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“And this is all for today…” were the only words she heard in the past hour of her meeting. It was finally over. She looked at her little hand watch…45 minutes earlier. That was a nice surprise. She picked her small briefcase and left in a hurry.

She was wearing a brown suit…tight enough to set off her curves…especially the pants…dark hair…just a bit over her shoulders and brown shoes with stiletto heels. She was tall, pretty and…married. But that never stopped her male co-workers to turn their heads each time she was walking by. She got in her car, turned on her favorite radio station and drove home fast. As soon as she stepped into her apartment she stopped and took out her cell…

His cell started ringing. It was his wife. That was unusual. She was rarely calling him at work…

“Honey I need you at home as soon as you can…”…he heard his wife’s voice.

“Baby what’s wrong???”…but he never got an answer back. She already hung up.

He started worrying. He went to his boss, told him about the call and asked if he could leave. There was a 40 minutes drive from his office to home…all he could do was Kastamonu Escort think more and get more worried. When he finally arrived he rang at the door of their apartment but no one answered. He got in the house with his own keys and started looking for her. After few seconds he found her in the bedroom…She was laying on the bed, wearing nothing else but black lace lingerie and playing with herself…Seeing her like that made him hard in an instant.

She laughed… “Go sit in the armchair next to the window.”

“But baby…”

“Not yet!”

She continued to play with herself. He could see her hard nipples pricking through the black lace of her bra. He tried to touch his already stiff cock but she ordered on a bossy tone “Hands behind your back!” That was torture…not only she didn’t let him touch her but she didn’t allow him to touch himself either…

She was running her fingers over her clit…circling faster and faster and moaning with her husky voice…That voice always turned him on even if she was talking about weather. She was rubbing her wet clit harder while pinching her right nipple…moaning Kastamonu Escort Bayan loud and gyrating her hips. She grabbed the sheets and looked deep into his eyes; she stopped for a second to lick her wet fingers and taste herself which drove him crazy. She spread her legs more and rubbed her clit faster. Soon she started cuming hard…and long. When she finished she looked at him again. He was hard as a rock and his eyes were full of lust.

She told him to lay on the bed…but when he wanted to caress her body she tied up his hands above his head. She started to undress him very slow and run her long red nails over his body. When she finally touched his cock with her hands he growled. She started stroking and licking him…touching lightly the head of his cock with her lips. He was getting close to climax when she stopped. Looked him in the eyes once more and leaned to lick his lips. She smiled evilly and bit his lower lip.

“Please baby…I wanna be in you” he begged.


She turned her back on him and got on top, rubbing her clit over his hard cock…making him squirm and gasp…He Escort Kastamonu was moaning louder and begging for her hot body. She took his cock in her hand and guided him inside her slowly, then started riding him. Once inside, she took him in her all at once and moaned loud as she felt him going so deep. He was in heaven…he was always losing contact with the real world once he was getting in her tight wet paradise. She was grinding and riding him wildly, squeezing his balls in her hand.

All this teasing turned him on more than usual. He wanted so badly to dominate her…to make her submit, but his hands were tied up. He struggled to free himself before she made him finish. Finally he managed to rip off the scarf which tied up his hands. He pushed her down and bent her over. She didn’t look surprised at all but she purred with more pleasure.

He slid his left hand between her thighs to rub her clit and wrapped his right hand in her dark hair, ramming his cock deep in her. She was moaning loud but he wanted more. He spread her legs more with his knee and went deeper in her, making her scream . The smell of her hair and the low noises she was making were more than he could handle. He pulled her close, breathed her in and exploded deep in her. She continued to squeeze him till his last drop…

After a while they both collapsed exhausted and grateful for the short meeting and inspiration of taking the rest of the day off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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