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Editor’s Note: “Henri Germond, Baron d’Ici” was the nom de plume of Arthur Adams Douglas (1979-2024), an American expat and one of the leading lights of the Parisian demi-monde of the first two decades of the twenty-first century. Une éducation sensuelle, the work most often associated with him, was never published under his name during his lifetime, but most scholars regard the attribution to d’Ici as virtually certain. That this short novel appeared in multiple underground editions during the last decade of d’Ici’s life, both in the original English* and in most other contemporary European languages (there are reports of editions in Arabic and Tagalog as well, but the present editor has been unable to trace them) attests to its popularity. We hope that the reading public of today will find as much amusement in d’Ici’s work as his contemporaries evidently did, or at least enough to justify the re-issuance of a work which has been unavailable to all but the most determined collectors for many, many years.

*Though d’Ici’s command of the French language was reputedly barely sufficient to order a meal in a restaurant, and totally inadequate for any written work beyond a shopping list, his various books were all published by French publishers and with French titles prominently displayed on their spines.


CHAPTER 1 – The last night with Michelle

Though the Grant house was in certain respects the focus of activity on Spendthrift Island, it was not an imposing structure. This was in keeping with the character of its owner, Dr Marston Grant, the founder and chief researcher of the Spendthrift Foundation. Dr Grant was a brilliant scientist and a fine administrator, well-respected by his scientific peers, and looked on with admiration and affection by all who worked with and for him. His household, though far from luxurious, was well-ordered, welcoming, and generally pleasant. Though Dr Grant’s responsibilities with the Foundation kept him very busy, and he had no wife to assist him (for he was a widower), he was a good and attentive father to his twin children, and very proud of them. The elder twin (by a matter of a few minutes—fifteen was it? Or perhaps twenty-five? The reported span varied according to how elder-brotherly he wished to seem), was a sturdy, even-tempered youth, with a shock of thick blond hair and piercing, inquisitive blue eyes, named Richard, known to all as Rick. The younger, Gabrielle, was generally called Gabby, though this was misleading, for she was a quiet, and quietly beautiful, girl. Her long, silky hair was somewhat darker than her brother’s; depending on the light, it could be seen as dark blonde or light brown, but either way, it was a perfect match for her soft brown eyes.

There had been governesses and tutors of course, who had looked after the children in the years since their mother’s untimely death. Dr Grant was a strong believer in the importance both of a well-rounded education and in the involvement of parents in their children’s schooling, so he had made certain that all their tutors had been both competent educators, able to understand and communicate the curricula he designed for his children, as well as able to inspire confidence, trust, and affection in their young pupils. Their favorite, Michelle, had taken charge of their education during the years when most teenagers were attending high school. She had, from the first, been both a great favorite with Rick and Gabby and quite obviously very fond of them as well. On their eighteenth birthday (and not a moment before, for Dr Grant, though completely unawed by the superstition that a child magically became an adult upon turning eighteen, was a careful man, and had no wish to give the authorities any hint of a reason to interfere with his life or the work of the Foundation), which occurred a few months after they had begun the college-level curriculum their father had designed, Michelle’s educational responsibilities moved beyond academics to areas commonly left to only the most haphazard and amateurish study. For Michelle, as she had demonstrated to Dr Grant both when he first hired her and on a regular basis since, was an expert in the amatory arts, able to give, receive, and teach others the secrets of giving and receiving, the most extraordinary pleasures of which the human body is capable. She thus began spending most nights in the bed of one or the other of the Grant youngsters, encouraging them to explore the wonders of her pussy with their fingers and tongues, sucking Rick’s young cock until he could bear it no longer, or eating Gabby’s tight young cunt until she cried for mercy. And on the nights Michelle spent ministering to the needs of Dr Grant—for he was a kind, generous employer, and she was as fond of him as he was of her—Rick and Gabby would usually sleep together, practicing the different techniques Michelle was teaching them. One night they might spend hours coupled in a glorious sixty-nine, Rick tonguing Gabby’s pussy and sucking her lovely clit, halkalı escort while she gobbled her brother’s handsome and hardy cock. Rick strove to last as long as possible, and indeed, most nights Gabby would climax three or four times before her brother would fill her greedy mouth with his hot, thick cum. Another night, perhaps, Gabby would lie on her belly, her legs slightly spread, her soft, round ass-cheeks begging to be kissed. Rick would begin by eating her asshole while Gabby pressed her groin fervently against the bed. Then he would climb onto her back and slide his hand under her belly. He would hook his middle finger into her cunt so that she could ride his hand, grinding her clit against his palm and rubbing his finger against her G-spot, while he fucked her ass. Gabby would cum and cum again, her face pressed into the pillow to muffle her cries of delight. When she could bear no more (generally several minutes, and at least two orgasms, after Rick had spurted his hot load into her beautiful ass), she would slow the movement of her hips, reach up and stroke her brother’s cheek while continuing to alternately tighten and relax her anal sphincter, massaging his grateful prick. But no matter how they had spent the night—oral, anal, doggy-style, missionary, or simply lying next to each other while they masturbated—when they could fuck no more, they would lie in each other’s arms and agree that whatever they had done that night was simply the best fucking ever. Often, their pillow talk would get them both so excited that they would have to resume their fuckfest, until one or both cried for mercy, and begged to be allowed to sleep. The next day, no matter how tired they appeared (indeed, more particularly when it was obvious that their exertions had left little time for rest!), Michelle would quiz them fully on what they had done, and that night either Rick or Gabby would be pressed to give her a full demonstration, and Michelle would mingle her praise of their performance with expert pointers on how to make their fucking, sucking, and frigging even more feverishly exciting.

But then, one autumn day, Dr Grant sat down with his children and shared some devastating news: Michelle had decided to leave. The doctor had pleaded with her, speaking warmly of Rick and Gabby’s great love for her, not to mention his own, but to no avail. Michelle had insisted that, though her years in the Grant household had been wonderful, and that she loved them all and would miss them greatly, she needed to find a new place, to open a new chapter in her life. Her mind was made up, her preparations already made, and a gloom settled over the household as the date of her departure drew near.

On her last night with the Grants, the family had a warm, though sorrowful, dinner party. There were champagne toasts, and gifts from Dr Grant and each of the young people. After much talk and tears, smiles and reminiscences, it was time for bed, and Michelle invited Rick and Gabby to her room.

“Oh my dears,” sighed Michelle, “I’m going to miss you both so much. I’ve been so lucky, to see you both growing so healthy and strong, and helping you learn how to use those magnificent bodies. Gabby, when I first came here, I don’t think you’d even started puberty yet. Your pussy must’ve been as bald as a baby’s. Now it’s only hairless because we shave and wax it regularly—what fun that’s always been, seeing you naked, licking and sucking on your divine little clit!—and your tits are so lovely, firm yet soft; take off that blouse, won’t you, and show them to us?” Gabby quickly complied with the request. “Oh they are lovely, don’t you think so Rick?” Rick smiled and nodded his head.

“Won’t you suck on them for me Shelley?” asked Gabby. “I’ve always loved how when you tongue my nipples, I feel a tingling that moves down my body, right to my clit. Ooh, yes, that’s it,” she sighed, as Michelle cupped her breast and sucked on the nipple, occasionally pausing to give it a little nip with her teeth, then stroke it with her tongue. Meanwhile, Gabby’s left hand found her brother’s crotch and gripped his hard cock through his shorts, while her right hand sought her own pleasure-button.

“And Ricky,” said Michelle, in between sucks on Gabby’s tit, “how you’ve developed! Your cock is so firm and strong, and so eager to be used! And your beautiful tight butt! Those cheeks just demand to be kissed. Take off your clothes, won’t you? Let us see that lovely body!” In a trice, Rick was naked, his dick at full attention. “Lie down on your belly, Rick,” said Michelle. “Oh Gabby, isn’t that a great ass?” Gabby nodded her agreement. “Run to my dresser, dear, and get our strap-on, won’t you? It would be wrong for me to leave without using it one more time. Or two or three,” she added, mischievously.

Gabby quickly brought the toy, along with a tube of lubricant. “Good, Gabby, now put it on. Rick, would you like to eat my pussy for a bit?”

“Always,” said nişantaşı escort Rick as he moved to her and began kissing her right leg, moving up her thigh, across her lower belly and down her left leg, before gliding back up to her exquisite mons, while Gabby stepped into the strap-on harness. It was a wonderful device, with a large (but not too large!), handsome cock (modeled on that of a well-known pornstar) and a cunningly curved interior piece which fitted snugly in the wearer’s vagina and pressed against her G-spot whenever she thrust her hips.

“Ahh, that’s very nice Ricky, ooh, so good,” cooed Michelle. “Gabby, are you ready? Is your dick all lubed?” Gabby nodded. “Good. Now Rick, spread your legs just a little. That’s it, not too much, don’t want to tense those lovely butt muscles. Now Gabby, lube your finger and finger-fuck your brother’s ass.”

Quickly but gently, Gabby’s slender finger penetrated Rick’s ass. As she stroked in and out, Rick moaned with delight, while continuing to lick and suck Michelle’s pleasure-cavern. Her response was enthusiastic. “Oh Rick, you’re a wonder, you’ve never eaten me this well before. Oh god, don’t cum Ricky, don’t cum, not yet, I want your cock in my mouth.” Gently lifting his face from her pussy, she turned him on his side and slid down the bed to taste his pulsing love muscle. “Gabby, he’s ready, aren’t you Rick? Fuck him in the ass. Be strong, but gentle, the way you are when you fuck my cunt. Let me get his cock back in my mouth, I know when you slide that pole in his ass he’s going to explode, and I don’t want to miss a single drop of his cum.”

And it was as Michelle said. Gabby was a practiced hand with the strap-on, and as the long, thick artificial penis slid into her brother’s welcoming rectum, Michelle sucked greedily on his throbbing dick. The combined sensations were too much for Rick, and by the time Gabby was finishing her third stroke, Rick’s balls were pumping an ocean of cum into Michelle’s mouth. Cupping and stroking his balls with one hand, pumping his prick with the other, she tried to hold as much of his cum in her mouth as possible. When his balls had ceased pumping, and the last, residual twitches of his cock had died away, Michelle sat up and leaned across his body to stroke Gabby’s cheek. Gabby looked up at her, smiling, and Michelle bent over and kissed her on the mouth. As they kissed, the two girls cooed with pleasure, savoring the taste of the salty snack Rick had delivered. Michelle then lay back down and kissed Rick, tonguing as much of the remaining cum into his mouth as she could. “That’s such a lovely taste, isn’t it Rick? Particularly when it’s from someone you love and cherish as much as Gabby and I love and cherish you. Isn’t that right, Gab?” Gabby, the strap-on still buried in her brother’s ass, hugged him tightly to express her agreement, then stroked Michelle’s side, from her shoulder down to her hip, caressed her ass, and began exploring Michelle’s ass crack with her still well-lubed finger. Michelle laughed. “Rick, I think your sister is telling me that she’s still horny. Do you have the energy to watch while she and I fuck for a bit?”

“Do I have the energy to watch the two most beautiful women I’ve ever known fuck? I’d rise from my death bed for the chance to see that. And maybe, if I’m very lucky, I’ll recover enough that you’ll want me to help out.”

Needless to say, Rick was very lucky that night. It only took a few minutes of watching Gabby fuck Michelle with the strap-on for his dick to begin to rise again, and by the time Michelle rolled to her belly so that Gabby could fuck her perfect ass, he could bear it no longer. Lubing his dick thoroughly, he mounted his sister from behind, easing his fleshly cock into her ass as she plunged the plastic one into Michelle’s. Their cries of pleasure were intense, but Rick, not wanting to cum yet, eased his prick from Gabby’s ass and replaced it with his finger.

“Mmm, that’s so nice Ricky,” cooed Gabby. “And you should save your cum for Michelle. You’ve cum in her mouth, but you still have to cum in her pussy and ass before she leaves.”

“Oh Gabby, you’re so thoughtful!” said Michelle. “I was hoping to have your brother fill each of my holes one last time. Will you eat his cum out of my pussy after we fuck?”

Gabby moaned softly as she thrust her hips forward against Michelle’s ass. “Oh god yes Shelley, your cunt is always so tasty. I can’t wait to eat Ricky’s cum out of it!”

“Rick,” said Michelle. “Lie down on your back next to me. That’s it, now, let me move on top of you. Don’t slip out Gabby!” Carefully, she moved on top of Rick. As her lovely breasts brushed across his face, he licked them avidly and held them in place with his hand. “Oh, I will miss having you suck on my tits Rick. You always made me feel like they were the most beautiful tits in the world.”

“They are,” said Rick. “Yours and Gabby’s. How lucky can a guy be, getting to şişli escort suck the four most beautiful tits, to eat the two most beautiful pussies, to fuck the two most incredible asses in the world!”

“Mmm, speaking of fucking,” said Michelle, as she reached under herself, stroked Rick’s stiff member and inserted it into her love-box. “How lucky am I, having a glorious DP with the two most beautiful, thoughtful students imaginable?”

As Rick pressed his hips upward, Michelle bore down, grinding her clit against his pubis, while Gabby continued her slow fucking of Michelle’s ass. The two siblings soon adapted to Michelle’s rhythm, which gradually quickened, increasing the threesome’s already almost unbearable pleasure. Rick’s cock was being squeezed and stroked unmercifully, Gabby’s clit was pulsing, and Michelle gasped as her ass and cunt seemed to merge into a single, full-body pleasure-center. Almost as one, the twins and their tutor spasmed with grunts and squeals of pleasure. For a few moments they lay together, exhausted, speechless, consumed by the afterglow of their sexual rapture. Michelle was first to recover enough to speak.

“Oh god, oh fuck, oh fuck, Rick, you’ve filled my pussy, and Gabby, my dear, dear sweet, you’ve utterly destroyed my ass. I’m sure I’ll never be able to sit down again!”

“You say that every time we fuck, Shelley, but you’re always able to sit on my face afterward. Will you do it now, so I can eat Ricky’s cum out of your pussy?”

“That sounds heavenly, dear,” said Michelle. Gabby eased her dildo out of Michelle’s ass and rolled off onto the bed, next to Rick. The two siblings kissed deeply, and as Michelle climbed off of Rick in order to straddle Gabrielle’s face, Gabby took hold of Rick’s wet, sticky, but always beautiful cock and gently stroked it.

“Now Rick,” said Michelle, as she settled her cunt against Gabby’s expectant mouth, “Oh Gabby, your tongue is so perfect in my pussy! Aah! Rick, sweetheart, while Gabby’s eating me, she might like it if you would nuzzle her snatch for a bit, don’t you think? Oooh! I think Gabby just said yes she would.”

“I’ll do more than nuzzle it,” replied Rick. “I’ll eat it as long as she’ll let me. I hope she’ll let me eat her until she’s cum three times. At least!”

“Oh—oh—oh, Rick, you’re an ambitious young man,” moaned Michelle, as she rotated her hips and massaged Gabby’s lips with her clit. “But remember, you still have to fuck me in the ass tonight, oh Gabby, that’s the spot, oh yes…remember—fuck that’s good Gabby!—so don’t overdo. Wouldn’t want you to waste that lovely—oh, fuck Gabby, you’re an angel!—lovely, lovely spunk on the sheets.”

Gabby writhed in pleasure, loving the taste of Michelle’s sweet cum-filled pussy, driven wild by Rick’s tonguing of her own cunt. Hardly able to bear it any longer, she squeezed his head between her thighs, and with her hands held him so that his tongue could only graze her pussy lips. She freed her mouth from Michelle’s quim enough to gasp, “Oh, Shelley, let’s switch now. Can you eat me while Rick fucks your ass?”

“I’d like nothing better, sweetheart. Rick, are you ready for the pièce de résistance?”

Rick grinned. “I’m ready for this beautiful piece,” he said, as he playfully pinched her ass. “I hope there won’t be too much résistance.”

“Enough to make you value what you’ve achieved, I hope.”

Michelle climbed off of Gabby, who scooted up in the bed so that Michelle could have ready access to her delicious young cunt. Michelle lay on her belly and gently probed Gabby’s soft, puffy labia with her finger. “Rick,” she said, “Give us a moment to get started here. If my mouth isn’t in place before you start fucking me I know I’ll be too distracted to be able to find Gabby’s adorable little pussy. And that is a treasure I don’t want to miss.”

“Happy to oblige,” said Rick. He sighed. “It’s going to be so…tame around here, never getting to see you girls eating and fucking each other.” He stroked her ass gently, affectionately. “I’m going to miss that almost as much as I’ll miss fucking you.”

Michelle paused in her tonguing of Gabby’s clit and pussy lips for a moment. “I’m sure, as beautiful as you two are, you won’t have any trouble finding other girls who’ll want to join you and Gabby for playtime. Likely you’ll have more trouble keeping them away. Now, let me get back to this exquisite little pearl! Get that lovely cock of yours thoroughly lubed, Rick, and once I’m well and truly at it, please bury it in my butt-hole. It’s just aching for you.”

With that, Michelle returned her attention to Gabby. Her mouth sought the delicious cunt, her hands caressed the firm, soft tits before sliding down to grasp Gabby’s butt. Rick, his cock lubed and throbbing, parted Michelle’s ass-cheeks and gazed at her butt-hole, so close to that amazing and well-loved pussy. He bent and kissed her ass, tonguing the hole, while sliding a slick finger into her love-box. Michelle squirmed, but kept her mouth firmly in place on Gabby’s pussy. Rick got to his knees and slid his right hand under Michelle so that he could finger-fuck her and she could ride his hand while his dick was buried in her back door. He knew she would likely be able to keep going longer than he could, and wanted this to be a truly memorable fuck for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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