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Lilith stepped out into the street, shoeboxes under both arms, new red four inch stiletto mules on her feet. She had been dying for these shoes. Saving her pennies from her little teacher’s salary for months to buy them, knowing that they would make her shapely legs look longer with her short red leather skirt. They certainly weren’t work shoes. She couldn’t meet parents in them, or teach in them, but they were just perfect for dancing the night away.

She stood there for what seemed the longest time, trying to hail a cab, certainly difficult to do with the shoeboxes, wishing now she had gotten a larger shopping bag, when it began to rain. Little drops at first playing at the sheer blouse she wore. She dropped the shoeboxes on the curb and reached into her bag for her umbrella… oh damn, it was at work, in her bottom desk drawer… how typical not to have it handy when she needed it. Suddenly, the heavens opened and she was drenched in an instant. The sheer pink fabric clung to her white lace demi-bra and her black skirt was no longer draped nicely over her shapely bottom, instead, it was plastered against her thighs revealing the fact that she had on stockings and not ordinary pantyhose. She felt like everyone on the avenue was watching her every move as she grabbed up the boxes and ran for cover under the nearest awning.

“Well what do I do now,” she muttered under her breath. I could call Jamie to come and pick me up but I don’t want to get her out in the rain with the kids, no, no, she shook her head, better not do that. She looked up at the storefront, “Rainyday Books”. Oh, how appropriate, she thought as she entered the store.

The bell tinkled on the door to signal that she had entered the store. She looked around cautiously not seeing anyone there behind the counter. Finally she decided to put her boxes on one of the tables in the little cafe area.

“Hello…” she called out.

There was no answer. She took some napkins from the napkin holder on the little table and began to wipe some of the raindrops from her face. Carefully looking around she opened her blouse and dabbed at the little valley between her ample breasts. Opening the blouse further she took another napkin and wiped at the moist dewy drops that had made their way through the blouse to the tops of her breasts. The demibra she had picked out that day certainly didn’t cover much. Well, she thought, this is going to take more than napkins.

Just then from around the corner came a voice calling out to her, “Hello, welcome, see you got caught in the storm…” the voice trailed off.

Turning she could see that the deep, warm voice Konya Escort came from a man, casually dressed in jeans and a sweater. He was tall, over 6 feet tall she could easily guess, with long legs, broad shoulders, and the warmest smile she had ever seen. He was balding, and had a goatee that just framed his mouth, making his smile seem all the more perfect. She looked up from his smile into his eyes and found them to be hazel, twinkling, crinkled at the corners from years of smiling.

“I don’t want to seem forward, but you are awfully… errr… damp. Would you like to use the back room to dry off a bit? I know that I keep a sweater or two back there… ”

She smiled at him, which completely set her blue eyes aglow. “I would be so appreciative of that, I’m afraid I’ll catch cold if I don’t dry off soon. And, “she tilted her head towards the window,” it doesn’t look like it’s going to let up soon and getting a cab is impossible.”

He laughed and she laughed with him. “I think,” he said with a chuckle and a grin, “you might find you could easily get a cab looking like you do now.”

She looked down at herself, breasts virtually out of her bra, skirt shrunken around her thighs and laughed, “Yeah I guess you are right, but I’m thinking I might not like the driver or his motives.”

“Come on,” he said warmly, “I’ll show you the spare sweater department, by the way, my name is Jim. This is my store.”

“Nice store and nice to meet you, ” she said as she followed him through the stacks of books and magazines. He led her to a small office where, as promised, a warm deep green cardigan hung on a hook on the wall.

“The sweater, the office, is yours, take your time,” he said as he handed her more napkins he had picked up from the table.

What a kind man, she thought as she removed her blouse… what a sweet and wonderful man.

Seeing that she could easily be covered to mid thigh, at least past her garters, by the sweater she removed her skirt as well. She laid them both across the chair to dry as she made her way from his office clad only in his sweater, bra, panties, garter belt, stockings and her new red pumps. Well at least the rain didn’t ruin my shoe shopping, she thought letting out an audible giggle.

He heard the giggle from where he was standing out in the store. What a dream she was, a sopping wet dream, standing in the middle of his little bookstore. Her short red hair accentuated her heart shaped face and her eyes. And her eyes, such a blue he had not seen before. At first he thought they must have been colored lenses, but then on closer inspection, he Konya Escort Bayan had seen beneath her curled lashes, that they were indeed really her eyes.

He had seen her actually before he had called out to her but the sight of her standing there dripping wet, clothes clinging to her shapely body, blouse open had given him an instant erection and he couldn’t quite come out of the back. He didn’t want her to think that he was some perverted old man when he came out of the office.

So he had stood there and just watched her, wiping the rain from her face, her arms, and her breasts. He had stood there for the longest time imagining what it would be like to be the one wiping the wet away. He could almost feel his warm hands glide over her soft skin.

“Hey,” her cheerful singsong voice interrupted, “do you serve coffee here?”

He turned and almost gasped out loud. The sight of this nearly naked woman in his sweater caught him so off guard.

“Sure, anything you want, black, sugar, cream, even fresh coffee…” he laughed.

“Cream and two sugars will be just fine… “she smiled. She watched him as he poured her a cup of coffee, my, she thought, he has long fingers. Snap out of it girl, she thought almost immediately after.

For the next 2 hours they sat drinking coffee, chatting, asking questions about each other, small talk one hears in a bookstore cafe. The entire time they talked his eyes never left hers except to sneak a peek at his sweater riding up her thigh revealing a beautiful lace garter belt and stockings. He learned she was 35, she was a teacher, and she loved children. He learned she loved to write, he learned she was into erotica.

“Jim,” she said as she put her hand on his, “thank you so much for your hospitality this afternoon. This has been one of the most pleasant afternoons I have spent in a long while. You are quite a guy. Why can’t I ever meet a guy like you?” she said with a lyrical laugh.

“Lil,” he said, “I think you just did.” and with those words he leaned across the table and took her face in both his hands and kissed her longingly, lovingly.

His lips brushed hers softly and before she realized it she was kissing him back. Her tongue finding his in a slow soft provocative dance. He stood from the table and pulled her up with him… pulling her close into his arms. Looking down into her eyes he whispered, “see what I mean, I think you just did.”

He took her hand and led her back to his office. Shutting the door behind them he slowly began to unbutton the cardigan, revealing what he knew lay beneath. Her hands deftly unbuckled Escort Konya his pants. He threw his sweater over his head and pressed her half naked breasts to his chest. The heat from her body overwhelmed him. She felt his touch electric. Quickly they shed the rest of their clothing until they both stood their completely naked before each other.

“I’ve wanted to do this for about an hour now,” she whispered as she sank into his leather office chair and took his hard cock into her mouth.

She skillfully tongued his shaft, licking the underside of his cock while she sucked it deeply into the back of her throat. He couldn’t help but lace his fingers into her red hair and slowly pump his hips as she took him deeper and deeper into her sweet, warm mouth. “Oh baby” he moaned as he felt himself close to climax. He didn’t want their first time to be just that. So he pulled her up and sat her on the desk, pulling her shapely legs around his waist, he looked deep into her eyes as he teased the entrance to her sweet fragrant pussy with the tip of his cock.

She whispered, “Jim… it’s been a long time…” and her voice trailed off as she leaned her head against his shoulder.

He stroked her hair, “It needn’t be again Lilith,” he said, “are you sure?” He could feel her nod as he gently probed her with a finger.

She squirmed and wiggled against him, moaning, “oh yesssssss.”

That was what he needed to hear. He slowly fingered her hot pussy until her juices ran down his fingers to his palm. When he withdrew his fingers for the final time she shuddered around them. Her muscles contracting, squeezing him. He took his hand and tilted her head back, looking deep into her eyes, he slowly pushed his hard cock into her, feeling her surround him inch by inch. Her eyes widened as he filled her. Her legs wrapped around his waist drawing him deeper inside her. Her manicured nails dug into his shoulder as she began to pump his hips in a calculated rhythm, short strokes, then long ones, then short again.

His hands reached under her ass as he held her to him, grinding deeper and deeper as he fucked her deep and slow. Soon her hips were grinding against his, increasing the speed of each stroke, their eyes locked. His lips urgently found hers as he filled her and muffled her moans as she came around his throbbing, spurting cock. His kiss turned softer, less urgent as his arms wrapped around her. They stayed nestled in that embrace as the minutes ticked by into the next hour.

When her knees and thighs stopped quivering, she looked at him shyly, “So,” she whispered, “do you think you might be able to drive me home… if it’s still raining I doubt I’ll ever get that cab.”

He kissed her lips softly, “I would love to drive you home.”

“That,” she said as she kissed him back, “would be wonderful. And since you are driving… do you think you could carry my shoes?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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