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The song reached a climax as he spun the pretty Filipina girl under his arm. She giggled as she completed the spin and came to rest in his arms, petit arse snuggled against his crotch as she grinded against him. The microphone was passed to another singer and the dancing continued without pause.

With only a short time in the city to enjoy themselves the group of sailors had chosen to hit this bar on the recommendation of one of them. Even in the busy metropolis there was a limit to how many bars they could find that would be busy at 2.00pm on a Wednesday afternoon; and the temptation of being surrounded by beautiful Filipinas was too much for them all to resist. They were deep in to their fifth bucket of beer and in to the second bottle of tequila by now and those that weren’t dancing were sitting with a girl next to them or, in one case, on his lap.

Truly the most beautiful girls in the world John agreed and turned his attention back to Ana in front of him. Her lithe body was wriggling back against him erotically in time to the music and his hands. She was only 26 and enjoying her only day off this week in the way that everyone appreciated: karaoke, drinking and dancing. After John had sat down next to her and used his very limited Tagalog to open a conversation he was relieved to discover her English was very good and they’d rapidly passed through the flirting to the dancing.

She leaned back over her shoulder again and pushed her eager mouth up towards him, insistent for another kiss. He obliged her and their tongues danced as enthusiastically as their bodies. Her arse was pushed hard against him now and she must be able to feel his hardness growing. His hands moved from her hips to caress her smooth stomach and hint rus escort at moving downwards, at which she moaned in to the kiss.

One of Ana’s friends danced by and leaned over to whisper something to her, and hand her something discretely. Ana grinned wickedly and took John’s hand as the song finished, leading him towards the entrance to the bar. “You want to go somewhere private?” She asked. “My friend’s flat is just upstairs.”

John could only nod his agreement, grinning back at the younger girl, squeezing her hand. The corridor outside the bar was a maze of alleys and staircases; John was sure he could never have found it if their friend hadn’t been guiding them all in. Ana seemed to know where she was going though and a few stories up she let them in to a small flat. It was unimpressive and clearly an old building but clean, and they paid very little attention to the décor as they fell in to each other’s arms as soon as the door closed.

Ana’s kiss was enthusiastic as their lips met and arms pulled each other close. She had to lean up to reach his mouth for the hiss and her hips were pushing insistently against his muscular thigh. She broke off the kiss for long enough to whisper “I think you’re making me very wet.” She guided his hand up her short dress as he pushed her back against the wall: she wasn’t wrong, John could feel the heat and moisture through her skimpy underwear.

His fingers caressed the slippery skin on her upper thighs and then gently pulled the thong aside. Their kiss never wavered and she moaned hard as he felt drops of her wetness fall on to his fingers and wrist. Pulling her knickers down they fell to the floor and she kicked them aside, spreading her legs to istanbul bayan eskort expose herself to his touch. Now he moved his fingers up and down over her slit, spreading the hot wetness from her tight dripping pussy to her clit, pleased to discover she was shaved smooth.

As he found her clit and run insistent circles around it, he pulled back from the kiss to watch her. Her eyes were wide and stared at him, mouth slightly open. “Oh, oh, oh,” she mouthed silently as he touched her clit again and again. Her body started to tremble and even in the dim light he could see her nipples pushing hard against the shear fabric of her black dress. Suddenly her eyes rolled back and she gasped, a deluge of warm liquid falling over his wrist as she collapsed in to his arms.

“Oh wow, that, was, oh, oh,” was all she could say. His hand cupped her arse now supporting her as she reached down to fumble with his belt. She soon had it undone and his trousers fell away as her eager hand caressed his thick hardness through his pants. She looked across the flat and dragged him to the bed in the next room; the simple pink linen looking pale against her delicate Asian skin as she lay there pulling him on top of her.

His fingers soon found the zipper for her dress and even the distraction of her small hand wrapped around him couldn’t slow him down. As it fell undone his mouth moved to her long, thick nipples, feeling their hardness with his tongue and eliciting a sharp gasp from her. He rolled over on to his back, pulling her with him and she rapidly removed her dress and his shirt before grinding her soaking, smooth pussy against his hardness through his pants.

As he watched her she sat up on him, caressing her own ukraynalı escort breasts and nipples then running her hand down over her beautifully toned body to her clit. John felt himself grow even harder, if that was possible, as she performed for him. Her finger flickered over her clit and then one, two fingers pushed inside herself as she brought herself to another gushing orgasm. “Oh so, so wet,” she moaned as she came down, shaking hands removing his soaked pants.

Sitting back up on him Ana used one hand to position his thick cock at her entrance. She pushed down slowly and even before the tip was fully in John could feel how tight she was. Her wetness was soaking his cock now, and the bed beneath him as she moaned loudly, pushing herself upon him. Slowly, agonisingly and deliciously slowly, she sank on to his thick cock, her small young body, reacting to the pleasure he was bringing her. His hands cupped her arse, then massaged her perfect tits making her moan again.

When he was fully inside her she paused, kissing him hard as she just enjoyed the sensation of being so full. Then she began to move on him and his moans joined hers as his cock was squeezed tightly by her little cunt. Soon she was riding him hard, riding him to another orgasm, letting herself go she screamed this time and it was all John could do to hold himself back.

As she recovered he lifted her tiny body up and rolled them over again so he was on top. Looking down at her he kept himself inside her all the time. She spread her legs and begged him, “oh oh please, please keep going, keep fucking me, I want you to cum.” Eager to follow the instruction John began moving in and out of her, working up to a frantic pace. Their moans rose in harmony between the passionately snatched kisses. “Please cum cum inside me,” she begged again and John felt his orgasm approaching. Then it was there and consumed his body, his seed splashing deep in to her soaking pussy as he screamed a guttural roar of passion, only just louder than her own cries.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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