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Monday it was back to reality after the incredible weekend at Penny’s camp. I slept late into the morning, poured a cup of strong coffee, and reluctantly checked my work messages. I was happy to see there was only one, from a rather nervous sounding woman named Julia. Actually, most of a handyman’s customers are women who live alone, and it’s not surprising that the first contact with me is a bit nervous for some of them.

I called Julia back and she said she found me in the yellow pages. She had a broken screen in her front door, and I told I could fix it that afternoon. Often times the first job someone hires me for is a small one, so they can get an idea if they feel comfortable with me working in their home.

After I had lunch I drove over to her house. It was a part of town that I like, with lots of funky shops and art galleries and music clubs. The area is populated with folks who like that sort of thing, and they live in some really interesting older homes. It’s a hip neighborhood, for lack of a better term. Julia’s small, one story bungalow fit right in, with a nice front porch and an ‘artsy’ vibe.

Julia answered the door with a shy smile. She was very quiet and very plain looking, the kind of woman who blends into her surroundings rather than standing out. She was in her early forties, and had on a bulky sweater, loose fitting jeans and dirty old canvas sneakers. Without x-ray eyes there wasn’t even a hint of what was underneath it all. She had long straight hair, sort of a mousy blonde color, and it hung all the way down to her waist. The only thing about her that had a little flair was her black, rectangular framed eye-glasses.

She was clearly nervous and didn’t invite me in. I looked the door over, told her it was a quick fix and gave her a good price. She looked pleased and I went to work and had it finished in half an hour. She was very happy with the results, and when she came out to pay me she shyly asked if I did bigger jobs, and then invited me inside the house to look at a few more projects.

She explained that she had bought the house two years ago and found it to be very cold and drafty in the winter time. The house had been a rental before she bought it and the walls were in pretty tough shape and the ceiling had a deep crack across one corner, so she was considering having new drywall installed in the front living room, with good insulation behind it. She wanted to keep her funky old front door. I agreed it was nice, and I told her I could add weather-stripping to make it tighter. I also told her we could save the ceiling by grinding out the big crack and patching it. That would save some money.

I had the rest of the afternoon free, so I spent some time measuring and worked up a rough estimate for her. I sat out on the front porch working up the figures, and Julia came out with two glasses of iced tea. She seemed pleasantly surprised at the price I gave her. I explained that I work alone, and that it would take longer than a contractor who had a big crew. That didn’t faze her a bit, and she seemed quite relaxed and comfortable with me by the time I left. She was anxious for me to get started before winter set in again.

I got started the following Monday. Julia welcomed me, looking just as covered up and frumpy as ever, but with a nice warm smile. I put up a plastic barrier to keep the dust out of the rest of the house, rolled out some heavy paper and cardboard to protect the floor, and started tearing down the old plaster. Julia asked if she could help me with the demolition of the first wall, so I got her a pair of gloves. Over the course of the morning we made a huge pile of debris, and got to know each other a little.

Julia was an author of children’s books. When we stopped for a break and a cold drink she took me into her small home office off the kitchen and showed me a shelf full of books she had written, and a whole wall full of awards and memorabilia from her career. She was clearly proud of it all, but I also got the feeling from a few things she said that she was sort of a recluse and didn’t have much to do with friends or any outside interests. Her overall vibe was kind of sad and lonely, so I made it a point to crack jokes and get her laughing. I had held off on any flirting until I got a better feel for things, but I had a feeling it would do her good. Julia helped me load my truck up with debris that afternoon, and I prepared to leave for the day.

“That was fun,” Julia said with a tired smile as we leaned against my truck.

“Wait a minute, don’t blink,” I said, and I put my hand on her shoulder. “You’ve got a hunk of plaster right in the corner of your eye.” It was the first time I had touched her, and she froze.

“Is it all right if I get it?” I asked.

She nodded silently, her eyes locked on mine. She slowly removed her glasses, and I was confronted with two gorgeous eyes. It’s amazing how different eyes can look when they’re out from behind a thin piece of glass.

“You have beautiful eyes,” I said as I carefully removed the fleck.

She şişli eskort gazed at me like she had never heard such a thing before, and remained frozen, staring at me for longer than I expected.

“Well, I’d better get goin’ and unload this,” I said, breaking the spell. “I’ll see you bright and early in the morning.”

“Yes, in the morning. Goodbye Steve,” she said softly, as she put her glasses back on.


I arrived at eight AM and Julia was on her porch sipping coffee. Driving over I had decided, based on the way she looked at me when I touched her the day before, that I would flirt a bit with her today. If I hadn’t thought of it already I definitely would have when I got there because she looked totally different, and quite cute. She had on tight faded jeans and a plain white t-shirt that showed off her womanliness much more than the thick sweater, loose pants, and sweatshirt she wore on previous days.

“Good morning Steve,” she said brightly.

“Good morning Sunshine,” I said, smiling. “You’re in a good mood today. I think I’ve got some catching up to do in the coffee department.”

“Have a seat, I’ll get you a cup,” she said as she breezed in the door, giving me a glimpse of her nice ass.

She came out and sat with me and we talked about the warm weather. A strong warm front had blown through over night and the weatherman said it was going to be a long autumn heatwave. I had on shorts and a t-shirt, and it also explained Julia’s thinner clothing.

“I hope you don’t think I’m too forward asking you this,” she said, “but would you mind if I work with you some more? I had such fun yesterday.”

“Sure!” I said, “I enjoyed it too.”

She told me that her dad was a carpenter, and before he died, when she was a teenager, she used to love helping him with his jobs whenever she could. Working with me brought back good memories for her.

“I tell you what,” I said, “I’ll keep track of the labor and I’ll cut down on your estimate when we’re done.”

“No you won’t!” she said emphatically. “Your price was more than fair. This is just for my enjoyment.”

“Well, I have a feeling I’ll enjoy it just as much as you,” I said, and I winked at her.

She stared at me again, just like the evening before, speechless and almost curious looking, like she didn’t have a clue why someone would say such a thing too her.

“So Sunshine, what do you say we get to work,” I said.


We spent the morning tearing out more old plaster, and then there was some old rock wool insulation to pull out. Nasty, itchy stuff. It was downright hot by late morning and at one point I pulled off my itchy t-shirt and threw it aside, revealing my well-muscled chest. Julia stopped cold and stared at me.

“Oh, sorry, I wasn’t thinking, I’m not used to having pretty girls around when I work,” I said as I reached for it to put it back on.

“You don’t have to do that. I don’t mind,” she said quietly, as our eyes locked for a moment.

“If we lived in Europe you could do the same thing, right?” I said with a little chuckle.

I heard a loud exhale from her nostrils, and she blushed bright red.

I quickly ripped down another chunk of plaster to break the tension. Julia was silent as we got back into our work, and after a short while she left and returned wearing shorts.

“Ah, now we’re gettin’ somewhere,” I said with a wink.

She pretended to ignore the comment, but I could tell she liked it.

We had lunch on the porch. Julia seemed a little shy about asking me to eat with her, but she had chicken salad and iced tea all made, and I was delighted to stay rather than hit up yet another burger joint. We talked about her writing career and her college days, and it became clearer that she was indeed very bookish and reclusive. It also sounded like she didn’t have much fun in college, although she did enjoy the education. It also became clear that she didn’t really have any friends to speak of, and she spent her time writing all day and watching old movies at night. I couldn’t help but think of how completely opposite her life was compared to my experience at Penny’s camp over the weekend, and I wondered what she would think of me if she knew about it.

After lunch we took some time to load up my truck with debris again and make more room to work. At one point Julia got her long hair caught badly in some plaster chunks she was throwing into the truck and it almost brought her to tears. I was right next to her and gave her a quick scalp massage, and she gave me that look again. This time it made a little blood rush to my crotch, especially since her t-shirt was clinging to her in the summer-like heat.

“You’re gonna have to stop lookin’ at me like that. I might get ideas,” I said with a sly smile. “You know, long hair like that’s dangerous for a construction worker.”

It took her another long moment before she broke off her stare.

“I know. I kinda hate how it looks,” she said.

“Well,” I said with sincerity, “it’s not your best feature.”

“I çapa eskort appreciate your honesty,” she said, “but I’m afraid I don’t have a best feature.”

I quickly ran my eyes down her sweaty body and back up again, taking in all of her.

“I beg to differ,” I said very seriously.

She didn’t say a word, but her eyes twinkled in appreciation.

We spent the next two hours tearing out the last of the plaster. I got to the final piece up near the cracked corner, and before I knew what had hit me I crashed face down on the floor with a huge chunk of the ceiling on my back.

“Oh my God! Are you all right!” she said.

I was slightly dazed, and I could feel that my bare back was scraped up pretty badly. Julia gently lifted the debris off of me.

“Oh Steve, you’re cut!” she said.

“How bad is it,” I said, wincing a little.

“Well, there’s no need for the hospital, but we need to get you cleaned up,” she said.

I got up on my feet and the entire front of me was covered with dirt and rock wool fibers and sweat.

“Damn it, I should have realized that piece was loose up there,” I said as I looked up to where the crack in the ceiling had been.

“Don’t worry about that,” Julia said.

She took my hand and led me to a kitchen chair, and she started dabbing at my scrapes with a wet towel. She shook her head, slowly realizing what a mess I was.

“Wait here, I’m gonna run you a bath,” she said.

“A bath?” I said, chuckling a little. “Did that knock on the head send me back to the nineteenth century?”

“I don’t have a shower,” she said. “That was going to be the next project I had you do.”

My mind flashed to my first time with Chrissy in her new shower. Leave it to a guy to think about sex when he’s in pain and bleeding.

Julia went down the hall and I could hear her filling the tub. While I waited I used some wet paper towels to get most of the mess off the front of me. She called for me and I went into the bathroom as she was turning off the water in a big oversized claw foot tub. She showed me the soap and a fresh towel and left me alone, shutting the door behind her.

I managed to get pretty well cleaned up, but there were some bad scrapes on my back that I couldn’t reach.

“Are you doing okay?” Julia called through the door.

“Actually, I could use a little help with my back,” I said.

There was a long silence.

“Julia?” I said.

“Are you . . . covered?” she asked shyly.

I drew up my knees and leaned forward into them, so she couldn’t see much, and I had my back to the door.

“Yes, come on in,” I said.

The door opened slowly. It seemed to take forever for her to come near me.

“I can’t reach my back very well,” I said.

“Boy, you’ve got some bad scrapes,” she said.

I held up the soap and a wash cloth for her, and she proceeded to wash my back, silently and very gently. When she was done neither of us moved, and I could tell she was very nervous, to the point of not knowing what to do next.

I decided to make a bold move, and I slowly stood, still facing away from her, water cascading down off my naked ass and legs. I looked back over my shoulder at her, and her wide eyes rose from my ass to my eyes.

“Would you hand me the towel please?” I said.

She was paralyzed, her chest heaving with short breaths. I turned toward her in what seemed like slow motion, slowly revealing myself to her.

“Oh Steve!” she said, in an almost silent whimper.

As she looked at me tears welled up in her eyes, and she suddenly looked horrified. I had gone too far.

“Julia I’m sorry,” I said as I reached for the towel and covered myself. “I thought you were . . . interested. I’m so sorry.”

She was leaning against the wall covering her eyes with her hand, trying to fight back a full sobbing cry. I felt terrible.

“I am!” she whimpered emphatically. “It’s just that . . . I’ve . . . never been with anybody before. Pretty stupid isn’t it, a forty-two year old virgin who’s never seen a naked man.”

She exhaled loud a few times, trying to catch hold of her runaway emotions, but she lost the battle and started crying silently again, and she left the room.

I dried off and wrapped the towel around my waist. Julia was in her bedroom right across the hall. The door was open and she was curled up on her bed in full view, so I went in. I sat down on the edge of her bed near her feet and put my hand on her knee.

“I’m sorry Julia. I handled that very badly, I went way too fast,” I said.

“Are you kidding?” she said, wiping tears from her cheeks, “You were perfect. It was like something out of the best movie I’ve ever seen, and I blew it just like I always knew I would.”

“Everything’s fine Julia, don’t worry,” I said.

She gave me another one of her ‘I can’t believe you’re saying that to me’ looks that I find so adorable.

“How on earth does a person go forty-two years without ever having a date?” she said, shaking her etiler escort head in disgust at herself. “It’s just so pathetic. It’s always upset me, but never like this,” she said, wiping away more tears. “God, I’m so embarrassed.”

“Julia, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” I said. “You just . . . you just went down the road too straight, and missed some of the interesting side roads along the way. But it’s never to late to take a turn.”

She giggled a little through her tears.

“That’s some pretty flowery language there buster,” she said, with a smile breaking through her sadness. “Are you secretly a writer in your spare time?”

“Feel free to use it if you want,” I said. “Do you ever write adult books?”

“Steve!” she gasped, and she blushed bright red again.

“Oh . . . no, I didn’t mean . . . I just meant, you know, stories that aren’t for kids.”

“God!” she said, shaking her head and burying her red face in her hands for a moment. “What are you doing to me?”

I slid closer to her on the bed.

“I hope I’m kissing you,” I said, and I leaned in and kissed her tenderly on her salty, tear soaked lips.

She looked at me intently, with a sparkle coming back to her tired eyes.

“I can’t believe a beautiful young man like you is interested in a tired old maid like me,” she said, shaking her head.

“Well believe it. Look at what one kiss did to me,” I said as I opened my towel, revealing a mostly hard erection.

“Oh my God! Steve!” She said as a visible tremor worked it’s way quickly though her body.

“It’s all for you Julia. I’d love it if you touched me,” I said.

She was unable to move, chest heaving and staring at my cock. I put my hand gently behind her neck and kissed her while I guided one of her small soft hands on to my hard cock. Her slender fingers wrapped around it, and she moaned into my mouth. She kissed me harder, and our tongues danced together for the first time.

“Oh my god, it’s so hot, it feels like it’s on fire,” she said breathlessly, looking at the now rock hard cock in her hand.

“I think it likes you,” I said, and she looked thrilled beyond belief.

“May I undress you?” I asked, and she nodded, her eyes ablaze with lust.

I stood naked before her and held out my hand, beckoning her to her feet.

I pulled her t-shirt up and off over her raised arms as her chest pumped out short breaths through her nostrils. I pulled down her shorts and she kicked them off over her sneakers. I got down on my knees and removed her shoes. I stood and spun her around and unclasped her bra. I was behind her, and we were facing a huge round mirror on the wall that showed all of us, head to toe. As I let her bra fall to the floor I ran my hands around her waist and slowly up onto her lovely tits, both of us watching the scene unfold in the mirror. She just about melted in my arms.

“Oh Steve!” she panted, short of breath.

I kissed her neck and pinched her nipples and an orgasm rippled through her body.

“Oh my god! OHHHHH!” she cried out as she fell even limper in my arms.

“God you’re sexy,” I whispered in her ear as I nibbled on it. She whimpered, with her eyes half shut.

I held her up with one arm across her chest and slid my other hand down her belly and inside her damp panties. I gently massaged the surface of her pussy, feeling the wetness while I held her body tight against mine, my heart beating hard against her back.

We were both still watching ourselves in the mirror. I crouched down just enough for my hard cock to slip between her thighs, and she gasped as she saw it emerge through her legs in the mirror.

“Oh shit!” she said softly as I started thrusting it gently between her legs. I took my hand from her pussy and guided her hand between her legs so she could feel me thrusting there, and I went back to the gentle pussy massage.

We stayed like that, enjoying the feel of each other, until we were both close to coming. I slipped a finger inside her and rubbed her clit with my thumb and she came powerfully and loudly, her body a quivering, stuttering mass of involuntary movements, both of us still mesmerized by the scene before us in the mirror. It was all too much for me and I let out a loud moan and came in great spurts from between her legs, all over her hand and the hardwood floor. It was insanely hot.

My knees were weak and it was all I could do to maneuver us to the bed where we collapsed, Julia nearly hyperventilating. I cradled her in my arms until she got her equilibrium back.

“What are you doing to me Steve!” she whispered, and she kissed me lustily. We closed our eyes and rested in each others arms, and dozed off in the late afternoon heat.


After a half-hour or so I opened my eyes and Julia was looking at me with a cute little smile.

“So do you ravage all your female clients?” she asked.

“Only the special ones,” I said.

She pinched my nipple and gave me a little unhappy grunt. “Well, I guess I can share.”

I tossed her on her back roughly, pulled off her wet panties, and went to work kissing every inch of her. She love every second of it. Her skin was salty with sweat from our days work. I kissed a scar on her belly and she noticed me looking at it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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