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The traffic was terrible…we hadn’t moved more than ten feet in the last half-hour… Yes, the traffic was terrible but the company was terrific!! There we were together, watching the scenery not going by – enjoying our conversation, enjoying listening to some great music on the car’s stereo…laughing, talking, getting to know each other better…simply making the most of this time together.

As you might imagine, it wasn’t too long before our conversation drifted easily into the ‘intimate’ side of our human nature and our relationship. At one point you asked me with a slight blush, why from time to time I mentioned my fantasy of making love to/with a virgin. Without hesitation, I told you quite simply…Honey, I really could not pinpoint where that “fascination” has it’s basis – a couple of possibilities have sort of formulated in my mind but I can’t seem to nail down the precise origin: (a) I’ve never made love to/with a virgin.. (2) Wondering what the actual physical sensation of going through a hymen would be like..[what is like from the feminine side?]… (III) Sharing a true “first” with someone so very special… (D) Maybe it’s something as simple as the fact that my own loss of virginity was so remarkably unspectacular, un-special, and so damn far from romantic as to be disappointing. Pulling something from deep within (but somehow connected to III) it could also be that strong desire to be at that “first” stage and then with true emotion and affection, build a special relationship.

I then went on to briefly describe my loss of virginity in a whorehouse in Japan at age 19 when I was in the Navy…that the ‘lady’ involved could not have been more disinterested in how special I wanted the occasion to be…and that I’ve carried that disappointment with me for all these years. But I assured you then and there that it was not a fetish or such an overwhelming thought that it would ever affect our relationship in any way whatsoever! As I spoke, you continued to blush ever so slightly, and the sweet smile that was on your face was there only to hide a special secret.

Then, just like our first e-mail letters to each other, we started talking about our various likes and dislikes in making love: you again said that you truly enjoyed oral sex: both getting and giving – I interrupted you by telling you how much I was looking forward to gently spreading your labia and burying my face fully, lovingly deep in your pussy…sucking out every drop of your sweet juice and drawing your hardening clit into my mouth so that my tongue could swirl all around it…teasing it, loving it…letting you know by my actions that this was one of the most delightful aspects of our love-making.

Just my description of what I would be doing to you caused the heat to really start to build between those precious pussy lips and you could feel that moisture start to seep into all the folds and crevices of your vagina and then, as each moment passed, build to the point where you felt the crotch of your panties becoming progressively more soaked.

[All the while you were getting turned on, the secret that you hid only served to increase your excitement and passion. Recently, you had learned of a new ointment, a spin-off of major medical research, which was capable of regenerating certain types of skin under controlled circumstances. Secretly you had purchased a tube, carefully used it and, much to your delight had been able to ‘grow’ a brand new hymen. The process had not been without sacrifice since you had had to learn to use your ‘friend’ gingerly so as not to damage the new tissue. The process had been facilitated substantially by the fact that your vagina was already deliciously tight. Your daily self-examinations determined that your restored virginity was indeed finished and that your longed-for deflowering by me would be complete in every delectable detail…a gift you could give to me only and yet share in so entirely, so joyously.]

Watching you squirm in the seat, I knew that my words and the visions that were floating through your mind we indeed having a truly sexy effect on you.. And you, you were ever so glad that you had chosen to wear thigh-high hose instead of pantyhose…for you knew that before we got out of this traffic jam we were going to wind up doing some heavy-duty petting – at the very least – and you didn’t want any more restriction than our clothes already created.

I drew you close to me and put your back against my shoulder so that you were in a semi-reclining position…it wasn’t long before my hand was boldly sliding down inside the front of your blouse, exploring the lush globes of your magnificent breasts – running my palm softly over, under and around those sensitive orbs while my fingers sought out and then teased your budding nipples, rolling those nipples between my fingertips drawing them even further out and harder against the cups of your lacy brassiere. After a few minutes of this delightful exploring, I found the front clasp of that harshly restraining garment, undid the clasp with my one free hand and we then both relished the comfortable freedom your breasts now had underneath your blouse.

As time slowly moved on (and since the traffic wasn’t moving), my exploration and teasing of your beautiful breasts was able to be accompanied by my kissing your neck – seeking out those ‘special escort taksim places’ – and flicking my tongue over and around your earlobe. Between your moans and sighs of pleasure, you slyly shifted position so that you were in an even more relaxed and pronounced reclining position. This slight shift put your ever-moistening nude pussy within easy reach of my exploring and steering wheel-free right hand.

Given that new freedom and invitation, I soon seized the opportunity to add this more intimate and very personal exploration and stimulation… as my hand drifted down over top of your silky skirt to your knee, you felt not only the warmth of my hand, arm and body but also your increasing temperature. I began stroking the inside of your knee and slowly, ever so slowly – tenderly and gently, I started caressing the inside of your silky thighs – which you sensuously parted to allow me even more access and freedom of movement.

It wasn’t long before my hand fully covered, stroked and teased your panty-clad pussy: I could feel the heat and moisture that was being generated underneath that filmy garment and we were both delighting in the sensations that my attention to your pussy was bringing to your entire body! As my middle finger was outlining your love-lips through your now-sopping panties, you tried to move your left arm in order to return the favor of some sensual stroking but the position you were in left you unable to reach me and so you were thus ‘forced’ to do nothing by lay there and enjoy the tingling sensations I was giving to you.

Soon my finger-tracings of your pussy started edging you towards what we both hoped would be the first of many orgasms…and to help bring that about, I slid my hand easily under the waistband of your panties to finally gain that sought after skin-to-skin contact. Almost as soon as my finger tips grazed the sensitive bud of your clit, your hips bucked upward to exact even more pressure from my hand as you flew over that orgasmic rainbow to that delicious, nerve-tingling climax. “Oh god, Baby! I’m cummming!!”, you groaned as my finger was tenderly sliding inside your wet, wild and waiting vagina while my palm pressed against the tender mound of flesh housing your throbbing clit. For a few brief moments, my hand drifted away from stroking your pussy to slide your panties down over your hips…an operation you helped with by raising your lovely, soft ass off the seat and then helped in tugging that saturated undergarment completely off.

Now, with full freedom and access to your naked pussy, I continued and expanded my manual lovemaking to you. Your hips continued to buck upwards against my hand and your abdominal muscles quivered as the sparks of your climax continued to flash throughout your lovely body; “Please Honey, don’t stop – don’t stop: I’m still cummmming!!”, you begged – and I more than willing complied finger-fucking you to yet another orgasm (or was it the same one being drawn on and on by my continuing attention to your drenched pussy?).. While my hand was vigorously making love to your pussy, I managed to rub my upper arm across your tits adding an additional level of stimulation to your pleasure. “Come on Angel, enjoy!” … my words were totally superfluous since you were on your own flight into fantasy easily without any more urging on my part.

Being in the reclining position you were, folks in cars around us couldn’t see you in the throes of sexual satisfaction; there we were: in the middle of the day, in the middle of a traffic jam with cars all around us and yet, only you and I were aware of the joy taking place inside our vehicle..!!

I continued to take you on that roller-coaster ride of climactic pleasure as your hands clutched at my hand, and you guided my strokes so that you would get exactly what you wanted in the way of friction, stroking, teasing, pressure … letting your hands and hips guide me, I was able to keep you at that peak of pleasure for minutes on end. Throughout this scrumptious love-making, you had been careful not to allow my finger too much penetration into your vagina…waiting, waiting for the right moment to share your secret.

Satisfied and still shuddering, you gently pulled my hand away from your tingling pussy just a bit and cooed, “ummm Baby, I feel so good, so happy!!” and you let me know that you just couldn’t take any more…at that moment (“later” maybe, but not right now). But before you let this chapter close, you guided my finger up inside your vagina again, with heart still pounding you turned to me, smiled and said, “Do feel that Darling? That’s my maidenhead… I’m a virgin.” I gasped sharply, “Oh my God, Baby…I didn’t …”. You cut off any further words from me by placing your fingers gently on my lips. “That’s right, Honey”, you whispered, “I want you, Bob, to my first real lover…please??”

As you basked in your own private after-glow of not only your orgasms but also the sharing of your ‘secret’, you demurely pulled down your skirt and fully curled up with your head in my lap…feeling freshly-loved, satisfied but yearning yet for even more pleasure: yours, mine, ours! Not since you were?? had you enjoyed this kind of erotic pleasure in a vehicle!

With your newly acquired position, at last your hands were free to start exploring my crotch. It only took a few tender strokes beşiktaş escort of your hand over my pants’ zipper area before you felt the very definite twitching and growth of a ‘bear sausage’ beneath your touch. As you pressed your hand down, my hips moved upward to increase that delectable sensation that I was feeling. “Oh Honey, can I see that…”, your voice trailed off before you could finish your sentence and from the way I was flexing my pelvis, it was more than slightly obvious that you had my full and complete ‘permission’ to do whatever you wanted to do!

A quick unbuckling of my belt and a downward slide of the zipper on my jeans exposed the growing bulge of my penis inside my black silk boxer shorts…”Oooo, sexy black!!” you murmured. “Wore ’em just for you, Baby!” I replied as my respiration rate started to increase. The elastic quality of my shorts allowed for even further expansion of my erection, an action directly related to your seductive stroking.

Since I was still behind the wheel, it took a little effort on both our parts but you managed to pull both my trousers and shorts down to around the tops of my knees – laying open for your full and complete inspection, the stiffening cock that you had so long dreamed about. As your caressing of the shaft continued, you saw the first drop of pre-cum exude from the slit at the top of the mushroom-shaped crown. Without hesitation, your lips pressed tenderly just at that spot to suck the pre-cum droplets from my cock and then, just as easily as my finger had slid inside your waiting vagina, the head of my shaft was sliding between your moist, ruby lips to sensuously encircle “your prize”.

Your mouth went down the shaft to a point where your lips made contact with your hand which was encircling my shaft. Oh god Sweet Baby, your mouth was so warm, so wet, so silky… exquisite!! You drew your lips back up so that only the head was inside your mouth…then your tongue went to work: swirling gently around the crown, teasing the slit – while your hand slid down to cup and caress my balls.

“Easy Baby!!”, I almost pleaded. “Yes, those balls are just brim-full of cum just for you!! But I want it to last a while longer…you keep sucking me like that and rubbing my balls, you’re gonna get a mouthful of cum long before either one of us really wants it!! Oooooooo!” Sensing that I was really that excited by your touch and oral attention, you backed off…keeping your lips around my cock but not moving up and down and also pulling your hand away from my scrotum.

After you felt the ‘crisis’ was momentarily past, you allowed my cock to slip out of your hungry mouth and exchanged positions with your hand which now just tenderly held my shaft while your lips tried to find my scrotum and those cum-laden balls inside. While all this was going on, my hand once again got into the action by reaching down and rubbing your ass as seductively as I possibly could…sliding your skirt up once again so that we could share more skin-to-skin contact. I slid a finger down the crack of your enchanting buttocks, pausing briefly to pay tribute to the virginal rosebud of your anus before finding the puffy portals of your super-slick labia.

Just then (dammit!) the traffic began to pick up speed and we both knew that I’d have to pay at least a little bit of attention to my driving and both of us reduced the amount of attention we were giving to each other’s ‘equipment’. You heard the clicking of the car’s turn signal and glanced up from my lap through the windshield to see that wonderful blue sign proclaiming “Rest Area 1 Mile”. You looked up at my face with a devilish smile and said, “Honey, I need to ‘rest’, I mean, I REALLY need to rest!!!” “Yeah Baby, me, too!!” I replied, breathing hard and likewise smiling broadly.

It seemed like hours dragged by before we hit that damn ‘Rest Area’ turn off but there, finally, it was…all the while we were driving towards that special place, you continued to lovingly stroke my hard cock – from time to time adding some of your saliva to lubricate the hard shaft beneath your hand – while I, too, continued to fondle your ever-so-erotic buttocks and finding ways to slide a rigid digit inside your simply dripping pussy and find every sensitive nerve ending that I could!!

You felt more than knew that our car was leaving the congested freeway and heading for what we both ‘really needed’: a rest area!! As our car started to slow down, you raised yourself up: prim, proper, lady-like…pulling your skirt down once again, as we drove into the wooded rest area. You started to say something, but even before the words reached your reddened lips, I smiled – held up my hand and pressed a couple of pussy-juice soaked fingers against your lips…whispering, “I know, Angel….trust me!”

“Well hell…this was just the beginning, why not give it shot and see what he cums up with.” was the thought that rambled through your mind. Cruising slowly through the rest area parking lot I did indeed find just that right spot … away from prying eyes … safe, secure and secluded – actually tucked away, off the pavement and sheltered by the trailer of an 18 wheeler, we now had our own private paradise.

The van had scarcely come to halt before you opened your door and stepped outside, only to open the back door. A quick glance around our surroundings şişli escort convinced you that we were as truly alone as we would ever be on one of Montana’s back roads. Only two buttons left to be unfastened on your blouse and standing there in the late afternoon sunshine, the sunlight highlighting your auburn hair, shaded by some anonymous trucker’s trailer, you sexily finished unbuttoning your blouse…casting it to land softly on the front seat back. Your fingers then easily, guilt-free, slipped beneath the elastic waistband of your skirt which almost instantly joined your blouse on the van’s front seat.

Even as I left the driver’s side door and started walking toward you, you sexily cupped both your breasts in your hands crossing your arms and then started to slide those hands downward toward your flaming pussy. As I came around the end of the car, you could see that your actions had indeed had the desired effect…my hastily pulled up jeans, still open at the zipper, were allowing the hard shaft of my cock to make a real tent out of my black boxers. As I walked, my shirt too was shed and tossed on the roof of the car, with a momentary pause, my shoes found a new, temporary home in the tall grass of the rest area…and just as I reached you, both my pants and shorts slid off to find a resting place on the ground.

There we were…in a rest area, just off a traffic clogged highway…hidden from public view, standing mutually naked under a clear blue, late afternoon sky. We melded into each other’s arms as our lips met…sucking passionate french kisses from our new lovers’ mouth…hands wrapped around our lovers’ back…stroking, caressing…yearning to find that rich fulfillment that we had so often talked about…that I had written you so lovingly about…that we now had fully within our grasp…our grasp of each other!!

Your engorged breasts pressed fully, firmly into my chest…you felt my hard cock trying to press into your pussy while my hands stroked your back…caressed your naked skin…fondled the globes of your delicious ass pressing you closer into me. Knowing that you couldn’t slide your hand in between our bodies to find my stiff prick, your hands concentrated their caresses on my head and neck pulling my lips even more tightly into yours while our tongues sought our lovers’ out only to continue the oral dueling we had so recently commenced.

I scooped you into my arms, with our lips joined, and carried you to a very secluded area just beyond the rest area… a pretty spot that overlooked a small pond. Our lips continued to fuse together while the tips of our tongues did loving battle…I worked my way down your neck to your heaving breasts and through the fabric of your lacy bra, my tongue teased your hardening nipples. Continuing over your soft belly to your ready-to-explode crotch, my lips and tongue traced a very erotic path. Once there I found a rapidly moistening, uncovered and freshly-shaved slit waiting to be explored – and explore it I did with lips, tongue, fingers.

Just as my finger begins to slide inside your vagina, you stiffened ever so slightly -“You’re my first lover – and I want you to be..” words that come from deep inside your body and your soul. My oral attention to your love-nest continued while my hands continued more exploration and tantalization of your luscious breasts.

Finally that moment has arrived…you felt the stiffness of my cock-head against the pure, pristine but ready lips guarding your inner love passage. Moving away from the deep, devoted kiss I’m planting on your lips…I asked in a whisper: “Are you sure you want this? Are you really sure?” In answer, your hands moved down my sides to grab a firm hold of my buttocks and you began to draw me into you.

At first as I began to enter you, you felt the pressure of my stiff cock against your hymen…a resistance that I felt also. While my hips were gently thrusting forward, my lips continue to suck kisses from your mouth that was trying to let out a building series of sighs and moans of pleasure.I withdrew my penis from your ever-so-tight sheath only to re-enter and put more pressure on your maidenhead…between us, the moment is beyond description and the desire beyond waiting any longer. On the next stroke, my thrust was met by your upward flexing of your hips and then…we both feel it: the mushroom cap of my penis was tearing through your hymen – for you, there was a momentary flash of discomfort as that thin membrane was reduced to history but it is immediately replaced by the unknown but fantastic pleasurable feeling of completeness…knowing that in every respect you are now “a woman”. At that instant, the cry that escaped your lips comes from deep inside your body, mind and soul…it was not a cry of pain but rather of fulfillment, ultimate satisfaction. Our mutual delight and pleasure continues as we exchange and enhance each other’s movements…sliding in and out, finding pleasure centers, sensitive spots, generating bolts of indescribable ecstasy that radiate throughout our bodies, souls – our very beings. Almost immediately, a first wave of orgasm sweeps over you – it begins a cycle that is to continue… Sensations that I encourage with not only my thrusting, kissing and caressing but also with my words: “CUM BABY, this is for you. Enjoy, my WOMAN!” As these cycles of climax each reach their peak, your body responds by showering down its liquid tribute to your already slick vagina. Finally my moment is at hand, timing my strokes to your responses…your moans…the rippling of your belly…I tell you that I’m about to climax and that I want you to join me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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