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We heard the footsteps getting closer and closer to us. We both held our breath, not daring to make a sound, wondering if we were about to be caught fucking in the library. I had no idea what would happen if we were, but I was sure it wouldn’t be good.

But the steps continued and walked past us, slowly getting fainter as their owner walked away. I looked down and noticed that instead of wilting, my exposed cock was throbbing. I guess the thought of getting caught having sex in public was turning me on. It must be turning you on too, because despite the fact that you just came hard, your hand was between your legs, rubbing yourself over the soft fabric of your skirt.

You look up at me and start laughing, either at the relief you feel or the look of relief on my face. For some reason that pisses me off. Maybe it’s the shame of being almost caught or the fact that I’ve never been more turned on in my life, or some combination of the two, but I needed to fuck. And I needed to fuck right now. I spun you around, pushing you up against one of the windows. Your gasp and surprise turn me on even more. I pulled your tight shirt up over your head and down your arms. Your arms halkalı escort get pulled behind your back as your shirt slides down them, giving me an idea. I quickly grab your wrists together and wrap the shirt around them, tying it in a knot. Your arms are now tied behind your back.

Without the use of your hands, your face and breasts are pushed up against the cold smooth glass of the window. I kick your legs apart and lift up your skirt, my cock aching to enter your sweet pussy.

As I look down at your ass, I want nothing more than to slap it, but I know that it will be much too loud if I do. I spread your cheeks with my hands, letting them rub your pussy and your ass. Your pussy is dripping, and I shove my cock into you hard, pushing all the way in until my cock is buried inside of you. As you gasp in pleasure, I grab your hips and start fucking you hard and fast. I’ve never been turned on by anyone as much as you. My cock feels like a steel rod, fucking you harder and harder. I can tell you are enjoying it as your moans get louder and louder.

I lean down and tell you to be quiet or taksim escort I will have to punish you, but for some reason that just seems to turn you on even more. I lean down to your shoulder and bite you, hard enough so you notice. Your whimper makes me think that you got the message and I go back to fucking you, loving the feeling of your tight wet pussy on my cock.

I reach in front of me and grab your breasts, still cool to the touch from the window. I hold them tight as I fuck you hard. Your nipples are stiff from the chill of the glass and I can’t help but grab them between my fingers and pinch them hard. I immediately know my mistake as you let out a loud moan of arousal and satisfaction from the pressure.

I lean down again and bite the other shoulder, noticing the teeth marks I have left on you already. But as I bite you harder, you are lost in the throes of passion and let out an even louder moan, loving the pain and pleasure you feel from my mouth and cock. In somewhat of a panic at the possibility of being discovered, I reach around and cover your mouth with one hand while I grab your neck with the other. This at least muffles your şişli escort sounds, but I find that it turns me on even more. I have you completely under my control, your arms tied behind you, my hand around your neck.

The feeling of power is an amazing rush. My cock swells as I pound into you harder and faster. Almost involuntarily, my grip around your neck tightens, and the hand over your mouth pulls back, bending you back towards me. I’m lost in the feelings of lust and power as I fuck you harder and faster, my cock pounding into your pussy over and over again.

And if anything, you seem even more turned on. You are pushing back into me with each thrust, seemingly begging for more cock. Your muffled moans get louder even as I can hear you struggle to catch your breath. I can feel your legs start to give way as your orgasm starts to build. I’m practically holding you up with my cock as I fuck you, feeling my orgasm begin. With one amazing crescendo we both cum, my semen and sperm shooting deep inside your pussy. My hand tightens around your neck as I shoot load after load of cum into you. Falling, I manage to guide us into a chair with my dick still pulsing inside of you.

As I release your neck and mouth, I look and see the bite marks on your back, already starting to bruise. I also notice that I’ve left a red hand print across your neck. As I start to worry that I was too rough with you, you spin around, somehow keeping my cock in your pussy, and grab my face, kissing me deeply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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