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I want to tie you down to my bed with two silk scarfs, one tied from each wrist to each corner of my headboard. I want you to be totally still – unable to move your hands, incapable of touching me and without any control. I wrap my black leather belt around your throat loosely, so it’s ready for me to pull on and choke you with. I blindfold you, your lack of vision heightening every sensation; every lick, kiss, touch, caress, scratch, bite, whip…

I lick your lips from corner to corner before I kiss you hard, deeply, forcing your lips apart with mine. I push your legs apart and slide between them, holding them apart using my thighs. You’re completely open and vulnerable to me, totally under my control. I can see you like it though – skin flushed, nipples hard and a glistening wetness dripping from your cunt. I pull on the belt and choke you as our kissing intensifies; as your breathing becomes heavier and as the pressure from your lips increases. My other hand roams freely all over your body. My nails lightly graze your tits, stomach, hips and thighs. Your pussy is aching and throbbing so much it is almost painful. Your juices are dripping, trickling down your ass onto the sheet beneath you. You’re moaning into my mouth, urging me and breaking our kiss to tell me to fuck you. I release the belt and scratch my nails from your chin, down your neck, leaving delicious red marks on your skin, down your chest and over your left nipple. My lips follow. I caress your velvety skin, soothing and cooling the hot redness left from my finger nails.

You begin to writhe around underneath me – so badly behaved. I pull away from you, taking with me my kisses, my body heat and the certainty. You’re lying there blind, naked and vulnerable. uşak escort Your breathing changes with the anticipation of the unknown. I sit between your legs and watch you for a moment; eyes fixed on your wet pussy and swollen, throbbing clit. You gasp from the sudden sharp pain as I crack the riding crop lightly on each nipple, harder on your stomach and trail it down… down… down… The cold, hard leather stopping and resting just above your clit. I choke you again and you tense slightly, hoping the slight movement will give you some relief. “Keep Still…!” I crack the whip harder on your stomach to remind you of the rules.

I want to give you pleasure now; I want to be inside you and feel the silky-smooth-wetness as I slide my fingers into your cunt. I’m desperate to remind myself what you taste like; to inhale your pheromones and savour every drop of your sweet, hot, wetness; to suck on your pussy and flick my tongue endlessly over your clit while choking you with the belt. I want to watch your face while all this happens; the way you throw your head back and hold your breath. I’m waiting. I’m depriving myself as well as you.

At this point you don’t know that I have a selection of toys laid out to tease and torture you with: nipple clamps, vibrators and strips of suede. I press my lips against yours so softly – gentle teasing kisses, while running the suede strip over your ears, throat, collar bone and slowly up and down each arm. I circle your nipples, slowly trail over your stomach, hips, and thighs. Every touch feels like lightening coursing through your body. You have no idea where I’m going next; what’s going to happen, what I’m going to do to you, when I’m going uşak escort bayan to stop… Then… Finally… Hot fingers pressing on your clit, moving agonisingly slowly, side-to-side, over and over, a little harder, a little faster each time. You groan your approval as your kiss returns to its usual, wonderful intensity. With my free hand I choke you again for a moment – belt tightening, constricting, controlling, and heightening your arousal. I release you once more as I move down your body, maintaining contact and ensuring you feel my mouth, hands, and hard and wanting nipples the whole time. I’m finished teasing you now. I quickly slide my tongue inside you – I know that’s not what you want but I need the taste. I want your juices on my tongue, on my lips, creeping down my chin, enticing me further.

My mouth envelops your clit while my tongue gets to work as per your specific instruction. I begin licking, taking the nub of your clit between my lips, applying gentle sucking pressure while my wet tongue rolls from side to side. My hands roam all over you; from your knees, to your thighs and up your stomach. I pinch your nipples hard, alternating between them while I choke you. I can feel your body tensing underneath me. Your chest rises, asking for more pressure from my fingers, which I gladly give, and you’re pushing yourself down onto my jaw. The choking, pinching and licking… The continued assault on your senses… It’s making you so wet. You feel yourself coating my face with your copious release. You’re not taking this passively – you’re starting to struggle against your restraints, moaning, pleading and bucking your hips. I take my tongue away and you protest at the sudden deprivation. escort uşak “Keep still!” I crack the riding crop down on your thighs. You grit your teeth in response to the change in sensation – the sudden sting and prolonged ache from the leather.

I place the nipple clamps on you then. The tormenting pressure excites you further as the clamps restrict the blood flow to your nipples. I pull gently on the chain between them as I hold your white vibrator on your clit. I make small, subtle motions from side-to-side (as always) ensuring the focus never leaves your clit. I want every second to be pure hedonistic pleasure for you. Your body is tense and completely still now, head pushed back hard against the pillow, no breathing, no moaning and no noise. The vibrations continue their delicious onslaught, relentlessly delighting and gratifying you. I release the clamps and your nipples tingle as the blood returns to them. The tingling travels straight to your clit, intensifying the pleasure. You briefly speak to tell me you’re getting close. Your toes curl and cramp as your climax approaches. I choke you at this moment, hard, never stopping the vibrator, holding it hard against that exact spot. The combination of tingling, sore nipples, choking and vibrations sends you over the edge. Your orgasm takes hold of your whole body, you feel it everywhere, intense and all-encompassing. The fluid flows freely from your hot, throbbing cunt all over the sheet beneath you and all over my thighs as you pulse, squeeze and explode through the ecstasy. You continue to ride the vibrator as your orgasm subsides and you relax.

I release the belt and take off your blindfold before going back to your pussy and devouring the juices left behind, lapping up the wetness, loving the taste and scent of you. I lightly kiss you all over, soothing your sore nipples and the red marks on your neck. I release your hands and relax into you, head on your chest and still between your legs, feeling the drenched, sex-soaked sheets under us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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