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A helping hand is rewarded

Chapter 01 : She fell into my arms, and I fell for her

[Author’s Note :

This story is based on an order of events where one led to another like inevitably, culminating in mutual, and thrilling wrought-up feelings. This love affair took place in Berlin, Germany through my years of study; all parties concerned were over 18 that time.

This story has been primordially written in German for a (commercial) anthology, successfully published in 2002.

I hope you’ll appreciate my decision to translate my story into English, and open it to the public at LitE.

Thank you all for reading, and enjoy!]


I had seen ‘her’ before coincidentally since I’d moved here, once or twice a week on my or her way home. I’d rented an apartment, my new home granted easier access to the university, only about ten minutes with the bicycle, or less than half an hour by feet, mostly through a municipal park. She lived in a private home one block up the street from my apartment; she had been gardening on the property one late afternoon when I came by on my way home.

About nine weeks had been gone since she’d caught my eyes first time, and still I hesitated to try to face her directly, eventually asking her out. I’ve got my chance one afternoon when I was on my way to the university to attend a late seminar, about one block down the street she came my way on the sidewalk, presumably on her way home from the nearby subway station.

She’d already been an eye-catcher from the distance, on closer view she was stunning, with her lazily wooed auburn mane that framed a lovely face before waving around her narrow shoulders, falling down to the middle of her back. Below her friendly looking, beautiful hazel eyes a cute, perky snub nose topped luscious lips which pleaded to be kissed, the perfectly formed chin added to her beauty. Nearing each other she looked up to me from her 5’6″ stand and our eyes met, again; as always she seemed to like what she saw – and smiled! It was an early September day, an overcast, somewhat chilly afternoon, but this lovely, almost lovingly smile bathed me in virtual sunshine, and nearly caused me to trip over my own feet. Dumbfounded I blinked back at her like transfixed; I didn’t even try to say something appropriate, too scared that my chin would drop to my chest before I’d be able to form a word.

In order to everything in the world … I felt like the personified awkwardness, facing an angel.

Her smile reached her eyes as she passed by me, and she was gone, followed by a light wave of her sweet scent. She was gone before I could tell her… everything she wanted, or at least would like to hear…

Some minutes/hours/days later I found myself cowering on the couch in my living room, my brain a muddle, my senses reeled, I didn’t even remember how and when I’d made it home; my face buried in my hands with my elbows pillowed on my knees, the wimp I was squirming with the painful remembrance of my earlier ‘performance’. Me, a 22-year old smart, intelligent, handy (so they said), self-secure grown-up man, freezing when facing a cute, lovely girl about my age whose angelic face had smiled up to me? How weird could it/I get? Next time I’d meet her I’d probably swallow my own tongue and die to her (most likely cute) feet? If she’d not immediately cross the street in advance, just to avoid to face ‘that moron’ again. No good. Definitely not.

After staring at the ceiling for an unknown period of time without really seeing anything except the darkness inside and outside myself I decided to stroll down two blocks to my favorite Italian restaurant for a lonely dinner, what would hopefully help me to come back to my senses. Shaving and changing needed ten minutes before I left the apartment house.

I raced down the three steps leading from the main entrance to street level — and nearly barged into a dark-haired woman, wearing a dark coat on her way down the street. I must have scared her to death cause she squeaked and tripped, thus falling into my arms which instinctively had opened to keep her from dropping to the ground. “I’m terribly sorry lady, I just didn’t see you,” I apologized whilst holding her shoulders to stabilize her stand, adding concerned, “Please forgive me – are you alright?” She nodded with a deep breathe-in before sighing, ‘Ooh…’, then unexpectedly leaning her head lightly against my chest and resting her small, warm hands on the sides of my ribcage, a cute little sigh later they slowly roamed down to my hipbones, leaving a burning trail on the sensitive flanks. I shivered helplessly, but didn’t complain – it felt too good, though one couldn’t really call it appropriate, but in the end she might have been in a state of shock. ‘Oh yes Bernd… it’s not like taking advantage huh?, since you obviously are her White Knight now?’ My modest self asked sardonically. I refused to react to that inopportune, and most superfluous question.

Only now I became aware of the delighting scent of her aura, and her aydınlı escort hair – her long, dark hair… Wait a minute!… Long, Dark Hair? I allowed my left hand to feathery descend her back like to soothe her; it wasn’t before my hand reached the base of her ribcage that it found the hairline… an ominous thought raced through my brain – how many sweetly smelling women with dark hair waving down her entire rib cage would to be found in this neighborhood? Suddenly her hands on my hips seemed to light a fire, even through my sweater. Leaving my newfound confidence no time to wane I asked her softly, “I know it’ll sound strange lady, but…are your eyes matching your delighting hair, will say are they hazel, and beautiful?”

Her grip on my hips tightened, her feet sneaked closer to mine as well as her body, her right cheek rubbed softly over my chest, and even through my sweater I could feel her smile when she whispered, “Yes, to all.” She sighed deeply when my right hand left her shoulder to tenderly stroke the back of her head.

“Dear heavens, sweet angel, I can’t believe that I’m allowed to hold you in my arms at last…” I murmured into her divine mane, breathing in deeply to save its sweet, fruity scent, “…and that after my earlier performance…” She snickered under her breath, and her small, firm body melted into mine. To my surprise her right hand slid down my sweater till she’d found the hem, and sneaked under to rest on the small of my back in the end where it burned its mark through my t-shirt, she gave a cute little, ‘Ooh…’ when her right thigh signaled what she’d done to me. She didn’t tense though, let alone back away, what caused a heatwave to race down my spine; and I heard myself groaning lowly from deep inside me.

She shivered slightly in my unconsciously tightening hold, and her front pressed softly into me what caused her thigh to add a bit more pressure to my already half hard dick, coaxing the next groan from me, she moaned lowly and purred, “Geeze…you feel good on me, now… kiss me please.” Well, who was I to argue?

I desperately fought the urge to gain a hold on her buttocks, I certainly didn’t want to ruin what was coming up between this beautiful, lovely girl and me. Instead my right hand let go of the back of her head and lowered to tenderly caress her cheek, she sighed softly, the hand dove beneath the silky mass of her hair to rest in the lower back of her neck, eager to support her head through the oncoming kiss, the fingertips caressing her cervical, she moaned lowly, then a bit louder when my left hand slowly descended her spine till it found its rest on the small of her back. I knew she’d held her breath when she let out a long sigh of relief, before asking quietly, “Please…open my coat dear… I want to be closer to you, if that’s what you want too, of course.”

Our eyes met for the first time since our ‘collision’, though the dim light coming from the closest lantern didn’t allow to see too much, but I could tell that her big wide eyes showed concentration, and seriousness, “You must have read my thoughts, sweet angel…” I smiled rejoicing, and continued softly, “…but I won’t follow your wish anonymously…” She frowned shortly before her lovely eyes beamed up to me when I added, “I’m Bernd, and through the last weeks my biggest wish was to meet you. Please forgive me that I…err…didn’t dare to ask you out. To be honest… I fell for your beautiful eyes instantly when they met mine first time, weeks ago; only your beauty… well, kind of scared me…remember what happened earlier today.” I snorted snidely, “When I saw you approaching I decided to at last gather my courage, ’twas THE great opportunity… probably you’ve sensed it, or read my eyes, cause you granted me this lovely, wonderfully sweet, overwhelming smile – and I froze, wasn’t able to form a word while my brain switched to emergency shutdown mode. You must have thought you’d face an awkward fool. I’m so sorry, and I apologize for my painful behavior, dear.”

She mustered my eyes intently through a seemingly endless, ear piercing silence, before she grew her special sweet smile and replied softly, “Dear heavens, Bernd…you are sweet, soo sweet. But first – I’m Diana, and I thank whoever decided to give us today’s second chance. Now, before I continue, again: Please open my coat sweetie, my hands are, ahem, occupied but I more than ever want to hold you closer, and I want you to hold me tight, real tight please.” I obeyed more than willingly, even extending her wish with removing her coat completely to free her arms, too. Just the opening of her coat liberated a wave of her delighting scent that washed over me – her heavenly scent of freshly collected honey, slightly enriched with an added smell of violets, earthy but sweet like after a warm summer day’s rain shower, altogether adulating my flaring nostrils. After re-applying the coat to her narrow shoulders, hoping the pads would hold it there, my hands slipped around her small frame and returned to their earlier position on their own will. bağdat caddesi escort Her satiny blouse felt so much better under my fingertips and palms than the coat, and we mmmhh’ed mutually when she again melted into me.

I chuckled lowly when I felt both of her small, now cool hands conquer their former position likewise, only now they had miraculously made it under my t-shirt, what felt so much nicer despite their coolness; I was obviously not the only one to like the enhanced contact, measured by her exaggerated moaning. Diana snickered lowly when she felt my shivering, “I’m sorry Bernd, your skin is so soft and wonderful warm, so my hands must feel too cold to you…” whilst mentioned hands started exploring my back… gawd, that felt good.

My right hand on her nape crept higher to stroke her hairline till she shivered helplessly in my loving embrace, she mewed oh so cutely and her head fell back to intensify the contact, our eyes met, her beguiling lips parted slightly, what a view, I bent slowly forward to obey their pleading to be kissed. The first shy contact sent an electric jolt through me, her eyes shut closed and she groaned, trembling. The tip of my tongue roamed hesitantly over her luscious lower lip, she gasped surprised and thrusted her chest hard into mine whilst her fingertips scratched traces up and down my back what caused me to meet her steadily groaning. “Gawd, you taste heavenly,” I murmured into her sweet mouth, before the tip of her tongue met mine to playfully circle it, inviting to dance.

“So do you Bernd,” she whispered a bit breathlessly, and wheezed sharply as I nibbled her lower lip. Her hips started a mind blowing dance when my fingertips drew circles all over the small of her back, on every upward stroke softly pulling her blouse a bit higher… I so wanted my left hand to sneak beneath it to gain a feel of her bare skin. Obviously well knowing what I intended she snickered under her breath whilst arching her back to help me, what of course caused her pelvis to press harder against mine, thus coaxing a few mutual grunts from both of us.

As her arching back allowed me to finally free her blouse she let out a trembling, satisfied sigh with the first strokes of my grazing fingertips over the bare, silky skin covering the small of her back, “Berrnnd… ohgodyes, Bernd…soo good… don’t stop, please don’t stop…” her low moans made me quiver with desire, my cock jumped to full attention in no time, pressing hard into her right thigh. “Oh my gawd…you’re…” she panted, tiptoeing and desperately wriggling her hips till she found what she’d sought for…the one position that allowed her to rub her heated crotch against my twitching pole, “sweeet jeeezze yes…ohgawdyess,” she growled, luckily into my mouth what helped to baffle her fuss. I kissed my sweet girl deeply before she’d alarm the neighborhood, she answered my kiss feverishly; suddenly we froze in our passionate embrace, becoming aware of footsteps and nearing voices.

Our lip-lock waned, reluctantly and we both backed away a bit to let it appear to the public as if we shared just a decent embrace, only our eyes wouldn’t stop to caress each others, Diana, though still breathing heavily managed to ask softly, “Say, sweetheart, where have you been bound to when you stormed out of that building?”

Still dreamily with the review of what we just had shared I replied, “Hm? Oh, sorry Diana, my very personal Goddess of the Hunt… I’m still caught in a dream, our wonderful dream that now has been stopped by brute force. Well… as far as I still can remember I’d planned for a lonely dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant while continuing to lick my mental wounds. Next I ran into somebody who turned out to be the sweet girl of my dreams, and I was lost to her. What an evening!” I sighed, “too bad that…”

“Sshhh dear…”she closed the tiny gap between us, clinging to my body, and flung her arms round my neck, her beaming smile showed me that she wanted me to kiss her again, but at first, “…nothing’s too bad, darling… yes – that sounds good and right to me… darling… my darling…” I couldn’t hold back any longer, I pulled the lovely girl — no…my lovely girl still closer to me and kissed her softly, lovingly, a kiss to remember, a lovers kiss, our first. “Dear lord, soo sweet…” she continued some later, whispering against my lips, “…thank you Bernd, somehow I knew you would know…thank you my darling…” Her big wide eyes caressed mine, and my hands caressed her narrow back. Diana gave her cute little moans in return, “….gawd this feels sooo good, darling.” Our lips met again, now with openly shown mutual desire, before she continued after a straining breath-in that made me smile, “What I wanted to say before was that this evening is still young, and I don’t want it to end, not right now… and certainly not in this manner, Bernd. See, when we, ahem, met…” she giggled, “I was on my way to pick up something for dinner too, and I like Italian food as well, so why not enjoying our bahçelievler escort meal together, all that in your favorite restaurant… what do you think darling?” Her beautiful eyes showed endearment, and desire, before rising a bit of concernment when she frowned, “Oughh…Bernd, I…ahem, I…err…please don’t think…”

I stilled her with a lovingly, “sshhh, my sweet darling…” then with my lips, whilst I raised my right hand to softly stroke her cheek, the look of concernment waned as well as her strains, and she snuggled up to me again; I kissed my cute girl very, very tenderly. When I managed to reopen my eyes again I saw that her eyes welled with unshed tears, “Dear heavens, Diana, darling…” I croaked, “…I didn’t think anything like that of you, of course not! I know that you are a decent, well educated, coy and self-effacing young woman, that’s all too obvious, at least to me my darling; it shows clearly in the way you move, and generally behave in the open, and most with conviction in your beautiful eyes.” I softly kissed the few tears away that at last had escaped her eyes, then the tip of her cute little nose, she got an eskimo kiss followed by a quick peck on her now smiling lips, and finally one on her charming chin. Her sweet smile grew brighter, and she hugged me lovingly to her breast. Being so close I couldn’t withstand to lower my mouth to the hollow of her neck… I inhaled the delighting fragrance of her skin deeply, before kissing and nibbling my way over the softness till she shivered heavily in my tight hold, and couldn’t stop moaning softly. She wheezed sharply when the tip of my tongue roamed up her jawbone, teased the sensitive spot beneath the cute, perfectly formed ear, and I whispered against it, “I can’t keep myself from kissing you constantly, and revel in your warmth, your softness, your sweet scent. You are so beautiful my sweet darling, and lovely, and you smell and taste heavenly, I can’t wait to bury my face in the valley between your breasts where your sweet scent will be concentrated, and overwhelming.”

“Berrnnnd…” she almost whimpered, she squirmed in my arms whilst her stockings rustled seductively with her compressing thighs, “…heavens…are you trying to persuade me to lose control?” Another deep breathe-in before she pleaded, “Have mercy on me darling, pleazzze…not here, not in the public…”

“Huh – my lovely, you’re right of course, and I apologize… I guess we’ve been carried away, mutually. I promise to behave, though it’ll be hard to withstand your tempting closeness, my sweet darling.”

Diana ejected a shivered sigh that melted my heart, once more inhaling deeply before she replied, “Yes, my darling, I feel the very same in your lovingly embrace, I love you for letting me feel safe and protected… and wanted…” she snickered, a bit nervously, “I want you too, my darling, please believe me…it’s only…I have never been so insistently requesting before, and to be honest I’m a bit scared of myself…uuuhh darling, I’m so confused…my feelings are falling over backwards since we’re racing in a high speed train instead of slowly allowing to build up what’s coming up between us…ooh gawd, how can I…”

I stroked her cheek, slowly and lovingly to soothe her, before I tenderly lifted her chin to meet her eyes again, “It’s okay my sweet heart, everything’s okay. You did nothing wrong, believe me, and I agree with you darling, I’m not used to this fast forward mode either…” I kissed her softly, and smiled becalming when I sensed her relaxation, “…my heart has been thrown into turmoil likewise… I don’t want to ruin this either, I want this to last; my heart would break into pieces if I’d lose you, hardly that we’ve made up with each other at last.”

I lost myself in her dreamily eyes, and kissed her deeply, the sweet girl in my arms fetched a deep sigh of relief and returned my kiss eagerly whilst fervently stroking my back, again raising our mutual desire. “Oh my God, what a kiss…” Diana panted fiercely when she broke the kiss, “eew…you made my toes curl Bernd, ooh my – you’re one great kisser, gawd you’re making me hot… I guess we’d better give it a break here before we’re getting at it again, what do you think love?” Nonetheless refusing to back away.

I planted a few feathery kisses on her flushed forehead and replied grinning, “Sorry… well, not really… but you are right my sweet baby, let’s go before they might run out of pasta.”

“I hate to do this…” Diana muttered with a deep sigh while turning about 90 degrees to her right, her left hand remained beneath my t-shirt, now glued to my left hipbone and seemingly not willing to show up in the open. I grinned and buried my nose in the mass of hair on top of her head, savoring the delighting scent; my right hand slipped to her waist, and on we went.

Within five minutes we approached the restaurant entrance, I reached for her right hand to pull it up to my lips to kiss her fingertips, before planting a few feathery kisses into the palm. Her radiating, though questioning eyes widened, I chuckled and bent down to kiss her slightly parted lips before murmuring into them, “Thank you for being here with, and for me my darling,” Her sweet smile left me breathless, as always, when I turned and pulled the door open for my cutie; I was rewarded with a quick peck on my lips when she passed by me to lead us in.

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