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I worked on the offer for Bob over the weekend and was ready with the final report and presentation on Monday. I went and discussed it with Tom who was in agreement with my report except that he jacked up the price by 50% saying that it was a surcharge for me going for making the presentation on Bob’s request. He also said that if I could get Bob to sign on the deal he would transfer 50% of the extra money that he was charging Bob to my personal account. This made me feel like whore who was selling her body for money. But at the same time the money offered was good and I enjoyed being the slut I was. So I felt that there was no harm if somebody was paying me money to do what I like best.

It was decided with Bob that I will be making the presentation at his office the next day. After coming out of Tom’s office, I thought to myself that I may need some time to work on Bob before the meeting so that our high priced proposal is accepted. To have more time to work on Bob I decided to take the evening flight and called Bob to check if that was fine with him. He was overjoyed to hear that I would be spending the evening with him. He did not know the motive I had in mind and smiled to myself. He then went on to tell me that he would have to leave me by 9 in the night as he had to take his wife out for dinner. I was surprised to learn that he was married but hid my surprise to myself and told him that it was fine with me.

I decided to go home and pack for the trip. As I was leaving Gary came up to me and started caressing my thigh in my cubicle asking me to meet him and Jeff after work. The excite of the trip was making me bolder and I reached out with my hand and rubbed his dick over his pants and told him that I will be out on a business trip tonight however I would love to meet them tomorrow night if I was back on time. I promised to call them and let them know of my plans before I left office.

I had just reached home and decided to wear a short mini skirt and t-shirt for the trip with no pant or bra as usual. For the presentation the next day, I decided to be more formal and packed a navy blue skirt about 2 inches short of my knee, a white shirt and a blue jacket. As I finished packing I got a call from Tom that Gary and Jeff would be joining me for the presentation tomorrow as this would give them some exposure. I told him that it was fine with me and I would meet them at Bob’s office in the morning.

I left for the airport and had a nice pleasant flight with the guys eyeing my legs below the short mini. I was met at the airport by Bob at about 7 pm and he gave me a tight hug. As we got into the car he told me that he was sorry that he had not told me earlier that he was married. I told him that it was fine with me and it made no difference that he was married so he should relax and enjoy his time with me. As I said this I rubbed his crotch with my hand, feeling his disc getting harder. He drove the car out of town and then took a small lane going into the woods and parked in a small opening inside the woods. He said that as he was very well known in the town, he could not risk being caught with me.

As we came out of the car, I unhooked my skirt, letting it fall to the ground and put my arms around Bob’s neck and kissed him on the mouth, forcing my tongue in his mouth. I gave him a long hard kiss and at the same time let on of my hands unbuckle his trouser to let it fall down on his feet. As he stepped out of his trouser I pushed his underpants down his legs letting his rock hard dick come out in the open. Then I decided to make my play regarding the presentation and I told Bob the final price which we were going to present tomorrow. Bob said that the price seemed to be high. I pushed myself closer to him and put his dick under my t shirt and let it rub against my belly as I told him that yes the price was a bit high but not too high for the company he worked for. Also he could do a favor to me by accepting the offer and I would love to do anything he wanted and while I was saying this I slid to the ground to take his dick in my mouth. He started moaning as worked my mouth on his dick, moving my tongue over the length of the dick and I pressed his balls with my hand. During his moans Bob said that he felt like in heaven and he would certainly accept the price we were quoting. He then took hold of my arms and pulled me up and pushed me towards the hood of the car and entered my pussy from behind, pumping it hard in and out. Soon he was shooting all his load in my pussy and slumped against my back. After he few minutes he got away from me and started getting dressed again and I also got my skirt back on.

He kuşadası escort told me “Julia, I love a girl like you and if I was not married i would have proposed to you”. I just smiled back at him as he promised that he would accept the proposal tomorrow but he wanted me to take care of him whenever he was in my city. I promised to take care of him and thanked him for his generosity for confirming to accept our offer. He then told me that he had to get beck to his wife as told earlier and offered to drop me at my hotel. I told him that I had not yet checked into a hotel and asked him to drop me at a taxi and I would find my way. He said fine and drove me back into town and dropped me at the first empty taxi he spotted inside the town. I thought that he was really scared to be seen with me and wasn’t much fun to be with. However, I had achieved what I wanted and decided to have some fun on my own in this town as the night was still young.

I gave Bob a kiss on the cheek as I left him and went into the backseat of the taxi along with my bag. It was the first time that I was in this town and did not know much about where to find the hot nightspots except that I had read in a paper on the plane about the seedy areas in the town where sex goes on everywhere.. I gave the name I remembered from the paper to the taxi driver and he gave me a weird look before driving off. It took about 15 minutes to reach the area and I could find the street full of skimpily clad women whom I assumed to be hookers. Today I felt like one of them after getting the Bob to confirm his acceptance of our offer while having sex with him. I spotted a hotel and asked the driver to stop in front of it. I paid him off and entered the hotel and went to the receptionist asking him for an overnight room. He also stared at me but without asking any questions gave me a room key and told me that they would only accept cash and that too in advance. I paid for the room and went to my room which was on the second floor.

I quickly took a shower and freshened up for some fun in the night. I browsed through the leaflets in the room to find that there was a nightclub on the ground floor of the hotel which I planned to visit soon. I had to wear back my mini and t-shirt and surveyed myself in the mirror. Seeing myself I felt that I was dressed a bit conservatively for the area I was in, at least by my standards. I had been showing more at work the other day when I had met Bob. I decided to do something about it and looked around for a pair of scissors but could not find one. Then I picked up some money from my bag and went out of the hotel where I had seen a store while driving by in the taxi. I got a lot of cat calls while walking to the store which I ignored. I bought a scissor from the store and walked back to the hotel wondering where I could find the right place to cut off some of the clothes I was wearing. I then decided to go into the ladies room on the ground floor of the hotel just outside the night club and cut off my t-shirt so that it was now just covering my tits and hanging away from my chest. I also made a slit on the side of my skirt from the bottom up to my waist. Still not satisfied I cut off about 2 inches from the 12″ skirt leaving 1o inches to cover my pussy and ass which was just about enough. I walked into the night club up to the bar and stood watching the couples dancing on the dance floor. I could see that a lot of intimate stuff was going on at the dance floor with the hands of the men feeling the bodies of the partners they were dancing with. The ladies were also dressed skimpily but none like me. Suddenly I felt a hand caressing my thigh and I turned sideways to find a tough looking black guy next to me. He was with another guy who smiled and asked if I needed something to drink. I ordered a double Vodka as the two guys asked me what my rate was, thinking that I was a whore. Before I had time to think I told them 500 bucks. Now it was confirmed to them that I was a whore.

As I sipped my drink the two guys had their hands all over my legs with one of them reaching up to my pussy and finding that I was without panty. He whispered something to the other guy and they both smiled at me and asked me what would I take for the two of them together. With nothing further to loose I told it would be less than double and would settle for 800 bucks. The guys then asked me for a dance and we moved to the dance floor. The music was slow and we were dancing close with myself in between the two guys. The guys soon had their hands on me, feeling my body. The guy behind me had his hands up my skirt rubbing my ass as I pushed forward grinding my pussy on the other guys crotch feeling his hard dick rub against my pussy over the skirt. The guy in front now had my t-shirt over my tits and was rubbing them hard with his hands. By this time the others on the floor had started watching us while dancing around us slowly.. However soon they had all stopped dancing and stepped back to watch as the guy at the back had my skirt at the waist and was rubbing my dripping wet pussy. The guy whispered in my ear, you like being screwed here, don’t you slut. I shouted back over the music YES PLS SCREW ME HERE RIGHT NOW letting some others standing close by hear it too.

Almost as soon as I had finished shouting, the guys had torn off the skirt and t-shirt from my body and thrown it into the crowd watching us. I was now naked on the dance floor with these two black guys who had their dicks out of their pants by this time. One of them pushed me down and told me to suck him off. I was quick to take his dick in my mouth and started to work it in and out of my mouth as the guys abused me with words like slut and whore. I had the first guy cumming in my mouth soon and the other guy pulled me up and turned me around to enter my pussy from behind. He screwed me on the dance floor shooting his cum in my pussy. By this time the first guy was getting hard again and I was not yet satisfied so I again dropped to the floor and started working on the first guys dick with my mouth. Soon, the second guy had his dick near my mouth too and I took turns on their dicks. Soon they were hard as before and I continued working on them and soon had them cumming, this time all over my face. I sucked them clean and they drew away from me putting their dicks back in their pants as the crowd applauded.

The guys soon disappeared in the crowd leaving me naked on the floor. Before they left they put a 1000 bucks in my hand and now the whole crowd thought that I was doing this for money and was a whore. I also then got up and started walking out of the club as if nothing had happened although I was so embarrassed that I could not look into the eyes of anybody as I walked out. As I walked through the crowd, I could feel a lot of hands over my body pinching me wherever they could reach. I exited the club and took an elevator to my floor. The lobby was empty as everybody including the receptionist had come into the club to watch the show. I was exhausted and just slumped on the bed while licking off the cum off my ace and tits with my fingers. I soon feel asleep satisfied with the vents of the day.

I woke up the next morning and got fresh just in time for the presentation to Bob. I was dressed in my navy blue skirt, white shirt and jacket. I don’t remember how long ago was it when I had looked so presentable. I quickly checked out of the hotel and the receptionist offered me a free nights stay the next time I visited their hotel. I took a taxi to Bob’s office and met Jeff and Gary who were waiting for me. They were surprised to see me dressed so conservatively and Jeff came up to me and whispered that my dress needed to be taken care of afterwards. I smiled to him and said that we would see about it after the meeting. Then Gary told me that he had heard a lot of stories about me but wanted proof that whatever he had heard was true. On asking what proof was needed, Gary told me that after the meeting I would do whatever Jeff and he would ask me to do. If I failed to perform even a single command of theirs then I would fail my test. I asked them what if I refused to which Gary replied that if I do not agree they would send the video clip of me mastubrating at the desk my mail to all the staff in the office. Also, if I could carry out all their commands, they would act as my slaves for 3 days and would perform whatever I asked them to do in addition to destroying the video clip. I quickly took up the challenge with my pussy staring to tingle in anticipation of what was to come. I also knew that both of them could be rough and ask me to do outrageous things. I really did not care much about the clip being mailed to others but wanted to know what all they could do to me or ask me to do.

Soon Bob called us in and after a quick presentation he signed off the deal. We took the papers and put them in the bag and after thanking Bob came out of the office. Gary said that we had to keep the papers somewhere otherwise we would loose them. Jeff suggested that we should check into a hotel as we would be spending the night in this town only and would leave the next day. I told them that we could stay in the same Hotel that I had stayed in yesterday night. Both agreed and we decided to take a taxi, but Gary said the he needed to fix my dress first. He said he would buy a scissor, but I quickly took out the one bought last night and handed it over to him. Gary took me to a phone booth nearby and quickly cut off all the buttons on my shirt and asked me to tie it in a knot below the tits. I did as he said and while I was tying the knot he went to work on the skirt. Before I had the time to stop him, he had cut off the skirt making it look like a mini. But he or I had realized too late that the skirt had a zipper on the side from top to bottom and had cut off the zipper also from the centre and now it was spoilt. The skirt was now held to my waist by a hook and had a slit on the side where the zipper was supposed to hold it together, exposing one of my leg fully up to the waist.

Gary then asked me to kneel down and give him head right there in the telephone booth. The booth was made of wood in the bottom half and had glass in the upper half. So, when I kneeled down, I was hidden from the public view. Also in these times of mobile phones, the booth was hardly used. I soon had Gary’s dick out and was giving him a blow job in the booth. Soon he was cumming and I swallowed all of his cum licking his dick dry before he put it back in. Then as Gary went out he sent Jeff into the booth and he had his dick out the moment he was in. I gave him a good blow job in the booth too, satisfying both Jeff and Gary.

As myself and Jeff came out of the telephone booth Jeff asked me the name of the hotel where I had stayed last night. I told them the name and then Jeff said that my first assignment of the day was to reach the hotel alone where they would be waiting for me. I thought that this was as simple task but before I had heard the second part of the task. Jeff said that he would be taking my bag along with him and I had to make my way back without any money. I would have to pay for the taxi by means other than money. The only thing they left with me was my mobile phone. Now this had my whole body shiver with excitement thinking of the prospects ahead. Jeff and Gary hailed a taxi and went ahead leaving me behind. As they disappeared round the corner I waited for a taxi but before that a car stopped in front of me and the guy in it asked me what I would take for an hour with him. For the second time in less than 24 hrs I had been looked upon as a whore selling her body. I told the guy that I was not looking for money but I needed a lift and would satisfy him on the way and he would remember his trip. The guy smile ad opened the passenger door for me.

I got into the car and let my skirt ride up my legs from the side it was split. No sooner had the guy pulled off that he had his hands on my leg rubbing it upwards, soon reaching my bare pussy. I also had my hands on his pants, unzipping it and taking his dick out of his pants. I rubbed it up and down making it grow harder. The guy took his hand off my leg to untie the knot at my shirt, letting it fall apart and exposing my tits. He rubbed and pinched them as I continued to play with his dick which was enormous and rock hard now. I could not resist the temptation of bending down and taking his dick in my mouth. I stared moving my mouth up and down his dick as the guy played with my tits and was now moaning with pleasure. I soon had the guy cumming in my mouth and I tried to swallow all his cum but he just came and came and my mouth was full. I would have choked on his cum if I did not open my mouth and some of it slip out of my mouth down my chin. I licked him clean and tucked his dick back in his pants and at that time he pulled up in front of the hotel. Before I could even clean up my face, the door was opened by the hotel doorman and he was shocked to see me with my shirt opened and cum dripping down my chin.

I smiled at him as I got out of the car not bothering to close my shirt or clean my face. The guy who had given me the lift thanked me for the nice trip and asked me if I could give him my number so that he could call me some other time. I quickly gave him my number which he took down on his mobile and drove off as I walked into the hotel lobby. I walked up to the reception as the guy standing there stared at my state of undress. I looked around and could not see Gary or Jeff anywhere, so I told the guy at the reception that I would like to take up his offer for a free room for one day. The guy smiled and gave me the keys to the same room I was in last night and told me that I could have the further free nights if he could have some fun with me. I smiled at him and told him that he certainly would have his chance. I went up to the room, having finished my first assignment and waited for Gary and Jeff to show up with my pussy burning with desire to feel a dick in it.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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