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Adam lived in a respectable suburban avenue, quiet but for the kids playing football in the street. His mum was downstairs, banging away in the kitchen and his dad was talking football outside with the neighbor. He peered out as they both gesticulated about the last game, Mr. Mitchell from two doors down.

After his taxi experience, and to be honest a few more trips, he now looked at men in a whole new way. Mr. Mitchell was married with two kids and lived three houses down. More importantly, he was hot, in his forties but still in really good shape. Adam was practically drooling, he stopped staring when they both waved at him. If they only knew Mr. Mitchell had made him hard.

Adam lay back on his bed, softly playing with his cock. Fantasising over what Mr. Mitchell looked like naked, only to be interrupted by a text from Kev.

He had told Carly and Kev that he was now sure he was gay, and annoyingly, neither was greatly surprised. Carly told him she always thought he was because no boy should look cuter than her. Kev wondered if he’d ever thought of him that way, but Adam explained that he was much more into the sexy older masculine man.

Kev responded, “Cheeky twat”.

Kev had texted him to see if he wanted to join him in the pub later that night to watch the football game. ‘Yes, nothing better to do,’ he replied.

After his tea, he showered and changed, trying his best straight-lad look. Trackies and a hoodie, not bad, but the long blonde hair and his fairly feminine features slightly gave him away.

When he entered the pub, the noise hit him. It was ram packed, standing room only. Liverpool was playing and that always meant a full house. Kev was squeezed in against the bar, waving Adam’s drink to get his attention

Adam squeezed his slim body through the throng of old fellas and scally boys, getting a few glances for his slightly effeminate looks. Kev grinned at him. “You’ll be popular in here, büyükesat escort hun.” Making Adam blush as he shushed him.

As the game started, the pub erupted into songs. Adam was swayed into the middle of the bar-room, with no choice but to stand and watch the game. Trying to lift his drink to his mouth was a chore, as the crowd knocked him at every chance. The person directly behind pressed tight up against him. He could feel their chest brushing against his head.

As a roar went up for a goal, a large hand stroked his arse which made him jump. He considered that it must be accidental but the hand didn’t move away. Instead, it started to grope his round bubble butt roughly and he could feel a hard bulge pressing into his back.

With his long blonde hair, he thought, ‘Maybe from behind he thinks I’m a girl.’ Although, most girls he knew would have belted a fella for this and he was letting it happen. Judging by how hard he was getting, he had to admit to enjoying it too. When he tried to turn his head to see his abuser, the hand slipped between his legs, rubbing his crack through his jeans, almost lifting him to his tiptoes.

Whoever this man was, he was controlling him in a packed room of straight men. His heart thumped through his chest and his breathing was down to a pant.

“Meet me outside,” the gruff voice whispered, leaving the odor of alcohol and hot breath on his ear. Adam turned just in time to see a large man leaving the pub.

Adam was nervous, but way too turned on not to follow. Pulling his top down over his noticeable bulge as he made his way to the exit.

Walking out into the cool night air, he peered into the darkness for the man. Behind him, a low voice ordered him, “Walk ahead, down to the park. Don’t turn around!” As he walked, he had to fight the urge to turn and see the man’s face. He could feel him walking closely behind him.

“Here, cebeci escort through the gap,” ordered the man gruffly.

A hand guided him through a hole in the fence and then the man lead him through the bushes. As they came to a clearing, Adam was spun around and pressed up against a tree.

The man pressed up hard against him and kissed his neck, while his hands unbuttoned Adam’s jeans. “You do know I’m a boy?” questioned Adam meekly.

“Oh yes, and I know what kind of boy.” The man teased whilst licking his neck.

The smell of alcohol and aftershave swam around him, his jeans now roughly yanked down. His pale white butt shone in the night as it was exposed to the breeze. Two strong hands caressed the cheeks.

“Fuck, you have a beautiful arse boy.” He slapped each cheek, making the butt wiggle.

Adam’s cheeks were roughly pulled apart and he could feel the cold air at his exposed hole. Then he felt the hot breath of the man, as he spat against it.

As he stood up, the man slipped his fingers along the crack. Rigorously rubbing his fingers on the boy’s hole.

Adam groaned at the feeling, the sensation making him grind back on the fingers.

The man gripped the boy at the waist, pulling him back. Forcing the boy to bend with his hands on the tree and his arse pushed out. The man’s breathing got heavier as he unzipped his pants and started unwrapping a condom.

“I have lube in my pocket,” Adam panted.

“Dirty little bitch, you knew what you were after.” The Man chuckled as he reached into the pocket.

Adam knew he’d found it when he felt the cold liquid being poured on his hole. Eager fingers rubbing it into him. His body tensed, as he felt the cock head press against his tight hole.

“Ohhh,” he couldn’t help but let a loud moan as the cock popped into him. The man’s hands held his waist tightly as the kolej escort cock slid in deep.

“Fuck, boy, your so tight,” groaned the man, He kissed the boy, as he held him impaled on his cock.

Slowly, he started to ease his cock out then reverse it deep back up the boy, who moaned with each deep thrust. The man was insatiable with desire, the boy was beautiful. His wife’s sex drive had dissipated over the years and he started to be tempted by desires he thought foreign to him.

He had been awoken one night by a shouted gay remark from a taxi and upon seeing the boy pass his window knew his strange attraction to this effeminate boy was answered. This boy drove him wild and the pleasure of his tight hole gripping his cock was immeasurable.

Adam moaned helplessly. Each pound of his cock hit his prostate, making his head spin. “Oh god, please fuck me harder.”

The man took this as the boy goading him, so he fucked him harder than he’d ever dared fuck a girl. He viciously pulled on his long blonde hair, as he slapped his body against his pale ass. Delighting in his gorgeous bubble-butt taking all of his cock. “Take that, you little bitch”.

The man’s hand gripped Adams dripping cock, pushing him further to ejaculation. He squeezed his hole tightly on the cock, knowing both of them were close.

The noise of both of them cumming reverberated around the park, neither cared about their surroundings. Anyone who had passed would have had quite a show.

The man kissed Adam on the neck, hand still gripping Adam’s spent cum soaked cock. His own still buried deep within the boy. He withdrew his cock from the boy’s perfect tightness and slipped off the cum filled condom.

“Can I suck that cock clean, Mr. Mitchell?” inquired Adam.

“What!” Mr. Mitchell was shocked. “How did you know?”

Adam laughed. “I do know your voice.”

As the boy turned around, Mr. Mitchell got his first close up view of him. The boy flicked his blonde hair and smiled at him, he was gorgeous.

Adam dropped to his knees, taking Mr. Mitchell’s cock deep in his mouth. He slowly, teasingly, licked every drop of cum from the throbbing cock. Looking up at Mr. Mitchell with his big blue eyes, he grinned deliciously. “It’s ok, I won’t tell my dad.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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