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The following story is purely fictional, and bears no connection to any events, real or otherwise. All characters are made up and hold no resemblance to any persons, living or otherwise, and any similarities is purely coincidental. All characters engaging in any sexual scenarios are all 18 or over. Please rate this story and leave any comments afterwards, as they are greatly appreciated.


James Dawson woke up to the sound of his cell phone ringing on a brisk November morning. He groggily fumbled for the phone on his night stand, wondering what time it was. His room was still dark, and the curtains were closed, so any sun that may or may not be up was blocked out. He looked at the time, 6:15 in the morning, and moaned, since he usually slept in a lot longer. He checked who was calling, then slid the screen to answer.

“Do you know what time it is?” He answered in an annoyed tone. “What do you want?”

“Sorry to wake you Sleeping Beauty.” James’ sister Stella teased him. “I need a huge favor.”

“This better be important.” James joked.

“My car is in the shop and I need a ride to and from work.” She explained. “You would really be helping me out.”

“Why don’t you call an Uber?” James asked as he turned on a light, knowing he was going to take her to work, he just wanted to mess with her.

“Because I am your sister, and you should want to help me out.” She replied, then added. “Besides, the last driver kept throwing sex eyes at me.”

“Okay, I will be there by 7.” James laughed as he got out of bed.

“I’ll have coffee and french toast waiting.” She chimed, then hung up.

James stretched before walking into the bathroom of his studio apartment. After relieving his bladder, he started up the shower before stripping down. The warm water felt good on his skin as he rinsed off. After the shower, he wrapped the towel around his waist, and moved to the mirror. He caught his reflection as he started shaving; he was a good looking guy, with dark brown hair, and azure colored eyes. He was in good shape; he was 6 feet even, with a toned swimmer’s build.

After getting dressed, James drove from his apartment in town, over to his sister Stella’s house out in the suburbs. Stella lived in a nice house, albeit a little flashy, given how big it was for just herself. Still, he had to admit he was a bit jealous of the place. It was a large house with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a basement that was converted into a home gym, and a good amount of space from the neighbors.

“About time.” Stella joked as she led him inside.

Stella was James’ twin sister, although most people didn’t realize that they were ümraniye gecelik escort twins. Stella was a couple of inches shorter, with long blond hair. They both shared the same azure colored eyes, but that was about it as far as similarities went. They were both 29, and while Stella accomplished something with her life, by becoming a Veterinarian, James hadn’t even finished college, and felt like the less impressive twin.

“So, are you ready to go?” James asked after they enjoyed some coffee and french toast.

“Yep.” Stella smiled, then the two headed out the door.

After dropping off Stella at her practice, James headed to his equally lucrative job doing housekeeping around a local gym. He spent every day cleaning and sanatizing the equipment, as well as sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming the different areas of the gym. It wasn’t the worst job he had, he got paid a decent amount, and even got a free membership.

James got to Stella’s work about a 30 minutes before she usually closed it down. He didn’t want to waste his gas driving around after he got off from work, so he decided to wait for Stella inside her office. He walked in, and noticed how empty it was, which made sense because of how close to the end of the day it was. There were a few workers at the desk, who kindly told James to take a seat and they would let Dr. Dawson that her brother was waiting for him.

James checked his phone out of boredom, when someone else came trough the front door. It was a younger man, about the same age or so as James. He had hair that was a mix of blond and brown that looked like gold, that was short, but wavy, as well as a trimmed beard of the same color. He also wore a thick pair of black glasses that framed his deep green eyes. James also noticed the man’s wheelchair, which was an electric shade of blue.

“Hello Mr. Grant, Ty will be ready in a few minutes.” The receptionist smiled as she noticed the man.

“Thank you.” He smiled and parked his chair at the end of the row of chairs James was sitting in, four seats away from James.

“So are you waiting too?” Mr. Grant smiled and asked James.

“Yeah.” James answered, feeling a little flustered. “Stella should be ready in a bit.”

“What kind of dog is Stella?” The man asked, which made James chuckle. “What’s so funny?”

“Stella is my sister, my human twin sister.” James made clear, feeling a little embarrassed at the mistake.

“You say my name and I appear.” Stella said as she turned the corner, bringing a dog with her that looked like a wolf.

“Come here Ty.” The man called his dog, who eagerly walked up to him, and buried his kadıköygrup yapan escort face in the man’s hands. “Was the Doctor nice to you?”

“Ty was a sweetheart, easily the best behaved of all the dogs today.” Stella smiled. “Everything is looking great, and with that chip, he can be scanned and we will get an alert if Ty ever goes missing.”

“Great, thank you Dr. Dawson.” The man smiled.

“I am almost ready to go, I just need to print off some papers for Mr. Grant here, and grab my bag James.” Stella said, then went back around the corner, most likely to her office.

“Handsome dog.” James smiled. “What kind of dog is he?

“Thanks.” The man smiled back. “Tyberius here is a Syberian Husky.”

“How old is he?” James asked.

“Six.” The man replied. “I got him when I turned 21.”

“All I got when I turned 21 was a black eye and a hangover.” James joked, and smiled when the man laughed.

“I am Harrison by the way.” Harrison stuck out a hand, and James shook it.

“James.” He responded.

“Well Mr. Grant, here are your papers.” Stella said as she returned to the room.

“Thank you Dr. Dawson.” Harrison smiled as he took the papers from Stella. “Ty seems like he will be in good hands.”

“Thank you, have a nice evening.” Stella said as she walked Harrison to the door. “And you take care Ty.”

“See you around Dr. Dawson,” Harrison said, then added “And it was nice meeting you James,” before he and Ty left.

“And it was nice meeting you James.” Stella cooed after Harrison left.

“What?” James asked, trying to hide a smile.

“Nothing, nothing.” Stella muttered.

“Whatever.” James muttered himself. “Ready to go, or would you prefer to walk?”

James dropped Stella off at home, and denied the invitation to come in for a drink. He knew it was a trap to get him to talk about his brief encounter with Harrison. Sure James thought he was a handsome guy, but James wasn’t too sure if he was ready to start anything up, especially after his breakup two months ago. James had been dating Walden for almost a year, when Walden decided they needed to take a break. It was only after when James realized that Walden was seeing someone else while he was with James, which really left James in a bad mood towards another relationship.

A week later, and things got back to normal for James. Stella got her car repaired, so James did not need to drive her into work anymore. James did think about Harrison once, when he saw a lady walking a few dogs in the park, and one of them looked a lot like Ty.

James went into work, and began cleaning like he normally did. bostancı türk escort It was later in the afternoon, and only a few people were there. James had finished most of the cleaning, when a familiar face rolled in the door. He recognized that electric blue wheelchair, as well as Harrison, who was chatting with the receptionist. He was wearing gym clothes, and had a bag on his lap.

James thought about saying hi or something, but wasn’t too keen about explaining his line of work. Instead, James went to clean out the showers in the locker room, mostly to hide out from Harrison. It was a dull and tedious job, and James did not enjoy it, but it did kill a lot of time, almost 2 hours. He hoped that Harrison was no longer there, but luck was not on his side.

James stepped out of the showers and into the locker room, and plowed into Harrison’s wheelchair. James got up, trying to seem as casual as possible. He felt a little flustered as he noticed Harrison was naked, and trying to reach for the towel on the ground. James couldn’t help but glance, and noticed Harrison’s thin build, with very little hair on his chest. He also noticed Harrison’s flaccid cock, it wasn’t a monster, but it was decent sized. James picked up the towel, and Harrison quickly covered himself up, his face was as red as a tomato.

“Hey, James.” Harrison said, but didn’t make eye conact.

“Hey Harrison.” James replied, and tried to lighten the mood. “You look different than the last time we saw each other, but I don’t know what it is exactly.”

James smiled when Harrison chuckled.

“Yeah well, I was hoping to run into you sometime, but now was not the most ideal moment.” Harrison said, double checking the towel was covering everything.

“Really?” James asked. “I couldn’t imagine a better time.”

“So, are you a trainer or something here?” Harrison asked, indicating James’ company shirt.

“Ah, no.” James started blushing. “This is embarrassing, but I do the clean up around the gym.”

“Really?” Harrison asked in an annoyed tone. “You think THAT is embarrassing?” Harrison indicated his towel, and the fact that James had seen him naked.

“Yeah, well, if it help, I have seen a lot worse in this here locker room.” James joked.

“Ah, flattery.” Harrison laughed. “So, I should probably rinse off.”

“Yeah, well that is a freshly cleaned shower, so you get first crack before they get gross again.” James laughed. “See you around Harrison.”

“See you around James.” Harrison replied, then paused. “Maybe run into you tomorrow night at dinner? You know, when I have clothes on.”

James didn’t really know how to reply. He thought Harrison seemed like a really nice guy, amd he was good looking too, but he was still unsure about starting up another relationship. Still, if they went out and James didn’t feel that spark, they could always just be friends. Either way, James had nothing to lose.

“Yeah.” James agreed. “That sounds great.”

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