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We arrive at his place, not talking about much, just little things. We go in the living room and slip off our shoes. He’s taking stuff out of his pockets while I put my purse on the couch. We make our way into his room and he lay down on the bed. I don’t want to just lay there, I want to get started in on the action. I know exactly how I want to get started too. I straddle him on the bed. I lean over and we kiss.

Our tongues swirling around each others. I smile at him, sitting up I unhook my bra. I pull both my bra and shirt off at the same time. I pull on his arms and he sits up also. I tug on his shirt and he slides it off in a single motion. I lean back propping myself up on my hands. He looks up at me while he sucks on my nipples. It feels so good. He flicks them with his tongue causing them to stand erect. I push him back down on the bed as we kiss. I break part our lip lock to make my way down to where I really want to go. Moving down his boy I leave a trail of kisses.

Stating at his neck, down across his shoulders, down to his nipples, licking and sucking on them, flicking them with my tongue. I glance up at him, he’s watching me. I give him a look full of lust. I keep going down to his stomach, taking off my pants as I go, closer and closer halkalı escort to his stiffening dick. Just when he thinks I’m going to start doing what he’s been waiting for, I don’t. I go past his cock, kissing and licking his inner thighs. I hear a whimper of disappointment escape his lips. I laugh to my self a little. I pull his pants the rest of the way off. I get off of the bed to get rid of my jeans. No panties to worry about. Before I get back on the bed I notice him looking me up and down. I ask, “What’s wrong?”

He replies, “Nothing, your just so beautiful.” I blush and I’m sure more then just my face turned red. I’m back on the bed between his legs. He leans back and closes his eyes in anticipation. I like his inner thighs again then move to his balls. Sucking them into my mouth, tonguing them all over. I could hear moans and words of encouragement from his mouth. Like, “Oh baby, that feel s good.”

That made me horny, very horny. I liked the tip of his hot cock, he shivered. Slowly I took him in inch by inch. God, I love the taste. With all that I had been doing to him, I knew it wouldn’t be long until he came. I rubbed his balls and deep throated him. şişli escort I began to work up speed. It won’t be too long now. His moans became louder turning into groans. Then he came. Taking all of it in my mouth I straddled then french kissed him. Letting him taste his cum passing it between our tongues. Then swallowing however much I had in my mouth.

We kept kissing as we rolled over s that he was on top. He licked sucked and gently nibbled on my nipples, kissing down my stomach and to my pussy. Licking my lips. I was so hot for him that I was dripping. With him just licking my pussy lips I knew he could taste my wetness. I could hear him lapping his tongue like a little kitten at milk. He licked up and down my slitting. My moans of excitement urged him on. He licked fast and harden my clit. One last moan, or should I say scream, and I came. Licking up all of my cum, he kissed me. I could taste myself. Yummy! At that moment I wanted him more then ever.

We turned over so I could ride him. I slid down on his cock until I had him all the way inside of me. I started grinding my hips into him, twisting and turning so I could get use to the feeling. Then I really started riding him. He slid his hand to my pussy, sarıyer escort rubbing my clit with his thumb. I bent down and whispered into his ear, “I want you to take me doggie style.” He responded, “It will be my pleasure.” I knew he would say that. He always said doggie was his favorite position because I was so much tighter that way. I got down on my hands and knees and he got behind me. He pushed hard and I let out a very loud moan.

He said one of the most cliche things, “Yeah baby, take it all.” I did. He smacked my ass with one hard smack. It shocked me and I whimpered. I knew he would cum in a few minutes. So I told him t stop and that I wanted to take him in the ass. We Had never done it that way and he wasn’t sure if we should this time around. I really wanted to though. I started whimpering. He can’t stand that. So he agreed. He went to the nightstand and got some lubricant. He put some on me and began to rub it in. It was a little cold. I could hear him rubbing it on his dick. He threw the tub on the floor and asked if I really want to do this. I shook my head yes.

He asked, “Slow or fast?” I told him, ” I think fast is better.” He grabbed my hips and I closed my eyes. As soon as he pushed against my entrance I knew it was gonna hurt. I went in deep and fast. Oh yes, it hurt. He was asking me questions but I couldn’t him. I began to tell him things like “Fuck me harder and faster.” It got really hot and the room started spinning. Then I came, I came hard. Me cumming pushed him over the edge. When he was done collapsed on the bed. So exhausted he held me in his arms all night long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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