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My 20th birthday had finally arrived!!

As you guys know (from the 1st chapter), I have been gaining a lot of experience by watching my parents and their many forays into group sex.

My mom thought I was old enough to get married and had been looking for a groom for me. I was ecstatic! I knew she would find a guy to keep me satisfied in bed and outside it and I was so horny! I really needed a man to fuck me till I passed out, and there was no chance of that happening unless I got married.

After the celebrations on my birthday, she pulled me aside and told me that she and dad had decided that I would marry Rashid, my dad’s distant cousin. (Yep, the same one with the 12” dick and plenty of energy).

I couldn’t believe my luck. He was 23, only 3 yrs. Older than me and I had seen him in action. He was great in bed, was hung like a horse and good-looking, while at the same time had a brain to match.

Our parents decided to get us married as fast as possible. The arrangements were made for the next month and I and Rashid were allowed to sit alone in my family’s garden and get to know each other.

This was a highly frustrating time as we already knew each other as friends and what we really wanted to do was jump each other’s bones; but with all the elderly relatives who had come down for the wedding this was the only way we could even see each other.


The garden was enclosed by a high wall and had only one entry and exit. There were benches all around the perimeter that were surrounded by trees and foliage. One day most of the family had left on a shopping excursion, leaving Rashid and me alone in the garden with an elderly aunt with a tendency to nap in the middle of the day.

She had sat herself in the shade at the far end and promptly gone off to sleep.

We saw this as our chance, and retreating further into the bushes, we introduced our mouths and bodies to each other.

Rashid knew that I had never even kissed a man before so he took it slow.

At first he simply held me close beside him and told me how he had been watching me and wanting me from the day he had first set eyes on me 3 years ago.

Leaning down toward me, he lightly brushed his lips against mine, slowly circled his mouth over mine until I began to respond with pressure from my own mouth.

Gently he increased the pressure of his lips, tightened his arms around me and lifted şişli escort me into his lap, rearranging my full skirt so I could straddle his thighs. His thighs were rock hard and the long length of them gave me ample room to wiggle into a comfortable position to kiss him from.

Earlier I had thought that the kissing was just a necessary evil and that the real fun came later; but kissing Rashid was an eye-opening experience. He slowly began to bring his tongue into play, licking the rim of my lips, taking tiny bites at the corner of my mouth, and finally, pushing at the seam of my lips with his tongue. Breathless and terrified that we would get caught, I clutched at his shirt, and half-heartedly tried to push him away.

At that moment his tongue surged into my mouth and I was lost to any sensation but the ones he created in me; the unbelievably voluptuous feel of his tongue mating with mine, his large, strong hands roaming my body through the thin silk of my dress, his hard thighs spreading my soft, yielding legs apart…… his hardening penis jutted against my thigh, and as he pulled me flush against him, I could feel the strong pulsing of his thick erection against my warm, yielding center that was growing wetter every minute, and aching for his touch. Our lips tangled and locked together, making it difficult for me to breathe while he sucked on my tongue, and thrust his tongue in and out of my mouth, giving me a preview of what was to come.

Shifting his attention from my mouth, he traced his way over to my ear with his tongue and began to trace the sensitive arch with nibbling kisses and sensual swirls of his naughty tongue, all the while whispering the things he wanted to do to me, all the ways he wanted to fuck me and bring me to screaming orgasm.

My pussy was drenched and dripping by now, causing me to squirm closer to his cock, and grind my hips mindlessly against his.

He realized that my pussy was desperate for relief and carefully adjusted me on his lap, so that my skirt was pushed up around my hips, my legs wrapped around his waist, my pussy grinding tightly against his straining, linen-covered cock, with my full breasts scraping his muscled chest and turning my big- brown nipples into hard pebbles desperate for his touch.

He knew he couldn’t take me there on the garden bench, and so rocked his hips against my soft pussy, and kept taksim escort up a slow thrusting rhythm that drove us both crazy and desperate to rid ourselves of the layers of his pants and my thin silk underwear.

Begging him to touch my breasts, I brought his hands up to my chest and watched his eyes glaze over with heat as he began to massage and fondle my 36 DD tits, through the silk of my dress and bra.

One by one he began to undo the long row of buttons down the front of my dress, laying kisses on every strip of skin he uncovered. When he reached the last button, nearly at the vee of my thighs, he pulled the sides of my dress apart and stared for the longest time at my tits framed as they were in virginal white lace, that was see-through enough for him to see my huge brown nipples, that were threatening to pop out of the bra due to my overheated and breathless state.

At first he only framed the globes in his large hands and brought them closer together and towards his mouth, to sample right through the lace of my bra. His tongue traced the edge of the material and lightly flicked under to taste my baby soft skin…. It traced a warm, wet path to my nipple and sucked on it till the hard little berry was tight and reddened against the flushed skin of my breasts, and then gave the same treatment to its twin peak.

Finally, he unhooked the front clasp with his teeth and pushing the lace cups aside, began to feather tiny bites and kisses on my tit flesh, everywhere but the place I needed him the most: on my straining nipples. When he seemed content to torment me, and showed no sign of teasing my nipples, I grabbed his head and ordered and begged and pleaded with him to suck on my nipples.

Looking up at me with a fiery look in his eyes, he kept his eyes on my face as he bent to take one brown berry into his warm mouth. As his lips closed over me, I felt my hips go wild on his lap and my pussy started to gush; not wanting me to come too soon, Rashid clamped his hands on my hips and stopped my squirming around in his lap.

Guiding my hands to his shirt he helped me take it off and told me to touch him as I wanted to, but that I was not allowed to move my hips at all.

This taken care of he returned to his feast.

His tongue flicked over my nipples like a tiny whip, and constantly teased and tormented my nipples till I cried topkapı escort out for his mouth to please suck on them. Taking pity on me he took my nipple into his mouth and sucked on it like it were a life saver. His tongue still lashed over the engorged tip and his mouth took tiny bites out of my flesh, and suckled the pebbled nubs till they were red and hard. This extended tit sucking combined with my exploration of his lightly furred, extremely muscular chest soon brought me to the brink of climax. It was like nothing I had ever felt before, all my voyeuristic masturbating sessions had left me happy but nothing had felt like this; as if I was dying and being born all at once. The joy was close at hand, but still not close enough, and once more my hips wanted to move closer and closer to the heat of him.

Taking my hips in hand, Rashid rocked my body on his, first slowly and then increasing the rhythm at each thrust…. My panties were soaked through and were leaving a wet spot that grew with every second on his soft linen pants. He lifted my skirt even further so he could look at my sweet, gushing pussy, but I was already in that faraway place with my orgasm rushing over me. I let out a low moan and immediately felt like screaming, but Rashid seemed to know, and covered my mouth in a ravenous kiss and drank my scream into his own mouth.

As I lay shuddering in my lover’s arms, I could still feel his hard manhood insistently poking at my thigh.

I lightly trailed my fingers down his bare chest, to his crotch and stroked him through the linen of his pants. I looked up at his face to ask for permission, but his eyes were glazed over in pleasure and were burning with hunger. Looking around to make sure we were still alone, I tackled the 3 buttons on his pants and as soon as I released the last one, his huge, straining erection burst out and lay in my palms; waiting to be explored.

Taking my hands he guided them to his cock, teaching me the amount of pressure he liked, how to stroke him, how to circle the head till a drop of clear pre-cum coated the broad, purple head. I took over and began a light, firm stroke with one hand up and down the 12” length, tightening my hand as I reached the top, traced the tip of the 4” head with 1 finger, and lightly stroked and teased his member, till finally he could take no more and grabbing hold of my hand, he tightened it around shaft and began a furious pace, which soon had him moaning and cumming for what seemed like endless minutes over my stomach and panty-covered cleft.

After we had calmed ourselves down and cleaned each other up, we righted our clothes and went back into the house, just in time to see the family arriving.

After that it became very difficult to keep our hands off each other………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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