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Author’s note: This story is the first part of a trilogy as told to me by my wife Marie. All names and places have been changed to protect the innocent. If you find incest, group sex, marital infidelity or lesbianism offensive this series is not for you.

* * * * *

I don’t remember how old I was the first time I started thinking about my sister in a sexual way. It all started innocently enough. I was 18, we were wrestling over something stupid like sisters will when suddenly she reached out and grabbed my breast. Susan just laughed and carried on, I’m sure it was just a glancing blow and immediately forgotten. However, that momentary touch would light a slow burning mental fuse in me.

My name is Marie.

Now 30, I am the oldest of three sisters who grew up in a pretty humdrum Midwestern setting. Our parents were children of the 60’s who had grown up to be fairly successful middle class intellectuals. Being the oldest, I always found most of the expectations were set pretty high for me.

Physically I was pretty plain. I had reached my full height by sixteen, which was five foot two if that. As a college woman I would learn that what I lacked in height was more than made up for in my voluptuous 36 DD breasts. These went nicely with what my husband now lovingly calls my “child-bearing” hips.

Susan was the middle child, two years younger than myself. She was also the hell-raiser of the bunch. To me it always seemed that Sue bursa escort got all the breaks. She was the popular one. The tall one at 5’7. Her long auburn hair and slender figure only accented her infectious smile. I have to admit I was jealous. While I was working hard to make the grades in class, Susan was busy making the grades with her friends. Especially her boy friends. Then there was Erica, the baby.

It was the summer between my sophomore and junior years at college when the story really begins. I was twenty years old and it had been 2 years since the infamous “tit-tweaking” incident I mentioned above. I was doing a summer internship at San Diego State University for my biological sciences major. This was the first time I had been so far away from my family in my life. More importantly, it was the first time I had ever been away from my new boyfriend Craig since we had begun dating the fall before. The two of us had met through a mutual group of friends at our college back in the Midwest. From the moment we started our relationship, things had gotten pretty hot and heavy.

Craig was more experienced than I and he wasted no time in initiating me. We practically had sex through our clothes the very first night. Needless to say, the clothes didn’t stay on long from there. We often missed classes so we could stay in Craig’s room and practice our foreplay and lovemaking techniques. Even though he was much taller, the two bursa escort bayan of us managed to find all sorts of workable positions that suited us. I was in heaven. While admittedly a novice when it came to things like cock size, even I could tell my future husband was hung like a horse. Now hundreds of miles away for an entire summer, I was getting homesick … and horny.

I had made friends fast in San Diego since all the other students there were pretty much in the same situation as me. Between classes and long walks around the city I attended my fair share of cookouts and on-campus parties. My room was part of a quad, a three-room layout with two bedrooms designed for two people each and a bathroom. Having one whole room to myself felt almost regal compared to my regular dorm room back home.

My “roommate” was named Anya, she was a 19-year old exchange student from Sweden. Like Susan, she was tall with long lovely legs. The only real difference between them was that Anya’s long silky hair was a pale gold. I suppose I could have been envious of the attention Anya’s looks brought her but she was so impossibly nice the thought never occurred to me.

On this particularly hot day I had been laying around listening to some tunes on the radio and generally missing Craig and my family when I decided to blow off some steam with a shower. I don’t know what it is about a sweltering hot shower bursa sınırsız escort that looses the woman inside of me but in no time at all I was feeling very relaxed.

My hands were lathering the soap onto my body in delicious little circles when my fingers glanced past the delicate curls above my labia. An electric shock passed through me as my fingers arched up in the beginning of another pass. This time the slippery digits moved south in their downward motion and I found myself stroking my semi-rigid clit as they passed. I was suddenly aware that the showerhead wasn’t the only thing in the room that was hot and wet. I began to indulge myself, teasing the delicate and pouting lips between my legs. Soon thereafter my clit awakened to my touch, seeming to reach out from its shelter in search of attention.

While my left hand indulged in the sweet pocket between my thighs, my right hand began to rub soapy circles around my now red and ripened nipples. A moan escaped my lips as water cascaded down between my tits and over my furiously pumping hand. My thoughts were of Craig, of the wonderful motion our bodies made as he entered me time and time again. The heat of the shower became the heat of his body, sweaty and warm against my skin. Every move of my hand became him, his fingers, his tongue working their magic on my body.

My head titled back, a long groan escaping my throat. My legs began to buckle beneath me in anticipation of climax but my hand continued to plough its way through me, faster and rougher with a fury and mind all its own. My right hand flew from my breast to brace itself on the frosted glass door of the shower. All at once the door gave way and I spilled out onto the tile floor where I lay stunned, not sure if I had cum or not.


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