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I looked outside at a beautiful day. I picked up the phone, smiling when he answered. “Hi”. “Are you busy at lunch time today?” After a slight hesitation, he replied that he wasn’t too busy. “Great, meet me for a picnic”.

Bill and I have been lovers for over two years. It isn’t always easy, but I persist. We have to take advantage of every opportunity. It’s been weeks since we’ve been able to hook up. I start to plan the menu.

Humming to myself, I quickly gather together some fruit, cheese, bread…it’s a lunch on a workday so I fill the thermos with tea. We’ll save the wine for another time.

I run upstairs to shower. I have some sweet shower gel that I save for such occasions. Next I pick out my wardrobe. A long skirt, is a must. Lace bra under a buttoned blouse. Hmmm, panties? Glancing at the clock, I grab the lunch and run out the door.

I get the things out of the truck as I wait for your arrival. You look so good as you walk over to me. I reach up to kiss you, mmmmm, sweet kisses you have. Always teasing, never sloppy. I reach up to taste you again. I enjoy stretching up to kiss you, it gives me a chance to stretch my body against yours. To feel you grow hard against me. I like tall men.

I hand you the blanket and the lunch. We head out to find a secluded area of the park. It’s a bit cool so hopefully there won’t be too many people around.

After finding a spot, we spread the blanket, and put out the food, you take me in your arms. We kiss passionately, your tongue teasing me, playing…you explore and retreat. I giggle as I catch it between my teeth, caress it with my tongue. Letting go, I lick your lower lip, playing with it. I part your lips with mine, and kiss you bursa escort deeply. While we kiss, I reach around behind me and then as I pull away I place a grape between your lips.

We sit back and enjoy some of the food and chat. Chatting always comes easily with us. After we eat, you lie back in the sun. We’ve found a fairly secluded place with some sun shining through the trees. I put some of the food back in the container. I feel your hand caressing my bare leg, moving up to my thigh. I move to give you better access, but also so I can undo your pants. I smile at you as I pull down the zipper. You lift your hips so I can slide the pants down.

I glance around once, before leaning over. Your hand moves up over my hip, around to my bum. I lick your hardening cock. I love to watch it grow. I always marvel at how big it grows under my fingers. As I lick around the head, I feel your hand finding its way to my pussy.

My free hand plays with your balls as I suck your cock, and slide it in and out of my mouth. Every few strokes I let it slide a little deeper. I love to hear your breath hiss when it hits the back of my throat. I relax a little more, and let it slide a little further down. I swallow around you. I feel your finger enter me as your cock slides into my throat. We keep the same rhythm, in deeply and out.

Finally I need a breather, and I go back to licking your length. I move my head down and suck your balls, one at a time. I lick them, and then lick up the underside of your shaft, all the way to the tip. I lap up the liquid awaiting me at the tip. I swirl my tongue over the head, and suck on you. A long, hard suck slides you all the way into my mouth.

I love listening bursa escort bayan to your groans of pleasure, they excite me so much I can feel the wetness dripping onto my thighs.

Your hand has been busy playing with my pussy and I need to feel you inside of me. It was a wise decision to leave the panties at home. I lift the skirt and move up to straddle you. I watch your face as I lower myself over you. Slowly…very slowly I lower myself onto you.

I let just the head slip inside, and hold you there. My hands are under your shirt, caressing your hard chest. I lean forward to kiss you, and you take control of the kiss, your passion flowing, your arms pulling me to you, and then you push me down onto you as your hips lift.

You plunge deep inside of me. I moan loudly at the wonderful sensation. I kiss you and sit up so I can ride you. I grind my pelvis into yours, leaning back slightly. After a few minutes, you roll over pinning me beneath you. I laugh as I reach up to grab your head, pulling you down for a kiss, before you pull away and move down.

You smile as your head disappears between my legs. My body arches with the pleasure. You are sooo good at eating pussy. Your tongue finds my clit and you lick with just enough pressure to make me orgasm so quick. My breathing is heavy, my chest heaving.

“You’re so bad”, I laugh. I think it’s a game with you to see how fast you can bring on my first climax. I catch my breath and moan loudly as I feel your tongue caressing my clit.

I moan softly now, enjoying the feel of your tongue caressing my pussy. You laugh as you comment on my being unusually quiet this day. When we aren’t out in public, I don’t restrain myself and escort bursa can be quite loud as I enjoy.

You lick the length of my slit, your tongue stopping to probe deep inside of me, and then you continue upward. My body jerks every time your tongue slides over my clit. I love being a multiorgasmic woman. You love it too, as you once again play with my clit. We continue playing through another couple of orgasms.

I pull away and push you back. “I’m having my desert before you go back to work”, I remind you. You lie back as I move between your legs.

I lick up the centre of your shaft. You are so thick. I lip the underside of the head. I love playing with that little v, love watching your reaction. I slide it in and out of my mouth, my tongue caressing the length of it, sliding over the tip. Lapping up the precum that dribbles out.

I swirl my tongue over the tip, licking, caressing. I take you deeper as you start to thrust gently. I move to wrap my fingers around your shaft as my other hand moves to hold your balls. I feel your fingers in my hair, as you hold my head and guide me. Deeper I take you as I hear your soft groans of pleasure.

My fingers tighten around your shaft as you tell me that you are getting closer. I find an erotic pleasure in you telling me when you are going to cum. I look up at you. I smile around your cock as you watch. It’s a turnon to watch you watching me.

You tell me that you are about to cum, and I give you one final deep thrust before moving up to caress and suck just the head, as you explode into my mouth. I swallow, and swallow some more. My fingers stroke and my mouth coaxes out every drop. I lick the final drops from you before moving up to share a kiss with you. And a little desert that I’ve saved just for you.

We spend a few minutes relaxing and kissing. I love sharing your cum with you. Too soon its time to gather up our things and return to work.

…for now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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