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Big Tits

I’d been feeling horny all day and could think of nothing but having a cock between my legs and feeling it inside my wet cunt. The drinks session after work in the office had only served to increase my ardour and the three vodkas had gone straight to my head. I knew some of my colleagues had been watching me, especially the tall young accounts clerk whose eyes seem to be following me wherever I went, but I didn’t care and started to enjoy their lecherous looks, actually playing up to them in small ways and increasing my own excitement with each little act.
It was time to go and I decided to leave via the photocopying room, I had a couple of copies to make before heading home. While standing at the photocopier with a glass in my hand I suddenly felt a presence behind me. I turned and it was the young clerk. He had a drink in one hand and was slowly stroking the bulge in his pants with the other. I bent down to gather my sheets from the machine and immediately felt a hand slowly slide up my inner thigh and under my short skirt. I wanted this to stop straight away but froze as the hand slipped ever closer to my soaked knickers and I was almost embarrassed when his fingers began to rub the wet patch.
I could’ve spread my legs there and then and let him have his way but didn’t want to compromise my position in the company, I straightened up and turned to face the flushed youth. I looked down at the almost bursting bulge and smiled before taking his hand in mine and guiding it to his own crotch.
“I don’t think it would last very long would it?” I said as I started moving his hand up and down over the pointed mound. As I moved aside to pass him I noticed his eyes roll and his breathing increase, he shook momentarily and then moved his hand away from his pants. There was now a wet patch the size of a golf ball spreading over his crotch.
“What did I tell you” I said as walked from the office.
For the whole of the twenty minute drive home my right hand was on the steering wheel while my left hand was busy up under my skirt between my legs. As I drove into the driveway I lifted my left hand up and saw the glistening wetness in the light of the garage and began to lick the fingers clean before wiping them with my hanky. I needed some serious sex and I needed it quickly.
When I unlocked the front door and entered the hallway I could hear the sound of laughter and voices coming from the family room and it suddenly dawned on me that tonight was my husband’s card night and I wouldn’t be getting any relief very soon tonight.
I walked into the room and bent to kiss my husband before saying hello to other three card players. I knew two of them very well but did not know the other member of the group. My husband introduced him and then I left them to their game.
I had ideas of my own about fixing my craving for sex and went into the bedroom to change my clothes before returning to the card game and asking if everyone was right for drinks. They were fine so I poured myself a very large stiff vodka and after watching a few hands at the table I decided to go upstairs and run a bath.
On the way I stopped off in the bedroom to pick up my trusty vibrator, my cunt was almost pulsing now and I wanted to get something in it as soon as possible. I undressed in the bathroom and slowly sunk myself into the hot frothy water when suddenly the door opened and my husband walked in.
He walked over to the bath and knelt beside me before gently kissing me on the lips. I pulled his head closer and flicked my tongue across his lips and then deep into his mouth. He groaned deeply and slid his hand down over my swelling nipples, across my stomach and almost hairless mound before probing my cunt with a long wet finger. I surged upwards and heaved my pelvis forward, groaning and kissing him harder. He broke away with surprise and looked london escort agency at me.
“You seem all worked up already” he said smiling.
“I’ve been horny all day and was really looking forward to coming home to you tonight” I answered coyly, “I need some really good fucking tonight and you’ve got to play cards. I really think I’d be insatiable tonight, I want you in me everywhere, I want my own full house”. He stood up smiling.
“You have a good bath and I’ll see what I can do, ok?”
“You mean you’re thinking of cancelling your card game?” I asked with pleading eyes.
“We’ll see, perhaps I can arrange something that’ll please everyone. I’m not doing so well at the cards tonight and the others are really enjoying my losing streak”. He kissed me again and quickly left the room.
About ten minutes later, after leaving my vibrator unused by the bath, I climbed out of the bath and started to dry myself. Just then I could hear the sound of water running and it was coming from the guest’s toilet across the hall. I edged myself closer to the bathroom door and peeked around the door, it was the new member of the card school I hadn’t met before and he was now shaking and squeezing the biggest and longest bit of meat I’d ever seen hanging between a man’s legs.
I felt my tongue wetting my lips as I looked with hunger at the flaccid member being tucked back into his underpants. Without even realising it my own fingers had made their way down to my moist cunt and were now squeezing and tugging at my hardening clit. As he flushed the toilet and turned to leave I stepped back quickly, hiding behind the bathroom door and gently massaging my moistening pussy lips. This was too much, I eyed my vibrator and thought about starting even before my husband could get rid of his guests. But I thought better of it, I knew I needed a real cock in me tonight, not just a plastic replica.
After drying my body and applying scent to all the areas I knew my husband liked to visit I pulled on my black crotch less French knickers and a satin camisole which displayed my erect nipples to their best advantage and stepped into my highest stilettos.
All seemed quiet downstairs which meant my husband had been able to persuade his guests to leave so I picked up my glass of vodka, downed its contents in one gulp before heading downstairs. As I approached the family room I heard the clinking of ice in a glass and then my husband’s voice say “Feel like a stimulant?”
I walked through the door and he froze when he saw me in my sexy black lingerie.
“Wow, you really are horny aren’t you?” he said as he handed me another glass of vodka.
“I told you I’d be insatiable tonight and I know I will be” I answered as I sipped the cold refreshing drink, “Do you think you can handle me all by yourself?” I teased.
“I’ll give it my best shot” he replied.
I leaned back against the table that had been used for the card game and opened my legs slightly by way of invitation.
“I don’t suppose you’re hungry?” I asked, revealing my glistening pussy through the open crotch. He moved towards me and lowered himself to his knees, and then began to play with my pussy lips and clit with his expert tongue. I leaned my head back and arched my back, lifting one leg up and over his shoulder to allow easier access. “Oooooh yes…..that’s nice” I moaned, “Now where’s that cock I’ve grown to love and pamper?”
My husband stood up and I immediately set to work on undoing his belt and removing the familiar cock from his underpants before squatting down and licking its full length from under the ball bag up to the emerging head. He pulled me up and pushed me back onto the table and then climbed up onto the table and straddled my body.
His cock was now resting against my tits and began to move gently, letting the smooth satin rub the underside escort london of his stiffening member. I lifted my legs up and placed my feet on the edge of the table, my thighs spread wide and ready for his cock. But he leant forward and kissed me deeply, his cock hard against my satin covered tits and rubbing smoothly against my erect nipples. Our tongues mingled in each others mouth as we enjoyed the bliss and anticipation of what was to come.
Just then I felt something gently stroking my pussy lips and I pushed forward for more, I don’t know how he was doing it but obviously my husband had bent an arm back and was massaging my pussy. But then I felt my cunt open to receive something more than a finger, it was something quite larger, something quite a deal larger.
I tried to free myself but my husband’s tongue was unrelenting and I succumbed to the feeling of ecstasy and began to enjoy what was happening to me. Now my husband raised his head and I saw he was smiling cheekily, he pushed his cock towards my chin and I pushed out my tongue to greet the now rigid ans shining flesh. I wrapped my lips around the head of the cock and began to lick and suck gently as I felt the other cock inside my cunt begin to move in and out with a regular motion. It was obviously a huge member and I suddenly realised to whom it belonged. I sucked harder on the cock in my mouth as I felt the excitement and thrill fill my loins. I began to think I was about to fulfil a long awaited dream of having my own gang bang.
Just then my husband raised himself up off the table and I felt the huge cock slip from my wet cunt. I was lifted bodily by the two men, one each side of me, and carried across to the sofa. The two card players I did know were sitting on the sofa, both naked and stroking erect cocks. I was lowered onto the sofa between the two, my face hovering over one of the cocks. I felt my legs being spread wide and my panties being pulled to one side, exposing my hot cunt to all. One of the sofa sitters slid his body under mine and pushed his cock up towards my open cunt entering it with ease up to the hilt. I lowered my face onto the other cock and started to run my lips over its full length, the deepest deep-throat I’d ever achieved.
Then I felt the warm slippery head of another cock push against my firmly closed asshole. It pulled back for a second and then pushed again with a wetter head this time and broke through the muscle tightened hole. It slipped in very easily and my excitement was complete….or was it? All the cocks in my body now began to move rhythmically in and out of each opening and I began to feel the risings of my first climax as we all moved as one on the sofa. My tongue was now gorging on the shining cock in my mouth and my cunt and asshole were both feeling very full and very hot. Then I felt my nipples being squeezed and sucked by yet another pair of lips, the fourth card player had pulled aside my satin camisole and moved his head under my swinging tits and was now nibbling at my hard nipples. My first climax shot from my loins and right through my whole body leaving me shivering and trembling with absolute pleasure. I felt that my body was about to explode, I was hoping I’d be able to sustain this pleasure for a long time; this was more than I had ever hoped for.
I felt the first spurt of cum shoot into my ravaged cunt just after I’d come for the second time myself, it shot forward with force and filled my wet hole with warm slimy fluid, each forward thrust emptying more into my grateful hole. Then I felt the totally weird sensation of my asshole filling with liquid, the second cock had come and was riding my gaping hole with ever more slippery ease. I sucked hard on the cock in my mouth, I wanted to taste cum. I wasn’t disappointed, it shot into my mouth and ran down the sides of the rock hard cock. london escorts I moved my lips right down to the bottom of the shaft and felt another spurt of cum fill my throat, I lifted my head and let the shining cock fall from my mouth as I swallowed the fluid hungrily. Then I pushed down for another load. Just as the third spray of cum filled my mouth, I felt oozing fluid escape from my asshole and seep down over the cock pounding my cunt, I came again myself, this time groaning loudly with the pleasure of it all.
I moistened my fingers with the cum in my mouth and pushed out a searching hand looking for the only cock not presently emptying cum into me. It belonged to the body beneath my tits and I soon found and grasped the hard cock and began stroking it furiously with my well lubricated fingers. It took just seconds for me to feel the copious flow of cum run down over my fingers, I immediately cupped my fingers and transferred as much of the cum to my mouth as I could, swallowing it all with sheer delight. My body was almost spent but I still managed to come again after all my holes were revisited by their corresponding cocks and some very long and slow fucking began again. All my holes were so wet that I could hardly feel any of this very slow caressing, but I could feel the filling space within me and the cock heads knocking against my extreme inner regions and felt as sexy and complete as I had ever felt. All the cocks were pulled from my body at once and felt empty and yet replete.
Just when I thought it was all over my husband, whose cock it was in my ass, stood up and turned me over on the cum soaked sofa. I was now flat on my back, my legs spread wide, cum dripping from my cunt, my ass and my mouth. The young card player I’d seen in the toilet was standing over me, his cock still dripping the remnants of my hard tugging. He gently stroked his member which seemed to be responding with amazing speed. My husband and another of the players placed one arm under my shoulders and another under my knees while the third supported my head and lifted me up off the sofa. My body was wet with cum and sweat but they managed to grip me tightly and hold me off the floor. They pulled my legs further apart and lifted my ankles up towards the ceiling before moving my suspended torso towards the now ramrod straight enormous cock. I closed my eyes and felt the full length of the hard cock fill my loins completely. As he began to move forward and back in a slow fucking motion, my body was swung back and forth in unison so as to meet the rod with full force each time our bodies met. I threw my head back and let my whole body hang limp as each entry by the huge hard cock seemed to jolt my whole body and almost reach my throat.
I reached out each of my hands and found the cock on either side of me and started to tug at them in unison as well. It didn’t take long for my whole body to shudder with pleasure as I came again. This seemed to excite the others because their cocks stiffened to an unusual hardness and I felt they were about explode again themselves. The huge member inside me was the first to release its load and I could feel the escape of fluid out of my gaping hole with every forward thrust. He immediately pulled it out and I was lowered to the floor, the four card players kneeling around me. The huge cock was the first to meet my lips and I took as much of it as I could into my throat before releasing it and swallowing its load. I took my husband’s next, he came just in time for it to fill my mouth. The other two players had come but were gripping their cocks tightly to avoid losing any of the warm flowing fluid, as soon as they released their grips the cum spurted enormous lengths into the air and I tried my hardest to catch as much as I could.
We all sat back on the floor, smiling with complete pleasure. My husband looked at me and said “So, did I do all right?”
I looked at all four players and replied sheepishly, “Yes, very well indeed, I now know that nothing beats a full house on a card night”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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