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*** To the readers: I know very little about the logistics of genitalia piercing. This is just a fantasy of mine that I decided to put down and post. If anything is incorrect please just bear with me 😀 ***

A dare. A stupid dare that I had to follow through with to save face with my friends. I could barely comprehend what I was about to take part in. Jamie came with me, because she was the one who had issued the challenge and chose to make sure that I followed through.

It was a rainy Tuesday when we walked into the tattoo/piercing parlor in the Village. The steady hum of the tattoo needle was a menacing undertone to the loud chatter and punk rock music that filled the tiny waiting area. Colorful pictures of tattoo art covered the walls, as well as a large rack of frames that crowded the corner. Various pierced and tatted patrons were browsing, interspersed with several people who appeared to be what I like to think of as “body art virgins.” They looked nervous, and they had every right to be. The tattoo I had on my lower belly had hurt like hell, and consequently was one of my most prized features ( I was so proud of myself that I had actually followed through.) It was a claddagh, the Irish symbol of love, rendered in black and cherry red. Jamie nudged me and pointed to the girl behind the counter, and I gave a small sigh of relief that at least a female was going to be executing this incredibly painful, incredibly unwanted minor surgery.

Jamie strolled up to the purple-haired clerk and announced to the entire store “This is my friend Charla. She wants to get her clit pierced.” The girl twirled her nose ring and looked at me curiously. “That right?” She bleated in a heavy Yorkshire accent. At Jamie’s prompting, I nodded shyly and began to tug on the hem of my pleated school-girl skirt. Ms. Purple hair nodded, made a note on her pad and directed us to a couple of benches, telling us someone would be with me shortly.

“Well Char, I have to say I didn’t think you’d have the balls to go through with this. ” Jamie grinned at me, tossing back her jet-black dreads. “I think you’re going to like this. You might just be pretty cool after all.” She winked and tugged at my honey brown locks “After we do something about this hair.”

“Charla?” The desk clerk announced ten agonizing minutes later. I gulped, got shakily to my feet and walked over to her. I wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. I approached the register.

“You’re going to be doing it then?” I asked the girl with a nervous smile. She looked at me as if I had gone green.

“I don’t do cunts.” She said shortly and yelled “JORDAN. CUSTOMER” Over her shoulder. The curtain that sectioned off the back area parted and a man stepped through and looked at the nasty Brit girl. I almost turned around and left right then, because he was possibly the best looking man I had ever seen. He was tall, at least 6’5, and his slightly muscular frame was covered with tattoos. Short, bleach blond hair and piercing blue eyes that searched my face. A roguish half smile spread across his lips as he noticed how much I had begun to sweat when he entered the room. He beckoned to me to follow him and disappeared behind the curtain. I gulped, took one last long look and Jamie, and realized that it was now or never.

I struggled internally. After hearing Jamie and her friends talk about how much it improved sex, and seeing how much cooler it made me in their eyes when I considered getting one, I had actually begun to get excited by the prospect of having my clit pierced. It was decorative, and I was told it made it so much easier for men to actually find it. But after I had laid eyes on Jordan, I wondered if I was really prepared to let such a good looking man get such a coldly impersonal view of my most personal part. My thoughts were interrupted when my gorgeous piercer stuck his head back out, grinned meltingly at me again and assured me “Don’t worry, I don’t bite.”

Walking unsteadily, I parted the curtain and followed him in. Immediately, the din of the crowded waiting room became muffled, and I felt much more confident of my privacy as Jordan sancaktepe escort led me down a long hallway, past a series of doors. He opened the last one and ushered me inside, instructing me to have a seat on the dentists chair set up in the middle of the room. I primly perched myself on the edge and surveyed my surroundings. As I took in the sterile looking sink and row upon row of instruments, Jordan pulled up a chair, sat on it with his attractively muscled legs spread. He leaned his elbows on his thighs, smiled at me encouragingly and began to go over the do’s and don’ts of piercing. None of it was new, except for his warning to not engage in sexual activity for at least two weeks afterwards, warning me against getting dirt into the piercing. I sighed shakily, visibly frightened, and he touched my arm in a comforting manner.

“Don’t worry, I’ve done this a million times. ” He winked at me, and his hand lingered a little longer that it really should have. He began to assemble his instruments on a tray with his back to me, occasionally glancing over his shoulder at me.

“I’m going to need you to go ahead and remove your skirt, and then if you could just lie back for me. Panties are going to need to come off too but I’ll give you a minute, it gets kinda chilly in here.” I stood up, unbuttoned my skirt and slid it slowly down my legs. I kicked it aside and turned around to find him watching me with a look on his face that I could only describe as lustful. I blushed, not really knowing what to do. He seemed to mentally shake himself.

“Ooops, sorry” he smiled distractedly and turned back to his work, sterilizing the equipment, strapping on some latex gloves.

I laid back on the chair and reveled in the delicious anticipation/terror that I was experiencing. My nipples hardened under my thin baby tee and poked up rather obviously. I looked over and noticed that he was watching me again, this time staring at my erect nipples. He didn’t notice me looking this time, and gazed his fill at my scantily clad body reclining on the chair.

“God, you’re beautiful.” He whispered under his breath.

“What?” I asked, even though I had heard him full well.

“Uh….I’m almost ready.” He grabbed the tray and put his chair at the end of mine. “Ok, Charla, right?” I nodded “I need you to remove your panties for me, ok?” I blushed scarlet, but figured I was in too far to back out at this point. Plus, the air in the tiny room was becoming steadily more sexually charged. I pushed my panties down to my hips and Jordan actually grabbed them and pulled them the rest of the way off, rubbing his finger tips lightly down my thighs and calves. I shivered delightedly and grinned at him, wondering if he was just trying to calm me down. He wouldn’t look at me though, instead staring at my panties in his hand. Again, he shook himself, placed them on the floor on top of my skirt and directed my to spread my legs.

I did so, becoming uncomfortably exposed to him. He asked my to spread my lips and labia for him, and produced a pen, positioning himself directly between my feet, leaning over the end of the dentist’s chair. For a full minute, he just stared at me. I was becoming quite embarrassed, because I was slightly wet, and my clit was already starting to swell, poking it’s head up. He placed the tip of the pen gently directly on my clitoris, making it hard and making me gasp with pleasure. Jordan jerked his head up at the sound of my delight, and I grinned down at him, becoming more and more self conscious by the minute. My nipples felt like they were going to make holes in my shirt they were so hard, and I rubbed them unconsciously. I thought I heard him groan softly when I did this, but when I looked back down at him he was still gazing intently at my open vagina. The moments while he did this seemed to last a life time, me becoming more and more drenched the longer he looked. I knew this couldn’t be right….surely just a simple piercing didn’t take this long.

Just as the thought drifted out of my head, Jordan reached out with his gloved hand sarıyer escort and pinched my clitoris between his thumb and forefinger. I couldn’t stifle my groan of pleasure as his fingers made contact with my throbbing bud. However he did not react to my noises, rather simply seemed to carry on with his work.

He ran one rubbery finger, down the length of my slit, under the pretense of trying to clear away the moisture. But as his administrations continued, I began to wonder whether this was really your average clit piercing. I glanced down at him and noticed an extra large bulge forming in his leather pants. We made eye contact. He glanced down at his straining erection, then glanced back into my eyes. With one movement, he slid his forefinger into my pussy, all the way up to the knuckle. His finger was bent and he made a ‘come here’ motion inside of me, rubbing the front wall of my vagina. I couldn’t mask my “OH!” Of surprise as his finger entered me, or my groan of pleasure as he began to move inside of me. He moved my hand away from my libs and labia, and spread them himself with his other hand. He watched his movements intently, and slowly began to slide his well lubricated finger in and out of my throbbing pussy. My body had never felt so alive, and I had absolutely no inclination to put a stop to this completely inappropriate behavior. He slipped another finger in along side the first, the fit being just a bit too tight. He waved his fingers around, widening me up inside. I watched him do this all, gazing at my cunt just as enthralled as he was. Squelching noises began to issue from inside as my pussy walls clamped down on his fingers.

As he pulled out of me, I gave a disappointed sigh. He took no notice and begin to slide his fingers down, pushing some of the juices from my pussy to encircle my puckered anus. I gasped and he looked up at me. He smiled hesitantly.

“Just relax and I promise you you’ll like it.” He looked at me for a go-ahead, and I nodded at him once, too caught up in the moment to tell him no.

He spread my legs wider until they were hanging off the edges of the chair. He continued to dip his fingers into my pussy, lubricating my ass as well as he could. Once he felt I had enough juice flowing around, he pushed just the tip of his finger into my ass. “OW!” I cringed and my sphincter held. He looked up into my eyes and whispered to me

“Relax, darling, relax.” And continued to press his finger into my virgin ass. I tried my best to relax, and as my muscles loosened he pushed more and more of his finger into me, until he was up to the first knuckle. He continued to put pressure on my straining anus as he lowered his head to my dripping pussy and placed the tip of his tongue on my already sensitized clit.

“OH YES” I moaned as his lips wrapped around my erect clitoris and began to suckle on it gently, all the while continuing the welcome invasion on my ever-widening ass hole. His tongue delved deeply into my cunt and he began to eat me in earnest, fucking me desperately with his tongue. He began to fuck my ass with his finger, and matched it to the rhythm of his tongue. My pussy walls tried desperately to clamp onto his tongue but they were too far stretched to do so. I moaned my frustration and gasped his name.

“Oh Jordan, Jordan I need you.” At my words he lifted up his head, locked gazes with me and removed his tongue and finger. I cried out in frustration, my ass feeling unbelievable empty. He reached up urgently and pulled my shirt over my head, climbing onto the chair on top of me. He kissed me insistently on the lips, sliding his tongue possessively past my teeth. He removed his latex gloves at last and pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his rippling abs. I smiled at my unbelievable luck, this guy was amazing. He straddled me on the chair, pushing my legs further apart and pinched my nipples gently, then with more force, all the while keeping his baby blues firmly locked with mine. He rubbed his leather clad crotch against mine in a terrible mimicry of the fucking I hoped I was about to receive. sefaköy escort He bent to kiss me again, suckling on my neck and as he moved up to my earlobe (all the while keeping his crotch firmly planted against mine, gyrating slowly) He whispered to me

“Are you sure about this?”

I grabbed his ass, grinding his arousal into my pussy.

“Yes.” I yelled. I was too wound up to possibly keep my voice down. I unzipped his pants and his rock hard penis sprang out, pointing at me as if to say hi. It was rather longer than I was used to, but somewhat slender, just like him. I grabbed his dick and he groaned.

“If you do that, I’m going to cum right now.” He growled at me and took my hand in his, pinning it up above my head. He removed his pants with his free hand and pushed his cock up against my receptive pussy. He grabbed his throbbing member and rubbed against my clit, pushing the head down my slit to my ass and then up again, lubricating the tip thoroughly (And thoroughly driving me crazy.) I yelped my frustration and he grinned again. Concentrating hard, he guided just the tip into my waiting pussy, widening the entrance. He shifted and began to push it slowly in, and when it met with resistance (he wasn’t abnormally fat, I’m just rather tight) he would back slowly out, never removing the head. The friction was delicious, as was the feel of more and more of me widening. Finally with a grunt, he completely invaded my canal, pushing himself completely in until the tip of his cock touched my womb, his pelvis resting against me. He rested, supporting himself with his arms as my cunt adjusted to fit.

He grinned down at me, smoothing my hair back from my face.

“Never done this before.” I grabbed the back of his head and pulled it to my face, forcing my tongue into his mouth. He began to push in and out of me, excruciatingly slowly at first. Little by little he would build up speed, all the while staring into my eyes. I played with my nipples at first, but after he began to slow down again I grabbed his ass, pushing him into me and setting my own pace. This seemed to turn him on a great deal, and his response in turn aroused ME. It was the fucking of a life time, he began to grind in in a circular motion, fully reaming me out and hitting several of my internal g spots. I could feel the familiar rolling sensation building in my stomach, but I had a feeling that this orgasm was going to be the one memories are made of.

My pussy clenched tighter and tighter around his moving cock as my mind began to whirl and my body took over. It was pure experience ~ The cool, slippery leather against my back, my ass still stretched wide from his fingering, and best of all the beautiful cock buried deeply in my clutching vagina.

My legs began to twitch, a sure sign that pure pleasure was not far. I wrapped my legs around his ass and buried him deep inside me, holding him there, clutching him with my spasming muscles. Overwhelming sensations shot through me and I could feel the juices flowing out of my cunt as the walls contracted around his cock, beyond my control. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”” I moaned at my release, possibly loud enough for the entire shop to hear. I gazed up at him and noticed that his eyes were shut tightly, and the tendons on his neck were standing out and he thrust himself into me harder and harder, elongating my orgasm, and completing his. I could feel his cock deep inside of me, twitching with the force of his pleasure as I felt wave after wave of semen flood inside of me. We lay there for a minute, overwhelmed by the experience we had just shared, myself a bit unsure as to how this had all come about.

“Can I see you again?” he asked after a bit. How could I say no with his cock, albeit flaccid, still buried inside of me. I nodded my assent excitedly as he moved off of me. No words were spoken as I wrote down my number. We dressed quickly and he kissed me on the forehead as a way of good-bye. The look in his eyes told me that I was the most amazing fuck he had ever had, and I hope that my eyes expressed the same. I left wordlessly.

* * * * *

Later, on the train ride home. Jamie turned to me

“So, when do I get to see it?”

“See what?” I asked, truly confused

“The piercing, duh! You were in there long enough to get like every orifice of your body pierced.” She grinned at me wickedly as I crossed my hands over my lap.

I had never even gotten the piercing done.

Good thing he didn’t ask me to pay 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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