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It was early July, the school term was close to ending for the long summer break. Cath had decided that they were all overdue a night out. Something to celebrate the end of a long, stressful term.

So she had written a short note on the staff notice board, suggesting where and when; which was quickly followed by a list of names, showing who was planning on going.

They didn’t go out often all together. With almost 30 teachers and support staff at the school, it could be difficult finding dates and times to suit everyone. Cath had managed to book a couple of booths at a popular night club; somewhere they could sit and chat or dance if they wanted to.

Emma wasn’t really into nights out at the club, but as most of the others were going, she felt she should go along too. Her husband was happy to stay home with their kids so that she could go out.

Laura was one of the youngest members of staff, so was keen to get dressed up and go out, even if it meant being out with some of the ‘oldies’, rather than her usual friends. She pulled a number of dresses from her wardrobe and threw them onto the bed. She wanted something that would leave little to the imagination. Jon was going tonight and she was determined to see if his flirting in the classroom was finally going to lead to something.

Dan was in his late 20’s and he loved his job. One of only two men working at the school, he was popular with the women he worked with; not in a sexual way, they just seemed to like his banter. They were keen to give his sculpted biceps a squeeze whenever they needed a ‘strong man to do a job’! He pulled on a shirt and gave himself a quick spray of aftershave. Tonight was going to be a good night!

Jon was planning on hitting the bar hard. One of two men at the school, he sometimes found the constant female chatter boring. He was only 32, already married and tied up with three kids. He felt as though he had missed out on his wild, carefree years. He passed the time in school making the odd comment to Laura when the kids weren’t around; but she was far from his type. Jon’s wife was used to him hitting it hard on a night out and didn’t ask any questions the next day. She suspected he wasn’t always faithful, but the bills were paid and he loved their kids, so she didn’t rock the boat.

Cath was first to arrive at Club Tiger, making sure the booths she had requested were reserved. It was a great spot, halfway between the bar and the DJ booth. She ordered a large cocktail pitcher and waited for the others to arrive.

By the time Cath had finished the pitcher, everyone had arrived. There was a lot of happy chatter as everyone mingled and hugged. Jon hovered near the edge of the group, while Laura watched him, trying to catch his eye.

Laura had it all planned out; a few drinks, maybe get him up for a dance and once he realised she had no panties on…

Dan was up at the bar with a group around him, trying to convince them to join him in some shots. They were halfheartedly protesting, but Dan knew they were all up for it. He felt at least two of them sneakily stroke his muscled back and grinned. He was going to have some fun tonight!

Emma was sat at the booth wondering how long she needed to stay before she could make an excuse and leave. Watching the group at the bar giggling with Dan and doing shots, she cringed; some of them were old enough to be his mother!

After passing a few pleasantries around, Jon slipped off to the bar, keen to get started on his first pint. Laura sat in the booth sipping her chilled white wine, watching him head over to the bar.

Suddenly a song came on making crowds of people cheer. “Everyone up, come on, no excuses!” Called Cath, “I love this song!”

Cath dragged a reluctant Emma to her feet to join them in a dance. Laura saw this as a good opportunity to approach Jon while everyone was distracted.

Jon meanwhile had gone through three pints in a short space of time, trying to change his mood to become more people friendly. It wasn’t that he didn’t like his colleagues, he just didn’t feel like he fit in with the group. Laura was alright and he and Emma had worked together a bit recently. As least Emma wasn’t always trying to Rize Escort flirt with him like Laura was.

Jon felt a hand touch his shoulder and turned to see Laura there. “Alright?” He asked, downing his fourth pint. Laura ran her hand down his arm and sat on the stool next to him, crossing her legs to make her dress seem even shorter. Jon glanced down at her bare thighs and quickly signaled to the barman for another pint.

“Didn’t feel like dancing then?” She purred at him, leaning forward slightly to show off her cleavage. Jon didn’t answer, he just paid the barman for his pint and drank slowly.

Laura decided to up her game, placing her hand lightly on his thigh.

“God I hate this song!” Emma gasped, as she sat hurriedly on the other side of Jon. “Every time I try and sit down, Cath drags me back up! No wonder you two are hiding over here!”

“Not hiding, just having a chat, aren’t we Jon?” Laura smiled at Emma, hoping she’d get the hint and leave them to it. “Sure.” He replied, drinking more of his pint. Laura took this as a good sign and slid her hand further up his thigh.

Jon sighed. It wasn’t that Laura wasn’t attractive, she just wasn’t his type. Sure he could fuck her tonight, but she was quite needy and high maintenance. He knew she wouldn’t be satisfied with one night and he really wasn’t interested in the hassle.

“I hate all this manufactured pop music.” Emma said, signaling to the barman that she was ready to order. Jon smiled in spite of his mood. “Me too. This is my idea of hell!”

Emma laughed, taking her drink from the barman. “So what do you normally listen to?”

Jon shrugged. “Lots of stuff really, usually my music’s a little heavier than this, if you know what I mean?” Laura rolled her eyes and took her hand from his thigh. This clearly wasn’t working.

Laura left Jon and Emma discussing their favourite music and went back to the booth. Sharon sat down next to her and followed her gaze to Jon. “He’s married you know?” She raised her eyebrows pointedly at Laura.

“So?” Laura replied, “Doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.”

Sharon frowned. “Well, be careful. He doesn’t look like he’s in the mood for fun tonight!”

“Oh, he is.” Smiled Laura wickedly, “But Emma interrupted us…”

Sharon sipped her cocktail through a bright pink straw before answering. “There are plenty of other fish Laura, take a look around!” Then she stood to join the others on the crowded dance floor.

At the bar, Jon and Emma were still talking. They’d both finished their pints and had moved on to some of the shorts available at the bar. It turned out they had quite a bit in common. Jon had lightened up considerably since they started sampling the bourbon on offer. He was surprised that Emma was matching his pace and he almost found himself having fun.

“I hate this sort of night out. Shit music, you can’t hear yourself think and you have to be nice to people who wouldn’t normally speak to you.” Jon complained, swirling the bourbon and ice around in his glass. “Maybe you and I should organise the next one?” Emma laughed. Jon smiled and finished his drink.

“Laura seems keen…” Emma smirked.

Jon put his head in his hands. “Don’t!” He cringed, “I don’t know what to do to get rid of her! She came over earlier, crossing her legs like something from Basic Instinct, stroking my leg…”

Emma laughed, ordering a round for them both. “I think we need shots!” She added to the barman. Jon groaned.

Laura looked on, jealous, from the booth. He’d been talking to Emma for ages! Now they were laughing and buying shots! Emma was ruining her night. She picked up her drink and headed to the bar. As she got closer it was clear both Jon and Emma were very drunk.

Laura draped her arms around his shoulders and whispered in his ear. “I’m going outside for some fresh air, want to join me?”

“Nah I’m good.” Replied Jon, “But Dan might?”

Emma laughed. Laura scowled at her and tried again. “I think you would do a better job of protecting me than Dan…” she pouted. Just then the barman bought over the shots Emma ordered; an expensive tequila, with salt and lime wedges.

Suddenly Emma had an idea Rize Escort Bayan of how to help Laura get the hint. She handed Jon a glass of tequila, dribbled a line of salt on her collarbone and carefully placed a wedge of lime between her lips. Jon smiled as he realised what Emma was doing. Jon started slowly running his tongue along her collarbone, over the salt. He downed the tequila, before leaning in, taking the lime from her lips with his own and sucking it seductively.

Laura just stared incredulously, her mouth open in shock. She turned on her heels and walked off. Jon and Emma burst out laughing. “That seemed to do the trick!” Emma giggled, quickly getting her own shot ready. Jon watched her lick the salt from the back of her hand, down the shot and hungrily suck on the lime wedge. Suddenly he felt himself grow hot.

He’d enjoyed that and he wanted more.

Emma was keen to do her shot quickly and stop her heart racing. What the hell was she thinking!? That had been the boldest, sexiest thing she’d ever done- and it wasn’t even with her husband! She hadn’t felt this excited in ages and she wanted more. For a second, they looked at each other in the eye, almost daring each other to back down.

Jon ordered another round of tequila shots. He’d had a lot to drink so far and was starting to feel a bit wasted. But he was enjoying himself. Emma was thoroughly feeling the buzz of the alcohol. She had managed to match Jon’s pace, but it was a lot in a short space of time.

Emma looked at Jon, he was rolling a juicy wedge of lime between his thumb and finger, looking thoughtfully at the tequila. “How shall we do the next one?” Emma asked quietly, raising an eyebrow at Jon.

“I have some suggestions…” He smiled wickedly.

Emma felt herself flush. She couldn’t remember the last time someone made her feel like this! It was exhilarating!

Jon knew where he wanted to run the salt, but wasn’t sure if Emma would let him. “Don’t move…” He murmured, picking up the salt shaker. Emma sat still as Jon edged closer to her. His hand shook slightly as he ran a messy trail of salt across the top of her cleavage. He looked her in the eye as he picked up his shot.

Emma inhaled sharply as he licked the salt from the top of her firm breasts. He closed his eyes to drink the shot. He put his hand to the tray to pick up the lime but it was gone. He looked at Emma, who had pushed the wedge suggestively between her lips. He leaned in again, feeling more cautious this time.

Emma could feel his breath against her lips as he came forward for the lime. His lips touched hers lightly as took it from her.

“Right,” Emma said quickly, before she lost her nerve, “You got to lick me twice! Now it’s my turn.”

Jon paused. Emma reached over to undo the top couple of buttons of his shirt. She was surprised to find his chest hairless.

“Don’t judge me!” Jon laughed nervously, “It just doesn’t grow there.”

He leaned back a little as Emma poured the line of salt across his chest.

She was really nervous! Jon had closed his eyes, trying to keep it together. His skin tingled as Emma ran her tongue slowly across his bare chest. He was disappointed when she stopped to take the shot and the lime!

Jon sat up, clearing his throat and doing the buttons of his shirt back up. “Fresh air.” He mumbled, sliding off the bar stool. He started to walk away, barely getting to the end of the bar before turning back to Emma. “You wanna come?”

Emma downed the last of her drink, following him out of the club. They made sure to keep some distance between them, so it didn’t look as though they were leaving together.

Outside, the fresh air hit Emma hard and she staggered back a little. She hadn’t realised how warm it was in the club and the cool air made her head spin. She looked to her left, catching sight of Jon as he turned into the alleyway. She followed him, slipping into the darkness.

Jon leaned against a doorway, about half way down the dark alley. There were no lights on, no chance of anyone seeing them. Jon smiled drunkenly at Emma as she approached him. They both giggled nervously as they put their hands on each other. Jon could Escort Rize see Emma’s breasts heaving as she breathed deeply. He leaned forward to kiss her.

It was like a jolt of electricity running through Emma, as Jon put his lips to hers. She felt him slide his hands up under the edge of her top onto her bare skin. She gasped, she hadn’t felt this alive in years. She pushed into his kiss, opening her mouth to him. Emma reached down to cup the now obvious bulge in Jon’s trousers.

Jon groaned in anticipation. Emma pulled the zip of his trousers down, slipping her hand in to release his throbbing cock. Emma knelt in front of him, grasping the base of his cock in her hand.

She held him firmly, running her hand up and down his shaft. Spurred on by the mix of alcohol and her own excitement, she touched her tongue to the tip of his cock. Emma slid the round head of his cock into her mouth, savoring the taste of him.

Jon moaned quietly, reaching back to the wall behind him to steady himself.

Emma loved giving head. She loved the sensation of a thick, warm cock pushing into her cheek. She slid Jon’s cock deep into her mouth until he was brushing against the back of her throat.

Jon moaned again. His wife hated sucking him off. He was lucky if she did it once a year on his birthday! He wanted to make the most of this opportunity, putting his hand on the back of Emma’s head to encourage her to continue deep throating him. Emma moaned, vibrating his cock slightly, bringing him closer to the edge. Emma felt him swell slightly as he came closer to shooting his load.

Rubbing the base of his wet shaft with one hand, Emma continued to deep throat him.

“Fuck, I’m coming!” Jon groaned breathlessly. Emma kept up her pace as she felt his balls contract, shooting his load into the back of her throat. Emma moaned, swallowing his thick, salty cum. Hungrily, she licked his cock clean before Jon pulled her to her feet, kissing her roughly as he grabbed at her breasts through her top.

“My turn…” Jon growled, making Emma’s pulse race. He quickly unbuttoned her jeans, pulling them down roughly with her damp panties. He could smell the musky aroma of her arousal.

Jon spun Emma around so her back was facing him. He tugged her hips towards him, using one hand to bend her over the pile of beer crates stacked against the wall. Emma put her hands on the crates to steady herself, parting her legs slightly to give him better access. Jon paused a second to run his hands over her firm buttocks, before reaching between her legs to part her moist lips with his fingers. With one hand on her hips for balance, he used his other to guide his slick cock inside her.

Emma groaned as he entered her from behind. She loved rough sex. She pushed her hips back, coaxing him to go deeper. Jon didn’t need asking twice.

He held her hips with his hands and buried himself as deep as he could go. He started riding her from behind; slowly at first, building up momentum. Jon completely lost himself in her wetness, sliding in and out so easily, it was as if he was meant to fit inside her.

“Fuck me!” Emma commanded, startling him. “Fuck me hard!” Jon quickened his pace and the force he was using to enter her. Emma groaned. “Harder!”

Jon didn’t think he could fuck her any harder! He reached around to touch her clitoris, only to find Emma’s hand already there, working it furiously. Jon gasped, he’d never been this turned on! He added his fingers to Emma’s wet ones, circling her clit rapidly while still fucking her from behind.

He felt his balls start to contract again, ready to empty his load a second time. He slid his fingers from her clit up to her mouth. Emma started sucking her own juices from his fingers greedily. Jon slid his hand down to grab her breast.

“I want you to cum inside me!” Emma groaned.

Jon couldn’t hold it in any longer and released his load inside her, adding to her already soaked pussy.

Feeling his hot cum filling her, Emma let herself go. Her own orgasm causing her to tighten around him. Jon groaned as the last drops of cum left his cock. Panting, he pulled out. He was exhausted, his sweat soaked shirt clinging to his back..

Emma turned to face him, dropping to her knees again to clean his cock off once more. Jon wasn’t sure he could take much more. His knees were weak as Emma finished licking his cock clean.

“I think I should come to more work nights out.” Jon chuckled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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