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Lana wasn’t looking for intimacy.

Not when she was sliding her feet into knee-high stiletto boots that whispered sex in classic leather. The perfume on her wrists and neck was subtle: a hint of musk, a dab of amber. She wore a thin slip dress of dark red over a lithe frame honed from yoga and running.

Heads turned when she exited her Manhattan apartment building. She paid them no attention. There was only one thought in her mind as she slipped the tip into the doorman’s hands. Moments later, a sleek car pulled up to the curb with a driver decked out in a light gray uniform.

As silent as a robot, he opened the door for her. She slipped inside with bored disinterest on her face. She gazed blindly out of the window, sighing inwardly. There was nothing but that same monotony around her. The people may dress differently, but they were all the same. Random faces with no other purpose than to serve and be served. Like drones, they existed only to carry on with the tasks of the hive, the buzz of industry.

And though she’d profited through inheritance greatly from such work, her disdain for it all simmered underneath her skin. It was all pretentious. A beautiful, intricately carved lie glossed over with cosmopolitan glitter.

Lana’s lip curled at the thought. God, what she would give to feel something. Anything than the throttling embrace of this fake world with its fake people. The ones who smiled at her and shook her hand were only after her wealth or her status. Still others wanted her as a stepping stone to bigger stars of their own.

It was a game that sapped the life out of its players until they were just as cold as calculating as the next.

But none of these thoughts were on her face when the car slowed to a stop. Instead, there was only the familiar nothingness. Hollow within her alabaster skin, she exited the car, all the while feeling as though she were nothing more than an animated mannequin.

She was in search of the one thing that would make her whole, if only for a moment.

The red awning beckoned. Lana slinked past another doorman and into the black doors beyond. Just inside was a small bar, lit with red and gold.

It was known in some circles as a gentleman’s club, one of the last relics of an old New York elite. The bar and chairs were elegantly black, adorned with white marble tables sporting tall beige candles. The servers wore black and white, dressed from another era of slicked hair and French decadence.

And then there were the gentlemen themselves.

Fifty or so men were there, engaged in various pursuits. Some spoke of business while cementing contacts. Others gambled at discreet card tables tucked into the corners. A few chuckled over brandies. But the casual observer would never mistake these men for the average. They each held a distinguished air about them, the product of impeccable backgrounds.

Lana coolly noticed that pairs of eyes locked onto her as she entered unannounced. She sashayed straight to the bar where a tall man with black hair stood. He engaged an older man in boisterous discussion, unaware that he was being casually observed.

She ordered a drink, then leaned towards his ear.

“I am yours for this evening. I only ask that we depart from here momentarily.”

Raymond’s stare was calculating as he turned from his conversation. “What makes you think I’ll go with you?” he asked in a low voice.

“Because I need a fuck and you want to give me one.” She said it slowly, deliberately drawing out the moment.

He turned back towards his companion. “Apologies, Paul. We will have to continue this at another time.”

Paul lifted and eyebrow, but nodded all the same. “Best of luck to you.” He wandered across the room with one hand still holding onto a brandy.

Once he left, Raymond let his eyes settle on the face beside him. “I usually don’t go for your type.”

“And what type is that?”


She gebze escort laughed over her martini. “Do I seem desperate to you? I assure you I’m not. I’m merely interested in some of your time.”

That much was true. He was lean in the way she liked with a sleek aristocratic face. Bewitching blue eyes dominated her, undressed her until she felt wonderfully exposed. Lana nearly purred when he grazed his knuckles along her arm.

“Let’s go,” he said.

Just like that. The play was on. He began walking out of the club. She followed.

Raymond had only to nod once before his driver pulled to the curb in a sleek limo.

But just after the doors shut and they were on their way, he surprised her. Raymond reached over and pressed his hand against her pussy, finding it exposed and waiting underneath the red slip. Without preamble, he shoved two fingers into her. A gasp erupted from her throat.

“Is this what you need?” he asked.

Lana closed her eyes, pressing a palm against the window as the warmth spread through her. “Yes. God, yes.”

He pulled his fingers out with a gentle slowness that caused her to shiver. Then he put them in his mouth. “Sweet,” he said. “How can something so sweet be denied?”

Lana’s eyes glazed over. She looked at him through a haze of desire so strong it caused pearls of come to trickle from her pussy. “More, please, more.”

“Not yet.”

He made her wait until they’d driven to his hotel, enjoying the way she squirmed in the seat biting her bottom lip. He wondered idly if it was all an act, this heat she emitted. There were enough high class women out there who wanted to walk on the wild side.

Most of them were as used as a common street whore and no better in bed. He’d pegged her as another of these types until she spoke. There had been none of the usual flirtation with which he was accustomed. It was just raw exposure. As if she held onto some measure of vulnerability under the brazen tone. None one women he’d ever met would have spoken as plainly as she had. It was refreshing. And damnably arousing.

By the time they reached his suite, Lana was trembling. But he still did not touch her again. Instead, he closed the door then offered her a chair in the immaculately furnished room.

“No. I don’t want to sit.”

“As you like.” He chose an armchair, reclining in its velvet comfort. And just as the silence fell like a curtain around then, he barked out the order: “Take off your dress.”

Her eyes flashed with amusement. “I want you to take it off me.”

He waited, eyes never wavering from hers. In their depths she sensed the domination she sought, the iron hand that would extract the tension from her.

When she was sure he would not move to undress her, she began to peel the red dress from her body on her own. Beneath the material she wore nothing. The slope of her breasts rose high and firm, topped with mauve nipples already hardened. Her skin was shockingly flawless, smooth and yet sharply carved.

Raymond had expected to see the lashes from past experiences. The marks of a whip across the buttocks or other marks of painful pleasure. The discreet line of tracks from heroin along the inner thigh. A piercing on the labia or clitoris as a means of rebellion from the constraints of well-bed life. But there was nothing except the supple, naked flesh quivering with need. Not even a blasphemous tattoo.

It made her fascinating. Like an abstract painting he studied to find meaning. She was not what he expected. This would be no average fuck, he knew. There was something in her that spoke to the primal within him. His dick hardened.

“Touch yourself.”

“Please,” she begged.

“Touch yourself,” he repeated.

Raymond watched her delicate hands glide along the flat span of stomach towards her folds. Tensed as her diamond-clad fingers göztepe escort explored her inner pathway while she gasped aloud. For long minutes, he enjoyed the sight of her pleasuring herself unabashedly, fingers shoved deep into her pussy as if she were reaching for something she couldn’t quite grasp.

Lana was about to bring herself to a climax.

And just before the she reached the pinnacle, he left the armchair and dragged her to the pale cream carpet. His mouth covered her pussy, devouring every drop of her arousal, suckling the shaved lips until her clitoris throbbed beneath his tongue.

Lana spread her legs wide for him, opening as far as she could, giving of herself. She could feel, at last. The icy barricade she kept herself restrained in came crashing down, shattering at the feet of an explosive orgasm that tortured her even as his teeth grazed her sensitive bud.

She felt his hands, surprisingly rough and calloused, knead her breasts. Stroke her nipples. His mouth continued its explorations, licking her from clit to ass and back, nibbling as if she were exquisite caviar. She writhed, moaned, stretched. Then she began to beg for him to fill her, take her, fuck her, ass and mouth and pussy as much as he liked.

Instead, he rose and went to the small kitchenette. He returned with a bottle of wine and lay down beside her.

“I want to put this inside you.”

Her eyes grew heavy-lidded at the suggestion. “I need-“

“I know what you need,” he said.

His mouth covered her left nipple, teasing the peak to renewed firmness. At the crest of another moan, he began to fuck her with the wine bottle. Slowly at first, then faster as her hips began to move in sync with his rhythm.

Seeing her this way stripped something bare in him; these were genuine cries on her lips. Not the synchronized lip-sync of his former lovers. Born from wealth, they regarded sex as something to be controlled. Not once had he seen a woman so in tune with herself and her sexuality, so unguarded.


It turned him on. Made him so hard that he had to fight for a second to keep his own control from blowing like a schoolboy’s.

She sensed his guard slipping and pushed the bottle away, diving eagerly for his belt buckle. Seconds later, she’d released him from his boxers. Her mouth devoured the top of his dick, sucking at him as if his cum were her nourishment. His elbow slipped on the carpet; he fell backward into the arms of pleasure. Lana kneaded his balls as she deep throated him, murmured and whimpered around his length. Her hands reached around to cup his ass and a shot of precum sent shivers through her again.

Lana would have straddled him, but he rose instead. Disentangled from the rest of his clothing to jerk her towards the wall. She shuddered, the front of her body pressed against the ornate wallpaper, knees weak. His hands roughly grabbed her ass cheeks, spread them wide. He rammed into her, flattening her chest against the surface. She screamed as he filled her completely, the tip of his dick pressing into her cervix.

The first silky stroke made her so wet that she soaked him completely with her essence, clutching the wall for support as he fucked her from behind.

The innocence of her cries made him wild. He put his hand between her and the wall, cupping her breast. Then he went to town. He drove into her over and over, slapping her against the wall with the force of his strokes.

“Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, please, harder…” She chanted it like a prayer. It rolled off her tongue in a rapturous whisper choked with desire.

But he wouldn’t let her come.

He shoved her into the couch, holding her legs up while he ate her pussy again, tasting himself in her juices. This time when she erupted, he let her go.

The convulsions rocked her, rippled over her body. Flushed halkalı escort her alabaster skin to a beautiful rose blush. Lana gave herself over to the feeling of being taken out of her immaculate grip on control, relished in losing it completely.

He plunged into her again, driven onward by her own abandon. His dick pummeled the pliable corridor of her pussy, learning the crevices within that made her cry out even more.

And when he finally came, it was like flying. He took the cue from her and gave himself over to it, let it funnel through him, unaware that he was fucking her so hard that she partially bent over the back of the couch while he braced himself with his knees on the cushions.

For one moment, he was encompassed in a bliss he hadn’t felt in years, sacred in its wholeness. He was complete, soaring upwards beyond his body. There was no game in this, no practice moves.

This was real.

As he floated downwards again, he stared at the woman beneath him. Her eyes were closed and her breath came in shallow puffs. Her arms were spread out beyond the back of the couch as if she, too, had been flying.

He marveled as the simplicity of it. There was no one in his life that had made him feel like that since he’d been a teenager. Now he remembered that there was something beyond the stilted relationships, the barbed wire emotional blockades. He recalled that there was freedom in getting swept away by the unexpected.

Lana opened her eyes.

The potency of her gaze made him hard again. Her lips parted as she felt him expand. Carefully, he maneuvered them into missionary position, sighing when her legs locked around him.

He took her hair in fistfuls, holding on as he rode her with a gentleness that surprised him. With each stroke, he revealed a layer of himself.

There was no boardroom, no schedule. The tension within him over the contract with Paul left his shoulders free of its burden. When he pressed his lips to hers, it was an act of intimacy so unrefined that it reduced them both to merely man and woman, lust to lust.

Intertwined, they were united without names or careers. Intermingled, they joined beyond ambition and motive. They were simply in the moment, caught up in the heat, the fire, the intensity. Seared by passion.

“God, yes,” he breathed as he sank deeper into her pussy, seeking something unnameable. Unfathomable.

Her breasts gyrated with his motions, beckoning his attention. He suckled on them as she murmured in delirium. Her whispers were random, mindless words that failed to touch the lovely glow that was spreading from her pussy to everywhere else. It was a rich warmth that enveloped her, slapping her playfully to a peak that came out on one rapturous gasp.

Even as she quieted, he braced himself on his elbows and tunneled into her one last time. His dick struck her cervix with a ferocity that caused her to shake uncontrollably. Then he fell off the edge of pleasure and into the crushing waves of paradise.

When he came back to himself, Raymond was awestruck. “Who are you?” he asked.

She shook her head. “No names.”


“Because then it will bring everything else with it. The game, the bullshit that I’m so tired of. I don’t give a damn who you are and what you own. All I want to do is feel.”

“I’ve never been with a woman like you,” Raymond said.

“What do you mean?”

“You aren’t asking for anything. You don’t want anything.”

“Yes, I do. I want a moment.” She searched his eyes. “Give me that.”

So he did. He took her to the bed and ravished her two more times. They settled comfortably in each others arms sometimes before dawn, having known each other yet still strangers. But they felt a connection, a contentedness that hadn’t been there earlier in the evening.

“Let me know your name,” he said. “Just your first name. Nothing more than that.”


“Some moments are worth repeating,” he said.

“Some are. Some aren’t.”

They drifted off to sleep without saying anything else. When he woke, she was gone.

But on the pillow next to him was a note:

8pm tonight. Same place.

Some moments are worth repeating.

Yours, A Moment

He leaned back against the headboard and smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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