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Deana decided she would risk it and take the old red truck into town. She figured if she stuck to the back roads and took it slowly she might just be able to nurse it along and make it into the mechanics. If worse came to worse she would probably get stuck, and have to wait for one of her neighbours to drive along and help her out.

Come to think of it, thought Deana, if I time this nicely I might just be able to use any problems to my advantage.

Deana carefully thought about what she could wear, as her mind wandered over the chance of running into one of her distant neighbours. Jason’s timetable was upper most in her mind as she quickly dressed and put on her make-up.

The truck, true to promise eventually started, but she was having trouble maintaining the revs and could hear the motor dying on her if she let the truck idle. She headed into town winding her way along the narrow back country lane, no cars passed going in either direction. Heading down the hill and applying the brakes she could feel the truck shuddering as the revs started to die and the engine stalled. Deana coasted to the verge and pulled up on the side of the road.

Damn, she couldn’t believe it.

It was one thing to jokingly think about it, it was a totally different matter to have it happen. She popped the bonnet and hopped out of the truck, checking her watch as she did so. Well least her timing was spot on. With a bit of luck, if any car passed it should be Jason.

Deana pushed the bonnet up and leaning over looked at the engine, she had no idea what was wrong. At that instant, she hitched her short tight skirt a little bit higher to lean over further, she heard a car pulling up alongside of her.

“Deanna,” a voice called out, “what’s the problem.”

“Jason,” said Deanna, “I was so hoping I would see you. I seem to be stuck.”

Deana had turned to look at Jason. Her eyes met his and hesitated, there was always a promise there, of more to come. Jason was her height, had the most beautiful eyes, a smile to die for which came gradually and at times took her breath away, and had the most sensuous voice that she had ever heard. The sort of voice that you wish was there to whisper those sexy, secret thoughts to you for the rest of your life.

Jason’s eyes rested on her face, she was short like him so they looked directly at each other. He took in her appearance. Short tight skirt, strappy sandals and loose navy t-shirt that, seemed to reveal rather than hide the outline of her breasts. His face burst into a smile which made her heart flip. “You don’t look like you’re dressed to play around with an engine.” he grinned.

She escort bayan turned and bent over the side of the engine, her skirt again revealing her upper thigh. Jason had difficulty dragging his eyes away from her legs. His mind wandered, it had been some time since they had been able to spend any time together. Not because they didn’t want to but because it was just too difficult to create the opportunity, in a small country town.

“Is it something simple,.” Jason asked, “you know the extent of my mechanical knowledge. It might be best if we leave the truck here and you come into town with me. We’ll send a mechanic out.”

Deana hesitated but not for long, the thought of some time alone with Jason was upper most in her mind. It was a hot morning and the sun was starting to take its toll, an air conditioned truck sounded appealing. Deana followed Jason and got into the passenger seat.

“Thank you” she said, “you are a life saver.”

She reached over and her lips brushed Jason’s. His mouth opened to hers and they moved to each other, their lips searching for the pleasure of each others warmth. His arms encircled her and pulled her to him, as his tongue probed the inner recesses of her mouth. With a start he pulled back. His hand ran up her back once more and he looked at her. His eyes ran over her upper body and he pulled her to him.

Holding her close with his left arm his right hand cupped her breast and fondled it as he looked into her eyes and grinned. She returned his look and raised her eyebrows. His hand slid down her t-shirt and found its way underneath. His fingers grazed the bare nipple as he caught his breath realizing she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Lucky it was me that came along,” Jason grinned.

Deana smiled to herself as she stretched back and allowed his fingers to tease her nipples. He leant over and raising her t-shirt he traced each pink nipple with his tongue whilst cradling the breast in his hand. Deana kissed the back of his head as he bent to her. Her legs started to move apart as she felt the heat of her desire starting to build.

“I think we better get moving,” Jason murmured before we get caught.

Jason pulled away and started the car, his attention given to checking the road. Deanna meanwhile lifted one leg and tucked it under the other causing her short tight skirt to ride up high on her thighs. She innocently looked out the window. When she looked back, Jason was busy looking at her legs, well maybe it was more than her legs. She looked at him and smiled. His hand came and rested on her upper thigh.

Gently his fingers traced their way between her legs. He hesitated bursa merkez escort when instead of feeling the soft fabric of her panties they felt the warmth of her skin. Deana could feel her body getting warmer as his fingers probed between her lips. She moved her legs apart and her skirt moved up around her hips as she allowed his fingers to slide between her lips. His finger felt for the small nub of pleasure as she caught her breath and pushed her body up to him.

He rubbed her clit, in just the way he knew she loved. He was an expert at it, stroking her desire, in one with her body. Her legs moved further apart as she pushed her body up to him, she could feel the tension building as he maintained the friction, the pleasure building within. She started to climax in long waves of pleasure she came each wave building and bursting on top of the one before. Her lips were swollen and wet and reached for his fingers which delved deeper into her as he groaned.

“Hold on,” he said as he withdrew his fingers, “I forgot there were road works up here.”

The workman wandered over to the car as Jason pulled up.

“Sorry”, the workman said, “there is going to be a bit of a hold up. We have a truck broken down repairing the road and a graders run into it. No cars can get through either way. You must have just missed the traffic diversion a couple of kilometers back. You can either wait for a half hour or so, or go back to the diversion and go round the long way.”

With that the workman gave them a nod and wandered back up the road. Jason and Deana looked at each other and grinned. She reached over and began to unzip his shorts, pulled down his jocks and released his swollen penis. She ran her hands up the shaft and traced her fingers over the head.

He looked at her and grinned. “What a nice surprise, did you have this planned too.”

“No” she laughed, “this one went much better than the last time I went into town, last February, without panties and bra and waited for you. I think you can remember that one, I ended up leaving before you arrived. Maybe now you’ll understand why?’

He looked at her apologetically and grabbed her to him, his lips sought hers as his fingers found the warmth of her inner lips and started to explore the depths within. Her hand moved over his shaft and cupped his balls as she bent to take him into her mouth. Gently, she licked the length of him and then her tongue traced the head of his penis. She took him into the warmth of her mouth and slowly pulled his dick out as her lips felt the sides of him move in and out. He gasped with pleasure as his passion gürsu escort started to build, the warmth of her mouth and the softness as he plunged deeper, was starting to drive him crazy.

He pulled her head up and looked deep into her eyes.

“I think you better hop on top.” he said as he moved over into the passenger seat.

She didn’t need a second invitation, her body had been waiting for the feel of him for so long. She hitched her skirt to her waist and climbed astride him. She positioned herself over his swollen penis and rubbed her lips back and forth feeling the warmth and hardness of him seeking her body. Slowly she moved her legs apart and lowered herself so she could just feel him entering her. Then she drew back each time allowing him to slide a little bit further into the moist swollen silky sheath.

She reached up and pulled her t-shirt off, and looking deep into his eyes she lowered herself slowly onto him, feeling him enter the hidden recess of her body, plunging deeper until he became a part of her. This was what she wanted, this was what they both needed, as always their two bodies melded together, fitting like no other, a perfect fit. Her body trembled with desire as she slowly moved up and down, on his engorged manhood. Her mouth sought his and they plumbed the recesses of each others body as they let themselves feel the pleasure of their union. She felt a climax starting to build as he moved within her, the tension built as her muscles started to contract around him. He seemed able to make her body respond as no one had before. Wave after wave of pleasure built as his penis stroked her from within until she came with a gasp that ebbed and flowed with the pleasure it echoed.

She looked deep into his eyes as the climax washed through her, half of her pleasure came from watching him watch her come. He started to respond to the tension of her body and lifted her, his penis stroking her as her lips sucked him deeper into her centre. Together the momentum began to build as he found that spot within, she could feel the heat of her body rising, her surroundings disappeared as the warmth and sensuousness of his penis moved within her.

Together they started to climax , their bodies pushing together trying to become one and moving apart to then rush back to regain the pleasure of closeness. The momentum built as the tension increased, her warmth and softness becoming hotter as it pulled him into her core. They grabbed each other as their bodies started to spasm, both crying out with pleasure as they came, each spasm pulling at their bodies and as they held on sharing their mutual pleasure.

Their bodies were locked together, their passion spent. Slowly, he lifted her from him and she groaned as he withdrew. He held her in his arms and kissed her hugging him to her, as his hands fondled her naked breasts.

“Thank goodness we made up for what we missed out on last time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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