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Characters: Alan Wattman [A Highschool boy] Age 18 Maria Wattman [Alan’s Mother] Age 38 Kyle Wattman [Alan’s Dad] Age 40 Jane Wattman [Alan’s Sister] Age 17 Emma Davis [Alan’s Girlfriend] Age 18

Alan was a high school boy who was pampered rather spoiled by his family. Maria was now actually very disappointed with the way her son was and wanted to teach him a lesson. One day as she was walking down the street she came across a rather mysterious shop and outside the shop, there was a board. On the board were some words written, “HAVING ANY SORT OF TROUBLE JUST COME AT OUR SHOP AND GET IT SOLVED WITHIN MINUTES”, Maria entered the shop with hope. An old lady with a cube in her hand was sitting in front of her, she asked “What is thy problem young mistress?” Maria narrated the story of her son to the old lady. She just gave her a coin and said “This is a magical coin mistress, thee can useth t to holp thy[your] son bett’r und’rstand thee[You].” Maria was actually not convinced with this and yet she just came out of the shop and went towards her house.

As she entered her house she saw Alan sitting on the sofa with a gaming console in his hands. She thought about what the old lady had said and tried to use the coin. She just took out the coin and wished for her son to better understand her and get on a good path. Just as she wished it the coin started glowing.

After a while, Maria looked down and found herself sitting on the sofa with a console in her hand which was actually shocking and when she turned towards the entrance of the house she found her body confused. “Mom- did you… am I?” Alan tried to find his words. “Yes Alan, but I’m not Mom anymore, and you’re not Alan.”Maria said “I’m Alan. You’re Maria.” She said firmly. Alan ran his hands frantically across his new body. “But, how? Why??” “How? Not important. Why? Where to begin? You’re a lazy son while I work very, very hard for this family. I want a vacation, I miss my youth. This will, hopefully, teach you to respect what I do for you and this family.” Alan continued to fidget with his body, scarcely hearing his mother. Maria grinned as she saw him turn to look at his new butt and raise his skirt up to see what he was wearing… “Pantyhose, that’s right.” She said. Feel good?” Get used to them since you’ll be wearing them for quite some time.” “You can’t be serious, Mom,” I say. Alan remarked this as he turned around to face his mother. “My name is Alan, and I am really serious!” You’re Maria, or mom, or wife. Get it out of your lovely blonde brain. So take pleasure in your pantyhose, bras, housework, and *ahem* your hubby.” “Wait, my husband?” Alan yelled.

“Do you have any idea what that ring on your finger means?” And if anyone even thinks you’re not Maria Wattman, I’m going to leave us like this for the rest of our lives. “Do you understand, MOM?” “Yes, son,” I say. Alan admitted defeat. “All right, now you should get started on your tasks.” The duty of a mother is never done!” As she walked away from Alan, Maria said.

Alan spent the day and evening doing his mother’s, and now his, duties. He dusted, washed laundry, and cooked dinner for Maria, his mother, and travesti gaziantep Jane, his sister, who was now his daughter. Alan tried his hardest to imitate Maria while she was around. When he called his sister “sweety,” and especially when she called him “mom,” he cringed on the inside. He was well aware that his mother was keeping a tight eye on him in case he made a mistake. After using the restroom for the first time and finding it incredibly uncomfortable and unpleasant. So, much to his shame, he did what his mother requested and pranced about the house pretending to be her.

Alan, Maria, and Jane gathered around the table at dinner, eating spaghetti, one of the few foods Alan could prepare effectively. Alan had the thinking that there were many things his mother did that he was not good at and that if he wanted to do a good job as his mother, he’d have to get excellent at them soon. Maria had thought about it as well, and she was curious to see how Alan would handle the situation.

“Mom, do you have to use so much sauce?” “I’m sorry, honey,” Maria murmured. Alan struggled to speak. “Perhaps I’ll use oil next time.” He stated this while chewing.

“Whatever, I’ll go to the movies and have some popcorn.”Movies? It’s a school night, right?” Alan boasted about his role-playing at the time.

“Sure, but we’ll be back by 11 o’clock.” We know you and Dad will appreciate some alone time.” Helen stated with a strange expression on her face. On the inside, Alan was terrified. He tried to figure out what his mother was talking about.

“Oh, happy anniversary, mum,” I say. Jane looked up from her phone and plate to say something to Alan. Alan gave Maria a puzzled and worried glance before returning her attention to her dinner.

Alan was quite apprehensive throughout the remainder of the lunch. As he considered what the remainder of the night had in store for him, he felt butterflies in his stomach. Maria, on the other hand, looked ecstatic with the scenario. Alan heard the front door open not long after and realised it was around the time his father normally arrived home. Before she and Jane stood up, Maria flashed Alan another wicked smirk.

“Happy anniversary, Dad.” On his way out, Maria said.

“You’re welcome, son.” Kyle, Alan’s father, remarked to Maria, ignorant that she wasn’t his son. Kyle gave Maria a lustful grin as he gazed across at her. Alan had no choice but to eat a forkful of noodles and smile back. Alan respectfully pushed Kyle away by indicating to his full lips as he bent down for a kiss.

“Wishing you a happy anniversary as well,” Kyle stated as he took a beer from the refrigerator. Alan gulped his breakfast and continued to speak.

“Sweetheart, happy anniversary!” He grinned, attempting to sound as much like his mother as possible while being worried about how well he succeeded. Alan stood up after wiping his lips. “You relax. I’m going to get fresh With garlic mouth, I can’t kiss you.” Alan remarked this with a strained grin as he walked away to the master bathroom.

“You’ve never been stopped before.” As Alan walked away, Kyle gaziantep travesti murmured.

Alan shut the bathroom door and took a deep breath to relax. He determined to just go with it after cleaning his teeth. It’s not like he chose to do it; his mother forced him to. He took a deep breath and opened the door to see his father waiting for him on his parents’ king-sized bed.

“Hello there, my lovely wife,” I say. Kyle said.

“Hello, have I ever told you how seductive you are?” As much as his thinking begged him to run away, Alan murmured, going closer to his father.

“Everything happens for a reason.” Alan burst out laughing at Kyle’s remark. Kyle drew Alan onto the bed and began passionately kissing him in the middle of his giggle. Alan was disgusted, but he had no choice. He tried to ignore his father’s scratchy face, his stench of coffee, his probing hard tongue, and his heavy strong hands squeezing Kyle’s plump, soft ass, but it was all too much for him to handle. His father’s power and sensuality physically controlled him.

“I love you, Maria,” Kyle said, between hard gasps.

“I love you too, Kyle,” Alan said, wanting to gag but having trouble breathing. Kyle then lifted Alan’s dress over his head and gently pushed Kyle to his knees, eliciting a surprised yelp. Alan felt the chill on his stiff nipples and knew he was only inches away from his father’s dick. Alan was terrified of his father’s crotch.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Kyle had inquired. Alan shook off his hesitancy, turned to face his father, smiled and grabbed Kyle’s dick.

Alan knew there was no avoiding it. How could he deny it when he saw his two delicate hands, decorated with long nails and a wedding ring, unbuttoning the fly down of a man he’d known as his father till today. Alan and his mother both knew the truth, but to the rest of the world, he was Maria, a 38-year-old mother of two and Kyle’s wife, and it was their anniversary.

Kyle’s pants were pushed down, revealing a stiff bulge beneath his jock shorts. Alan was surprised when he pulled down the waistband of Kyle’s underpants and a 7 inch hard on sprung up. There he stood, face to face with his father’s long, hard dick, now his spouse. Kyle was excited, so Alan gently grabbed the cock in front of him and began stroking it up and down.

Alan didn’t know how to do a blowjob exactly, but he’d seen enough porn to think he knew what it was like. He tried to avoid scraping his teeth across his father’s member as much as possible, but the way his father twitched told him when he had made a mistake. At first, he thought he was doing a decent job lubricating his tongue and gauging his father’s moans and hands, which combed over Alan’s blonde hair as he bobbed his head up and down. Alan’s jaw felt painful after a few minutes, and he realised he wasn’t feeling good. When Alan scraped his teeth across Kyle’s head again, Kyle gently pulled him away.

“Sweetie, sweetie, please stop “Is there some problem?” The question came from Kyle. The question caught Alan off guard, and he wasn’t sure how to respond.

No way! “Just experimenting!” gaziantep travestileri he claimed. Of course, the second half was a fabrication.

“Well, it’s definitely unique,” Kyle stated.

“Didn’t you like it?” Alan pouted. “I did it, of course!” But… As long as that’s the night’s theme, I’ve got something fresh as well.” With a smile on his face and his brows bouncing, he said.

“Can you tell me what you were thinking?” Alan inquired, his voice trembling.

Alan knelt between his knees while Kyle sat up. Alan’s hands were taken by Kyle, who assisted him in standing. “Get up and turn around.” Softly, he said.

Alan got to his feet and whirled around 180 degrees. Alan had no idea what was going to happen next, just that things were about to become heated. In his chest, he could feel his heart throbbing. Kyle’s powerful hand suddenly took his hips and guided him down onto his father’s cock, firmly yet softly. As the seven-inch cock entered her vagina, Alan gave forth an instinctive, obviously feminine moan. He sat there stunned for a time, but then he began to jump up and down and grind his hips, and suddenly he was thrusting up and down on his father’s rod.

Alan was helped by the physical pleasure he was having in putting the truth of what was happening out of his thoughts. Each time it went in, it hurt a bit, but as it came out, his body wanted to put it back in. He soon found himself having sex, in the same manner, he would as a male, but this was different. The ecstasy radiated throughout his entire body. His breasts bounced wildly, a sensation that was initially unsettling but gradually became second nature as he bounced.

Throughout the evening, Alan and Kyle fucked in a variety of positions, and as the night progressed, Alan found it increasingly difficult to contain his moans of feminine delight. He soon experienced his first female orgasm, followed by his second and third. The night ended with the two of them sweating excessively in one other’s arms. Alan could feel the warm semen leaking out from between Kyle’s legs as he fell asleep. He stood up and went to the restroom to clean himself. He saw his mother in the mirror, with wild sex hair, naked breasts, and a bright red ass from his father spanking him in the act, causing him to yelp. He glared in the mirror, reminding himself that it was his reflection, not his mother’s. Just then his father came into his aching pussy and he was now stuck forever in his mother’s body rather hs own.

The next day Alan went off to work in Maria’s body. Maria was actually a bisexual for ages and had never told anyone about it. Just as Alan went off to work she called Emma and asked her to come over. Maria had a crush on Emma for so long. Soon the doorbell rang and there was Emma standing in a beautiful yellow crop top and a miniskirt. She always used to dress slutty which made Maria happy every time she came over. Soon they started their little love session and were on it just then Alan opened the door and was shocked to see what was his mom doing with his girlfriend. “Mom wtf are you doing,” Alan shouted. Emma was scared and confused at the same time.

“Mom fucking pull out right now”. But it was too late she just had came in her tight pink pussy. Much to their surprise, they both were now stuck in each other’s bodies permanently. Alan was now stuck in her body as a Mother to Jane, Maria[In Alan’s body] and a loving wife to Kyle. And Maria now Alan was stuck as her own son which she actually liked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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