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*Authors Note : This is my first work of fiction, I have to admit it was considerably more difficult to write
than my first real life story “My Sister In Law Beth”. However, I was so encouraged by all
of your wonderful feedback, I decided to give it a try. I must WARN you however that this
will be a very LONG story with the sexual parts being spread out considerably. If you’re
not up for a extensive story line may I suggest you read one of the wonderful short stories
that are available on this site. I was extremely surprised at all of the readers who
said they loved the extensive story line, it was different from the normal story on here. I
hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I led anything but a normal childhood. On the day I was born my mother had just turned sixteen years old, my father was barely seventeen. My mother’s family hated my father with a passion and did everything they could to make his life a miserable hell. To his credit, he withstood the abuse and became my role model, never ever turning his back on me, even though my mother’s family criticized him every chance they got. He dropped out of school at seventeen and went to work at the local lumber yard. He sent my mother a check for child support every month, even though they had never been to court, his check was there every month. He enrolled in night school got his GED, then enrolled in college, again at night. It took him six years but he received a teaching degree and went to work at a local high school. He was a gifted quarterback in his high school days, many say he was good enough to perhaps play professionally, but he gave all of that up at seventeen. It only made perfect sense that after four years of teaching, he would also assume the head coaching position, a sport he loved dearly.

Even though we lived less than twenty miles apart, I rarely saw my father, my mother’s family saw to that. But he never relented, he was determined that one day we would be close. Every Birthday, every Christmas he was there much to their dismay.

After several years of coaching my father turned a perennial loser into one of the strongest high school programs in the state. He was being recruited by every major high school in the state, as well as several smaller colleges. My father was a big man, six foot ,five inches tall and about two hundred twenty five pounds. It was pretty obvious at even at an early age, I was going to take after him physically. At age twelve, I was already over six foot and close to one hundred ninety pounds. That year is particularly etched in my mind, that’s the year my mother married Richard, a guy she had been dating for a few years. He was the sort of guy you never trusted, he always seemed to be up to something. I could not stand him but for my mother’s sake, I kept my mouth shut. From the moment he moved in, my life was never the same. He constantly ordered me around, demanding I work around the house to earn my keep, as he called it. This went on for a year or so until my size began to threaten him, or at least that’s what I thought at the time. I really don’t remember what even started it but one night my mother was at her parents house, it was getting late. I had been working in the yard all day and I was extremely tired. One of the things he had asked me to do, apparently I had forgotten. He came into my room and began to curse and scream at me. I got up out of the bed and I am guessing he must have thought I was going to confront him. The next thing I remember, I was on the floor with a terrible pain throbbing in my jaw. I reached up, touching my mouth, seeing blood on my hand. I quietly got up and went and did the chore he asked me to. I finished and went back to bed, but the pain kept me awake most of the night. The next morning, the entire right side of my face was swollen and bruised. My mother asked me what had happened and I told her exactly what he had did. Her answer to me was, “You must have deserved it”, not giving it a second thought. I went to school that morning but immediately upon seeing me, my homeroom teacher sent me to the office. The vice-principal called my mother and asked her to come down to the school immediately. My mother arrived an hour or so later, very annoyed that anyone had taken this seriously. Because our middle school was the feeder school for my dad’s high school, everyone at my school knew my father, in fact many were close friends. It didn’t take long for news of my injury to reach my dad, he arrived maybe thirty minutes after my mother. He quietly walked over to me, kneeled down and touched my face. With tears building in his eyes, he asked me what had happened. I told him, as I had told my mother, exactly what happened. He slowly stood, turned, and walked right into the principal’s office where my mother was. After a short argument, where I heard both of them raise their voices at each other, they reappeared before me. I will never forget his words, as he knelt back down in front of me.

“If anyone ever lays a hand on you again, you call me. I will make sure it will be the last thing in this life, they ever do.”, he said, in a very low, matter of fact tone. “I am going to try every thing I can do to get you out of that house as soon as possible, I promise.”

It took him close to two years, but he eventually with my testimony, was able to get full custody of me. It was the happiest day of my life.
He took me straight to my mother’s to pick up my things, I couldn’t leave there fast enough. As I collected my things, he helped me load them into his truck. I collected my last box, making my way to the door for the last time. My mother looked up at me from the sofa, I will never forget her last words to me that day.
“You two deserve each other, you’re both sorry excuses for men. I regret ever meeting your father, and I certainly regret the day you were born. It was the worst day of my life.”, she scowled.

I simply looked at her, not really angry, more sad that she felt this way. Her parents had implanted a seed of hate inside of her that she would never be able to overcome. I simply stepped out and closed the door behind me.

My mother made absolutely no effort to be part of my life from that day forward. It effected me, seeing my friends interact with their mothers, the love that they felt. Although my dad did everything he could to make sure I knew how much he loved me, nothing replaces a mother. I guess always in the back of my mind, I hoped one day we could all overcome this.

The next year, I was a freshman, enrolled at the same school my father taught and coached at. By now, I was six foot four and weighed close to two hundred twenty pounds. It was a given, I would play football, I was my father’s son after all. My dad had been around football long enough to know that a strength and conditioning program was vital to a team’s success. He immediately started me on a rigid weight lifting program as well as make sure I was getting all the essential supplements I needed to be successful. I didn’t play in any games my freshman year, I spent just about every waking minute in the weight room. Initially my weight dropped to around two hundred pounds, but then slowly it came back. By the end of my freshman year I was again back to two hundred twenty pounds, but now had very little fat on my body. I was leaner and much stronger after just one year in the program. During the summer that year, my dad sent me to the local college to work out with a buddy of his, who coached there. My dad had designs that as a sophomore, I would start on the defensive line for the varsity.

After several weeks in the weight room, I could not help but notice how huge the players were, but more importantly how strong they were. It was routine to see lineman squatting over five hundred pounds, their strength was incredible. As I began to ask questions about training techniques, diet and supplements, one thing became obvious. There were other factors in play here. Just about every player to a man, either had taken, or was taking steroids on a periodic basis.
I was told that if I truly wanted to play this sport at the higher levels, I would too have to dabble into the underworld of performance enhancing drugs. Because I had always heard such negative things about steroids, I truly had no idea what to think, much less if I thought taking these were a good idea. By the time the summer came to a close, I was sure of one thing. If I wanted to play major college football, I would have to take drugs, and the time was now.

With no one else to turn to, I decided to talk to my dad knowing he would be straight with me. He was seated at the kitchen table, eating his normal late night supper. I brought up the subject carefully, watching the reaction on his face. He immediately raised his objections citing long term health issues that arise in athletes that take steroids. But even as he was rattling off cases that he was familiar with, I could see he knew the truth. I am not sure who he was trying to convince more, me or him. I listen intently but by the end of his lecture, he could see I was not that impressed. He looked down carefully thinking, then back up at me.

“Brian, if you really feel you have to do this, please don’t hide it. I do not want you to take drugs, period. But with that said, I know many of my players do, it comes with the job. Just promise me, if you decide to do it, let me know. I will put you in touch with someone I know. He will make sure you take the correct things, and you take doses that will decrease the chances of long term side effects. Just promise me that.”, he begged.

“If I do it, I will let you know Dad. I promise.”, I replied.

I read up as much as I could over the next few months about the types of anabolic steroids, both oral and injections. I still had no clue what to do searching through the endless maze of information available, I decided to take my father up on his offer to put me in touch with someone who did. He immediately took me to a body building facility that was located close to the college gym I had been using for months. Apparently the owner of the gym, an ex-Olympic power lifter, had helped other players in the past. My father introduced us, then began to explain exactly what he had in mind. The huge man shook his head in approval, saying he knew exactly what to do.

During the off seasons and summers I worked out exclusively at the health club, keeping my distance from the prying eyes of the school. I was given six week cycles of testosterone, deccadurabolin and winstrol, taking each once daily by injection. After each six week cycle, I would abstain for six weeks, cleaning my self out completely. Almost immediately you could see the results the drugs were having. I became stronger, thicker and more muscular in a very short time. My weight jumped up over thirty pounds in less than one year. By the time I started my sophomore year, people were beginning to take notice of me. Girls that a year ago didn’t look in my direction, were now looking, and smiling bursa merkez escort bayan a lot. It was nice, but I put it out of my mind, football was all I cared about. Fall practice was just around the corner and I was determined to make the varsity team, even though it would be extremely tough this year, they were loaded with talent. Not to mention the twenty two seniors who were returning for their last year. Combine that with the fact, I had to be head and shoulders above everyone else, just so my dad wouldn’t be accused of playing favorites. I attended the voluntary after school practices with the assistant position coaches. My dad was not allowed to be at these practices, it was a state rule. We could not work out as a team, only in groups by position. As soon as practice was over, I would jump on the bus, make my way across town to the health club and train for several hours. It was exhausting, I was never home and if I was , I was sleeping. It was during these first few months of school my dad met
Ashley, the new history teacher. Ashley was an immediate hit, especially with all the boys at school. She was a knock out to say the least. She was close to six foot tall, a former college volleyball player, with an incredible, athletically fit body, only twenty six years of age. Her face could have graced any fashion modeling magazine, her skin creamy smooth and clear, her large blue eyes, sparkling like a clear mountain creek. The fact that she was only twenty six didn’t hurt either.

Ashley and my Dad, immediately hit it off, much to the chagrin of most of the males at the school. They began dating on a regular basis and it became apparent very quickly, they had fallen in love. My Dad’s true love was football, nothing else ever came close, until Ashley. My Dad started rationing his time prudently, making sure he and Ashley always had their time together. I was happy for him, she was a really nice girl and I could tell, she was nuts about him. They were together every night, either at her place, or at our house. It didn’t matter much to me, I didn’t get home until close to eight o’clock every night, and when I did, I ate quickly, took a shower and went to bed. Ashley was always extremely kind to me, I am guessing because my Dad had spoken about my early childhood. Even though she insisted I call her Ashley or Ash, as my Dad did, she was still Miss Thompson to me. One thing my Dad insisted on was manners. I had to be polite or I faced his consequences, so I learned very quickly to say yes sir, when needed.

It was about this time, that the first of many football injuries came my way. One day during drills, I rolled my ankle over severely requiring me to be in a brace for close to eight weeks. It also would wreck most of my sophomore season, making me miss three quarters of our games. My Dad decided at that point, I would sit out the year and heal properly. Even though, I had a brace on my ankle, I still worked out at the gym religiously, doing what I could protecting my foot. It was at this time I was introduced to HGH (Human Growth Hormone) by my trainer. It was really close to a compound your own body produced in the pituitary gland and athletes were having incredible results after taking it for a very short while. I started on the drug immediately and sure enough, the results were incredible. During my sophomore year, I gained an additional thirty pounds and stood now at six foot five, two hundred and seventy seven pounds. I was now, the biggest player in the locker room, and would definitely be an impact player the following year. People were beginning to ask questions about my training, questions I knew to steer clear of.

One Friday night, near the end of school that year, I arrived home to find my Father and Ashley on the sofa watching TV. I said hello, hurried to the kitchen where my Dad had saved my dinner. I ate quickly, showered and went to bed, I was exhausted. The brace was off of my leg now, I was almost fully recovered. Sometime later that night, I woke up, needing to go to the bathroom. One drawback to steroids, you retained huge amounts of body fluids, you constantly had to go to the bathroom. I sat up, rubbed my eyes, got up and headed to the bathroom, which was right across the hall from my room. I finished and started back for my room, noticing a light was on in the TV room. I figured dad had left the TV on , so I walked that way to turn it off. As I got close to the family room, I heard very faint sounds coming from that direction. I slowed down and peeked in, staying well behind the door frame. My jaw dropped to the floor.


Ashley was lying back on the sofa, my Father had his face buried between her legs. She was wearing a tee shirt, her panties were around her right ankle. Her head was tilted back, her eyes were closed, her hips were moving against his mouth. I stepped back in the hallway, wondering what to do. I knew I should go back to my room, they deserved their privacy, but I couldn’t seem to make my feet move. I leaned in again, peering around the corner. Ashley was now moaning softly, her finger’s running through my Dad’s hair. She was absolutely stunning, her body was impeccable. I had never seen a girl, much less a woman, naked in real life. I could feel my cock stirring in my tight shorts. I reached down pushing it to the side, trying to get a bit of relief.

As my Dad continued to lick her beautiful pussy, Ashley became more and more vocal. Her hips were moving up and down, back and forth pressing into my Dad’s mouth. In a matter of a few seconds, I saw her arch her back and her body shake violently, her face contorted in pure pleasure. I was witnessing my first ever female orgasm, a sight I would not soon forget. I reached down inside my shorts to squeeze my now very erect cock. I stepped back once again, leaning against the wall. I could hear whispering, I wondered if I should race back to my room. I stood there for a few seconds, then began to hear Ashley moaning softly once again. I leaned around the wall and saw that Ashley was now sucking my Dad’s cock, her hand pumping up and down his shaft. My Dad was in heaven, as this beautiful girl sucked and kissed his rigid, purple cock. By now, I had pushed the front of my own shorts down and was slowly stroking my rock hard cock up and down. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to last much longer so I had to head back to my room. I gently closed my door, so as not to make a sound, then locked it. I grabbed a towel from the floor, climbing back into my bed. I pushed my shorts down, grabbing my hard cock with my right hand. I closed my eyes and pictured Ashley in the throes of her orgasm as my hand pumped my cock rapidly. It took less then thirty seconds. The first rope of cum shot out of my cock, landing on my chest. Three more quick blasts of sticky hot fluid coated my stomach. I was furiously pumping my cock as wave after wave of pleasure spilled from the end of my penis. My hand was now covered in wet, sticky, hot cum as I continued to stoke myself, enjoying every last moment this orgasm had to offer. When I came to my senses, I was completely covered in my own cum, my cock aching from the force of my orgasm. I grabbed the towel and began to clean my self off, I had made quite the mess. I drifted off to sleep that night with the picture of Ashley’s face burned into my brain. That picture would serve me well on many a hand job in the future, always making me cum in buckets.

Early that next year, my Dad stepped into my room one night, closing the door behind him. I knew this meant I was in for one of his famous, man to man talks. He sat on the edge of the bed, thinking carefully before he spoke.

“Son, I want you to be the first to know. I am going to ask Ashley to marry me.”, he confessed.

“I think that’s great, Dad. I like her a lot.”, I quickly replied.

He went on to tell me that later that year, after the season would be over, they would be married. She would move in here with us, we would all be together. I was happy for my Dad, he had been alone for most of his life. And I really think he loved my mom, long before her family had so brutally beat him down. Now at last, he would be happy.

I continued on my brutal training regiment, once again working out with the team in position drills, then off to the gym later for several hours. I was going to be a junior this season and I was determined to start on the defensive line this year. I was now six foot , six inches tall and weighed almost two hundred seventy five pounds. After three days of positions drills, my strength, speed and size were the talk of the school. Going one on one against our offensive lineman, I dominated every one of them, including the seniors. Word quickly reached the local news station reporter who covered prep sports. He did a two minute segment on me one Thursday night during the sports segment of the news. I was a celebrity the next day at school, everyone slapping my back, making jokes about my nervous comments to the reporter.

As a junior, I was required to take European History, a course that was taught by Ashley. I knew that I was going to be singled out in her class, making sure everyone knew I was not going to get a free ride, just because she was dating my Dad. Thankfully I was able to get a desk in the very back of the class, almost out of her view. I was a very good student, I rarely had to study, I really was just able to remember the things I needed to get by. By now, I was the talk of the school, and as the local newspaper called me, probably the biggest defensive blue chip prospect to come from this state in years. I had never dated any girls from our school, in fact I rarely had time for anything social. But sitting right in front of me, in the same row, was a very pretty red head named Courtney. She was one of the “in-crowd”, the small group of students who seemed to be the center of attention, the ones who ran the school. I had never spoken to her directly, in fact we ran in completely different crowds. As she sat down in the desk in front of me, I couldn’t help but notice her. She had pulled her hair back into a pony tail, off of her neck. She was wearing tight jeans and a tee shirt, showing off her figure. But what I really noticed the most was how good she smelled. She reminded me of baby powder, clean and fresh.
It was difficult to concentrate on class, I found my mind wandering. Soon the bell rang and I was off to practice again.

The season started with a huge game against our cross town rivals Westwood High. They were predominately a passing team, their quarterback a three year starter, now being recruited by several colleges. The game was pivotal, a loss this early, would be devastating to our playoff hopes. This would be my first game as a starter, I had been waiting on this for three years. By the time I took the field for the first time that night, I was oblivious to everything and everyone around me. I had one goal for the night, to make the superstar’s evening a living hell. It took just three plays for me to introduce myself to their elite quarterback. It was third and eleven, a sure passing down. I rushed a straight on bull rush and over powered the left tackle, moving quickly around his left shoulder. As I cleared his body, I had bursa merkez escort bayan a clean shot at the quarterback as he stepped up in the pocket to throw. He never saw me, he never heard me. I hit him in full stride, wrapping my arms around his back, driving him to the ground. I never saw it but I heard someone screaming the ball was loose. When I got up and looked over my shoulder, we had recovered a fumble. The roar of the crowd was deafening, I was being slapped in the helmet by my teammates.

Four quarters later we had a 21-7 victory, we were off on the right foot. I had a decent game finishing with eight tackles and two sacks, one causing a fumble. The newspaper was very kind to me the next morning, calling me the anchor of a very stellar defense. I stayed at home all that Sunday, soaking my sore, stiff body in the tub. The next morning at school, moral was high after the big win on Friday night.
Even Ashley gave me recognition before class that morning, the class applauding loudly. Courtney turned during the applause and told me what a great game I played, that she enjoyed watching me play. I thanked her and class resumed.

We won our next two games by large margins, the teams were not even in our class. I continued to add up huge numbers in both tackles and sacks, in fact as the papers were saying, it was my defense. We were preparing for our fourth game of the season, when one night at dinner, Ashley addressed me.

“Brian, I am really impressed with your play so far. If you continue to play this well and your grades remain as they are, you will get several good offers for college.”, she stated, “Any idea where you would like to go ?”

“Not really, Miss Thompson, I want to wait and see who offers what.”, I replied.

By now she knew better then to object to me not calling her Ashley or Ash. It had been months now, she was still Miss Thompson to me. She smiled every time I called her by her formal name.

“That makes sense to me. By the way, I know someone else who is quite impressed with you at school. In fact, she kind of hinted that she wishes you would ask her out.”, Ashley stated.

“One of the girls in school told you they wanted me to ask them for a date ?”, I asked, quite puzzled.

“Yep”, she quickly replied, winking at my Dad, “I guess they figure I have some stroke in this family.”

My Dad bust out laughing, calling Ashley an evil female who was looking out for one of her own. She smiled that beautiful smile back at him, the one that could melt an iceberg. He quickly turned to me informing me that I was on my own, and once again laughed out loud.

“So Brian, you interested in a date ?”, she asked smiling.

“It depends on who its with”, I responded.

“Well she is very cute, very smart and I know she likes you.”, Ashley told me, “And she sits very close to you in my class.”

“Courtney ?”, I quickly asked.

“You got it big boy.”, Ashley giggled.

I sat there for a while looking at Ashley, trying to figure out if she was telling the truth. From the look on her face she appeared to be very sincere. She went on to tell me, Courtney had confided in her after class one day after everyone had left the room. She had asked Ashley if I was dating anyone. She said several of the girls in school were wondering, as they never saw me out at any of the local hot spots. Ashley told her no, that she had never known me to date anyone, my mind was only on athletics. It was apparent to Ashley that Courtney, or possibly someone Courtney was close to had interests in my social life.

I thought about it most of the week, but my mind as always was on the upcoming game that Friday night. Once again we were playing a local school that was highly regarded, a certain playoff contender. As always, it was another must win game. I was sitting in history class that morning listening to Ashley talk about Napoleon but my mind was miles away, thinking about tonight’s game. Even the short skirt Ashley was wearing had no effect on my concentration, although it was killing most of the other boys in the room. As class ended, I was gathering my books, placing them in my back pack when Courtney turned to me.

“Hey Brian, what are you doing tonight, after the game.”, she asked quietly.

“Nothing, just going home.”, I replied.

“Well, a friend of mine is having a party at her house, um….if you want to….I mean……would you like to come ?”, she stuttered nervously.

“Oh, I don’t know Courtney, I’m not much of a party guy.”, I said quietly.

“Yea, I kind of figured that, it’s ok, no big deal. Just thought I would ask.”, she replied.

She appeared to be somewhat disappointed, as she turned to walk away. I thought quickly, maybe she is asking for herself and not a friend as Ashley had suggested. I reached out and tapped her on the shoulder.

“Hey Courtney, you going to the game tonight ?”, I asked.

“Of course, the whole school is going to be there silly.”, she giggled.

“Ok, then. Let’s see what happens, I will find you after the game ok ?”, I asked.

“That would be great.”, she quickly replied.

As we entered the opposing team’s field, we were loudly told by the home crowd we were not welcomed. By this time, I had learned to ignore the crowd, however it was always nicer to play in your house. We started the game well, scoring on our first possession to take a 7-0 lead. We held them defensively for their first three possessions, not allowing a first down. Late in the second quarter, our offense fumbled the ball on our own twenty one yard line. With less them two minutes to play, they were near our goal line. They moved down inside our three yard line, with less then thirty seconds to go in the half. As they came out of the huddle, I thought I recognized this formation from the game films. They usually ran some of a trap play to my side out of this formation. I decided to take an inside move, gambling that the play was designed to go between the guard and the tackle. As the ball was snapped the guard pulled from his gap, allowing me a clean shot at the running back. He saw me hit the hole, and side stepped to my right. I lunged for him, wrapping my arms around his leg as I fell to the grass. Just as I hit the ground, another player was blocked into me, causing me to lose my grip, freeing the runner. He bolted around the corner, scoring easily, tying the game. As I headed to the locker room, I was disgusted with myself, I should have made that tackle.

My Dad gave us his usual halftime pep talk, urging us to give a better effort in the second half. I don’t think I heard a word of it, my mind was still on that missed tackle. Great players make great plays, and I just blew one. I was determined to make up for it in the second half.

The second half started much like the first, mistakes by both sides, squandering opportunities to score. We caught a break on a punt and pinned them deep in their own territory at the nine yard line. Our inside linebacker challenged us in the huddle to step up and turn this game around. We stopped two successive running plays for no gain, they were facing a third and ten. The defensive coach signaled in Twin Switch, Power Left Smash, one of my favorite plays. It basically meant, I would switch from lining up over the left tackle, moving to our left to face their right tackle. The right tackle was usually the slower of the two lineman giving me a really good chance at breaking through. In addition, the outside line backer on my side would blitz inside, making the right tackle choose which of us he wanted to try and block. The play went off perfectly, I came off the ball a half step late as I was taught. The linebacker shot the gap drawing my man’s attention. As he crossed to his left and picked up our backer, I accelerated around the corner. The quarterback never had a chance to look downfield. He covered up just as I slammed into him, shoulder first. I drove him back into the end zone causing him to fumble the ball, deep into the end zone. As I tried to quickly regain my feet, I saw one of our players fall on the ball, scoring a touchdown.

We jumped ahead 14-7 and never relinquished the lead. The game ended 28-7, we were now 4-0 on the year. As players were milling around on the field talking, some giving interviews, I looked for Courtney. I finally saw her up in the front row, in the left hand corner of the stadium. I ran over to her and looked up over the railing.

“Hey Brian. You were awesome tonight. Great hit in the end zone.”, she said.

“Thanks Courtney, it was a good win for us.”, I replied.

“You want to go to the party ?”, she asked.

“Yea, I need to let off some steam. Can you wait till I shower and change ?”, I replied.

“I sure can. I’ll meet you in the parking lot.”, she giggled.

I rushed into the locker room, grabbing my things, jumping into the shower. I quickly washed and got dressed, packing my equipment into my bags. I grabbed all my gear and headed to the office. My Dad and the other assistant coaches were milling around, reliving the game.

“Hey Dad. Can I borrow the truck?”, I asked.

“Where you going Brian.”, he replied.

One thing about my Dad. You never got off easy with him. He wanted you to know he was always on top of things. He could give you that thousand yard stare, the one that let you know he was dead serious.

“I guess, I kind of have a date.”, I laughed.

“Oh a date. Well guys, what do you think, has he earned a date tonight ?”, he said, looking at the other coaches.

They all laughed as my Dad threw me his truck keys. He told me Ashley was just outside and he would catch a ride with her. He also told me to think responsibly, that one wrong decision could change my life. I quickly headed out of the door racing to the parking lot. As I came out of the stadium, I saw Ashley was talking to Courtney in the parking lot.

“Hey hotshot, great game. You were awesome as always.”, Ashley grinned, kissing me on the cheek.

“Thanks Miss Thompson. Oh by the way, Dad said he needs a ride home. He gave me the keys to the truck.”, I replied.

“Sure. You kids have a good time. Don’t hurry home handsome, but do be safe and careful, both of you.”, Ashley finished.

We walked over to my Dad’s truck, I threw my gear in the back and drove off. The party was not far from my house, maybe ten blocks at the most. I recognized most of the people from school, although there were a few strangers who I knew did not go to school with us. We followed the crowd out to the back of the house, most were gathered around the large pool area. A few people had gotten into the pool, but most were just sitting or standing around talking. I noticed that a few were drinking, a couple of bottles of whiskey and vodka were on one of the patio tables. I had always been told that alcohol was strictly forbidden, especially for an athlete. We found a couple of chairs near the pool that were empty, we settled in. People were running around the pool, laughing, cutting up, having a great time. Courtney and I talked about various things, pausing every now and then to speak to whomever walked up to us. Mostly everyone was altıparmak escort really in a good mood following the win, some were getting in too good of a mood. A small group of five girls and six guys were becoming increasingly rowdy, the liquor taking it’s effect. I looked at my watch, it was almost one in the morning.

“What time do you have to be home, Courtney ?”, I asked.

“No time really, my parents trust me.”, she replied, softly.

Courtney and I had been drinking Coke all night, neither of us said a word about the alcohol. As what usually happens when guys drink, they started arguing loudly. One thing led to another, someone said something they should not have, a fight broke out. One guy immediately got the best of the other and had him pinned down on the ground, punching him repeatedly. It was apparent quickly, the poor guy on the ground was defenseless, this had to be stopped. I looked around and saw a lot of people cheering on the fight, the rest just standing there watching. I decided to step in and stop it.

I rushed over to the two guys, pulling the one on top, off of the other one. I released him and stepped in between him and the guy on the ground. He immediately squared up on me, clenching his fists.

“What the fuck is your problem dude ?”, he asked in an angry tone.

“Nothing. The fight is over, you win. Let it go.”, I replied, very calmly.

“It’s over , when I say it’s over, so fuck off.”, he shot back, stepping towards me.

“It’s over now. Sit down or go home.”, I responded.

He stood there for a few seconds, then I think he realized just how big I was . He mumbled something to me, turned and walked away. I reached down and helped the other guy up, he was a mess. I took him inside, wrapped some ice in a rag, handing it to him. I walked back out and found Courtney.

“I’m ready to go, how about you ?”, I asked.

“Yea me too, I have had enough.”, she said with disgust.

We left quickly and drove to her house. I got out walking her to the door. She told me other then the fight, she had a good time, she hoped I did as well. She leaned up slightly and gave me a very quick, soft kiss on the lips and opened the door, stepping inside. I left, went straight home and got into bed.


We won our next four games easily, our defense dominating all of our opponents. We held all four teams scoreless while creating several turnovers. My dad was beginning to get calls from recruiters, trying to see what college I might be interested in attending. He basically kept all options open, telling them it would be ultimately be my decision, although he would have some guidance in the selection. Courtney and I dated several times over the next few weeks, going to movies, out to eat, parties, things like that. I was beginning to look forward to spending time with her, she was great to be around, she could really make me laugh. She took my mind off of football, at least for a short time, and for that I was grateful. We had made out few times, the kissing becoming somewhat passionate, but it never went beyond that. My Dad always told me to respect a lady at all times, let her tell you when the time is right.

We had our homecoming game next week, followed by the annual dance. I knew Courtney was looking forward to it, she had mentioned it several times. I made plans to meet her at the dance, as most of the players did with their dates. By the time the game ended, we got cleaned up and dressed, it would be after ten o’clock.

The game was a blowout, by halftime we had a 28-0 lead. We scored twice more in the third quarter, extending the lead. Most of the starters were pulled out and the underclassmen given a chance to play. I was kind of disappointed, I was having a great game, I was only three tackles short of a school record. But I understood, everyone wants to play. I sat on the end of the bench quietly watching the rest of the game. As soon as it was over, I raced to the locker room, showered and changed, took off for the dance.

I arrived about twenty minutes later, entered the gym and scanned the crowd for Courtney. I saw her near the back wall talking to several girls near the ladies room. She looked up in my direction, saw me and waved. She rushed over to me, throwing her arms around me.

“Brian, what a game, you were incredible. I only saw the first half though.”, she said, apologizing.

“It’s ok, I got benched in the second half anyway.”, I laughed.

We spent the rest of the night dancing, especially to all of the slow songs. I enjoyed holding Courtney close to me, feeling her warm body against mine. The band took their leave about midnight, thanking everyone for their support. Courtney and I stopped at an after hours diner on the way home and had a burger and fries. Although we were extremely over dressed for the occasion, we had a good time. Around three in the morning, I pulled up in Courtney’s driveway. As I unbuckled the seat belt to get out, she placed her hand on my arm.

“Can we sit out here for a little while ? I’m not ready to go in yet.”, she asked.

“I guess so.”, I replied.

I turned slightly in my seat, putting my back to the door. We started to talk about the game, the dance, things in general. As were talking, I could not help notice but how beautiful Courtney was. She was wearing a short white, spaghetti strapped evening dress that accented her bright red hair. She had full breasts, that stood straight out, almost inviting you to touch them. She had a small waist, small hips and a perfect butt.
“Why are you way over there ?”, she asked me softly.

“Where should I be ?”, I asked.

“Right here.”, she said, patting the seat right next to her left thigh.

I moved from under the steering wheel and slid over on the seat so that I was right up against her. She put her hand on the back of my neck, pulling me close. My mouth met hers, her lips warm, wet and soft. I felt her hot breathe pass through her lips, warming my face. I pulled her close to me, my lips responding to hers. I felt the tip of her tongue brush my lips several times, causing me to open my mouth slightly. I reached for her tongue with mine, gently brushing the tip of it. We kissed for several minutes, the windows fogging up from our body heat. I felt one of Courtney’s hands slide down my chest and come to rest on my thigh. As I pulled her closer to me, I felt the fingers on her hand began to lightly stroke my thigh.

I had absolutely no experience with women, so I just blindly followed Courtney’s lead. I moved my left hand on top of her right thigh, my fingers falling down the inside of her leg. In response to my hand, I felt her slide hers further up my thigh, almost touching my hardening cock. I began to slide my hand on the inside of Courtney’s silky smooth thigh, very slowly waiting for a reaction. She continued to kiss me passionately, I sensed no hesitation on her part. I began to slowly move my hand along the inside of her thigh moving just to the hem of her skirt again, pausing, in case she objected.

Courtney pulled her lips from mine slowly, her gazed locked into my eyes. I felt her hand cover mine, then slowly push my hand deep between her legs until I felt the sheer, smooth fabric of her panties. With my fingers I reached up finding the waist band, easing my fingers inside. As my hand pushed the sheer fabric down, she closed her eyes and tilted her head back slightly. I extended my index finger moving it slowly down her moist lips until I found her opening. She let out a small gasp as my finger entered her, pulling my face to hers once again in a passionate kiss. As I eased my finger slowly inside her very wet pussy, she drove her tongue deep inside my mouth. Even though I had no idea what I was doing, obviously Courtney was enjoying it. I could feel her fluids covering my hand, soaking her panties.

As I continued to work my fingers inside of her, I felt her hands reach up and unbuckle my belt, then the button of my pants. She slowly slid my zipper down, her hand stroking my rock hard cock through my shorts. With one hand she pulled down my shorts, grabbing my cock with the other. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and began to slowly pump me up and down, squeezing gently. She pulled her lips from mine and once again our eyes met.

“Here, let me show you what I like.”, she whispered.

She reached between her legs and took my hand in her’s pulling it upwards. She took my index finger in her hand and placed it just inside her vagina pressing it against a small, hard nodule.

“Right there, it feels so good, right there.”, she said softly.

I began to move my finger gently back and forth on her clit, as she leaned forward resting her head on my shoulder. I could sense her breathing had become heavier, somewhat labored. Her hips were moving against my finger, almost urging me to increase my tempo. I began to rub her clit faster, in quick circles, pressing ever so gently against the swollen area. I felt her hand on my neck tense, her fingers digging into my flesh.

“Brian, God damn that feels so good. Please don’t stop.”, she moaned.

Once again I increased both the speed and pressure on her clit, her hips were now arched toward me, her thighs tense and rigid. Suddenly I felt both of her hands dig into my flesh, her entire body became rigid. Her orgasm hit her head on, she was unable to hold back any longer. She moaned hard, her breathe leaving her body in short, violent blasts, her body pressed into mine for support as I felt her thigh’s clamp down around my hand. I’m not sure of how long it took before I felt her body begin to relax, her breathing to become normal. She lifted her head and looked somewhat embarrassed , her face flushed, her forehead damp with perspiration.

“I…uh…..never did that with anyone before….well I mean I have got off by myself before…..but not with anyone else.”, she stammered softly.

My fingers were still inside of her drenched pussy, her thigh’s still clenched tight on my hand, refusing to let go. She pressed her lips to mine once more, her tongue softly licking my lips. Once again, I began to slowly stroke her clit, my finger gently circling it. I felt her hand once again wrap around my cock, her grip tighten on my shaft. She began to pump my swollen shaft up and down in a slow but steady pace. I began to feel my balls tighten up, I knew this feeling well. I pulled my mouth from hers reluctantly.

“Court, you better stop or I am gonna make a mess all over.”, I warned.

She stopped pumping my cock, looking into my eyes, a funny frown covering her face. Then her face changed, almost like a light bulb coming on in a dark room. She opened her legs, releasing my hand, reaching up under her skirt. She lifted herself off of the seat slightly and slid her panties down her legs. She wrapped the soft, cool fabric around my cock, her grip tightening once again. Once again she began to stroke my cock, only faster this time her grip firm just under my swollen head. The feel of her panties was incredible, it took less than twenty seconds for me to lose control. The first jet of cum shot from my cock soaking the sheer white fabric. She frantically pumped my cock as I spewed wave after wave of thick, hot cum into her lingerie. She slowed her pace, gently squeezing what was left of my orgasm from me. When I opened my eyes she was staring at me, a smile on her face.

“I better not let my mom find these.”, she laughed, eyeing her cum soaked panties.

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