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*Note: this is fiction (at least so far) and many may be offended, if you are easily offended don’t read this.*

I knew meeting strangers from the Internet could be dangerous, but you never think something will happen to you… I suppose I was arrogant, or naive, or too horny and excited to think things through. I should never have met him in a strange town, in a remote crappy little hotel. I made it easy for him. Oh we had talked about limits and role playing and safe words online and I was dumb enough to think this would protect me. I was excited to strip for him, let him examine my body. I was petite, and looked much younger than I really was. My long red hair was braided into two pig-tails, emphasizing the youthful appearance. My breasts, small and pert B cups and toned body seemed to please him. I joyfully held still for him to tie me up,and my life as I knew it was over. At first everything seemed great, he toyed with and used my body, gave me the touch of pain I had been craving to learn, teasing me gently with it. When he finally began to fuck me, he entered me slowly and stopped once he had worked his large cock into my tight pussy and stared deep into my eyes. He told me I belonged to him, he owned me; lost in my ecstasy I begged him to take me and use me. And he did. When he finished he kept me bound and gagged me, put a blindfold and headphones on me and left my lying there. I should have been more scared. But I wasn’t, not enough. Not until a bit later when he wrapped me in a blanket and carried me out to the trunk of the car. I’m not sure how long I was in there, he stopped a few different places, but I know that we drove for hours; i eventually pissed myself i couldn’t hold it any longer and lay in my sensory deprived world and sobbed in fear, confusion and humiliation.

When we finally arrived at his property I froze in fear as the trunk popped open. He pulled off the headphones and blindfold and I blinked at the sudden light, it took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust as he pulled me from the trunk and dropped me on the ground. He let me sit there and watched me for a few minutes. I blinked and looked around, seeking escape but seeing only a house and deep forest.

“There is no escape from here.” he said harshly watching my gaze “You’ll never make it out here in the mountains, especially naked, and there’s no one to help you. You need to resign yourself to your new life. You told me you dreamed of being a slave, I’m going to make all your dreams come true and more. Your old life is gone, you belong to me now.” Angrily i tried to strike out at him, but still bound i fell and just writhed in the dirt. He laughed “I think I’ll enjoy your training very much, the more spirited the better.’ Then tossing me over his shoulder he carried me into the house and down into the dungeon.

He soon began to teach me the true meaning of pain and torment. He explained that he wanted nothing less than my total submission and subjugation, that he was my Owner, my Master. He introduced me to the taste of the whip, and many ways to inflict pain upon my breasts and sensitive pussy.
While doing so he explained over and over again to me how i was nothing, no longer person, i was his pet, his slave. From now on i would be less than an animal, i would not speak or have any thoughts or opinions, that i existed only for his amusement. The lectures, instructions and pain would go on for hours at a time. Once, when I had been particularly willful, he decided a whipping was not enough. He filled a large bucket with water and, on my hands and knees with my hands bound, plunged my head under the water over and over again. When he’d let me up for a breath he’d slap my face, yelling and threatening me, reminding me my life belonged to him and i would learn my place. This seemed to truly excite him as he suddenly was behind me and violently drove his cock deep into my cunt. As he thrust in me and plunged my head back underwater fucking and drowning me. Barely letting me gasp for breath he thankfully came quickly filling me with his seed and throwing me to the cold cement floor. I coughed and wretched up water, shivering from fear and cold. That night i never slept, i lay weeping in despair and fear. And I began to understand.

When i was left alone i was always caged or bound in some way physically but sometimes sensory as well, to block out all sight or sound. To be trapped in my mind and body, with nothing to distract me from the fear. Other times he left the video monitor playing constantly, videos of women being raped, tortured, suffering all kinds of depraved humiliation; and to my horror film of my own ordeal was worked into the continuous loop of “educational” material I was bombarded with.

Rules were imposed and rigorously enforced, punishment was always swift, direct and a deterrent. One of the cardinal rules I struggled with of course was not being allowed to speak. Animals do not speak, they may moan or cry or whimper but words were forbidden. And of course I could not help myself and many days I suffered a multitude of punishments for the merest utterance. Master even resorted to a No-Bark collar at times, especially when he could not immediately punish me himself.


I cringe at his approach, he roughly unchains me from the wall. I scramble on all fours as he pulls me along up the stairs. The bit gag in my mouth has left me drooling and i make small sounds from behind the gag, trying to beg him for mercy, to let me go. Halfway up the stairs he stops and the ever present crop is in his hand, lightening fast, as he whips it across my tender nipples and breasts. Angrily he reminds me that slaves don’t even try to talk. I can barely keep up as he hauls me to the yard. Near the patio is the padded bench, “breeding bench” he called it. He promptly binds me over, leaving me exposed and unable to move. I notice the grill is on and there are a number of things placed on the table, but i couldn’t see what they were from my awkward angle. Even from this position the view was beautiful. They were somewhere in the mountains, obviously far enough from neighbors, no one had ever come to investigate her screams. The forest was thick and rugged, even if she could escape she had no idea where to go.

He, her owner was speaking, she had missed the first part. He was talking about how she still didn’t understand her place; that she was property, and belonged to him. “I have been planning this for some time, but I think it’s best to do it now, you need to realize your old life is gone. You belong to me, you’ll make a good pet but you have a great deal to learn.” Now he was stroking her hair and caressing her back softly like she was a dog. “This will help you understand and remind you of your place”. He walked over to the grill and returned with a small brand, he showed me the red hot iron.

Panic set in and i tried to escape but it was no use. He had bound not only my hands and ankles but around my thighs and shoulders as well. i was well and truly secured. He returned the brand to the fire in the grill and knelt by my side removing the bit gag. My jaw ached and the first words were slurred as i, in a panic, began to beg him not to do it. Angrily he slapped my face, “I know you are scared and can’t help it, but you are not allowed to speak. Words are not allowed.” there was a pause as he stared into my eyes. I hated it when he caught me in his gaze, there was something inescapable and purely predator when he looked piercingly into my soul. he smiled “But I’m eager to hear your screams for this, it will be something to remember.” i then noticed the video camera and realized this too would be recorded forever. i could only sob in fear as he returned with the brand and standing over my prone body, told me how these would mark me for all time as a slave and his property. He plunged the brand onto my left ass cheek, holding it tight as the flesh singed. I froze and went rigid in pain, the world swam before me growing dark and spinning as the pain washed over me. Once again Master was speaking but the buzzing in my head and the pain blocked out all sound. I could feel my throat screaming but even that sound was lost to me. Master returned, in front of me a brand burned red, a simple “J” which i knew to be his first initial. Then he quickly pressed it against my upper breast, sending me over the edge, the world went black, all that existed was pain.

I remembered nothing until the next day when Master pulled me from my cage. My mind and body still reeled from the experience. i was in shock; everything seemed surreal and strange around me and i slowly, quietly followed Masters orders as he examined my brands. Checking the burns, he tethered me near the sink and gently cleaned the areas, applying a salve to both areas. While gentle, the pain was intense and i swayed on my hands and knees, trying to stay in position as he worked. For the newly burned flesh was hardly the only wounded marks upon my body.

Weakly, my head hung low and after one particularly painful spot was washed piss ran down my leg. The humiliation was far less than the pain and at that point i truly felt like just a creature, helpless at the hands of it’s owner with no control whatsoever. I didn’t even have the heart to respond, cringe, or even care. Master said nothing and gently hosed my legs and pussy when he was done tending me. Leading me to one of the mats, i knelt before him as he offered me bites of fruit and soft bread. I wasn’t hungry in my state of pain and dissociation, but he insisted, talking quietly to me, feeding me bites of food, calling me his pet, telling me how he has enjoyed my training. He seemed oddly pleased by my mood, and said that pain made me docile. I simply nodded, my mind hazy i was merely relieved he wasn’t yelling or cruelly tormenting me for once, he had never been so kind to me before. Not that I hadn’t earned the occasional small praise of treats or gentle touches. The small glimpses of gentle praise as he tormented and humiliated me in so many ways.

He spent time sitting with me, talking quietly mostly of stories of slaves serving their Masters, of torture and pain, of the pet I was learning to be. I curled up against him, listening but not thinking, enjoying the rhythm and sound of his voice. When he left me, it was with more videos playing on the monitor. This time, instead of trying to block it out, i simply watched, trying to understand what it was my Master wished of me.

As I healed my training and torment continued, and while i still fought him it was no longer with the passion i had before. The brands had been quite effective, they were a constant reminder that this wasn’t just a nightmare, this was now my life, sealed in my own flesh. Slowly it became easier to obey, but i still lived in fear and uncertainty.

**********************as time passes****************************************************

I’m awakened suddenly as he opens my cage door, yanking me out by my hair, I’m still sore and stiff from the night before but i scramble to obey quickly. Still I’m not fast enough which earns me a few slaps across the face. As i kneel before him, my Master holds my face still and spits on me, telling me how much he enjoyed his pet the night before. Then unzipping his pants i take his morning wood in my mouth, sucking, licking, choking on it. After a few minutes he pulls out, slaps me again and moves behind me. My head sags down as i move onto all fours as the meek pet that i am. Slowly at first Master shoves his hard cock into my tight asshole. Lubed from my spit and some of my pussy juice he scooped from my other fuck hole he slides deeper into my ass, finally penetrating all the way in. Master grunts as he fucks my ass roughly a few short strokes then pauses. Holding his cock as deep in my ass as he can, a few tears slip down my face as i feel the piss stream hot deep in my ass. Master has been been enjoying this new morning ritual for the past few days and it still horrifies me, especially that i accept it so easily. He is always trying different ways to use me and humiliate me. As he fills my ass with piss, he tells me what a filthy slut i am before pulling out and quickly inserting the butt plug to keep all the filth inside me.
i sigh as my Master snaps on my leash and starts to lead me from the basement, using the leather leash to give me a few slaps across the back and ass.

i blink at the harsh sunlight as we go into the secluded back yard, it’s so rare that I’m outside since I’ve lived as a slave, being brainwashed and trained to serve Master’s depraved needs. I’ve forgotten how long, i used to try and keep track but have long since given up. i am led out to a corner of the yard and Master pulls my plug, ordering me to go like a good dog. Squatting in the grass his piss gushes from my ass, and after a few tears i go ahead and pee as well.

Smiling he offers me a treat, holding out his thick cock he steps in front of me again.
i take the cock in my mouth, tasting of piss and my ass, it’s only a moment before I’m eagerly worshiping it, sucking and tonguing it clean. It hardens again in my mouth, i moan eagerly as i suck the quick growing cock, filling my throat until it chokes and gags me. Master smiles to himself, my eagerness to have my mouth and throat used was one of the few things he hadn’t had to beat into me. He grabs my hair roughly and fucks my throat hard as he get ready to cum, holding my mouth down on his cock; unable to breath, gagging and flailing on the pulsing hard cock he starts to cum and slowly pull out, pouring cum down my throat, filling my mouth and across my face. i collapse, choking, coughing and trying to swallow cum all at the same time. Master gives me a moment as he stand over his messy fuck pet laying in the grass. But before i fully recover he starts yanking on my leash, demanding i heel. He leads me over to the patio and ties my leash up as he pulls out the garden hose. He sprays the cum, piss and mess from my body and holes and roughly towels me off before leading me back to my cell.

The basement has been converted into an excellent dungeon and cell for Master’s pet. The floor is concrete with a drain which makes it easy for Master to clean up, the sink has a hose hook up that he makes liberal use of. Besides the large dog kennel, there is an old cot style bed and a heavy wooden work table, both outfitted with cuffs and chains for restraint. The basement also has a number of eye bolts in various places so Master can chain his pet wherever he likes. There are a few padded mats on the floor, Master does have some mercy it seems, little that it is. He also keeps a few other bits of furniture, including a padded fucking stool that i can be securely bound to. The tool rack is like something from a middle ages torture chamber rather than a hardware store (although much did come from the local Home Depot). Whips, crops, gags, dildos, harnesses, speculum and more hang in the harsh fluorescent lights. There was even a remote dog shock collar hanging amongst the dog toys that he kept promising to put to use some day. He uses the mounted video camera to both watch his slut while he is away and record her sessions to share with his friends. The video monitor sometimes played her own videos, but frequently he left it on a loop of hard core porn – often bombarding her with it 24/7.

Once there he roughly pulls me to my feet, chaining my hands over my head from the ceiling, i know better by now than to fight and hold myself ready as my hands and then my feet are chained apart. Next comes the blindfold and gag.
He leaves me standing alone and silent for a while;suddenly a sharp blow takes me across the back. My body jerks and i scream behind the gag.
i don’t think it’s the belt this time, but before i can ponder it further Master rapidly
lays blows across my back and ass, next my thighs, he works me over as my body jumps and jerks from the blows and pain. My screams muffled and garbled by the gag
he moves onto a few blows across my tits and then my inner thighs, so close to my pussy,i think I’m going to pass out, tears roll down my face.
i jump and quiver, but instead of a blow he teases and fingers my pussy, laughing at how wet it is.
But then three more blows strike my upper thighs leaving me shaking again.
i collapse as he unchains me. i can’t even react as i am dragged over to the bed.
My back and ass burn as they hit the mattress from the fresh whipping but i try to lay still as he secures my hands and spread my legs so they can be chained apart, then there’s a sharp pain, a hard pinch as Master secures something to each of my little sensitive nipples, i squirm but can’t escape their grasp.

The next thing i know two fingers are pushing into my dripping pussy and i know what’s coming. He pushes in and pull my pussy open, toying with it; he adds another finger, and continues stretching my hole. Plunging three fingers deep in my pussy, his other hand pulls on the chain connecting the nipple clamps causing me to buck up and gasp. Master then works his fourth finger into my pussy stretching it then plunging his fingers back in before stretching the lips of my cunt open again. i strain and pull against the restraints as he works steadily wedging his entire hand into my pussy. Sweat begins to pour over my body from the tension and pain.
With a plop Master’s fist finally slips past my pussy wall and my body goes still.
I’m panting behind the gag, feeling like I’m about to pass out as he starts pumping his fist up my cunt hole. He fucks me roughly, occasionally yanking on the nipple chain till my body is weak from the spasms and I’m barely conscious. I’m nothing but a puppet on his hand as he makes me jump, moaning in torment.

Pulling his hand out of my tight sucking pussy i jerk at the sudden change and emptiness. He yanks off the gag and blindfold and forces me to lick his hand and suck on his fingers covered in my wet pussy juice. With his other hand Master slaps me before moving up – crouching over my face. i gladly take his cock in my mouth, fucking it and sucking it the best i can to please him as he yanks and toys with my burning nipples. As he gets ready to cum he pulls out of my mouth and moves back over me. He plunges his aching cock into my still gaping loose pussy, ramming it as deep in as he can, hitting my cervix he starts to cum and pours hot seed inside me. He remains deep in me until his cock starts to soften then pulls out, using three fingers he digs deep down in my cum hole and pull out some sticky cum mixed with my pussy juice and begins to feed it to me, handful by handful he spreads it across my lips, on the roof of my mouth, on my tongue till he has me cleaned out. This is a ritual I’ve become accustomed to, often he has allowed me only cum to eat, especially at first when he first was breaking and starting to train me. He would starve me, and make me work so hard for even a little cum. And eventually i became eager for it, whether it was straight from his cock or fingers, or spoon or from my doggy dish or even licking it from the floor. Some days cum was all i got, others days i had to finish my cum first before Master would feed me.

After i have licked his fingers clean to his satisfaction he finally releases my nipples from the cruel clamps. The pain starts slowly, then surges rapidly as the clamps come off. Master smiles and toys with them, loving it when i flinch, knowing it hurts me and enjoying the sight of my now red and throbbing small nipples. While the pain forces a small gasp i sigh with contentment seeing his pleasure. Seeing the joy he gets from my suffering has slowly become my defining goal and despite my justified fear I’ve come to long for my Master and feel lost whenever he leaves me.

As he rises from the bed i see him go over to the small industrial sink and wash. I close my eyes and try to relax, knowing he is hardly finished with me yet. I feel his approach, with my eyes still closed i silently arch up, offering my body. The electric jolt piercing up my thigh wracks a scream from my body and I thrash against my bonds. My eyes jerk open to his steady gaze, I see the amusement in his eyes as he presses the stun gun against the soft sensitive skin of my other thigh and smiles as i scream out again. Slowly and methodically Master works his way over my body adjusting the strength of the shock and location. I see him smile as he trails it closer to my still gaping cunt, noting my reaction and watching the sheen of sweat break out over my body and begin to soak me as i struggle vainly against the pain as he brings me to the edge of passing out over and over. After what seems an eternity i hear whispering next to my ear, telling me how beautiful i am when I’m in pain and what a good pet I’m becoming, that i was born to be a slave and suffer. Gently Master brushes the hair from my face and wipes the sweat from my eyes. I cling to the praise as the world still spins around me, my body is so weak i cannot move but the praise has made me feel like I’m floating. i watch sadly as he turns off the light and shuts the door leaving me alone and bound in my cell.

i awake with a start as the door creaks open again, relief washes over me at my Master’s return. He finally releases me from my bonds and briskly rubs my arms and legs before pulling me off the bed and placing me on the floor. I kneel before him, bowing low before looking up for the approving look as he clips on my leash and rubs my head as he pulls me into a heel. Quickly i crawl on all fours, trying to keep pace and show him my graceful manner as he leads me out into the yard and lets me relieve myself. I do so like a good pet now; when he was first training me I often refused. Master’s mixture of punishment and forced enemas quickly convinced me to obey him in even this humiliating act. Indeed I was now somewhat proud to be a good housebroken pet for Master. Delighting in the simple praise he gave me like any new puppy who does their business outside on command.

On the return in the house he leads me into the kitchen and sets down my meal for the day. i wiggle my ass in gratitude as i shove my face into the dog bowl, Master was gracious enough to fill it with cut up cooked chicken and plain pasta and i eagerly ate and licked my bowl clean. Then i crawl to Master and rub my head against his leg in thanks.
Grabbing a beer he leads me into the living room and orders me to lay on the floor next to the couch while he kicks back and turns on the TV. I laid content near my Master, occasionally he’d lay the crop sharply over my breast or give me a harsh quick whipping with it during the commercial breaks. I received these blows happily, they were a small price to pay to be allowed to lay at Master’s feet. After some time he turned off the TV and led me back downstairs.

There he lifted me onto the table and indicated i maintain my position on my hands and knees. He swapped out the leash for a chain he clipped onto my collar that attached to the table. It wouldn’t hold me still of course, but i enjoyed the security of being chained. Master was rifling about his toys and returned, laying out his instruments on the table. Turning on a small box, he tested the suction on the cups before placing one on each of my breasts, instantly pulling my nipples and breasts into them. The strong suction while not exactly painful (at least yet) but created a deep strange feeling in me. Of all of Master’s new toys this I liked the best. When he left the suction on for long my breasts and nipples would become engorged, painfully sensitive and he delighted in how easy it was to inflict pain upon the inflamed tits.

Master smiled as he ran his hands over my body, checking the strength of the suction on my breasts, and the sensitivity of the welts he had left earlier. i moaned softly at the suction and he ran a finger around an edge of the suction cups along the sensitive flesh. “It’ll be easier after you’ve been bred a few times, those little tits of yours will make lovely udders.” he spoke softly to me like you would a frightened horse and i gazed up at him, my eyes wide and my body shaking slightly at his words. He nodded slightly at my silent question, running one hand down over my smooth tight stomach,”Not quite yet my little pet, I have some other plans for you first, but I think you’ll make a fine little breeder.” with that he gave me a gentle slap on the ass and moved behind me. My breath was already ragged from the shock of his words and the swelling of my breasts.

i felt the cool smoothness of the lube as he rubbed it around and then dipping a finger into my cunt. He replaced his finger with the cool tip of the stainless steel speculum that he advanced slowly all the way into my cunt. Once in place he ratcheted it open, quickly at first, then one notch at a time until it was completely open. It is so hard to try and relax yet the tension flowing through my body hurts as well, this pain spikes as i feel the lash of a whip across my back, causing me to arch and cry out. I gasp and catch my breath, concentrating on breathing as he lays one lash after another across my back, ass and legs. Tears drip from my face as i try to remain still, after a few more strikes Master returns his attention to the speculum, using a flash light and small brush to carefully poke and prod at his slave’s inner cunt. Despite the gentle touch it still causes me to tremble and squeak out as he examines all of his property. At last he finishes and slides out the speculum which leaves me shaking, Turning off the suction machine he pulls the cups from my swollen tits, rubbing them and squeezing them in his hands. Then he takes hold of my head, starring into my eyes,”You’ve done very well pet, you are becoming a fine slave. i have a surprise for you tomorrow, so you need to get your rest tonight.” and kissed me on the forehead. i could have sobbed in joy at the simple gesture of care. Master took a washcloth and gently cleaned me all off, before locking me in my kennel for the night. I curled up in my cage gaziantep escort and slept peacefully.

****************************another master***************************************

Then next day starts much the same, i am becoming used to the routine and my Master comments on how eagerly i clean his cock this morning after he’s given me his piss. Despite my face still burning from my first face slapping of the day, i beam in joy. I realize I’ve made great progress, i take the pain much easier, Master can now torment and beat me far longer and harder without having to give me a break to keep me conscious and yet it is still so easy for him to make me scream out in terror and pain. My transition is becoming more complete and i am eager for my Master’s surprise he’s promised, no matter what pain it may bring, for he seems so pleased for me. After rinsing me off in the yard Master returns to tie me to a tree, the morning is warm and sunny with a slight breeze and Master tells me it’s a perfect day for his puppy to stay outside. He brings my bowls out to me, one of water, the other filled with fresh cut fruit: melon, apples and some berries. I wiggle in delight at the delicious breakfast savoring each bite, even happy for the bits of juice and fruit that get on my nose and face. Finished with breakfast i lick myself clean and sprawl, rolling in the warm grass. While an hour or so must have passed, I contentedly napped in the grass, then stalked about, playing with a few wildflowers as far as my chain would allow. My mind empty of anything but the sensations around me, the warm sun, the soft, tickling grass and sweet smells of flower and the rich dirt.

Master’s return startled me and i jumped up on my hands and knees, writhing at the end of my leash excited as he approached. i was rewarded with a smile as he set down the small bin he carried to caress my head and ruffle my hair. He gave me a quick slap to the face and asked if his pet was enjoying her morning, I gave a little yip as i rubbed against his leg and he chuckled softly “Good pet, I have something for you, it’ll help you relax, I don’t want any fighting or disobedience from you today.” the last bit was in a hard warning tone as he gave me a long look “But this will help you behave, you’ve been such a good girl I’m going to make this easy on you.” i quickly nodded and bowed before Master, touching my forehead to his boots. “Good girl, now turn around while i set this up”.

i quickly obeyed, but couldn’t help seeing Master pull out a large enema bag which he filled with dark liquid from a large bottle and hung it from a low branch on the tree. Master rubbed some lube around my puckered dark hole and slowly but firmly pushed the enema wand all the way in. Releasing the flow of liquid Master rubbed his hand across my back and ass, talking to me in the gentle low tone; telling me to take and hold my enema, that I’ve become a good pet but still have much to learn and he would help me, my surprise would teach me more and help me become a real animal. My head drooped in relaxation, basking in Master’s attention, feeling my bowels and belly fill and become tight. Master rubbed my swollen belly, telling me i looked pregnant like a bred heifer. When the wine from the enema had run empty, Master slowly pulled the tube out, replacing it with a large plug. Some of the wine escaped trickling down my legs. Master continued to pet me, massaging my belly, dipping just the tip of his finger into my cunt to tease me. When I moaned from the cramps, Master laid me down on my side, one hand massaging my belly and the other gently fingering and stretching my soaking cunt.

Deciding I had enough he rose and led me over to the side yard pulling the plug and signaling me to go. I promptly squatted and obeyed and when finishing i quickly leaned down and kissed Master’s boots. Smiling in approval he offered his cock, enjoying some pleasure as the enema finished running through me. Finally finished he gave me a quick jerk as he pulled me over to the hose and gave me a quick rinse down and returned me to my chain on the tree.

The wine enema did its job in relaxing me and i rolled in the grass, feeling it’s warmth spread through me. Perhaps I slept for a while as I almost didn’t hear my Master’s return. He wasn’t alone, he also carried the breeding bench out near the tree and I came up on all fours, as a good dog, when the two of them approached. “Here she is” Master waved a hand at me and I snuck a look up at his friend. He was older, with light hair, and a bit of a crooked nose; he looked me over with an experienced eye, grabbing a hold of my collar he looked at me closely, running one hand over my body, squeezing my tits. Walking around behind me he ran his hand over my ass, casually pulling my ass cheeks apart and giving my ass and cunt a closer exam.

“Fine looking bitch, you’ve done a good job with her.” the man said, he and Master talked about me, sometimes prodding one body part or another with Master’s crop. He then handed the crop over to his friend, encouraging him to give me a try. The man didn’t hesitate, laying several quick lashes across my ass, then my breasts before working over the rest of my body, ending with a few lashes aimed right on my cunt. He then stepped in front of me, pulling his hard cock from his pants. At Master’s gesture i quickly began to suck and deep throat the man’s cock He took my mouth roughly and came deep in my throat. Choking, i licked my lips, not wasting any cum. Master smiled down at me “I think she’s ready to meet her new friend.” His friend grinned back in agreement and said he’d be right back. As he left Master took my face in his hands “This is for your own good, it will help you be a better pet.” He then pulled me over the breeding bench, cuffing my hands to the front post and legs to the rear post. I was no longer puzzled by this when the man returned to the yard leading a large German shepherd. The massive dog strained at his leash, and my eyes grew wide. “Meet your new mate, now you’ll be a real bitch” Master told me.

I squirmed in panic as the dog’s wet nose investigated his new bitch, he snuffled all over before focusing on my cunt. The first lap of his tongue sent me into spasms, which made both men laugh. The eager licking sent me into waves of orgasm almost instantly and i arched my back and pussy up trying to give him more access. Abruptly the licking stopped and he jumped up onto me, his legs scratching at me as they wrapped around me like a vice and he began humping. His cock stabbed against my thighs as he humped me. I could feel someone’s hand and my head jerked up. Master stood before me, it was his friend who was guiding the dogs cock to my cunt lips. Master put his hand under my chin, tilting up my head to gaze into my eyes as the dog found his mark my eyes widened and i let out a half scream as the dog plunged hard and fast into my cunt. Master held onto my face, watching me as the dog rapidly humped me, raping my cunt without care. He was like a piston riding me. i felt a hard swelling and squealed at the quickly expanding cock in my pussy. The dog increased his tempo and plunged deep into my pussy causing me to howl as he pressed in. And then i knew, he pulled back slightly, his thick knot trapped inside me. the dog growled in contentment as he held me down with his weight. I was tied to him, there was no escape. i was the dog’s bitch.

Master smiled down at my tear covered face. “From now on you’ll obey him as well, you’re just a bitch and he’ll help you learn to be a good dog. Do you understand now?” I nodded, exhausted. Master dropped my head, stepping back to join his friend the two joked and talked as i lay exhausted over the bench, trapped and tied till my k9 Master released my body.

It was some time before the swelling of his knot receded and the dog slipped from my cunt with a gush of his cum running down my legs. My k9 Master, whose name to the rest of the world I would learn was Brody, lapped at the sticky fluid, licking my thighs and still quivering pussy lips. After a few minutes he stopped, circled around then lifted his leg, pissing all over me, marking me as his property. Master and his friend roared with laughter at this, and continued to laugh as they unchained me and hosed me off. Brody explored his new yard, marking frequently all over. As I lay in the grass, trying to make sense of my new position i listened to the two men; apparently “we” dogs were going to have a covered pen in the corner of the yard, Master seemed to have many plans for me and Brody and i fell asleep dreaming of dog slobber and kennels.


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