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I guess I am not your average 22-year-old man when it comes to women. From puberty I had the same fascination with the female form that my friend did, but my tastes always tended towards a maturer woman. While all my friends lusted after young pop stars such as Britney Speirs in her school uniform I was more attracted to Monica Bellucci who made the cinema uncomfortably hot for me in the 2nd and 3rd parts of the matrix trilogy. Similarly when my friends started getting interested in the other schoolgirls in our class I was fixated on the female teachers. Don’t get me wrong I had my share of girlfriends through school and college, and enjoyed myself like every guy did, but my love of older women persisted throughout, and I never ended up in a serious relationship. I kept my desires to myself, scared I would be ridiculed by my friends, but they seemed to get more intense with time.

It wasn’t as if I was lusting after old women in their seventies, but neither was I into pretty young teenagers. I especially liked busty dark haired women, (hence my Bellucci fascination). My preferred age range was 35 to 50, mainly due my other fetish of impregnating an older woman later on in her life, after she thought her child bearing days were well behind her. There was something very taboo and naughty about this that I found unbelievably exciting. The thought of an older woman, who really should know better, allowing herself to be knocked up by a young stud like me was something I often dreamed about while masturbating. I liked to imagine what her friends and family would say as her big, mature breasts filled up with milk and her belly swelled with the baby of a man half her age. Little was I to know what an impact this fetish would have on my future.

I left college two years ago as a qualified computer technician and quickly found work in my local area servicing and repairing machines. Much of my work was with the retail sector, and I found myself working for a chain of small travel agent shops installing a new computer system. It was in one of these shops that I met Mrs Maxine Dixon. Maxine was the manager of that particular travel agents shop and as such was the person I dealt with most when working out what type of system would suit them best. That suited me fine, as she was one of the best looking women I had ever seen. At 44 she was the perfect age. She had fashionably cut shoulder length black hair she generally wore up on top of her head, a very pretty face and a seductive smile. She wore small black reading glasses, usually down her nose, which gave her the “sexy schoolteacher” look that I love. Her body was also gorgeous. She stood about 5’8″ and though she carried a bit of weight it was perfectly distributed on her sexy frame the majority of it on her very ample chest. She wore the same smart uniform as the other girls, a simple knee length black skirt, black tights and a light blue sleeveless blouse, and though it was not supposed to be sexy, when Maxine wore it the uniform looked great. She was very friendly towards both the customers and staff, with a good sense of humour and a very suggestive, flirty voice that was very appealing. From the first time I met her I was enchanted, and was glad the computer install would take several weeks, giving me plenty of time with this gorgeous creature.

I made it my mission to find out more about her, and managed to glean a fair bit of info from the other girls without making my interest too obvious. I discovered that she had married very young at 18, and quickly had two sons who were now about my age. However tragedy had struck when her husband had been killed in a car accident, leaving her to bring up her sons alone. This she had done very well. Both now had good jobs and had left home leaving Maxine alone again. The other girls said that even though she had dated a few men over the last few years there had never been anything serious, and she seemed quite content by herself. I found it tragic that such a lovely woman was by herself, and wished I could do something about it. However I didn’t believe I had any chance with her considering the twenty two-year age gap.

From the moment I met her I was attracted to Maxine. I would sneak glances at her legs and ass in her tight skirt, and stare intently at her blouse in an attempt to see the outline of her bra while her back was turned. However over the next few weeks the attraction turned into something closer to an obsession. It all started when I was installing the main computer server though the back of the shop, a few days after starting the job. Maxine was through the front with the two other girls Donna and Louise, and they all seemed to forget I was there even though I could hear what was going on out the front quite clearly. When the shop had a quiet spell in the afternoon the women started talking about clothes (a woman’s favourite subject?). Donna brought out a flimsy low cut halter top she had bought that day.

“What do you think of this ladies?” She asked her colleagues, “I have bought this top for a night out with my boyfriend İstanbul Escort Mark next weekend. I reckon he will like it a lot. It should make the most of my little B cup tits. On fact I am thinking of not bothering with a bra, as the straps would be too noticeable with a top like this. I am sure Mark will appreciate that!”

At the mention of bras my ears pricked up and I started listening more closely.

“That top looks great Donna,” Louise said. “I have one a bit like that. I always go braless when I wear it as well. One of the main advantages of having small tits is that I don’t need much support and can get away without a bra when I am out. My boyfriend loves it as well. Men are so fixated with tits, even mine which aren’t much bigger than yours Donna. Maxine, you must have got a fair bit of male attention over the years, being so well endowed?” she said to her manager.

Maxine laughed that husky, sexy laugh of hers.

“I tell you girls, big boobs are sometimes not all they are cracked up to be. For a start there is no chance I could go out without a bra wearing any kind of top, much less one like that. I need so much more support than you do for your pert little tits. Big boobs do get you a lot of attention and you would think they would be a huge asset during sex, but believe me they can be a liability when it comes to your own pleasure. Men become transfixed with them and don’t give enough attention to more important areas further down the body. As much as I like having my tits rubbed and sucked I am not going to get off on it. My husband was terrible for that when we first started having sex. In those days he always ended up cumming all over my boobs before he got anywhere near my pussy, leaving me frustrated. If things had gone on like that I doubt I would ever have got pregnant, but he got a lot better with experience.” He voice was tinged with sadness as she said this and I could tell she still missed her husband terribly, even 20 years after his death.

“Any way girls,” Maxine continued “Those days are long gone but I still have to carry these heavy things about with me wherever I go. I have to do exercises every day to keep the muscles of my chest and back in shape. This prevents back pain, and also helps with the dreaded sag and droop that comes with age. I have done the exercises every day since I was 15 years old. My tits don’t sag too much for their size, especially considering I have had two children and will be 45 this year, but it is still a pain having to get up early every day to exercise. Also getting clothes that fit me can be a bit of a challenge, especially nice looking underwear. Most shops only stock bras up to a D or DD cup and I am a 40 F cup so it can be pretty difficult. A completely natural 40F I hasten to add, I don’t have such big boobs through choice!”

“Wow, an F cup!” Donna exclaimed, “I didn’t know you were that Maxine. I mean you do look big but not THAT big.”

“That is because I always wear a minimiser bra at work,” Maxine replied. “It flattens me off quite a bit and means I can fit into these work blouses. Even then it is bit tight and the blouse can gape open if I bend down too much. Sometimes the buttons work their way undone as well and I always have to check I am buttoned up properly. Also having to cram my big boobs into this tight bra every day isn’t particularly comfortable. I have very sensitive nipples and they can get quite painful getting pressed flat by this damn minimiser. I much prefer an underwired push up bustier as it gives me so much more support and doesn’t press on my nipples as much. The first thing I do when I get home at night is change into a bustier.”

“Yeah, I wear a push up to work every day” Louise said. “With one of them on I fill out the work blouse nicely, but if you wore one you would probably burst it open Maxine. I can see why you need the minimiser,” she giggled. “I think you should wear your push up bustier one day to give the male customers a thrill. We will be so much busier of you do.”

“Ha Ha very funny.” Maxine laughed back. “Perhaps 20 years ago that might have worked but I don’t think many men would be interested in my old boobs now.”

How wrong she was. In the back shop I was beside myself with desire listening to the conversation. I had though Maxine was busty before, but now I knew she was playing down her assets with a minimiser all I could think about was how big her tits would be in her push up bustier, or even better out of a bra completely. I felt my cock begin to swell and had the overwhelming desire to start rubbing myself then and there, but I forced myself to calm down. However the conversation was not over yet.

“Another thing with the work uniform is the skirt, I know it isn’t too short but it is really a bit tight around the ass for an old woman like me who isn’t as slim as she used to be,” Maxine complained. “If I wear normal panties the panty line is just so obvious especially if I am bending down or reaching up to get brochures off the shelves. I have ended up having to Kadıköy Escort wearing a thong and hold up stockings to work, which is a bit silly for a woman my age. I am sure you young girls are comfortable in your thongs, but I just feel embarrassed wearing one. Also when I first started wearing the thong all the hair round my crotch was sticking out the sides of it which made me even more self conscious, even if no one else could see it. I have ended up having to shave myself down there again, something I had not really bothered with for years. I really will have to see if head office will change the uniform to suit older women.”

“I think you look great in the uniform Maxine,” Donna replied. “You really are too hard on yourself. Sure you might be a bit older than us, but a lot of men like an older woman, especially one with 40F tits!”

“Oh yeah?” Maxine replied sceptically “I have yet to meet any men like that.”

“You have to be joking Maxine,” Louise gasped. “I can’t believe a nice looking woman like you hasn’t got any offers, it has been years since your husband died. Surely you haven’t been without a man since then “

“Afraid so girls,” Maxine admitted bashfully. “I never had time when my boys were young, and have kind of lost interest over the last few years. I did have a few flings years back but never anything serious, and I was never satisfied by any of the men I was. They never compared to my husband in the bedroom department, and to this day he is the only man who has ever given me a climax, and that over 20 years ago. As for the last few years I have had a few offers, but they have all been from men a good bit older than me and to be honest I have never found older men that attractive. I am sure they couldn’t satisfy me with their old wrinkly cocks that probably don’t harden properly anymore without viagra.”

“Oh Maxine that is terrible,” Donna commiserated. “I don’t know how you have managed without sex for all those years. I would hate it.”

“Don’t get me wrong girls, I haven’t gone off sex completely,” Maxine continued. “In fact if some young virile toy boy was to make me an offer I might well be tempted but I very much doubt someone like that would be interested in an old woman like me.”

Through the back I wanted to shout out that I was the man she was looking for, but I held my tongue for fear the girls would remember I was there and stop talking about such an exciting topic. As it turned out a customer came in and the conversation finished. However all I could think about was Maxine’s big F-cup tits crammed into her minimiser bra just begging for release, or of the tiny thong running between her meaty buttocks and over her shaved pussy. I thought about awakening 20 years of pent up sexual energy in this gorgeous woman and could barely keep control of my cock. I couldn’t wait to get away from work that day.

That night as soon as I got home I stripped naked and began jerking off with images of Maxine in my head. I felt more aroused than I had ever been before. My cock is normally an average 7 inches when erect, but that night it seemed to be at least another inch longer and also much thicker than usual. The veins along the length of my cock stood out and throbbed as I frantically tugged on the swollen helmet. With my other hand I reached down to feel my smooth, shaved balls (a previous girlfriend had preferred me shaved and I just kept doing it after we broke up in case I met another woman like her). Today they felt incredibly heavy filled with hot cum that I would love to spray over my mature goddess, or even better, inside her. I thought of rubbing my cock over her tits and buttock, getting more and more aroused with every second. Then my mind wandered to thoughts of her clean shaved pussy. I wondered if she was still fertile. At 44 she probably had another couple of years left. I thought of blowing my load deep inside her and about her getting knocked up by a man young enough to be her son, over 20 years after she had last given birth. That final taboo thought was too much for me and I felt my cock swell up before spurting an enormous load of cum all over my chest and stomach. I imagined my cock was deep inside Maxine, pumping my potent seed towards her last few fertile eggs. After what seemed like 10 minutes my cock stopped spurting and I fell back exhausted. Even this didn’t seem to satisfy me, and my desire for Maxine seemed to grow even stronger. Within a few minutes I had another erection and soon blew another load of cum as large as the first.

The next day I struggled to do my work. Every time she walked by I caught a whiff of her perfume and I found my eyes drawn to her as if they had a mind of their own. Now that I knew about her underwear situation I was on the look out for her bending over to see what I could get a glimpse of. I didn’t have long to wait. The courier came with a new stock of brochures soon after opening, and Maxine brought the box through the back to unpack, right beside where I was setting up the computers. She smiled pleasantly at me before Ataşehir Escort turning her back and bending over to unpack the boxes. As she bent forward her skirt pulled tight against her ample behind, clearly displaying the swells of her buttocks to me, which were, of course, devoid of any panties. I could even see the thin ridge of her thong as it passed from between her buttocks and up over her hips. I imagined the gusset of the thong passing between her legs and pressing hard onto her shaved pussy lips and clitoris. At the same time her skirt had ridden up her thighs revealing much more of her shapely legs than I had ever seen before. Just below where her skirt stopped I could just see the tops of her hold up stockings. I felt the familiar swelling in my groin and tried to look away, but it was all I could do not to reach out and touch her gorgeous ass. My cock was completely out of control and within seconds I had a full erection, which I tried desperately to hide by crossing my legs. Maxine seemed to somehow sense my discomfort. She turned and looked at me quizzically.

“Are you getting on OK Allan,” she asked. “You seem a little quiet today.”

“I..I am fine” I stammered out, and tried to get back to work. However it was not to be as Maxine was now starting to place the brochures up on the high shelves over her head. As she reached up her blouse strained against her huge bust and was pulled loose from her skirt at the front. The blouse rode up exposing her navel and the swell of her belly to me. She did not have a flat belly, which you could not expect at her age and after two children. However the skin was still tight with no sign of stretch marks and was the same creamy white colour as her face and arms. I found the sight overwhelmingly exciting and though my cock was going to explode through my trousers. I wanted so much to be able to cum all over that belly, or, even better, deep inside it. I imagined that lovely belly swelling with a child I had put there.

To my disappointment Maxine finished stocking the high shelves quite quickly and as she dropped her arms her belly was covered once again. She noticed her blouse had come loose and tucked it back in. I looked away quickly so the wouldn’t see me staring at her. She put the now empty box over by the bins and then and went back out the front, leaving me with a huge erection and a feeling of intense frustration at not being able to do anything about it.

Over the next few days I had an almost constant erection when I was around Maxine. This was not helped by the fact that one of my aunts had come to stay the week with me while house hunting in the local area and this meant I could not masturbate at night to release the sexual tension for fear of getting caught. The walls of my flat were so thin that my aunt was bound to hear what was going on and she was a terrible gossip. I tried to stay away from Maxine as much as possible and get on with my work, but things became more difficult when the system was up and running and I had to give training to the staff on how to work it. I trained Donna and Louise up first by eventually it was Maxine’s turn. I started by showing her how to log customer details on to the system. I sat beside the computer while she stood slightly behind me looking at what I was doing on the screen. The smell of her perfume and even her very presence was getting me excited.

“This is the data input screen,” I said to her, clicking with the mouse. “You type the customer name and address in here.”

“That looks pretty easy, let me have ago,” she replied in that husky, flirty voice of hers.

She bent over beside me and started clicking with the mouse on the screen. I could not resist any more and had quick sideways glance at her, then almost gasped out loud. Her blouse had moved slightly as she bent over and even though it was still buttoned tightly over her chest the front had gaped a little where it passed over her shoulder. This gave me a tiny peek of the lacy strap of her bra as it disappeared into her blouse, straining to hold her wonderful tits inside the tight top. I could see the bra was lavender coloured and even though I knew it was an unexciting minimiser I could feel my cock beginning to swell again. All reason went out of my mind and I knew I had to see more of her gorgeous tits.

“Why don’t you sit down and try Maxine?” I offered. This was not a chivalrous gesture, it was because then I would be standing about her and might get a glimpse down her blouse at those gorgeous tits if I was lucky.

“Why thank you Allan,” She replied, smiling her seductive smile at me.

We changed places and I leant over her shoulder, going through how to use the computer system. Every few minutes I took a furtive glance at her chest, but the blouse was staying tightly fastened denying me a view of her cleavage. However I could see the buttons were under a bit of stress with the sheer size of her bust, and it looked like a little bit of tension in the right direction might pop one of them open. I remembered Maxine’s conversation with the girls when she had said she had problems with her blouse popping open. I had to figure out a way to get that to happen now. There was a pile of computer manual on the side of the desk. As I reached over to get one I “accidentally” knocked it over the side of the desk.

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