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Trying to complete my last seminar, teaching two classes as part of my assistantship, and taking on two more at the local community college was a challenge, but by the third week I was already in a comfortable routine. Almost too comfortable.

The community college kids were a different breed. Grad school at a private school is challenging, and teaching private school undergrads is equally challenging. It’s not because they are smart, however, but that they think they are smart. And they’ve been able to afford the fuckups they’ve experienced in life. When they can’t bully their way out of a fuckup, they attempt to buy their way out. With cash or other things. I seem to have a fair share of sexy undergrad women in my classes and when they fuck up, I don’t take cash. Guys, well, they are another story all together. But that’s for another time.

So this different breed. Where the private school kids seem to have a handle on buying their way out of shit, the community college kids are terrified of their teachers. At least their first quarter or two. Terrified may be a bit overboard, but until a rapport is built, they hold them in high esteem – something private school kids don’t do. Then there are a few who could give a fuck less and really should be in high school, but I don’t get to make that call. I just get to teach basic composition.

On Tuesday night, Katrina came to my office hours, which are at 8PM, after class gets out, until 9PM, when they close the building. Katrina is a “returning student.” She took a few years off, found that being from a small town life didn’t have much to offer her, and moved to the city. She wasn’t a bombshell, but she was really cute and had a nice little body, you just wouldn’t know it right off because her style of clothes was really casual and the opposite of tight and trendy. Thursday night, though, Katrina was a mess. She’d bailed on the last hour and a half of class and thought she needed to explain things.

She took tissue from my box and started to talk about her ex, I wasn’t interested in why she left. I’d been flirting with her and checking her out since the first week of class. As a teacher, you have to flirt differently, and based on my record I’ve always assumed my intended playmates have… gotten it. Katrina was no exception. Here she was telling me shit as if Zonguldak Escort I was dating her, rather than teaching her, and she just kept going on and on and on.

“Look, the guy sounds like an ass,” I said, trying to remember what she was talking about as I looked at her beautiful bare knee. She was wearing a short skirt, a little short for the weather we’d been having lately, but I wasn’t complaining. “Maybe it’s time for you to just do you.”

Katrina smiled at me, the first smile I’d seen since she started talking. “I needed to hear that, Mr. Kyle. You always know what to say.”

It was funny hearing her say that, as we barely spoke. Only in class and in passing. Well, she’d added me to Facebook, but I didn’t really have much to say to her except that a few pictures were cute.

“This may sound funny, coming from a student, but I could really use a hug right now Mr. Kyle,” she said, hesitantly.

It was a now or never moment. I was hard. I’d been hiding it with my notebook, but if I let her hug me, she was going to know. It was 8:15, the rest of the faculty were gone. The custodian didn’t come unlock the building until 9:20 or so. I stood up and didn’t move my notebook until she noticed me standing and started moving towards me, her arms moving up towards my neck. I put my hands around her waist and pulled her towards me. I wasn’t sure if she would pull away when she felt my cock pressing against her upper belly or what she’d do.

She looked up at me. She was only 5’5″ to my 6’5″ and I towered over her. “So when you said I needed to do me, did you have something special in mind or were you using that as a cololoco…”

“Colloquialism,” I corrected, “and really, I guess it depends on what you had in mind.” I then kissed her ear, neck, and the corner of her mouth. She responded by moaning and holding tighter to my neck. My hands roamed from her hips up her back and down her ass. She moaned again, moving against me, and I unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to her feet.

I usually like to take my time when I’m fucking someone for the first time. Sometimes it’s because I’ve been anticipating the fuck, sometimes it’s because I want to torture them a bit. Tonight, I didn’t have time to waste. It was the first time I’d fucked one of my students here and the last thing Zonguldak Escort Bayan I wanted to do was fuck up the opportunities at this side gig. That said, I wasn’t going to pass up Katrina.

It seemed like a matter of seconds and she was out of her skirt and panties, on her knees, sucking and stroking my cock. I tried to get her back on her feet, but she was trying to be in control, it seemed, and sucked me until I came in her mouth. It was a bit much for her, though, as I thought she was going to choke when I did. It seemed to be a mix of my cock pressing against her throat and the cum filling her throat and mouth at the same time, but she was a trooper. I tend to push down on a girls head when I cum and my cock is in her mouth. In hindsight, I am impressed she didn’t gag. And after she regained her composure, she continued to suck on my cock, slowly, then she’d take it out of her mouth and lick from the bottom of my balls to the tip of my head. Needless to say, it didn’t take much to bring my cock back to full arousal.

As my cock became solid again, Katrina took it out of her mouth and began stroking it. She looked up at me nervously. When she came for my office hours, I don’t quite think this is what she had in mind. Before she had a chance to change her mind, I told her to turn around, face down, on her knees. As she was turning around, I glanced at the clock. 8:35. Time was of the essence.

While she gave amazing head, it was obvious she hadn’t gone much beyond it, or at least not very often. As she moved, I sensed hesitation, so I had to be quick. “Put your forehead on the floor, Katrina, and close your eyes.” I wanted to give her a treat, but quickly. I figured I’d lick and finger her to what I liked to call the three minute orgasm. It tended to work every time and she was no exception. I fingered them and licked from their asshole to lower labia. I slid my index and middle finger inside her as I licked near her asshole. She started breathing hard and I don’t think she even made a minute before moaning loudly. It was so quick, I barely remember being down there. To be honest, I recall she was trimmed and that she smelled nice, but I barely remember what she tasted like. While licking and fingering, though, I used my free hand to awkwardly unbuckled my belt, undid the buttons Escort Zonguldak of my jeans, and pushed my them over my hips. She came the first time as I undid my jeans..

As I pulled my lips from her pussy and asshole, she was still moaning, I moved to my knees and pushed her legs together, straddling them with my own, and slid my cock between her butt cheeks. I slide the head, still wet from pre-cum and her mouth, down past her asshole and pressed it against her, pushing in. She raised her head and looked back at me in mid pant, but as she looked back, I shoved the head of my cock inside her and, grabbing her hips, pulled her towards me.

Katrina made a sound, a cross between a lustful moan and a yelp, and dropped eye contact with me, moving her head back to the ground and tangling her fingers in her long brown hair. I started thrusting hard, pushing and pulling her to and from me as I slid my cock inside her, almost out, and deep back inside.

She was loud. I was actually worried that someone would hear her. It’s rare that anyone besides me is in the building, but there are a few folk who pop by from time to time. And she came again quickly. Must have been about three minutes. I wasn’t done though, so I started moving faster, harder, my balls slapping against the back of her thighs each time I pounded into her. She came again. I kept going. She felt so amazing, so tight, that I lost myself in the sensation. She came once more. And at 8:54, I did too.

It took her by surprise when I collapsed on top of her. Me too, really. We laid there for a moment on the cold tile floor of my office. Katrina jumped, however, when she heard the custodian’s footsteps.

“We’re ok,” I whispered. “He just locked the outside doors. He’ll do the bathrooms, faculty lounge, and department office before any of our offices. We have a bit.”

I was still inside her, but she pulled away and started scrambling to find her clothes. “I really need to… I need to go. This wasn’t…” she said. “Look, I have to go.”

She was getting dressed and I sat down on my desk. “Hey, it’s ok. Really. I mean, I’d like to see you again some time… you know, away from school.”

Katrina gathered the last of her things. “I dunno. Really… this is fast. I have to go.”

She grabbed her coat and left.

Katrina didn’t come to class Thursday, but when I logged on email after office hours, she sent me a short email.

Sorry for leaving Tuesday. I have a lot going on. Not doing anything this weekend. Wanna watch a movie Friday night? I’ll make dinner. Kat

Looks like I might have a new kitten to play with.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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