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Disclaimer: the story is set in an A/U of the USA post civil war, the story is very dark and contains derogatory language among other things. If you don’t like it please read no further, but if you do, please no comments concerning the language, you were warned beforehand.

A day in the life of a new southerner

Niggers, I don’t know what we would do without them, if we didn’t have niggers I don’t know where we would be right now. That fuck Lincoln tried to take our niggers from us, but we showed him. My great-great-great granddaddy fought and died under the command of General Lee at the battle of Manassas, as the story is told. His brother was with Lee when Grant surrendered at Appomattox on April the 8th, 1865. I was born on our family’s plantation many years later, and was raised on the stories of my ancestors as they defeated the Yankee menace.

Today I also serve as an officer in the Confederate army, recently I returned home to Georgia to be with my family before I would have to report back to my unit. Mama was making an apple pie, daddy was sitting by the fire smoking his cigar, my brother Thomas was in the fields with his men making sure that we could earn a living.

I walked to the stables and found my old friend still there, Lee, a 4 year old quarter horse that my daddy gave me on my 15th birthday. I saddled my old friend and went to look for Thomas, I rode off towards the southern fields since that’s most likely where he would be. It was like old times riding Lee, the wind in my hair, the smell of the crisp Georgian air, god how I missed home.

I found Thomas right where I expected him to be. As I rode up I could see that he had one of the hands tied to a tree, as the whip fell across his muscled sweaty back I called out to him just as another blow landed across the man’s back,

“JR how you doing?” he called back.

Good I responded as we talked over the bloody heap by the tree, “so what he do?” I asked

“Caught the fuck trying to steal some of the food they were supposed to be harvesting. We save them from that land of heathens, feed them, clothe ‘em, and this is what they do, fucking savages”, he said as he spit a stream of tobacco onto the ground.

“Come on lets go get washed up its almost lunch time, Tiny make sure them niggers don’t try nothing while I’m gone I’ll be back after I have lunch with my little brother”, he said as he wrapped me in a head lock.

After we had a huge lunch I spent the rest of the day wandering around the farm reminiscing about the old days. The dinner bell rang and we all headed back the house for a late supper, mama did good when she picked out the new cook from the auction, this coon could really cook. I retired early as I was tired from my travels and from being home.

I was awoken in the middle of the night by the sound of a loud alarm going off, I jumped out of my bed, trying to find the source of the alarm when my brother came bursting into my room.

“runner!” he shouted

I grabbed my clothes off the floor where I had dropped them before I went to sleep, tossing them on quickly before grabbing my shotgun off the wall. I ran with my brother toward the stables, thankfully his men had already saddled our horses. We rode off into the dark night, the heavy breathing of my horse and the sound of the hounds filled my ears, as we tracked down our property.

About five miles from the farm we caught up with them, my brother fired off a shot into the air to make them stop, but they kept running somehow trying to escape. I was closing in on one of them when I saw a dark shape being drawn, something in my head made me turn just as I saw a muzzle flash, and heard the snap of a bullet barely missing me. You can always tell how close it is just by the sound a hiss means it’s close a snap means they’re shooting at you.

I leveled my shotgun over my arm as I held the reins tight in my hand, the gun smack back into my hand as a Negro fell dead from a 3 inch hole in his back. Now it was not just one muzzle flash it was many, my brother and his men returned fire hitting all of the escapees, in one way or another. When the firing stopped we dismounted and approached with caution, you never knew if a coon was playing possum. I nudged one with the toe of my boot, he groaned lightly, I called over to my brother who was tending to a gunshot wound on Tiny.

Thomas quickly searched him for more weapons while I covered him with my shotgun. We dragged him to a tree, he had a gut shot, we all knew that he didn’t have long to live so my brother started in on him right away, wanting to know where the weapons came from, and how many others were involved. He tried to stay true and not say anything but my brother has his ways of getting information. Thomas was able to find out that they had gotten their weapons from the abolitionists up north, upon even more pressure gaziantep escort he reveled the names of 5 more who were in on it, before he died.

“Fucking Yankees”, I spat

“I agree JR, we gonna have to do something about this.” Thomas said in a low voice.

We got back on the horses and turned back toward home after we searched the bodies, leaving the animals for the animals. Instead of riding to the house we rode straight toward the slave quarters, where we met up with the rest of Thomas’s crew as we started knocking down doors and dragging the occupants out. Me and some of Thomas’s men covered them as they cowered in the dirt, while the others searched the houses. The search netted a few guns and some pamphlets.

Bo! Thomas yelled, “get me the list.”
He set off running to get the list my brother wanted, returning a few minutes later Thomas started checking off names on the list, before he handed it back to Bo, “you know what to do”, Thomas said, “I’m going to bed.”

Morning came much too quickly, as I was still keyed up from the chase, so sleep did not come easily, not so for my brother, it wasn’t long before I could hear him snoring in the next room.

My brother woke me up, not as violently as last time. Come on, we gotta get some breakfast and head into town to pick up some replacements. After filling out stomachs full of eggs, grits and biscuits we hopped into Thomas’s truck and headed into town. The town was pretty much as I had remembered it, if you’ve been to one you been to ‘em all, bars, stores, the local whore house, the slave market. But it isn’t until you’ve been gone for awhile that you really miss it.

We walked into the market, nothing had changed one single bit, hell even JT was still there, don’t know how he wasn’t dead yet 400 pounds of just flab, sitting there with his coffee and a bear claw, a smoking Marlboro sitting in the ashtray in front of him.

“Hey JT” we both called out, “got anything good today”, my brother asked.

“How many you need?” He asked

“Well we need about probably about 10”, my brother responded

“That many? You expanding or something?” JT asked

JT is a nice guy but he is nosy as hell, guaran-god-damn-tee that the whole town would know about it before breakfast was even over.

“Naw had some problems last night, needed to make an example, so what ya got”?

“Well I don’t have too many field Negros right now maybe 5, gonna have to check on that maybe one or two house ones that’s about it, till maybe next week should be getting a shipment in probably around the 23rd.” JT rambled on

“Well let’s look at what ya got, maybe I’ll wait till you get the shipment in then.”

They brought out a wide assortment of stock, most of it looked pretty shitty, either to old or too young to be really worth it, we ended up taking 2 new ones. While my brother was arranging for delivery, I strolled around looking at nothing to particular, when out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a scarf. I turned and there was this girl probably no older than 18 maybe, she wasn’t half bad at least for a negro. I motioned her closer to get a better look, yeah defiantly not bad.

I pulled her shirt down reveling her breasts, I squeezed one then the other, hhmmm firm breasts, I reached my hand under her dress sliding my finger into her pussy, Pussy was tight too, pretty good for a nigger her age, the look in her eyes told me the anger and shame she was feeling, cattle that’s all she was to me.

“Hey JT I called out how much you want for this one?”

“Well she come from pretty good stock, and is house trained, I don’t know.”

I hate when JT tries to bargain, he’s not good at it. “I’ll give ya 300 for her I said”, just to make him shut up.

“350 and she is yours, he came back with”

325, I said he seemed to think for a second before her responded with a hearty “Sold”

We arranged delivery for the next day, then headed over to the bar for a drink.

As we sat there drinking our beers my brother turned to me “ you know Annie ain’t gonna like it he said.

Well we got another year till we get married, and I told her that I would not stray from her till our wedding night. Shit man you know the way it is, its been like that for a hundred years, the animals are good for things other then cooking and picking.

Yeah I guess so my brother muttered, still she ain’t gonna like it.

She is a good southern girl, it’s just the way it is. I said

Ok I know a few of you may be confused so I’m gonna clear that up for you.
Since the time before the war men would sometimes take into their bed a slave girl to satisfy their needs. This arrangement allowed betrothed women to remain virgins until their wedding night, and since they were not white women, it was not considered cheating. In recent years some of the younger generation have started to look down on this practice, even thought it’s never made public. What a man does with his property, is no ones business, as long as it is kept discreet.

We finished our beer and headed back to the house, I freshened up and sat with my father drinking whiskey as we discussed my future. As much as my father wanted me to come back home, and work in the family business he was proud to have a son who was a captain in Lee’s army. We discussed the events of the night before, my father was not too happy with the outcome, but he more then any of us truly understood the ramifications if we had done nothing. Before I was born and my brother was just a baby, there had been an uprising which was quickly put down. Even thought it was put down relatively quickly it was not with out injuries, two of daddy’s men had died and he would walk with a slight limp for the rest of his life.

The next day came pretty quickly, JT had two of his guys deliver our property, they didn’t look any worse for wear since we bought them yesterday, sometimes they show up a bit damaged. Thomas took the two new ones with him into the fields, while mama grabbed the one that I named Sara with her into the house. After an uneventful day I told one of the house Negros to go and fetch me Sara. She ran out of the room quickly figuring that if she did not come back quickly that she would feel my wrath. In less then five minutes she had Sara standing before me.

“Maaa…..Maaa …Massa you called for me?”, she whispered softly

“Yes I did, now come over here”, I said pointing in front of me.

“Did I make you mad Massa?” She asked with a hint of fear in her eyes, as she approached me.

I pushed her roughly to her knees, she dropped without any hesitation, “now open your mouth”, I commanded. Dutifully she obeyed me and opened her mouth as wide as she could, I reached into my pants and freed my raging hardon while I gripped her head with the other and pulled it closer to my swelling dick. She started to resist at first but soon calmed down and accepted her fate, fearful of what I would do to her. I pushed my cock past her lips and deep into her mouth, I could feel its lips wrapped around me and the feeling was intense, this little nigger slut did not even have to be told what to do, she went to work bobbing her head over my crotch, licking and slurping on my dick. I pulled her head further down on my cock which caused her to gag a bit as she tried to pull back but my hands on the back of her head prevented that. I could see the tears streaming down her face as I pumped my cock forcefully in and out of her mouth.

After orally assaulting her for a few minutes I could feel the cum boiling in my balls just begging to be released, I rammed my dick as far down her throat as possible jamming my balls into her chin as I released untold quantities of cum deep down her little brown throat. Once I was satisfied that there was nothing left I pulled my cock swiftly from her mouth with a loud pop, leaving my cock coated in saliva and cum.

She took a quick breath before I grabbed her head again and pulled it back down to make it clean off my cock, which she quickly did. This little nigger was good, think I might keep her around for awhile, once she was done I pulled my pants up and threw her out the room and into the hallway where one of the other girls took her somewhere.

It was a few days later that I got a hankering for some dark meat again, I summoned her back to my room. When I ordered her closer she dropped to her knees in front of me without being told. Today I wasn’t in the mood for a blowjob, I pulled her to her feet and bent her over my bed and flipped the dress that she was wearing up reveling a pair of plain cotton panties that my mother had graciously furnished the staff with. The little panties were probably a size too small and clung to her shapely ass perfectly. I decided to pull the panties off rather then rip them, they were probably the only pair she owned, and my mother would not be pleases if she had to furnish her with a new pair. I pulled them slowly downward reveling her little pussy and asshole, I discarded the underwear on the floor before I pulled my dick from my pants and aimed it toward her little pussy.

She jumped at the feeling of my cock at the entrance to her pussy, I used my other arm to hold her in place as I started to slid my cock into her. It was tough going, a combination of her pussy being small and so dry. I reached over into my night stand and pulled a bottle of lube from the drawer, a little squirt and my cock was nice and slippery, I inserted it again and it was much better, her dry pussy had started to hurt my cock a bit so this was a vast improvement. I pushed more into her until I felt some resistance, it took me a second for it to register, this nigger was a virgin, I didn’t know that they existed. I forcefully pushed my dick harder into her breaking through the barrier, I felt her body go tense and a soft cry escaped her lips, as she tried to stay as still as possible I guess hopping that the pain would go away.

Once I was past the barrier I had unrestricted access to the complete depths of her pussy. I kept ramming my cock into her feeling her body move underneath me with every thrust. The soft sobs from a few minutes ago were replaced with quiet moans as her pussy began to get wetter, niggers treat em like animals and they love it.

With every thrust I could hear her pussy making wet squishing sounds, which was music to my ears. She started to push back on to my cock trying to get every inch into her, fuck this bitch really wanted it, I’ve heard stories about negro heat, I just never experienced it, at this rate I was not gonna be able to hold back much longer. That old familiar feeling came over me as I pulled her body tight to me and unloaded a massive load deep into her. I pulled my cock from her and watched as my cum leak out of her well fucked pussy.

The one good thing about my mother is that she kept all of the stock on heavy doses of birth control medicines to prevent the population from growing without our approval. Mamma had a system in place for selective breeding, to make sure that the stock stayed healthy and strong.

After watching her pussy drip cum all over my floor I looked down and my dick was still rock hard. I grabbed her by the back of the neck and pushed her down onto the floor cramming her head into the puddle of my cum that had dripped out of her and ordered her to clean it up.

Her little pink tongue that had given me so much pleasure a few days before slid between her lips and started to lick the cum from the floor. As I stood back and watched her my dick seemed to grow harder. Every time she bent closer to lick the floor her ass rose slightly. I’ve taken its mouth, I’ve taken its pussy, now I was gonna take its ass too. I grabbed the lube from the top of the dresser and applied more to my cock, this was gonna be a rough ride I thought to myself.

While she was still licking the floor I moved behind her, my hard cock jutting obscenely forward. When my cock touched her asshole she jumped forward as if to escape, I let my full weight fall onto her effectively pinning her to the ground. I took my cock and started to slide it up and down her ass crack dipping it back in briefly into her pussy before I let the head rest on her asshole. With some grunting and groaning I was able to slide the entire head of my cock into her hole. I’ve never fucked a nigger’s ass before I wonder if they are all this tight, I thought to myself as I crammed more of my cock into her little tight asshole. I could feel the muscles in her ass try to push my cock back out. Her struggling underneath was having an unintended effect on me one I don’t think she realized, it was getting me more excited. I don’t know if she knew that the more she kept fighting me the more that it was gonna hurt. More and more of my cock pushed into her chocolate hole until I was buried deep inside of her my balls resting on her body.

I started to slide my dick in and out of her almost withdrawing completely before I rammed it back in. god damn this niggers ass was hot, I mean her pussy was tight but this had to be ten times tighter. The more I pounded into her the more she would whimper until to my surprise she started to moan softly, soon becoming very loud. This little bitch was getting off on me abusing her ass, like I said before, treat em like animals and they love it, and this little bitch really was, too bad I’m gonna be leaving soon. I kept ramming my cock into her just loving the sound of my balls slapping on her ass and the moans coming from her.

I could feel myself getting closer and closer to filling this little slut up with cum, when I felt the tell tale signs of my impending release I pulled my cock from her ass. I could almost hear her sigh in sadness as I deprived her of my hard cock in her ass, but it was short lived. I pulled her up to her knees and stuck my cock right if front of her face, she did not hesitate for a second as she wrapped those luscious lips around my cock, moaning as she swirled her little tongue around the head of my cock.

I did not even have to grab her head to push myself deeper into her she grabbed onto my thighs and did that herself. She kept sucking on my cock like she was trying to get the last drop from a milkshake, and was rewarded with a nice creamy treat. She pulled her head from my crotch and started to lick my balls where some of the cum had dripped, once she had them completely cleaned she looked up at me with those big brown eyes.

I do good Massa? She asked

You did really good, I said to her as I moved her out the doorway into the hall.

I laid on my bed happy and content, before I fell asleep, there is no place like home.

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