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It was the hottest day of the year today, for my 15th birthday. Its about 3am and I just can’t sleep. I sit up and look out my open window, and decide to take a jog, hoping that will exhaust me a bit. So I throw on shorts, a sports tank, and my running shoes, and tip toe out the front door to avoid waking my parents.

I go around my house, intending to cut through my neighbor’s back yard to save time to the trail that runs on the greenbelt, knowing that they leave their gate unlocked. I reach up to open the latch, and push the gate in. I am startled to find my neighbor’s wife standing about 4 feet away from me, completely naked! She’s turned with her back almost to me, and she can’t see me. She has a glass in her hand and is talking to someone, whom I assume to be her husband. I turn around quickly to go back through the gate before she spots me, but its closed behind me. I open the latch and pull towards me, and this time the hinges squeak! Lisa, my neighbor, stops mid-sentence, and turns around. Shit! I’m busted! “Ashley! What are you doing? Did you come to join us in the hot tub, girl?” Her words are very slurred, so I know she has been drinking.
I tried to explain that sometimes I cut through their yard on my jogs, and I’m terribly sorry if it offends them. I’m trying so hard not to stare at Lisa’s naked body, but I’m not used to having a woman her age stand completely naked and care free in front of me either. She starts to laugh. “Its ok, I’m not offended. I know you cut through the yard, I have seen you. Why do you think we keep the gate unlocked?” she slurs.
All I want to do is get out of there! I try to stammer something about needing to go, and my parents being worried, but she slips her arm around my shoulder, her breasts brushing against my bare arm, and leads me toward their gazebo.

Her husband Mack is in the hot tub, his head back and eyes closed. “Hey baby, look who’s out for a run.” Lisa tells him. My heart is pounding. This is not ok. “Oh Ashley, how is it going? Get in…come on, the water is so nice on a night like this!” Rick says to me, his words almost incoherant. I again turn to leave, and make my apologies to Lisa, but she’s gone. Then I feel Mack’s stong hands on my shoulders, and he starts to rub my neck. “Would you like a drink? We won’t tell your parents…we won’t tell them anything….” He tells me, whispering into my ear. I am starting to panic. “Mack I-I- can’t…I need to go. I…” Lisa has come back, and this time she locks the door to the gazebo behind her. The lump in my throat is almost gagging me, and tears spring to my eyes. Why are they gaziantep escort doing this? Is it a joke?

All of a sudden, Mack’s arms are around my shoulders. He lifts me up effortlessly and sits me on the edge of the tub. Lisa pulls my shoes off, then my socks, and hooks her fingers into the waistbands of both my shorts and panties. I start sobbing, but that seems to excite her. “Please Lisa, please! Let me go home now! I won’t tell anyone you did anything! No one will know, they will all think I have been asleep!” I don’t know what she’s planning to do once she has my clothes off. I am a virgin…I’ve kissed boys, let them play with my breasts, and even slide their hands under my pants and hold onto my ass…but I have always been too scared to go all the way. She slides my shorts and panties off…revealing my soft bush, which I keep a little trim in order to look ok in my bathing suit. I’m breathing hard now…and my small whimper escapes my lips. “Shhh…its ok….you like nice….don’t be worried…” Mack whispers. He lets go of my shoulders and reaches down to pull my top over my head. I’m shaking uncontrollably now. I’m so scared I can’t make my legs, arms, or even my voice work.

Lisa climbs into the water…coming up to my side and grabbing my arm. She places my hand in the water. “Too hot?” I can barely shake my head no before Mack lifts me up again and sets me down on the seat of the tub. He then goes to the other side of the tub and I hear glass tinkling. I think he’s making me a drink, but I am wrong. He pulls a colorful glass pipe out of a velvet bag. He hands it to Lisa with a lighter and she takes a long drag from it. I realize it’s marijuana, since I have seen kids at school smoking it. She and Mack pass it back and forth a couple of times. I am starting to feel a little dizzy from the heat of the water and the contact high I am getting.

They sit on either side of me. Lisa leans over and kisses my neck. That makes me come alive! I start to scream, and try and climb out of the tub. Mack grabs me and holds me against him, his hand over my mouth, muffling my cries and making it hard to breathe. I can feel his dick against my ass. “I guess we are going to have to do this the hard way ” Lisa says. I’m kicking my legs and thrashing against Mack with all my might, but its no use. I start bawling. “It will be easier on you if YOU JUST SETTLE DOWN!!” Mack booms. I give up, let my body go limp. I close my eyes…try to imagine this is not happening, and I am at home, asleep in my bed.

I am now sitting in Mack’s lap. He’s holding my arms, gently this time, at my sides. I feel hot breath at my chest, and then lips, which have to be Lisa’s. She is kissing my small breasts, licking my nipples. Its feels good, which surprises me, but I am too scared to really enjoy it. She slides closer to me in the water, and her hands move to my hips, then down over my thighs. She parts my legs and moves between them, then lifts them up so they are over her hips. She kisses my lips and rubs my breasts. I keep my eyes closed tightly….

Next thing I know Mack is lifting me up again, raising my lower half so its out of the water. He sits on the edge of the tub, so his legs are still in the water.I am still sitting on his lap, facing outward, my legs draped over his. He opens his legs, which causes mine to do the same. I can feel his semi-hard dick against the crack of my ass now. Lisa starts to rub my thighs, kissing them and nipping at them with her teeth. She goes higher and higher until I can feel her breath against my kitty. I am dizzy…almost to the point where I want to throw up. I feel her tongue on my outer lips…going in small circles. Her fingers come up and part them, and she starts to lick my clit. I’m going out of my mind. So scared…
She sucks on my clit, making me whimper again, which makes Mack laugh. “Sounds like she almost likes it Lisa.” Lisa is licking my kitty, getting me so very wet. “You know, I think she’s a virgin, Mack. You ever had a virgin?” After hearing that, Mack stands up suddenly, surprising Lisa and letting me splash down into the water. He tells Lisa to move. “Get up.” He’s talking to me, but I am shaking and crying so hard I can’t stand up. “GET UP! Stand up now!” He grabs me under my shoulders and lifts me up and turns me around. “Lisa, come suck my dick. Show Ashley how its done!” Lisa gets on her knees between me and Mack and takes him into her mouth. I can hear her slurping and moaning while she sucks on him. He grabs my hair, and forces me to bend over. “OW!” Its the only thing I can manage to say. Lisa has gotten out of the water and is standing in front of me now. I can feel Mack’s hand on my hips behind me, holding me firmly in place. Evidently “virgin” is Mack’s magic word.

He starts sliding the head of his rock hard dick against my little slit. I start crying again, and Lisa starts raking her nails down my back. He presses harder at my opening, putting more and more pressure on it. “Damn Lis, I don’t think I’m gonna fit…hahaha…mmmfff…..fuck.” He thrusts his hips again, HARD, and I feel him slide into me. The pain is searing. I scream, “NO…OH IT HURTS! PLEASE…stop…stop…” He pumps into me, stretching me. Lisa is playing with her kitty now, rubbing it, and pushing her fingers in. “Damn Mack, you’ve never heard of gentle, have you?”

He thrusts away, and the pain subsides just a little. He pulls my hips back at him, so that he is all the way inside of me. He reaches underneath me and pinches me nipples, then takes his hands and spreads my ass. “Holy fuck, she’s so tight…sooooo tight.”
He has my ass cheeks spread open, exposing my back door. I feel a warm liquid hit it, and realize he has spit on me. He starts to rub my pink asshole with his fingers. NO! He’s not going to! Please tell me he won’t! He works one finger in, while still pumping my kitty. I start to claw the tub…I reach out for Lisa, but she just tells me to relax. He slides another finger in me and starts moving them in and out, spreading them and closing them as he does so. “This is what I really want. What do you think Lisa?” he asks her. She hands him a bottle of something. Baby oil!

I feel the oil running over my crack. He slides his dick out of my stretched and abused kitty and starts to rub oil on it. He has me kneel on the tub’s seat. Now Lisa is fucking herself with a vibrator that seemed to come out of nowhere. She’s enjoying this! I feel the head of Mack’s dick againt my asshole, and he’s pushing hard…pulling me towards him. He grabs my shoulders and pulls me down quick against his dick and I feel the head go inside of me with a pop. “FUUUUCKKKK….agggghhhhh….OWIE!” I scream. The pain in blinding. I feel impaled. He pushes more inside of me, then stops for a second, and then more. I am yelping and panting, I feel like I am being torn open. He reaches around my head and sticks his fingers in my mouth from either side. I try to bite, but he pulls my cheeks open, so I think better of it. He slides his dick the rest of the way in, and I can feel his balls against the lips of my kitty. Tears are streaming down my face as he starts to slowly pump. “I can’t take this…I’m going to cum..her little ass is milking my dick….”
He slams into me twice. I bite his fingers, hard. He moans and thrusts again. Lisa scrambles up and comes over to him. He pulls out of me all at once and lets go of me. I slump down and just cry. “Bitch! Watch…now! Look at me!” Mack bellows. I turn my head in time to see him squirt his seed all over Lisa’s face. When he’s finished, he gets out of the tub and throws a towel at me. Lisa comes over and helps me out of the water and find my clothes. I can’t even look at her. I hurry and get dressed and limp home, needing the safety of my own bed….

To Be Continued…….(maybe)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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