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How they met isn’t important, what happened after they met is very important.

The man is reserved, tallish at 6’1″, not chiseled, but not fat, either. His hair and eyes are dark, the spray of silver at his temples reveals he is not a young man. He walks with confidence, and his eyes seem to almost glow with a deep sexuality.

The woman is also tallish, at 5’9″, her curves are delightful, full breasts and hips, her dark eyes reveal her intelligence, her voice is light, filled with emotion. Her lips are soft, full, painted with red gloss that stands out against her brown skin. Her dark hair is shoulder length, and bobs sweetly as she walks.

Riding up the hotel elevator together may have been chance, or perhaps it was fate. In either case, the outcome was the same. No words needed to be spoken, only a raised eyebrow at the perfect instant. The woman looked down, demurely, then boldly back up into the man’s eyes. Her cheeks seemed to glow, her tongue licking over her soft lips, the tiniest of nods showing her assent.

As the man exited the elevator he walked slowly to his own room, opening the door, standing back to allow her to enter. The smile on his face was warm and broad as she slipped into the room, her tight dress hugging her body. She stopped at the foot of the bed, turning to him, and without need of command slipped gracefully to her knees. Her dress rode up her thighs, revealing the tight stockings ending short of her panties. Her legs spread slightly, her head lowers to look at the ground as her hands come to rest on her thighs, palms turn up, whispering in that light, beautiful voice, “How may I please, Sir?”

Smiling, the man shuts and locks the door as he steps into the room. Walking to the woman, he reaches down, tilting her head up to look into her eyes, his fingers gentle on her chin, “Well, first, you should lose your dress. Then we can begin…”

The woman smiled, almost bursa eskort bayan shyly, standing, turning her back, her hands pulling her hair away, seeking the man’s touch to unzip her dress. He stepped close, his hands gently tugging down the zipper, then sliding under the fabric, finger tips lightly tracing over her bare skin, whispering softly into her ear, “Only lose the dress baby…”

She turns around, facing the man, her hands lifting to pull the dress off her shoulders. As it cascades to the floor she steps clear, standing now, the red lace lingerie enhanced by her soft, red lips. The red heels encasing her feet accentuate her toned calves, the thigh high stockings a compliment to the red lace of her panties and bra.

The man smiles softly, his eyes roaming from head to foot, almost forgetting to breathe as he takes in her gorgeous curves, the lingerie serving to enhance the view more than if she were totally naked. Stepping close, his hands reach out, pulling hers gently behind her back, his head leaning down to tenderly kiss her as he holds her hands behind her back. He presses his body against hers, letting her feel the stiff arousal growing in his pants.

Her soft whimper of desire reaches his ears, he can feel the heat from her body through his own clothes, his arousal grows firmer as the kiss lingers, deepening, their tongues teasing and swirling hungrily. One of his hands slips between their bodies, fingers brushing lightly over the front of her panties, eliciting a shudder from her body.

The man’s strong hands capture her body, one pressing against her panties, fingers beginning to press tighter against her damp fabric, the other keeping her hands behind her back. He looks into her eyes after breaking the kiss, whispering hoarsely, “On the bed, take off your panties, get on all fours baby, show me where you want to be used…”

His hands release her, and she slips bursa merkez escort off her panties, revealing a perfectly smooth mound, the soft petals glistening with her desire as she slips onto the bed, on her hands and knees. She spreads her legs apart, exposing both her ass and pussy to the man, looking over her shoulder at the man she says simply, “Please, Sir, fuck my pussy. I want to be your good girl…”

The man groans as he surveys this beautiful woman, offering herself for his pleasure. His hands quickly undo his pants, he kicks off his shoes, almost stumbling as he drops his pants and pushes down his tight boxers, his manhood springing free. Carefully removing his socks, he steps to the bed, lifting his shirt over his head, he presses his thick cock between her soft ass cheeks, one of his hands slipping down further, fingers teasing over her folds. Slipping softly into her petals, massaging gently as he leans over her back, his cock shifting to also rub against her exposed pussy. Her whimpers of lust grow louder in the room, her hips squirming, pushing back against his body.

Slowly, shifting back slightly, he uses his hand to guide his thickness into her tight pussy, Groaning louder as he feels her tight walls contracting around his member, his fingers slipping down again to lightly rub over her clit, pulling her to him, filling her pussy as his other hand slips up her back, fingers tangling into her hair, pulling her head back gently.

“Oh fuck, baby, you feel so amazing. You are perfect, such a good girl…”

As his cock settles deep into her pussy, her hips begin a slow circling movement, her eyes rolling back in her head as she feels the light sting of her hair being pulled, the sensation of being filled coupled with his expert fingers sends shock waves through her body. His hips begin to slowly piston back and forth, his cock almost slipping bursa sınırsız escort bayan free before plunging deep again, his own groans adding to her whimpers, the smymphony of lust filling the small room.

The sound of their bodies moving, lightly slapping together mixes with their cries of pleasure. His fingers on her clit are buzzing over her swollen bud, his cock driving deeper into her pussy with each stroke. His hand in her hair tugs tighter, arching her back more. Both of them are breathing heavily, both of them are moving closer to the sweet bliss of pure release.

The thrusts of the man become stronger, faster, his cock plunging as deep as possible into her tight walls. He rolls his head back, eyes closing as he focuses on sending pleasure into the woman’s body, his fingers grinding against her clit as he keeps her hair pulled tightly back.

The woman’s hips circle and push back, taking all the man can give, her pussy beginning to spasm deeply. Her cries of delight suddenly stop, her body beginning to shudder lightly as she screams, “Sir, may I cum?”

His own grunts and growls echo in the room, his hips shaking as his own climax builds, the fire settling into his core as his balls begin to slowly jerk. His roar is louder than anything before, his hips almost driving her into tthe mattress as he loses control, slamming his cock into her pussy, his balls pulsing as he erupts deep inside her, flooding her womanhood with his thick cum, “CUM!!!!”

Her orgasm was unlike anything he had ever witnessed or experienced. Her body seemed to stop for several seconds, then with a warm gush she squirted over his fingers that were dancing on her clit, her entire body nearly convulsing, the walls of her pussy squeezing his cock tighter than any other woman had ever done. Her scream of bliss was incoherent, her body writhing as she almost pushed him backward with the power of her climax.

Both of their bodies glisten with sweat, the soft, wet sounds of his still-hard cock slipping slowly back and forth in her pussy as he releases her hair, both of his hands reaching under to gently cup her breasts. His whisper is soft, intimate, tender…”Good girl…I love you my sweet girl, my treasure…my lover…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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