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I couldn’t believe that Ares was making me find fire wood. That is not one of my powers. I’m light, death, healing, and the sun, but nowhere in my job description does it say, fire wood collector. I mean really? He doesn’t even do anything! All he does is fight and protect Artemis and me. That is seriously the only thing he does. Other than that he’s a lazy ass fucking slob!

I was walking along through the forest that our home is in. After my arms were loaded with wood, I started on my way back home. I unloaded the large amount of wood, into the holder and proceeded inside. “Took you long enough.” Ares said as I entered. “Now come here.” He says.

I sigh and do as he says. Walking into the living room, I halt in my steps as I see that he standing in front of the mantel, stark naked. “Ares? What are you doing?” I ask as I start to walk closer to him, tentatively. He turns his head and looks at me through the corner of his eye.

“I’m standing here… waiting for you to come over here.” I get closer, and dread it when he grabs me and pulls me into his naked chest. I feel his cock pressing against my leg. The heat seeping through my jeans and warming my thigh. “You feel that?” he asks as his cock starts hardening and pressing against me. “That’s going to be shoved so far up your tight ass as it can go.” He hisses in my ear.

I bring my hands up and push against his chest, but his arms lock around me and hold me there. One of his large hands trailed down my back and gripped my ass… hard. His other went underneath my shirt and began to pull it over my head. After freeing me from the constricting shirt his hand harshly tweaks my nipple. The pain causes a moan to free from my mouth, and a smirk to come onto Ares’ face. “you like pain?” he says smugly. “I can do pain.” He finishes. He lifts me into the air and hugs me tightly to his chest.

A cold burst of air hits my legs and alerts me to the fact that my pants have been torn off. “Ares… this isn’t funny…. Please stop.” I plead. I look into his eyes, to see that he’s contemplating something. While he was thinking ümraniye gecelik escort he never stopped walking.

“Naw… I’m gonna do it. Apollo, I want your ass, and I’m gonna have your ass.” His finger starts to probe in between my cheeks, and I fill terror fill me. “Don’t worry… I’ll go easy. At first.” He says. He slams me against the wall, and starts to grind up into me. His aching erection sliding against mine causing a friction I couldn’t ignore. I moaned loudly to which Ares followed with an equally loud grunt. “How do you want it?” he breathed out. His hot moist breath fanning my ear, creates another moan. “See Apollo? You want it. I’ve seen the way you look at me. I’m just giving you what you want.” He says with a chuckle.

I couldn’t argue with that. I have been looking at Ares, but with what I thought was admiration, nothing like this. “Ares….” I moan out. His grunting becomes louder. It seems like he’s about to cum, yet he’s not even in me.

“What is it baby?” he asks sweetly. I bring my arms up and lock them around his neck. I pull myself up and connect my lips with his. He moans and tilts his head to the side; deepening the kiss. He pulls away and looks down at me. “Suck me.” he says. He lets me slide down the wall and sit on the ground. His prick is swinging in front of my face, mere inches away.

I crane my neck and my tongue comes out and laps at the head. His dick twitches, and a dollop of pre-cum drips out and makes his Prince Albert glisten. I lick the drop of his pre and the salty sensation shocks me. Opening my mouth, I slide his hot throbbing cock into my mouth. That taste isn’t what I expected it to be. It’s not particularly disgusting, but it is something that I could get use to having in my mouth.

I swirl my tongue around the bulbous mushroom head with the piercing rubbing against my tongue. Ares gasps and his hands tangle in my hair, forcing me lower and lower on his huge cock. I gag when I feel the head press against the back of my throat. He pulls me off slightly, keeping the head in my mouth. kadıköygrup yapan escort I bring my hands up and grip onto his ass, and lower myself onto him once again. “Relax your throat.” He says. I listen to him, and relax the muscles and take him farther than last time. I feel his cock slide down my throat and his hips start to thrust.

He starts of softly thrusting his hips against my face, and pushes all the way down my throat each time. Every five thrusts or so he stops with his entire dick wedged in my mouth. My nose pressed against the rough patch of black hair that sits nestled at the base of his prick. I pull back until his dick is out of my mouth and look up at him. My hand takes the place of my mouth and begins to slowly jack him. My saliva acting as lube, letting my hand slide easily. “You taste so good Ares.” I tell him.

“You like that? The taste of a big cock in your mouth?” I smile up at him, and brush my thumb over the mushroom helmet. I lean back in and engulf him. My hand jacking the base while I suck on the head. “That feels so good baby!” he gasps. He throws his head back in pleasure and places his hands on my head.

He tugs harshly on my hair, and starts to harshly pump his cock in and out of my mouth. His furious thrusts impact his dick down my throat with each go, and I can feel the throbbing become harsher. My throat; sore from the face fucking that he’s giving me contracts around his dick. “God!” he exclaims. He pulls his enormous cock out of my mouth and begins to jack himself. I didn’t see the first shot but instead felt the warm and gooey seed splatter on my face.

The thick jets of cum collide with my face, and I lost track of how many times the seed splashed on my face. The shots slow down until it’s dripping from the ring in his cock. Ares looks down at me, and smiles showing his white teeth. “You look hot covered in my cum.” He announces. Looking back at his dick I see he has some of his seed threading around the head. I lean forward and lick his dick clean; the salty sweet taste of his cum lingering bostancı türk escort on my taste buds. Squatting down, Ares wipes two of his fingers on my face, gathering cum on them and pushes his fingers into my mouth. I accept them greedily and suck them clean. He does it over and over, feeding me more and more of his cum till there aren’t any remnants on my face. “Looks like you have a problem of your own.” He says. It’s true, somewhere during me sucking on his meat; my own member grew painstakingly hard. “Let me help you with that.” He says and leans forward. His lips touch mine and I jump when I feel his hand grip my dick in his hand. His hand started to slowly stroke me and I moaned into his mouth.

He pulls me up by my dick and walks over to the couch. Sitting down he places me on his lap with my back against his chest. Not once did his hand stop caressing my dick. He pulls his hand away and spits into it. He returns it to my dick and continues to stroke me. I feel a burning sensation build in me, and know I’m not going to last long. Ares’ breath cascades down the side of my neck “Let go whenever you’re ready. I won’t mind.” He whispers. He drags his tongue up the side of my neck and that’s the end of me. My body stiffens and then convulses and I release right into his hand. Cum shoots out of my dick and splashes against my abs, and trails down into my pubic hair, it drips down and coats his fingers in the sticky white substance. “That was sexy.” He says. His hands leave my dick and he brings it up to his lips and licks his own fingers clean. “You taste really sweet.” He says in between licks.

After I settle from the orgasm that took over my body, heat surges through my body and I feel humiliated at the events that occurred. “Hey, don’t be embarrassed. You were fucking sexy, taking my cock down to the root.” He coos. He turns my body and throws my legs across his. I burry my face into his chest with a dusting of black hair matted down by the copious amounts of sweat that built up on his skin; making it glimmer in the glow of the soft light.

He lays his body down along the couch with me on top of him. “Rest… we’ll finish this later. Just take a little nap.” He says. A yawn escapes my mouth, and I settle down on his muscled chest. He tilts my head up and gives me a soft kiss. Pulling away, he sets my head back down. I close my eyes and drift off into a long needed sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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