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At 11:00 I clocked out and waited at the car for her. She was a minute or so behind me. “No lunch today?” she asked, grinning as she walked to my car. I was sure I was more nervous than she was! My cock was already growing in my pants. It felt to me like one of my first dates long ago, when I didn’t know for sure if I was going to ‘get lucky’ but I couldn’t not think about it! Before I got in the car I pushed my cock over against my leg, so it would at least have a place to grow if she said anything very provocative on the way to her house. I prayed no one would be home, because this time I was willing to commit to this. I had fantasized about this mousy young thing for too long!

As she got in, I saw her checking me out. My cock was still growing, filling with blood. It was also, I noticed, very evident against my thigh, stretching the material of my work slacks. I regretted moving it, but to adjust it then would have made it even more evident, so I let it go and tried to focus on something to say to her as I drove.

She made the first comment. “Ah, god,” she said, using both hands to brush her lap. “I’ve got salt and shit all over these pants!” I cut my eyes to her gorgeously tight pants and felt my cock throb in response. She was sporting an honest-to-God camel-toe! The word pussy kept reverberating through my head. Pussy, pussy! Her pussy is right there! I could almost imagine the feel of those pants, as the light material pressed against her mound, and the clit bump I could almost see. Naturally, my cock continued to harden. It was becoming uncomfortable.

“Part of the thrill of working fast food,” I said, but my voice was tight. She laughed uproariously, though, agreeing that it was indeed a glamorous life! We chatted then, about work and people, both of us passing the time as innocuously as we could. I swear, you could cut the air inside that car with a knife! My cock only partially softened on the way there. The heat from my thigh felt like her hand on it.

At her house, I shut the engine off. My way of letting her know, if there was any chance, I was up for it. She hesitated before leaning over the console to kiss me again, and this time her kiss was as light as a butterfly’s wings. As we broke, though, I leaned forward as she pulled back, maintaining contact with her lips, and she seemed to understand that this was the moment. Her lips mashed against mine and I could feel her teeth against my mouth. I waited for her to open her mouth. When she did, my tongue found the tip of hers and twisted round it, following it back into her mouth. The next few minutes were filled with the sounds of our panting into each other, as well as the rustle of her shirt as my hand closed around one tit.

I still don’t know how it got there; I don’t consciously remember moving it. But as my fingers closed around the soft crinkly material of her bra her hand went to the back of my head. She pulled me harder into her and gasped softly. Our kiss lingered, fueled by our tongues exploring each other, not wanting to stop.

Her breast was small. I could feel it inside the bra, barely a lump of flesh and tissue. Compared to my wife’s massive breasts, it was barely there at all. But it was the sexiest thing in my world at that moment! She arched her back toward me, and I pawed her like a bear with a salmon. I wanted to rip that cotton work top off, right there, just to get at it!

Caution took hold of us, at last. We pulled away, both panting from the rush of sexual tension that seemed to crackle between us. Her eyes found mine, and we stared at each other for what seemed like hours, but was in reality seconds, and not many of them. I said “Kacey, I’m sorry. If you didn’t…” Then her mouth was there again, and this kiss disney gallery star wars the book of boba fett izle was more intense, but shorter. She had something to say.

“I’ve been thinking… dreaming actually, about this.”

That was all. I waited. She stared at me. Finally I said, “Jeeze, Kacey! I’m so much older than you!”

She glanced away, then returned her gaze to mine. She grinned. “Only about 40 years,” she said softly, and her grinned widened. “I can live with that.”

In actuality, it was almost 50 years. She was 18 and I was 65, but there it was. The ball seemed to be in my court. My balls were certainly screaming for me to proceed, all out! But my mind was still trying, not very successfully, to remain rational. She’s young enough to be your grand-daughter, but she’s 18, it said. But you’re married, and this could turn into a shit-show, it countered. My cock throbbed on the sidelines, casting the deciding vote without saying anything. There was only going to be one conclusion to this, after the last couple of minutes of tasting her mouth.

In unspoken agreement, we got out of the car and walked up the walkway to the house. I listened. It sounded uninhabited; I once again prayed that it was. Then her hand went around my waist and she handed me her house key with the other. I looked down at her. Another moment of decision, back in my court? Smiling at her, I put the key in the lock and turned it. She grinned and held her hand out for the key and in we went.

We went straight through, directly to her room. It was the first room off a short hallway, which put it in the middle of the house. My mind said, not very strategic, if one of her parents shows up! But I allowed her to pull me in, stepping aside as she shut and locked the door. I laughed at myself. It came out as a little snort of air.

“What?” She looked up at me and grinned. “You don’t like my room?”

I decided not to tell her I’d been thinking about her parents, and looked around. The walls were covered in posters — boy bands, metal bands, and a huge yellow Pikachu were on the wall over her bed, looking across at faded 60’s psychedelic posters, a macrame hanging with doll’s heads entwined in the cords, and a couple of logo posters; Nike and Coca-Cola.

“Interesting,” I said, grinning right back at her. My eye caught some motion, and I tensed.

Her hand was on my arm, and she felt it. “Relax,” she said, “it’s just Manson.” She bent over, and a cat came out from behind an electric guitar on a stand on the floor to her outstretched hand. It dropped its head and walked under her hand, enjoying being caressed and taking the opportunity to sniff in my direction. “He doesn’t bite,” she teased. She paused. “Unless he thinks you’re here to take me away. He’s very jealous!”

I bent at the waist and ruffled Manson’s fur, just behind the ears, and he began to purr. Kacey looked over at me, both of us upside-down, and grinned. She moved to kiss me again. “Mmmmm,” she whispered, “looks like he approves of you.”

I blew at her nose playfully. “Do you?”

I couldn’t believe I had even said that, but she very seriously nodded, her hair hanging to the floor. I thought that was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen, for some reason! But she began to laugh, and then so did I. Straightening up, I took her in my arms.

“I like you, too,” I told her.

She snuggled deeper into me and said something about getting that idea from the way my dick had been on display the whole way home! Her hand went to my cock then, and wrapped around it. She moaned softly and it throbbed in reply.


She put her disney intertwined izle other hand on my chest and said, “don’t even say it. I’m not a virgin or anything like that, and I know what I want.” Her eyes traveled up to mine again. “I want to feel this inside me, Brian. I’ve been wanting to feel it for a while, now. I just wasn’t sure you wanted it, too.”

I focused on her use of the word ‘want’. My answer was to kiss her, and let my hands wander over those tight work slacks, stretched across that almost boyish ass. Her cheeks were hard and tight, the muscles barely covered by her skin. It felt like touching a wild animal to me! She even purred, making us both laugh. The hand that wasn’t cupping my erection snuck up between us and went to the side of my face as we kissed, and I knew my fantasies of the last few weeks were about to be answered. I felt like I was 18 again with her, and completely ready to finally enjoy this tight, sexy little body.

Getting undressed felt very awkward. I think it was for her, too. There were shoes to untie, socks to pull off, and pants and shirts to divest. The fact that we were dressed in matching uniforms hit us both at the same time, and we laughed once again. But sneaking peeks at her body as it was revealed, down to her prim little white bra and panties, had my cock throbbing with each heavy heartbeat. She bent over the bed to swipe pillows and a stuffed bear onto the floor, and I reached for the clasp of her bra. She remained that way, bent over, moaning approvingly as I got the three little hooks undone. I swept it off her shoulders and she shrugged it down her arms as my hands cupped the warm mounds there.

“Oh, godddd,” she moaned, breathing heavily. I got hold of the nipples with both hands and pinched them lightly, then rolled them back and forth as they hardened under my fingers. I felt, rather than watched, her slide her panties off. She shuddered in my arms as her nipples reacted, and I knew she could feel my cock between her spread cheeks, rising and resting against her pussy from behind. I wanted to take her just like this, one animal rutting another, quick and hard. But a part of me wanted to have my mouth on her pussy, to explore her with my tongue. Decisions, decisions!

“I want you,” I groaned into her ear, but I didn’t tell her how. I didn’t know, or care really; I just wanted her. This time she made the decision. Her hand went between her legs and grasped my cock, guiding it to her hole as I pulled my hips back. She moved it in a circle across her labia, gathering moisture, then placed it at the entrance to her gates and left it to me. I rotated my hips, pressing myself between her labia.

“Oh my GODDDDD!” she groaned loudly. I pushed forward slowly, letting her feel each of my seven hard inches as I slid into her wetness. I could feel her pussy clenching at me. She was tight, but I knew she wasn’t a virgin. I hoped I would measure up to her younger lovers. I have a large vein that runs along the top of my cock, and I knew she could feel it, massaging the back edge of her pussy as I rocked in, then back out. She moaned and urged me to fuck her harder. I began to move faster, and by the time my groin began to slam against her backside her legs were trembling so much I was afraid they’d give out and send us both toppling onto the bed!

I knew I needed to pace myself. I could cum so easily in her! Pausing for a moment, I pulled back on her, releasing those lovely little peach-breasts and grasping her waist. Then I was standing upright, leaning back slightly. She was on tip-toes, leaning back into me with her head on my shoulder. She moaned again and her inner muscles squeezed me lovingly. I bent my knees slightly dünyayala benim aramda izle and began to stroke again as she lifted her legs.

I held her weight, which was not much, as I rotated my hips, pulling back until my cockhead was at her entrance, then pushing again into that slippery wet hole. The sensations my dick was feeling were awesome! She was so tight, so tiny in my arms! And suddenly I was aware of my orgasm, before I’d managed only a minute or so of this slow torture. I let my eyes wander, and focused on the pattern on the drapes at her window. I needed to buy some time! Just then she moaned loudly and whispered, “God, I’m gonna cum!” She reached back and grabbed my head with her hands, turning her own face to me to kiss my neck, and I knew it was overtaking her.

Her climax must have been massive – it shook her whole body. It was difficult to hold onto her as she began to writhe in my arms, and suddenly the curtains were forgotten. My balls convulsed once, letting me know I was due to cum, too. I leaned us both forward as I felt the cum began to rocket up my shaft. I had time to stroke into her just once, drawing a loud moan from her as my first jet of jism blasted its way into her belly. I groaned like a beast and we went to the mattress together. I plowed mindlessly into her as my balls worked to dispense their load deep inside her tiny body. Only after my orgasm ebbed did I have the thought: I should have used a condom!

I slipped from her finally, and she turned to kiss me as we lay face to face, breathing heavily. She said, “Wow!” and I took that as a compliment, grinning into her mouth. I told her I was sorry if I was too aggressive and she laughed.

“You were perfect,” she said, then looked at the ceiling. She seemed to be turning the words over in her mind before she spoke again. “You made me feel like a woman,” she said at last, and it made me smile. I realized I had stopped thinking of her as a teenage girl, though she obviously still was. We had crossed a threshold.

It was non-stop sex for the next hour. The second time we fucked face to face, and it went much slower. She had her legs wrapped around my waist, restricting my movements, so it took a long time for both of us to climax. We kissed a lot and talked to each other as our passions built, and it was wonderful.

When she felt my seed enter her that time, I could watch the reaction on her face, close up. I wished I could cum forever, but I knew my limitations, and I was getting nervous about the time by then. We lay back after, breathing deeply. Then she got on her knees on the floor and licked and sucked my cock clean. She was probably hoping for more, but I was drained. Though I really wanted to eat her pussy, I dressed and left the house with a huge grin on my face. There would be more of this, I knew.

And, indeed, as the months went by, we fucked a number of times. I drove her over to the beach one afternoon after work. I had told her to bring a suit, and we did it in the ocean. We were as far from the lifeguard tower as we could get, but he watched us through his binoculars. We knew it; Kacey waved at him as I stood behind her in the waist-deep water, churning up the surf! When she climaxed, I heard him blowing his whistle continuously to let us know that he had seen.

I knew better than to fall for her, but I knew I had. I was in trouble; I thought about her all the time. Then she met a young man. She told me about him one day at work, and said she thought she loved him. I encouraged her to make sure, but not to let him go if he seemed like the one. Lee didn’t know about me, but he had made it clear to her that he wanted her complete attention. She was conflicted, as was I. I knew it was probably the best thing for me, but I had to be gentle with her, and not have her think I was eager to divest myself of her. She was fragile, as most girls her age are. In the end, it came down to me or Lee. He proposed to her just before joining the Navy, and they left town before we could get together again.

I would hear from her again, after Lee deployed to the Mediterranean. But that’s another story, one which is still developing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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