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I had instructed John to be gentle with my handmaid and cautioned him not to rush her. Kitty was, I informed him, a timid creature by nature whose passions would only reveal themselves slight by slight. Eventually John understood, and as I explained the role he would need to play in her seduction he seemed to be studying it with more care than I had seen him take to most other of his tasks.

Not that he lacked attention in any of his duties, or was for that matter in any way incompetent, on the contrary in fact he was a most loyal and duteous servant. This task held for him a far greater reward than the approval of his masters and I knew he would perform it to my satisfaction and to Kitty’s ecstasy. After dismissing him I watched him stride down the hallway and decided I would let them marry. Both would be perfectly happy with the other and would continue in service to Papa and myself with an invigorating air of love and loyalty, duty and desire.

Whilst relaxing in the drawing room, thinking of Papa and how soon he might be coming home to me, John knocked and entered and announced the arrival of General Stanton, a friend of father’s. After being informed Lord Dashwood was not present he had insisted on an audience with me instead. My heart jumped. General Stanton was a man of reputation, one I had heard of in fine detail many times recently. I would not show it, but I was secretly thrilled he had come knocking on my door. This was a wonderful opportunity for a little game playing.

I motioned for John to close the door and come to me. Hushing my voice I told him not to stray too far until the General had left. I proceeded to explain that only once before had I met General Stanton and it was not an experience I had hoped would need repeating. As I clutched both hands to John’s arm and pressed my body against him I disdainfully traduced General Stanton, explaining he was a large bellied man with an equally large propensity for indulgence. A renowned scoundrel he was not a man I wished to entertain longer than was politely necessary.

John nodded knowingly and assured me of his chivalry; he would protect me. Already I saw the conflict on his face as I clutched him that little bit tighter and made him promise. He stood proud. I pressed my little belly to his hip and contrived to push my pussy to the back of his hand as though I hadn’t realized what I had done. John reaffirmed his quixotic promise, his back straightening that little bit more, to be my saviour. I in turn promised to reward him in his favourite way once the horrid General was gone.

I smiled to myself. John was a mere butler, he could no more order a General of the King’s Army to leave than a street urchin could proclaim himself mayor. He knew such insolence would not be tolerated and if he were to insult the General in that manner he would be thrashed to within an inch of his life. Not by General Stanton of course, for should they engage in a fair fight John would most certainly emerge the victor, but powerful men have powerful allies, and the establishment never plays fair.

“I will see him in the dining room,” I quietly told John and took a half step back, portraying one unwilling to disguise their increasing contempt in any civil way. “But do stay within earshot of the door in case I should need you; General Stanton is a renowned rogue of the highest order and I would bite and scratch rather than fall prey to his wicked advances!”

“Certainly, Miss,” John said with a nod. “Don’t you worry, General or not I won’t be giving him any chance to harm you. Him or any man.” His response was perfect and already I pictured him hopping from one foot to the other in the hallway as he battled over his conflicting sensibilities.

“You are sweet, John,” I said with a welcoming smile and a flirt of the eyes. “I do hope it won’t come to that; the General knows not to cause a fuss here, although it wouldn’t be the first time an intervention was necessary. He will not harm me in any way, though. Your presence should be all that’s required, and I would just feel safer knowing you are close by. Have port and sherry brought to the table then show him through, and after we shall talk of your progress with little Kitty.” As I turned to motion him to leave I brushed my forearm across the bulge in his plush britches. I said nothing, but John lingered that moment longer before backing away. I turned my back to hide my smile.

“Darling Laura!” General Stanton bellowed as John showed me into the dining room.

“Hello, dear General,” I said courteously and smiled brightly. He began to march towards me with great strides. Quickly I turned my face. “That will be all, John,” I said to the butler and watched as he pulled the door to within an inch of closing. He would be hovering about in the entrance hall, listening intently, ready as ever to spring to my aid. I raised my arms and offered my gloved hands to the General.

The picture I had painted to John of General beşiktaş escort Stanton was not entirely untrue; he was indeed rather large bellied, as many of his advancing years were. But unlike Lord Carnborough the General was a tall and well built man, as great and fearsome in stature as he was in battle.

I had not exaggerated his reputation either; he was indeed a terror to the ladies and daughters of high society and the girls in their charge, and it was by the sheer force of his personality that he avoided any sort of retribution for his escapades. That and the reluctance of the women involved to see any harm come to him.

Whilst the men may bluster and boast of their own, or indeed their friends’ conquests, arrogantly bragging of the ease in which the girls would lay down for them, it was in the accounts told to me by the Ladies I heard how many a maid was discovered in a state of fulfilment, panting each little breath and smiling with the dreamiest of eyes. Some even admitted to their own encounters with him; how he had charmed them with beautiful words and filled them with hardened flesh. Others still had recounted to me of the power of the Generals’ lust, and how they had needed to summon a young servant girl, strip her and sacrifice her to quench his thirst as they hid their faces and watched through their fingers.

The poor girls always wished to retain their modesty, yet bowed, curtseyed and offered to fall upon the devil’s sword in place of their mistresses. And once firmly impaled upon that thrusting length of Nature their gasps and moans, their squeals and cries of ‘Yes!’ and ‘More!’ soon came thick and fast as they realized why God had designed their own bodies in such a way. Many a young virgin had screeched and sobbed before her mistress at its first onslaught into her quivering body only to spread her legs wider and buck her agile hips back up at her conqueror just moments later, eager to enjoy his gift for as long as he sought fit to share it with her. And what a gift it was! Perhaps one or two reports could be exaggerated, but in each and every retelling I listened in wonder at the attention to detail, both excited and afraid, as its every curve and vein and shape and size was relayed to me again and again.

Their accounts were extremely evocative; they thrilled me, and in telling me I am sure the Ladies and daughters, the maids and servants saw in my eyes the spark of carnality, the glow of wanton desire, and perhaps it was no surprise that now I had come of age the General had come knocking at my door, sent here by women who know. As he approached me I tingled even more as I thought of those stories, envying the girls lucky enough to be featured in them.

“Dear girl!” he continued to enthuse as he took my hands in his. I merely smiled. “Has it been a year already? Let me look at you!” He drew my arms wide and pressed his eyes upon every part of me. “How beautiful you are! And a Lady now. You’re more beautiful than ever. What a lucky dog that Carnborough is! Why, I would marry you this very day were you to permit me!” With that he pulled me to him and took me in a very familiar way as I giggled at his declaration. Before he could get a full grasp of me however I twisted and slipped from his clutches. The General laughed, as much the game-player as myself I sensed him in his element with me. I made for the other side of the large oak dining table, well enough from the door to require John to keep his ear to it to hear my squeals.

At first only his eyes followed me. I felt them upon my every curve. Then slowly, as a cat circles a mouse, he circled the table, moving around behind me. He eyed me from several paces back. I felt so deliciously trapped.

“Did you not come here to see my father?” I asked, then turned and rested my bottom against the table and placed my hands on it on either side. I kept my back arched, pushing my firm young breasts out for his eyes to devour. I knew my dress had him captivated. Deep cinnabar vermilion, fashioned from the most exquisite silk that glittered in the afternoon sun. Gauzy and delicate it encouraged the passing of light through it and left little to the imagination. It was not too short, although longer on one side than the other from the diagonally cut style. The split in the raised side ended high upon my right thigh, revealing my whole leg to him when I walked. The dress tightly hugged my body. Laced at the back with dainty strings that fluttered from a pretty bow it cupped my breasts at the front and afforded the eye an entrancing portion of cleavage. I have always been very proud of them; full and firm they sit high and pert upon my chest. Even Papa’s eyes enjoy playing all over them.

“That I did, my sweet little treasure.” he said loudly. “But alas, dear Monty is elsewhere engaged and I couldn’t leave without seeing my most favourite little girl.” I laughed again, an effect in me he seemed to revel in creating. His eyes beşyol escort fixed upon my dainty little choker-collar, then to the matching lace straps around my upper arms, before moving down my elbow gloves and to my upper thighs. I knew he was wondering to himself if I also had straps there, and how he might proceed in finding out. I leaned a little to one side as I chuckled at his silliness and moved my right knee forward. The split opened and my thigh was revealed to him, free of any garnishing. He looked not in the least disappointed, and when I casually moved my left hand and drew a finger across my left thigh his eyes immediately picked out the slight raised band of my garter-strap beneath my delicate thin dress. His eyes glowed like fire. I sensed him about to start forward.

“Would you like a drink, General?” I asked and turned my back to him and leaned forward to reach the large silver drinks tray. With a growl in his throat he thanked me and said that he would. What a sight I must have presented him, bending over the table so, my posterior displayed lewdly to him in what he surely accepted was an unspoken invitation, for he moved to me with purpose in his strides. A moment later I was but a rabbit in his gunsights and his hand was perfectly placed to caress that which he had been offered.

I let him enjoy for a moment or two as I pulled the drinks tray to the tables’ edge then stood up, straightening my back. His hand caressed most gently.

“Allow me to serve you,” I said, noting twice now I had used almost identical phrases whilst in the company of impassioned men. As I poured port for my military man his hand slid down to my left thigh, just far enough to seek for himself what lay tightly strapped beneath. I smiled to myself as he growled breathily, running his fingers over my thigh-strap. I proceeded to pour myself a small sherry. Turning around in his grip, holding our glasses at shoulder height, I faced him with an expression of shock and innocence. His naughty hands stayed loosely upon my hips.

“General! What ever would your wife say if she were to see you now with a girl in your arms so?” By holding a glass in each hand I appeared trapped by my own naivety; unable to fend off his wicked hands. I kept the drinks back enough to push my excited breasts out in a most enticing way.

“Oh, she would have nothing to say at all, dear girl, for is it not just a hug between friends?” he rationalized as his hands worked symmetrical magic upon my torso, sliding up together to just teasingly brush my breasts before he gripped me tighter and turned me a little in his arms. My pert bottom, no longer safe against the table edge was once again cupped by his large hand. I wondered how many men had died by those powerful hands as they now held me with such gentle care.

“I’ve never had a hug quite like this one, my General, and I fear she would have much to say about the placement of your hand upon my bottom.” Even as I said the words I made it wriggle that much more beneath his hand and between his waist and my hip I felt the stirrings of something powerful pressing against me.

“I would turn my back to the woman to hide our little game from her,” he said and kept his hand firmly upon my bum as he took his drink from me with his other hand. I looked up into his eyes, sipping from my glass. He was looking down at my firm breasts, no doubt enjoying the swelling of my distended nipples. I have always had my clothes made for me, but recently I have been introduced to a wonderful little boutique in Knightsbridge where the skilled fingers of the Monsieur and Madame there craft my dresses with this very effect upon the opposite sex in mind. It was no wonder to me that the General found endless fascination in the enticing curves of my bosom and bottom. He threw his drink back in one and slid the glass a fair way into the middle of the table.

“Perhaps I would turn again to show her where your fingers play,” I told him, feeling a little breathless. His cock had hardened and he shamelessly pressed it against my side. It was indeed quite a size; the lucky girls who had suffered it hadn’t embellished their stories of it at all. I stifled a gasp as his other hand first squeezed my breast then slid down my tummy to my thigh.

“Then I would simply take you to a place of my choosing where we might be alone and you would be at your ease to gift me the pretty treasures you hide beneath your naughty little dress.” His breath was hot, coming in shortened bursts. The rough fellow masterfully swished my dress aside and his hand was between my legs. I looked down. My skirt lay across his wrist, the split strained against my leg. His fingers tickled my inner thighs. He would find nothing but nakedness, save for my garter. Ever eager to experience her initiation my dampening pussy conveyed to my legs the need to spread themselves for him.

As my legs opened, as his fingers slid in the wetness on my inner beykent escort thighs and pressed sensuously onto my tingling pussy, I gasped a half-squeal and dropped my glass. His hand drew back, my dress dropped back into place. I pretended to stumble from the surprise and reached out with my hand, landing it squarely upon his bulging trousers. My fingers clasped and squeezed. He grinned lasciviously. I squeezed more.

“General!” I gasped loudly, a girlish squeal in my voice. John would still be stalking the foyer and I hoped he would hear all. I had a sudden urge to have both men, to sample their vigour and compare their qualities. I shook the thought from my head as I snapped back my hand.

“Dear girl! You incite me more than any before you has!” he said breathily. He made to grab me once more but I turned and slipped from his clutches. I smiled flirtatiously at him and slowly backed away with a provocative wriggle to my hips.

“There is a time and a place for everything,” I said, nearing the window. “And I do mean everything!” My emphasis enthralled him. Lust burned like wild fire in his eyes. “This, however, most certainly is not it.” For a moment he looked endearingly confused. “You cannot win every battle in the very first sortie, my dear General. Sometimes you must wait for the moment your adversary has let their guard down to you.” He was all magnificent smiles again.

“My sweet, young Laura, do not tease a love-stricken old war horse! Name the day and the place and I shall await you without fail!” He remained near the table. I pouted my form for him, showing off my curves.

“Oh really, General!” I said with the lightest of giggles, putting my hands on my hips. “Love stricken? I think the word you seek is lust. You should not confuse the two, and you certainly should not confuse me by mixing them up.” I flashed my prettiest eyes at him. I had learned my lessons well, not just those from my teachers but also the secret lessons we girls taught each other and practised on the gardeners and town boys. Lessons on how to stand, how to walk, how to keep my back arched just enough to push my breasts and bottom out in the most provocative manner. How to tilt my head, to use my eyes, my lips, hands, hips, toes, tummy, every part of my body, a body designed for giving and receiving pleasure. A true child of Venus. And I had now the General well within my spell.

“Darling Laura, I mean every word. Your beauty is a gift of the Divine, rare and singular, and I would do all to share in it. Do you not feel the same? Is there nothing I could do to prove my sincerity?” He straightened his back and puffed out his chest, no doubt attempting to look very important and desirable in his General’s uniform. I found him rather funny and put a hand to my mouth as I giggled.

For a moment he looked crestfallen, but as others have done in my presence he seemed to put my outburst down to my age and laughed himself, a hearty guffaw that shook his large belly and did nothing to quell my own hilarity.

After a moment we regained our composure. I smiled.

“I will give your offer much thought, my General,” I said and put on a thoughtful look. “I fear I shall be particularly busy these next few weeks with the preparations for my marriage.” I paused long enough for him to lose his wide eyed smile before continuing. “Lord Carnborough is arranging a quiet retreat for me in the country. Perhaps you might like to join me there once I’m settled?” I smiled knowingly, the offer was plain. His silly grin came instantly back.

“I would hasten to your side at a moments notice, my dear girl!” he announced loudly. I giggled.

“First, though,” I began and held my arms out to him, “there is something I want very much to do for you to prove my own sincerity.” He drew in his breath and rushed the few steps between us. He took me gently in his strong arms. I did so love him right at that moment. He smelled my perfume as I leant on his shoulders and moved my cheek to his.

“When next we meet you shall have every possible pleasure you desire,” I whispered into his ear. His hands gripped my hips a little tighter. “I will be your slave-girl in the bedroom and you may fuck me to our hearts content.” With that I kissed his cheek and slipped down his body onto my knees. The swelling in his trousers was palpably rampant. I looked up at him as he looked down at me and batted my lashes for him as I knelt with hands behind my back as though tied there. The message was clear, and my military man was not slow to unbuckle and brandish that meaty sword which had pierced many a young lady.

Twice now in as many days I found myself on my knees before a man in a heightened state of carnal agitation. My eyes immediately flicked ahead to his considerable endowment. I noted with some surprise the difference in shape to that of my butlers’. It was comparable in length and girth to John’s, but unlike his the General’s cock was perfectly straight. As I studied it I failed to caution my amusement and giggled at the sudden thought of my butler and my General, battling one another with their fearsome flesh swords. General Stanton laughed too, heartily, leaning back a little. His big hard cock bounced in his grip in rhythm with his shoulders.

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