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Pulling onto the estate she can see the van parked opposite her drive, “Halle-fucking-lujah!” No internet for 2 weeks had not been easy but finally it looked like it was in hand. Grabbing her bag & groceries from the boot she swings open the front door and kicks off her shoes. The loft hatch hangs down in front of her as she squeezes past the ladder and down her hallway.

“I’m back” she calls through to the garden, “Coffee?” No reply. Rolling her eyes she flicks the kettle on.

He can feel his cock twitch hearing her muffled voice downstairs. She has no idea just who it is in her loft, he smiles thinking of her reaction when she realises. He already knows he’s going to make her cum hard and fast, but this time her husband will only be a floor away from them. The very thought makes the hairs on his neck stand on end.

He can hear her footsteps downstairs, hear them coming along the hall and pause at the ladder.

She stands still taking a deep breathe, the scent lingering is like a hot wire to her most intimate parts. She’d never smelt it anywhere but on him before. Suddenly she’s curious to see the faceless stranger working busily above her. “Coffee” she calls, “Please, white” he replies, “On its way”.

Climbing each step to the ladder carefully so as not to spill the coffee, she reaches the top rung. He’s stood watching her slowly ascend and stands with a grin on his face waiting for her to look over. “You have got to be kidding me!” she hisses at him when she finally looks up, her cheeks flushing red. He always manages to fluster her but this, this is a whole new level. “Why are you here?!” She whispers.

“Fixing your cables silly” he says in a low voice, leaning in to kiss her. A hard, lingering kiss full of intent. She goes to pull back, to say no, but her body betrays her mind and her lips press hard back in response. She groans and leans into him, steadying herself on the rough wooden beams. His hand drops to her ass squeezing her tight. “We can’t, not here, it’s too risky”.

“Is it?” He eskort bayan gorukle smiles, cocking his head to one side. Her eyes drop, staring longingly at his cock, hidden not so well under his straining trousers. She bites her lip, shaking her head as if to shake the filthy thoughts from her mind.

“I’ll be back” she promises, reaching her hand down and squeezing his bulging crotch. “You better”.

Reaching the bottom of the ladder she exhales loudly. Her cheeks and neck flushed red, the outline of her nipples clearly visible through her dress. Walking back to the kitchen, there’s still no sign of her husband, swinging open the back door, she places the cup on the step. “Coffee’s here!” She yells, still no reply.

Slamming the door shut, her phone beeps in her back pocket. Surprise surprise she rolls her eyes seeing the sender on her screen. ‘I’ve got something for you’, followed seconds later by a photo of his proud cock, his hand gripped around his shaft. “Fuck” she moans, feeling herself tingle with excitement (and fear) at being caught, if she’s stupid enough to act on her primal instincts.

Climbing the ladder again gingerly, she sees him leaning over at the far end. He doesn’t look up and she doesn’t speak as she walks to stand behind him. Without uttering a word he stands to face her. Holding her head in his hands he kisses her hard and wantonly, taking her breath away. Her nipples stiffen and she feels a slick of her juices escape her. Leaning into him, she feels how hard he is.

His hand drops to her ass, hurriedly pulling up her dress as she moans, “We can’t, what if we…”. She’s silenced as he places his hand over her mouth, his fingers roughly pull her damp knickers to one side. She’s holding her breath in anticipation waiting for him to tease her with his expert fingers. It takes every ounce of resistance in her to keep silent. But there is no teasing, she gasps as he pushes 2 fingers hard inside her. She’s so hot and wet, her tight pussy grips his fingers as he plunges them mudanya escort fast in and out of her. Suddenly they both freeze hearing the slam of a door downstairs.

“Fuck!” She hisses, having to physically push his hand from her.

“Thanks for the coffee!” he says in a raised voice as she smooths her dress down and walks towards the ladder. As she descends, her husband appears in the hallway. “Alright?” he asks. “Just took him a coffee, it’s hot up there” flailing her hand in front of her face, in an attempt to cool her burning cheeks.

“I’m just out at the car” he calls, shutting the front door. She leans against the wall, head back and eyes shut trying to regain composure. Her phone beeps again in her pocket and a smile spreads across her face…

‘Where’s my dirty girl?’ She’s torn, torn between the guilt of her husband being right outside and satisfying the throbbing ache between her thighs. The ache however always wins.

By the time she swings her legs up onto the dusty loft floor, his cock is in his hand ready for her. Grinning she slowly walks towards him licking her lips, dropping to her knees as she reaches him. Looking up, she places a hand on each of his hips and eagerly runs her tongue up the underside of his gloriously thick cock. He shudders at her touch, gritting his teeth. “Fuck” Reaching the tip, her tongue teases a glisten of cum before she takes his full length into her mouth. Taking him deep into her throat until she gags, only encourages him to thrust harder. Tangling his hands in her wild curls, allowing her no respite from the onslaught of his hungry cock. The thought that they could get caught any second is driving him wild, turning him into an animal. Pulling her hair roughly upwards, his cock springs from her mouth. He pulls her to her feet spinning her around to face away from him. “Dress up” he growls. Lifting her dress up over her ass cheeks reveals her black lacy knickers. Not the usual red reserved for him but she can be forgiven, having this sprung bursa evi olan escort on her.

Leaning forward she steadies herself against the beams, knowing what’s coming. He runs a finger under the lace before gripping it hard and pulling to one side revealing her most intimate parts. Her breathing is fast and hard, ready for him. “Tell me what you want”

“You! Please!” She begs him, aching to feel him fill her. “Exactly what you want”

Looking back over her shoulder at him, “I want your big cock to fill my tight pussy” she whispers. His eyes flash dark as gripping her hip hard, he drives himself into her. She’s so wet but still stifles a whimper as the delicious burn of his impressive girth tears through her.

His thrusts are hard and deep, the slap of his full balls can be heard against her making her reach between her legs to gently massage them. “I’m going to fill you up you dirty girl” he whispers reaching forward to rub her sensitive swollen clit. Pushing her hand away before he comes himself too fast. The build up and risk of what they were doing was making for a fast and furious fuck. However he hadn’t expected the added sensation of his fingers against her clit to make it happen quite this fast.

As she pushes back against him and his cock is buried ball deep inside her she starts to feel the first waves of her orgasm pulse through her. Not only does she feel it, he feels every tiny bit of it too as her pussy tightens around him, rhythmically, gripping him so tight. “Fuck!” He breathes, he can’t hold back any more. She’s milking his rock hard cock with every muscle in her and it’s not stopping anytime soon.

His fingers still work against her as he starts to pump her full of his hot load, she has to stifle the sounds desperate to escape her mouth. His pumping cock sends her wild and as a second wave starts to drive through her a hot gush of her own cum floods over his fingers.

Deep inside her still, he pulls his hand from her knickers. “Did you just?” A smile plastered across his face. “I think I did” she blushes as he offers his fingers up to her and she hungrily sucks her own cum from his fingers.

As he pulls his cock from her, a trail of his thick cum follows, filling her knickers. Pulling her dress back down, they hear the front door open downstairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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