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This is a story about a woman who finds dirty old men very appealing.

As a young girl, still innocent, however of legal age of 18, I met a man that changed me forever. He was a much older man, seventy eight actually, and we had a sexual relationship for quite some time. Now a grown woman, with much more experience and knowledge I still feel a quiver when the possibility of reliving that part of my life presents itself.

There are several senior communities in my area and from time to time many of the locals will hear about an elderly person who may need assistance with the daily chores of living or just some company now and then. I offered my time and I was asked to contact Mr. Charles Graves, an 81 year old man who no longer drove and was becoming somewhat of a recluse. I was asked if I would give him a call and set up a visit.

I called Mr. Graves and told him who I was and that I thought I might come to his home and spend some time with him. I had met Charles before and he was not what you would call a pleasant sort of fellow. He was a pudgy little man, bald except for a few grey hairs. He wore glasses, and had few teeth if any. He had large hands and thick long fingers that always made me shudder when I saw them. Charles was known as a grump. During my call he told me there was nothing he needed and I said I would come and just keep him company for awhile. He reluctantly agreed and we decided that I would stop by the next day at 10:00AM.

The next morning I got up early and showered. I choose a very pretty blouse with a nice neckline and very soft fabric. I thought a skirt would be nice and I picked a black slim fitting little thing. I have always been complimented on how lovely my legs looked in a tight short skirt. My goal in visiting Mr. Graves was to bring him back to enjoying life. Perhaps an attractive woman, dressed to emphasize her best qualities might do just the trick.

I am a very well endowed woman. My 44DDD’s needed good support but I liked pretty things so I picked up a nice lacy number that lifted my lovely melons and gave some beautiful cleavage in a sexy red, and of course I had matching panties.

I dressed and took a look at myself in the mirror to make sure I was all together and I was pleased with my choices. I did notice that because the fabric of my blouse was thin you couldn’t help but see my very large nipples. The cold morning air had perked them up and they were at full attention. Of course it was also something else. The idea of visiting Mr. Graves was exciting me. I guess I just couldn’t hide my secret. Oh well it was a secret so I really had nothing to worry about.

I combed my hair and checked my face and although I didn’t wear makeup I never left the house without lip gloss. A dab of lightly tinted gloss adds a slight fullness and glisten to my lips. What man wouldn’t want to kiss a mouth that asks to be kissed? I glanced at the clock on my nightstand and I knew it was time to leave.

The ride to Mr. Graves took nearly twenty five minutes, a little longer than I thought so I was about ten minutes late. I pulled into the driveway and as I looked towards the house I thought I saw someone at the window. I opened the car door and didn’t realize my skirt had ridden up my legs and exposed most if not all of my thighs. As I put my leg out of the car my skirt went up even more and with my legs spread, one out and one in, my crotch was in clear view. The person at the window couldn’t help but get a good look. I stepped out of the car and pulled my skirt down.

I walked up to the entry and was ready to ring the bell when the door opened. Mr. Graves was standing there and I must admit I was surprised to see that he wasn’t fully dressed. He had on a white tee shirt, boxers, black socks and slippers.

“Good morning Mr. Graves, how are you?” Anadolu Yakası Escort He looked somewhat annoyed so I walked into the house and waited for him to close the door behind me.

“You’re late, you said 10:00AM, and I thought you weren’t coming so I took off my good clothes, no sense in getting wrinkled just sitting around.” He closed the screen door and I heard a click and figured he locked it, then he closed the front door and he locked it and put the chain on.”Can’t be too careful these days with break-ins and all.”

“Oh, I completely understand your right to make sure you take every safety precaution.”

“Well, now that you’re here we might as well sit down.”

Mr. Graves walked passed me and motioned to me to follow him. We walked thru his sitting room and I was surprised to see a magazine lying on the floor next to the chair that was entitled “Big Jugs “and a picture of large naked breasts. I immediately felt a twinge of excitement.

We walked into the kitchen, it was clean and tidy except for sink full of dishes. Mr. Graves picked up a cup from the table and walked over to the counter and poured some coffee.

“I made this fresh this morning, you want a cup?”

“No thank you, I’m not a coffee drinker.”

He walked over to the table and sat down in the chair.

“Well, how are you doing Mr. Graves? We don’t see you very much out and about?”

“I keep to myself and mind my own business.”

“You must be lonely here all by yourself with no company. I see you have some dishes in the sink that need washing. Why don’t we talk while I do them for you?”

“Suit yourself.”

I stood up and his eyes followed me resting on my breasts and he licked his lips. I was immediately aroused and I could feel my nipples harden and strain against my blouse. Mr. Graves couldn’t help but see the same thing. If he knew that his reaction was exciting me, my secret sexual fascination with men like him wouldn’t be a secret at all. I went immediately to the sink. I was relieved to be out of his line of sight.

I felt my skin flush as I reached for the sponge. I turned on the faucet and the water was nice and warm. The dish soap was making bubbles on my hands as I washed the dishes. It took my mind away from Mr. Graves leering and allowed me to calm myself.

“So,tell me Mr.Graves,do you do much cooking for yourself?”

“I cook some, ain’t any reason to fix a lot when there’s just me eating the food.”

“Well I guess that’s true. While I’m here if I can help with anything just let me know.”

There was no answer so I just continued doing the dishes. I didn’t hear Mr. Graves get up but suddenly he was behind me. I could hear him breathing and as he moved closer I could swear I felt something poke me.

“I’m done with this cup so you can wash it up.”

Mr. Graves had to reach around me to put his cup in the sink and when he did he moved closer, now actually leaning against me. This old man had a very full erection and he was making it clear he wanted me to feel it.

I saw his hands grip the counter on both sides of me encircling me in his grasp. He was making no mistake about his intentions as he began grinding against me from behind. I could feel the excitement in my body start to build.

The last thing I wanted was to show Mr. Graves how very thrilling his unacceptable behavior was for me.

The correct thing for me to do was to show anger or fear and stop this assault immediately. Mr. Graves leaned closer and began speaking to me in a low growl.

“I got something you can help me with; feel that big hard cock I’m humping against those cheeks? You feel it and you love it don’t ya? I know what you wanna help me with and I’m ready to oblige.”

As he was speaking I could feel my nipples harden Pendik Escort and I know my pussy was wet. Mr. Graves moved his hands from the counter and grabbed my tits and began to squeeze and grope them. He must have felt my knees began to buckle when his big thick fingers found my nipples and began to pinch them.

I couldn’t help but let out a moan and I heard him groan as he pulled my nipples and felt them grow under his hands.

He continued to assault me and he was licking and biting my neck. The three day old stubble on his face and it was scratching me. I tried to back away from the sink but he had me pinned there and I couldn’t move. As fast as it started he stopped and stepped back.

“Turn off that water, dry up your hands and come over to the table.”

I did as he instructed and I turned around to see Mr. Graves sitting in his chair at the table. As I walked towards him I was so aroused I could hardly breathe.

He was rubbing his crotch and I knew it was that hard cock he had hiding in his shorts. I watched him as I got closer and his tongue was slithering in and out of his mouth just waiting to strike.

“I guess you figured out I love me some big tits when you saw that old magazine on the floor. You’re right I can suck big titties all day and all night long. Why, I can suck on a set of nipples and make em grow real nice and real hard. You wanna keep me company well that’s just fine with me. We’re gonna have us a good time keepin company today. You’re gonna get a tit sucking like you ain’t never had before. I’m a cunt licker too. I’m a man who sucks on pussy till you can’t take anymore and I just keep on sucking. And I know you felt this big monster meat well I’m gonna sink in your cunt and fuck you till you scream. Now, when you can’t help but scream out you can call me Old Charlie, because I know you got to get it from old fuckers just like me. Now we gonna start and we ain’t gonna stop till I say so.”

What had I gotten myself in to? I was about to get ravaged by this dirty old man and I couldn’t wait.

“Now, get over here, I want me some tit and I’ve waited long enough.”

I walked to Charlie and he pulled me between his legs. He was licking his lips and sucking them making me cream in my panties. He put his grubby hands on my blouse and ripped it open. He smiled when he saw the red lace bra and my nipples that were now huge.

He pushed the blouse off my arms and shoulders and it dropped on the floor. His tongue wet with spit slithered out of his mouth and he was licking the tops of my breasts. From his groping and prodding hands my breasts had shifted and were now overflowing the fabric that was covering them. Finding my left nipple with his teeth he bit it and made me wince with pain, I loved the ache and wanted more. Using his fingers he grabbed both melon shaped globes and kneaded the flesh as if they were sponges he was squeezing the water from.

My legs were barely keeping me upright. My body was anticipating the next step. Soon this dirty, dirty old codger would be sucking my hard blood gorged nipples yearning for attention. I know I should have grabbed my things and left when I had the chance but I knew that I would love every minute this dirty old man used me. He knew me better than I knew myself and he was ready to give me what I wanted.

Charlie had waited for this for a long time and he was ready to get what he wanted. He reached a fat callused hand into the cup of my lacy covering and scooped out what he was searching for.

Wrapping both hands around the flesh he brought all that he was hungering for to his lips. I saw his lips part and the tip of my breast, hard and swollen disappear into his mouth. He pursed his lips tightly around the tender morsel and began sucking hard. I felt my nipple growing in his mouth Kurtköy Escort and as he squeezed even tighter around the fleshy mound. I felt the final assault, his teeth clamped down and began to grind around the base of my tender nubbin of desire.

I heard the moans and whimpers and realized it was me. Charlie sucked the nipple hard and drew it out like a pliers pulling out a nail. How long could he keep this attack going? I felt the pulsing of my pussy every time he bit his prize. Taking a final hard suck he released what he had assaulted and reached for the other to attack. Now both breasts were in his grasp.

As he sucked first one swollen nub and then the other his spit was drooling out of his mouth onto my breasts. I was beside myself with the ache and want. Charlie reached around and unclasped the lacy red bra and it fell off my shoulders onto the floor next to my blouse.

Now he had the freedom he wanted.

“Old Charlie is gonna suck these beauties real nice now cause your gonna push em tight together till these big sweet nips are close enough to get my lips around at the same time. Anybody ever tit suck you both at the same time? Well girl you ain’t been sucked till Old Charlie sucks you right. You love every minute and you want more and more I know it, I can smell it. That’s right Old Charlie can smell that pussy making juice from all this tittie sucking. Now push them tits together and hold em up for Old Charlie to suck on.”

I lifted each of my breasts and pushed them towards each other. My breasts were throbbing and my nipples pulsing. I got the two bits where Charlie wanted them and he devoured my nipples into the abyss of his sucking mouth. Oh he was right; the pleasure was twice as good, the pain twice as exhilarating. The sucking sounds were incredibly erotic.

There was no biting just sucking and I loved it.

Charlie had his hands free and he was about to busy them. He pulled my skirt down to the floor around my feet, I stepped out of it. I felt his fingers pushing into my legs to separate them. My feet moved and his fat hand was now between my legs cupping my mound. I felt a long fat thick finger slide between my lace panties and my pussy lips up the slit that was swollen and wet with juices. The finger searched and found the object of his next assault. He pushed into me and began finger fucking me. I couldn’t resist the pleasure and I tightened around his fat digit and fucked it. He was still on my tits and he was sucking harder now.

Without warning he let his mouth fall away from the swollen nipples and he looked up into my eyes.

“Oh yeah, you like fucking don’t you? You showed me your pussy right when you got here. I saw them red panties covering up cunt. Well now you get it good. That’s right you’re gonna be Old Man Charlie’s slut. Whenever I tell you to be here you’ll come runnin. Feel me finger fucking your cunt? I’m gonna do more than fuck this pussy with my old fingers. Oh you’re real wet and your pussy juice is running all over my hand. Ride my finger, fuck it nice, that’s all you get for now.” He pulled his hand out of my panties and pulled them down, I stepped out of them and he threw them with my other clothes. He licked his finger and smiled as he let it slide back into my pussy.

Charlie grabbed onto my nipple and sucked. He slid his finger out of my pussy and found the thing he wanted most.

The ball of his finger circled around my blood gorged clitoris and he teased it bringing me waves of pleasure.

“Ohhh, Ohhh, yes ohhh that feels so good so good.”

“You love it don’t you, you like Old Charlie rubbing on your love button? Well I’m going to do lots more too that cherry. You want Old Charlie to suck that pussy don’t you? You want Old Charlie to tongue that clit nice and make you cum over and over? Oh yeah, baby, you picked the right old man to suck that cunt.

By the time Old Charlie is done with you there isn’t much we ain’t gonna do. You walked thru my door and we both knew what you came for. Now Old Charlie is about to give you all you want and a whole lot more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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