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Ass Squirt

Author’s opening comment: This is part 2 of a continuing story. Part 1 can be found at, but if you don’t feel like reading it, the summary is that a woman summoned the Lord of all demons, and forced him to grant her great powers. Immortality, eternal youth, and indestructibility started it, and eventually she made him give her power to control humans. That last power was given through a rather extreme fucking. Afterwards, Tyrrin gifted her (from his own free will) a nobility in the demonic worlds for reasons unknown.

So there I was. After having been thoroughly fucked by the lord of all demons, granted nearly unlimited powers, and even granted a nobility in the demon kingdoms, I was lying in a pool of demon cum, feeling it slosh around my innards. Anything similar to those experiences ought to have killed me, if my first wish weren’t for immortality. I passed in and out of consciousness for three full days, as the demonic cum dried around me.
When I finally fully awoke, I thought I was trapped. The cum over me and on me had eventually solidified into a rock-hard mass, sticking me to the ground. Eternity trapped in demon cum didn’t appeal to me, so I decided now was as good a time as any to test my new powers over humans.
I focused, flexed mental muscles I never knew I had, and caused myself to grow. The feeling is hard to describe: How would you tell someone how to move their own arm? It felt just like that, but I was making my arms and legs grow, and expand. They pressed against the solid cum and strained a moment as I reached the first test of my powers’ strength. Eventually, my powers won out and the cum shattered, freeing me. I stood up, stumbling over my large limbs, and managed to stagger up the cold stone staircase. At the top, I opened the door, sliding aside a wall panel in my bedroom.
All I could think about now was my bed, and I collapsed into it, letting a natural sleep heal the last ills from my sex-induced coma. Apparently I was not immune to all forms of exhaustion. When I awoke, finally feeling well, I sat up and saw myself in the mirror. I screamed. My arms were grotesque aberrations of nature, with bulges in all the wrong places for male or female bodies. The skin was stretched tight and blood vessels were clearly visible under the nearly translucent flesh. I was horrified as I slid out of bed and stood nude in front of the mirror. My legs were as hideous as my arms. The cold, emotionless part of my mind registered that clearly being powerful required some finesse.
I overcame the fear slowly, gradually. I flexed my mind, and forced my body smaller. Three hours I stood in front of that mirror. Three hours of body alteration. It wasn’t until I’d been working for an hour and a half that I could even make myself look human. All iterations before that point were too disgusting to describe, almost as bad as my first blind test. For the next hour after that, I set to perfecting my female body. I looked at myself with small, perky breasts, huge ponderous ones, and settled on a very firm and sensitive upper C cup. My abs didn’t take long, just a quick flattening and tightening. My ass was a bigger problem. I eventually decided on one that matched my breasts: Middling size, but firm and sensitive. Before Tyrrin first changed me, my face was a little long and morose. My new face was… too perfect. Like you’d see on a billboard or magazine. Beautiful, but unreal. That simply wouldn’t do, but I couldn’t decide between a sensual “fuck-me” face or a serious, powerful one. Eventually, I came to the realization that I could use both! I first built a serious face for myself, strong and a little severe. Then, I memorized every aspect of that face and started on a “fuck-me” face. Full, red lips. Perfect, soft skin. Eyelashes that could capture a man’s heart in a flutter. And a thin, fluted throat that every man would imagine making bulge with his cock. I practiced changing between my faces by standing with my back to the mirror, changing, then looking back. I eventually got the skill of changing appearance without visual feedback down, and I was about two and a half hours into my three-hour session.
The last half-hour was filled with some more adventure. I soon realized that I wasn’t bound to old female concepts, or even human ones. Or even Earth-based ones. What I could do to my own body and others’ was limited only by my imagination. I saw myself with a cock instead of a clit. I made it large, and stroked it a little. I turned it into two cocks, and stroked one in each hand. I put cocks on my tits, made my fingers cocks, and even my tongue for a little while. It was fun and new, but I lost interest quickly as the novelty wore off. So then I turned my head into a lionesses. That made me laugh… or roar, rather. I knew about bestiality, so I gave myself a horse cock, for laughs. And an elephant’s snout, a cheetah’s tail, and a dog’s hind legs. I was having fun, but eventually stopped, for that moment at least. Finally I tried some otherworldly forms, to test my own imagination’s reach. I was a succubus for a moment, a tentacle monster, a Martian grey, and some forms that I imagined out of fiction.
To say my new powers were wonderful would be an understatement. And I knew that I’d never even tried controlling people’s hearts and minds yet. But I could. There would be a brief learning period, of course. I’d have to be careful, at least at the beginning. And then my phone rang.
It was my job, calling to ask where I’d been. It was Monday afternoon and I never showed up. I found it hard not to laugh as I informed my boss I felt so ill this morning, but I was so very sorry and I’d run in immediately to apologize in person.
I got in my car and finally broke out into the laughter I’d been holding in. My boss was a lecherous old man who I knew wanted to fuck me and I knew fucked half the secretarial pool. I needed someone to test some powers on, and there wasn’t a more deserving asshole in this world as far as I knew. And over the phone I used my best seductive voice, and I put on my “fuck-me” face. I bet the old man was already hard just from our phone conversation.
I got to the office I worked in and let myself in. I worked at a tech support firm, but I was in HR. Most of my job was adjudicating petty disputes among the staff. Everyone else was gone, but I knew my boss would still be there, waiting for my… personal… apology. I knocked on his door, and he called for me. I entered the room, and he was sitting there. I could see his erection already… no. I couldn’t see it. I could feel it. I could feel him, his body, his heart, and his mind. He was the first person I’d been in close contact with since I woke, and the new overload of sensations made me reel. I stumbled and fell against the doorframe and he rushed over to me, the image of a worrying friend. I decided to play his game for a little while. I had a wonderful new body and wanted to use it before I played with my true powers. So old-fashioned seduction was the first order of business.
I looked up at him, sweetness and innocence dancing in my eyes as I rested on my knees in front of him. I “rested” my hands on his hips, my fingers resting close to his penis. I told him I was so very sorry for missing work, Sex hikayeleri and if there was anything I could do to make up for it. On the word “anything” my hand “slipped” and rested right on his crotch, smack dab on his stiff dick. I don’t remember what he replied, because his words were hard to make out over his mind shouting so loud. I remember his mind screaming about fucking her (me), cumming in her pussy, mouth, and ass. I could tell he’d never had anal sex, but wanted it. His mind was extremely self-centered. There was no thought to making me cum, only cumming himself. I briefly wondered if this was true of all men, but I was interrupted by the feeling of his hand moving up my side. It had been resting there when he held me after I fell, but now it was on my breast through my blouse, rubbing and teasing it slightly. I smiled up at him, and licked my lips sensually. He bucked forward slightly, incredibly aroused. His mind told me he’d not been this horny since he was a young man, and just the slightest kiss-motion had him pulling out his dick and holding it in front of me. I wasn’t a size queen before, but after Tyrrin’s gargantuan cock this under-average man wouldn’t do. I decided on a little showmanship. I sucked his cock into my mouth and pulled it out… and pulled it out… and pulled it out, growing his cock larger and larger. By the time his head passed my lips the second time, he was two feet long and as thick as my arm. I was impressed with myself but he snapped. He threw himself backward, falling on his desk, sputtering that I was a witch. The physical changes I made to myself also started to permeate his sex-ridden consciousness, revealing to him that I looked completely different than I had on Friday. He started to scream and I had enough. I… this part is hard to put into words. I guess I beat him up with my emotions? What matters is the net result. I threw away all his old emotional patterns and replaced them all with an idolizing love of me. The parts of his brain unaffected by emotions still argued, but my control over his soul was so great he threw himself again, this time to beg forgiveness from me, and to ask what a man as pitiful as him could ever do for me. This emotional control was fun! I asked him to unclothe us, and he did. I laid down on his desk and asked him to give me an orgasm without his penis, and he did. Specifically, he picked up quickly on my newly sensitive tits, and played with them mostly. When one hand finally went down and touched at my clit, I came immediately. I told him he could now use his penis, and his joy was almost painful to feel. He pushed inch after inch into my pussy, and I came. Constantly. I had made myself tight and sensitive to anything, so each orgasm built on the last one. I could sense him starting to reach his own orgasm, which was far too soon for my tastes. So I turned off his body’s ability to orgasm. It worked wonderfully as he reached the edge of a wonderful orgasm and stayed there, furiously pounding away at my pussy, trying desperately to cum inside me.
I let this go for a few minutes, until I actually saw a tear running down his face. I didn’t know sexual frustration could be that powerful in men. I put my feet on his chest and pushed him back. Hilariously, he still bucked at the air even when separated from me. I turned over onto my stomach and even came again from the feeling of the rough wood on my tits. I noted that they might be a little too sensitive and considered changing them later. He grabbed my hips and started to push back into me, but I stopped him. I could feel him starting to cry again, but then I told him he had to fuck my butt this time.
When he was in my pussy, he was a wonderful, if desperate, lover. Apparently his wife and half the secretarial pool had taught him a thing or two. When he pushed into my ass, he became as skilled as an excitable teenage boy passing third base for the first time. He tried, bless his emotionally-enslaved soul, I’ll give him that. And he made me cum, but there was a little something missing. I couldn’t get into it. I was cumming all right, but I wasn’t “in the moment” enough for me. So I started to play with him a little more. I removed the block on his cum… but I also removed the emotional release that exists in a male orgasm. He grabbed my hips, forced his shaft into my ass, and painted my innards white. And then, to his own surprise, he didn’t want to stop. He grabbed me again and started fucking anew, roaring as a new orgasm reached him in moments. I let him cum three times, then only intervened to refill his balls and increase them to a very virile level. It must have been a dozen times he cummed in my ass with me keeping his balls full. And yet, he didn’t stop. It got to the point when he was begging me to let him finish, let him stop. So I got off the desk and knelt in front of him. I opened my mouth, leaned inward… and touched his cock with my tongue. At that moment, my new powers were also at work. I was learning to multitask, and I got good results. I upped his semen again, induced an orgasm, and removed the block on release all in a single moment. The result was him roaring in pleasure as the biggest load he’d ever shot poured down my throat, before he collapsed onto the ground. I was briefly concerned before I read his mind and found he’d be perfectly all right. He’d have a hell of a sexual hangover, though. I was done with him, for now. My new powers gave me pleasure with no need to stop, and I was glorying in them. I wanted something new. I whispered into my bosses ear some instructions to make excuses to his wife, then show up at my door so I could deal with him later. Then I went looking for a little fresh meat.
I got back into my car and drove to the local mall. I needed to be around people… meeting the first one almost incapacitated me, and I needed to get used to the new feelings and senses I had. It was hard, I admit, to maintain posture as I walked through the mall that first time. There were people everywhere, and I could feel them all. I managed to get to the food court and sit down. I sat there for over an hour, just adjusting to crowds. It took a little work, but I eventually managed to let my consciousness breathe in the people, like sounds you’re aware of but don’t pay attention to. I continued this until the crowds started to thin and I eventually felt a hand on my back. It was a security guard telling me that the mall was closing and I had to leave. However, I had a third power I wanted to try out. Rather than say anything, I just removed myself from the guard’s consciousness. As far as he could perceive, I didn’t exist. He was briefly confused then wandered off, wondering why he tried to get a chair to leave. I fell asleep in that chair, actually.
I was awoken by the feeling of the cleaning staff entering. I removed myself from all their minds as well, this time trying a temporary block. I wasn’t sure how it’d work out, but I was at least trying to make it so they’d become aware of me if we met say on the sidewalk later. It seemed to work, and nobody bothered me as the mall opened and crowds came back in. I started to get horny, and even envisioned myself stroking my own cock right there in public. I didn’t even have a cock! But, I realized, I could give myself one. And I didn’t need to stroke it myself.
Sikiş hikayeleri I wasn’t a lesbian. I’d never had sex with a woman, or even kissed one. But all the women in the mall started to turn me on. I wanted to fuck them, but I wanted to fuck them with a cock. Eventually, a ripple called my attention away from my horniness. Every man in a certain region’s attention was focused on one place, and that region was moving towards me. I saw what they were noticing, then found the minds to match. Twin women, maybe nineteen years old. With hands on each others’ hips, perfect blonde hair, tiny little skirts, and tits nearly spilling out of their low-cut tops. I could see why all the men wanted them. I wanted them. And I was going to have them.
I was still playing with my mind control, so I played a little first. I made the older one (a momentary difference in age, but plenty visible in their minds) slide her hand onto her younger sister’s ass. When she realized what she did, she was horrified and plenty contrite. It was glorious. Then, I manipulated their path to come right past my table, and they didn’t even realize they were changing course. As they grew near, I made the older one trip her sister. They stumbled and fell in a heap together, with the older sister’s hands going some very unsisterly places as she “untangled herself.” When they got up finally I made them sit at my table. Still, they believed it was their own volition, not my control. I could apparently be quite subtle. They first apologized for taking an occupied table, but I told them it was okay. Now was my moment to strike. I fluttered into every mind nearby and removed all three of us from nearby attention. (A few wives noticed their husbands suddenly paying more attention, but that’s inconsequential.) I had the twins face each other, kiss, and start undoing each other’s tight tops. Their eyes were horrified as they realized how they’d lost control. When I made them break the kiss they babbled incoherent apologies to me and one another. I stood up, and they saw a *little* surprise I had. Two huge cocks, one above the other, protruding from a ripped hole in my business slacks.
They reacted very naturally to their mental captivity and the sight of giant cocks on what seems to be a woman. They screamed their heads off in terror. Not that anyone noticed, and I turned off their vocal chords. Just turned them off, easy as you please. I stepped into the aisle between tables, and the girls got on their knees. The younger took the lower cock and her older sister sat behind her and leaned over her to get at the upper one. The moment those hands wrapped around my cocks, I knew why men loved sex so much. It was a wonderful feeling, but it couldn’t match the feel of their mouths wrapping around the heads of my cocks and sucking. I made them do the best they could, but nothing matches the terror in a woman’s eyes as her body fucks against her will. I changed their throats to open and let them deepthroat me fully. While I was at it, I removed their need to breathe.
As wonderful as this blowjob was, I wanted to try out pussy and ass. I turned off the younger sister’s ability to move, but left her ability to be moved. She could now be posed only by other people. I pushed them off me, the younger sister falling onto her back, legs and arms sticking up into the air. I told her older sister to tie her to a table and gag her. Under my control, she scrambled to obey. She pushed her sister onto the cold circular iron table, and pushed her legs to the table’s legs. There were no ropes available, so the older sister improvised with clothing items from her and her twin. Each long, pale leg had a leather belt looped around it several times and clasped tightly. The older sister’s thong became the younger sister’s gag, shoved into her mouth with a light slap. The first arm was tied down with the two sisters’ shirts and the other arm… she couldn’t find anything. She searched, desperately trying to find something without going too far away from me. When I slid my (ruined) slacks off and offered them, the look in her eyes was just one step short of worshipful. I removed all of my various holds on the younger sister at this point. She could move again, she could talk, she could scream, and she was terrified. She spat out the thong-gag and begged me to stop, begged her sister to listen, and pathetically mewed for help. I made her sister shove the gag back in and slap her, hard. Tears ran down her face as I informed her she was not to talk unless I allowed it.
I made her sister pull a second table over to us, and made her lie down on it. She laid on her stomach, the cold iron pressing against her soft tits and smooth stomach, and she positioned her arms and legs in the same way her sister’s had been, her face staring straight at her sister. This time, I did the tying with a few zip-ties I typically carried in my pockets that I conveniently neglected to inform the older sister of. I removed my powers over the older sister now, too. I grabbed the thong-gag from the younger sister’s mouth and shoved it into the older sister’s. She had been conscious when I controlled her, and she was smart enough to know she wasn’t allowed to talk. I stood in between the sisters and let my two cocks dangle menacingly in front of them. I stroked my two cocks as I talked to them. I told them each cock was eighteen inches long, but I wanted to try something a little bigger. Before their eyes, the cocks grew both longer and thicker. I stopped around two and a half feet, twin goliaths at my crotch. I shook my hips and let the massive meats slap the girls a little. Both were clearly terrified, and that turned me on more than you can imagine. The older sister was gagged, so I turned to the younger sister, letting my cocks rest on her back for effect. I told her these two cocks were going into one of them, and it would be her. I told her how I was going to force them into her, splitting her wide, but also making her cum like she’d never cum before. Unless, of course, she begged me not to. Moreover, she had to beg me to fuck her sister like that.
I knew it would work, but I underestimated some of the things that little harlot would say. She begged me to fuck her sister, to shove my cocks in her pussy and ass, to put both in one hole then both in the other, she begged me to cum in her sister’s pussy and then let her drink the cum but just so long as I wouldn’t put those two things inside her! After a show like that, I just had to oblige, but first I moved the gag once again, from the older sister back into the younger’s mouth. I informed her that these two giant cocks would be shoving into her quite soon, and that she had a responsibility, too. She had to keep a running description of what it felt like for her sister to listen to, but not experience. She’d begged to not experience it.
I stood behind the wonderfully sized ass of my new little sex toy. I decided to show mercy and took a moment to change her body’s innards. I made her pussy and ass more elastic so I wouldn’t do any permanent damage. I could tell it would still hurt horribly, though. I also didn’t care. I aligned my cockheads, one to her pussy and one to her asshole, slapped her ass, and ordered her to begin. I did not use my power to make her talk. I just told her to. She started Erotik hikaye to describe how my cockheads were at her entrances but weren’t in yet and she could tell I was so big and how she was scared… it went on for quite some time before I tired of hearing her babble about my size. I pushed hard and my cocks went in, nearly halfway on the first stroke. She screamed, and her sister looked away. I used my powers to force them to look each other in the eyes, then slapped the older sister’s ass hard and ordered her to talk. I could tell from her voice and mind that she was crying and in incredible pain but she complied. She described with detail how my cocks felt and how much pain she was in, while her sister looked on. I started fucking into her, and it felt amazing. Like my penises were my whole body, and her body was keeping my whole body by way of my penises warm and safe. It felt oddly unnatural, and even now I prefer being fucked to fucking. I kept working my way into her, deeper and faster, and she kept up her commentary well.
After I finally hilted my two giant cocks into her, I stopped to admire her body bulging from my cocks. Unlike my experience with Tyrrin, she showed signs of the cockmeat inside her. And I loved the sight. I pulled out, slowly, and watched her body shrink. I thrust in again, and she expanded. I fucked that tight little pussy and ass for what felt like forever, her commentary making it feel even more amazing. And, amazingly enough, her commentary started to shift. She stopped complaining of pain and started describing how it felt good. She even started to cum from being fucked by such ludicrous cocks. When she came the first time her commentary faltered and I didn’t hesitate to spank her again, this time so hard her ass bruised. From then on, she spoke through every orgasm and described how she was cumming from my fucking. Her sister looked crushed by this. On the one hand she felt a coward for giving up her sister to me, but on the other she now felt she was being left out by not getting all these orgasms. I was pounding away now, and feeling great, but I realized I made a mistake with my cocks. I forgot to tie them to an orgasm, and to semen. Without stopping my fucking, I made myself a new internal organ that produced semen. I didn’t give myself sperm, not yet at least. I rebuilt my own pleasure centers to let myself orgasm from penis stimulation, and almost immediately felt one coming on. I didn’t feel like stopping, so I let myself unload my first-ever load of semen into this sexy little teenager. When the waves of pleasure stopped, I pulled out and spun the table around so the younger sister could see. When nothing came out of the older sister’s gaping pussy and ass holes, I tilted her table back and the semen came pouring out of her. What must have been at least a few ounces of cum poured onto the ground and splattered around. To her credit, the older sister never stopped talking throughout my orgasm and the pouring of cum. It was a good job for my first try, but I knew I could do better.
I knelt down in front of the older sister and held her jaw in my hand, speaking to her softly. She told me how much she loved being fucked by me, how wonderful I was. She was lying, of course, hoping that flattery would save her from whatever messed up things I had in mind. She had cum dozens of times from my fucking, but now that her mind was in control she was becoming terrified again, as the reality of the situation became more apparent to her. She was just fucking a strange woman with two impossibly large penises in a mall, with nobody around reacting to it. Her sister was in complete denial, believing it was the weirdest wet dream she’d ever had. I finally got around to asking after the names of these cute little sex toys. The older one who I’d been dicking all this time was named Anastasya, and the younger was Veronica. I turned Anastasya’s table around again, so that Veronica could watch her from the side. I stood up and positioned myself behind Anastasya, gently rubbing my cocks at her holes. I pushed in slowly this time, soothing Anastasya’s pain, filling her in one long slow stroke. I held her hips and fucked her slowly, as gently as possible with two cocks of that size. Before long she was cumming again, and each orgasm filled her, crashed like a gentle wave, and emptied out as just as the next began. I wanted to cum myself, but held off for now.
I had made love to Anastasya for almost an hour when I could feel her starting to break. Not break physically, but mentally, starting to become my slave without my powers forcing her to. As I felt this start, I finally let myself cum, shooting a strong load into her pussy and ass. This time, I kept filling up my semen-sac and let the cum kept shooting out and out, into her stomach, her womb, whatever was available to hold it. Her stomach started to bulge against the table she was tied to, and her body lifted upwards, sliding the ties up the table’s legs. When this was happening, I felt her mind break the rest of the way. She was mine, now and forever.
I stopped my own orgasm shortly after she passed the appearance of being nine months pregnant with triplets. As I pulled out of her, I sealed her holes so none of my cum came pouring out of her. Since she was now mine, I started to bless her body. No longer did she need to sleep, or eat, or use the restroom, things like that. I made her as indestructible as myself, until I considered her a suitable servant. I cut the ties and let her stand up, her stomach bulging and sloshing wildly. I asked her to untie her sister, and make sure that she came along peaceably. It turns out that required no small amount of physical force, but it was amusing to watch what appeared to be an extremely pregnant woman manhandling a fit and slim one.
Our mall was central to about a dozen towns and was even a major attraction from the nearby cities. It had stores for everything, and an entire wing was devoted to sex and sex-related things. In the darkest corner of this wing there was a BDSM shop. We walked in, still essentially invisible to everyone, and forced Veronica into a ball gag and some handcuffs, topping it off with some really painful nipple clamps tied to a chain that Anastasya pulled viciously. We also grabbed some ropes and a whip, just in case I felt the need for them later. Leaving the shop set off the detector alarm, not that we cared or were caught. We went back to my car and I took control of Veronica’s mind, making her drive us home as Anastasya and I got into the backseat. Anastasya started to show me everything she knew about blowjobs as Veronica drove to my home.
When we got to my apartment building, I was not surprised to see my boss, Carl, waiting. Judging by how he had soiled himself several times and was shaking from hunger, he’d been waiting outside my door since late yesterday evening. I let him see me and he dropped to his knees, begging to please me in any way he could. Anastasya felt contemptuous of the poor little man, and I let her force Carl to the ground as I pulled Veronica into my apartment. I had a little whore to break and two willing slaves ready to help me.

Author’s post-script
I had fun writing this. The reaction to my first story was great. It did end up being longer than my initial plan… I was just writing and it kinda kept writing itself. I’m not apologizing. 😛
I have a bunch of ideas for where I’m going to take this story, but rest assured: Wherever I go, there will be sex.

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