussy.” Kneeling next to me and across from Mike, you bring your cock to my lips. I suck on it hungrily; tasting my own juices.

What you say next completely shocks me, “Go ahead Mike, if you think her mouth is hot, try her pussy.”

“Peter no!” I shout.

You roughly push my shoulders down into the sand and hold me there, while Mike crawls between my legs. I am helpless to resist.

I feel him rub his big cock head up and down my slick pussy lips.

Taking his cock in his hand, he lines it up with my wet opening and starts to push it into me. The head slips in, as I feel my pussy lips stretch wide for him.

“Oh God Peter, he’s so big!” I scream out.

I try to move away, but he holds me by my hips and starts sliding deeper inside me. Using short slow strokes, he avcılar escort coats his cock with my juices. He is making his big dick slippery, sliding deeper and deeper within me. My pussy is getting stretched wider and wider with each stroke.

“Peter he’s stretching my pussy,” I whimper.

You answer back, “He’s not even all the way in yet Baby.”

Looking up, I see that only half of him is inside me. “It won’t fit please stop,” I beg. But to no avail.

Your voice is now stern and commanding as you say, “We’re gonna make it fit slut!”

Slowly, inch by inch he buries his tool in my womb, until finally my pussy lips are stretched around the base of his cock. He then starts rotating his hips in a circular motion. He is opening my pussy up so he can take me as deeply as he wants.

He fucks me with long and deliberate strokes, as you place your cock in my mouth again.

I am unable to hold back and begin to cum violently, my whole body shaking.

He is pounding my pussy without mercy, making me cum over and over again, as I suck on your rod.

Taking your cock from my mouth I moan, “Peter he is so deep inside me.” I cream wildly on his throbbing cock again.

You stuff your meat back in my mouth and begin to fuck my face. I am in sensory overload, as I suck on your cock. I feel you swell and begin to suck harder.

You shove your cock deep in my throat and begin to grunt, while you fill my mouth with your hot cum. Being the good slut I am, I swallow every thick, salty drop. You back away as Mike continues to ravage my once tight pussy.

“Get on top Karen I want to watch you ride him,” I hear you say.

Mike pulls his cock from my pussy and lays on his back. His huge cock is pointing straight at the sky.

I straddle him, holding his dick in my hand, I aim it toward my hot and ready hole. I lower my now gaping pussy onto his big rod. A few strokes and I am once again filled with his massive cock. Only this time, my clit grinds against his pelvis, making me cum like a waterfall.

I ride him hard and fast, as he squeezes my tits and plays with my rock hard nipples. “I can’t stop cumming on his big cock,” I whine.

Turning to look over my shoulder, I see you standing behind me; watching me, while you rub suntan oil on your hard cock. “Now lean down and make out with him while he fucks your pussy good and hard,” you say.

I do as you wish and his tongue explores my mouth, while his dick explores my pussy. He wraps his arms around me, holding me against him tightly. Then begins to pump his giant meat deep into my little snatch.

“That’s it Mike now hold her there,” you direct. Mike’s arms are like bands of steel around me as we kiss.

I feel you move in behind me and place the head of your oiled cock against my tight, virgin asshole. I break the kiss begging, “Peter stop!” But you do not. I feel you push against me and you slip the head of your cock bahçelievler escort into my ass. “No no,” I plead.

While Mike holds me tightly, you continue to slide deeper into my unused ass. I feel your shaft, hard and throbbing inside me.

I am desperate and begin pleading again, “It’s too much. I can’t fit all this cock in me please!”

You snarl back, “I told you slut we’re gonna make it fit.”

Deeper and deeper you push into my ass until your balls rest on my ass cheeks. I am completely stuffed and stretched.

The two of you begin to slide in and out of me in rhythm and my body begins to shake and shudder in orgasm. “It’s so good,” I grunt between clenched teeth as the two of you hammer away at my holes.

My body is out of control now and one climax begins where the last one ended. I completely and willingly begin to give myself to both of you. Moments before I was pleading, but now I start to beg, “Oh yes! Fuck me! Use me like a slut! Please don’t stop. I love it.” I feel Mike’s cock begin to swell even larger and he starts to fuck me balls deep. No more is he concerned about my pleasure; he is using me and turning me into a wanton, horny slut, just like I begged him to.

His cock erupts, squirting cum inside me, as I squeal, “Oh Peter he’s cumming so deep in my pussy baby!”

This is too much for you and you start to drive your stiff cock hard into my tight ass, “Oh Peter you are stretching my ass. It hurts!” I whine. However you will not be denied; you take my ass the way you want to, hard and rough. Pushing your thick shaft all the way into my ass, you explode. Filling my ass with your cum as I lay trembling beneath you.

You pull out of my ass and I pull Mike out of my pussy. I climb off his dick and a river of cum leaks out of my two freshly stretched holes. The juice from my two stallions drips onto Mike’s semi hard cock.

I flop on my back to rest with the sun beating down on me. A shadow crosses over me. I turn my head to see Mike kneeling next to my shoulder again, as I hear you say, “Now clean him off slut.”

Mike’s half hard cock is inches from my lips again, with all our cum dripping off it. I lick him like a kitten lapping up milk, tasting all of our cum mixed together.

He cups my chin in his hand and pulls my mouth to his cock. I open my lips and begin to suck the cock that seconds ago was cumming deep in my pussy. I savor the taste of the cum mixture that is all over it.

He begins to grow hard again. I know he is not finished with me yet.

I suck hard on his cock while jerking the shaft with my fist. With my other hand I cup and squeeze his balls.

He is rock hard again and starts fucking my mouth. My jaw and lips begin to hurt from being open and stretched so wide.

He reaches between my thighs and starts to rub my clit, keeping me in slut mode while I suck his meat. I start to cum and moan,like a bitch in heat, with his cock in my mouth.

My sexy, slutty moaning sends him over the edge. He pumps spurt after spurt of his thick cream into my mouth and down my hungry throat.

His cum feels warm as it slides down into my belly.

I continue sucking him milking him dry then fall on my back exhausted.

What a day at the beach!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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