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Author’s Notes:

‘A Shepherd in France — Ch. 1 and 2’ is a continuation of ‘The Shepherd of Ashburn Court — Parts 1 through 5’. Minimal effort is made in this tale to explain the backstory so please read the other stories first.

All characters engaging in sexual relationships or activities are 18 years old or older.


A Shepherd in France — Ch. 1


Chapter 1

Ben Shepherd shuffled a few feet closer to the entrance of the customs area in the airport in Paris. His neck was hurting from how it had been positioned when he slept on the flight over from the States. He tried rolling out the kink in the thick muscles. He grimaced in pain and rubbed at it. That was the problem with being muscular. Big muscles meant big muscle pain and Ben was a big man. 6′ 3″ and 260 pounds of hard muscle gifted from good genes and earned from a strenuous exercise regimen. He didn’t look bad for a man in his forties.

He looked around at the seething mass of people trying to get through customs. Several large planes had landed and offloaded in quick succession which lead to this ugly bottleneck. Ahead of him in that mass were three women he was in love with and who had expressed their love for him. He never expected to find love in his life after his wife left him for another man. To find it with three women was so far beyond his expectation he still had trouble accepting the reality of it and accepting that he deserved it.

There was a voice inside him that whispered he wasn’t worthy, it wouldn’t last, and they would leave him like the others who claimed to love him had. He’d listened to that voice since he was a young child and it never went away. It was a daily struggle though recently it had been quieter than usual. He’d been surrounded by the love of these women and even his despised inner voice couldn’t compete with that.

Before it could get a grip on him again he scanned the crowd ahead and saw Catherine McGovern and her daughters nearing the entrance, the four white blonde heads made them stand out as did their beauty. They were always the easiest to find due to their hair and their height. The mother was 5′ 10″ and matched by her oldest, Sophia who was 21. Her other two, Rachel at 20 and Megan who was 19, were just an inch shorter.

He smiled as he thought of Catherine’s amazing blue eyes which often held a mischievous spark. It usually appeared with a sexy grin and the most delightful wrinkles on the bridge of her slim nose. She was truly gorgeous and it still stunned him that she was in love with him. She was all lean muscle and svelte curves from her swimming and her daughters were equally fit though he thought they chose martial arts to stay that way.

Each daughter had been blessed with their mother’s looks, eye and hair coloring, and the resemblance was definitely strong but each was like a unique flavor of the same delicious dish.

Sophia’s eyes were slightly more almond shape, probably from her father’s genes and her cheekbones were just a little higher giving her face more of a heart shape. She was the calmest and most composed of the three daughters.

The middle child Rachel had inherited a bit of her father’s strong nose. Not enough to overpower her other features but enough to give her a distinct look from her sisters. Ben thought she was truly lovely and she certainly had her mother’s boisterous energy.

Megan was the doer. She was bold and decisive and the personification of cute from her wide blue eyes to her slightly upturned nose. She was also the one who helped drag Ben into Catherine’s life.

A few passengers behind them was Tina Lee. Tina was Korean, petite at 5′ even, slim and wore her luxurious, straight black hair to the middle of her back. She had a sweet face that showed its breathtaking beauty when she smiled. It always caught people off guard. She was currently living with Ben and had professed her love to him as well. Tina was special in that she was submissive. She’d had a very bad experience with her abusive late husband and Ben had reluctantly taken over as her Dom to the best of his abilities and she claimed he was exactly the kind of man she’d dreamed of finding. She’d worked her way into his heart even though she was only in her mid-twenties. Their age gap had given Ben quite a lot of trouble.

Behind Tina and closest to him in the throng was Gabriella Wallace with her two kids, Miriam, a pretty 16 year old girl, and her brother Daniel who was 13. Gabriella was an inverse mirror of Catherine’s fairness and slim physique as she was raven haired and had generous curves. She was by no means fat, she just had curves! She also had brilliant green eyes that he could get lost in. But while Ben was enthralled by her beauty what drew him most was her wisdom and deep compassion. It was she who helped Ben get past his misconceptions of what love was and made him see he could be in love with more than one person and not inflict pain on the others. He loved her deeply and knew she felt almanbahis the same for him. She was also the one who helped him accept Tina’s love.

As Gabriella kept an eye on Miriam and Daniel she’d glance back occasionally to ensure he was still following. He snorted. Where else could he go? He was being led with all the other sheep into the large hall. He could see multiple queues leading to a series of customs desks. An officer was directing the incoming flow to random queues so he gave up hope of rejoining Catherine’s or Gabriella’s group. He caught her eye the next time she looked back and he gestured that he’d meet her at baggage claim. She nodded.

They slowly shuffled forward and as he expected their group began to get split up. Catherine and her daughters were directed to the queue on the far right. Tina, Gabriella and the kids went to the queue to the far left. When Ben arrived in front of the officer his neck spasmed and he grimaced as he rolled his shoulders. The agent stared wide eyed at Ben’s facial scar which made an appearance. The officer pointed to the queue directly behind him and Ben stepped past the man. He didn’t see the officer immediately call someone on his radio as he saw the queue he’d been directed into was shorter than the others. Ben smiled and felt a little better about his chances of getting through this area quickly. He looked to the left and right but he could no longer see the rest of his group.

Ben walked up behind a young couple who were arguing or rather the man was hissing angrily at the woman. She couldn’t have been more than twenty five, maybe 5′ 6″ and her taller gangly boyfriend wasn’t much older. They both wore an array of body jewellery with piercings in their nose, ears, eyebrows, lips, and tongues. The woman, whose bosom was… generous, wore a small halter top which exposed her trim arms, shoulders, most of her back and her flat stomach so her tattoos were in plain sight. While Ben would never consider getting a tattoo of his own he thought the woman’s Japanese stylized art of a cherry tree in full bloom on her back was exquisitely done. Pink petals seemed to be blowing across her limbs. Several beautifully detailed, colorful koi swam in the cool waters depicted on her arms. Her auburn hair was braided into a single long braid running down her back past her ass. That was a lot of hair! Her legs were hidden behind a long flowing peasant skirt. She had worn leather sandals on her feet which had obviously seen some miles.

In contrast, her boyfriend’s tattoos were rougher and seemed random. Nothing artistic about them. A fair number of them were just aggressively antagonistic slogans, like ‘Fuck the Police’ and images of weapons. He wore a mesh shirt which showed his underfed torso, a pair of ripped army pants, and scuffed army boots.

He was currently poking the woman hard while growling quietly right in her face. She seemed to be crying and shaking her head like she was frightened. Ben saw she was trembling.


Ben squirmed as he tried not to get involved though his instincts were screaming at him to do just that. He looked for Gabriella or Catherine but they were nowhere to be seen.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

The punk leaned in and hissed at the girl again loud enough this time that Ben heard his words. “Cunt, I fucking own you! You do as I fucking say or you’re dead. You will NOT fuck this up for me! I will FUCKING cut you a new hole if you don’t stop your fucking crying!”

Then he slapped the girl’s face.

Ben was being fast walked down a corridor by two police officers when he next became aware of his surroundings. His wrists were cuffed behind his back and a third officer was carrying his shoulder bag. They stopped before a door, opened it and pushed Ben inside. They pulled out a chair, undid the cuffs, and sat him in the chair. The cuffs went back on him but through a metal loop on the table’s surface. One of the officers barked something at him in French but before Ben could respond they left.


Gabriella stood by the carousel and their luggage looking for Ben. She was getting worried as most of the passengers from their plane had already passed through customs and had left with their bags. Catherine walked back from the entrance to the customs area and her face showed she’d had no luck.

“I can’t find him anywhere!” Catherine said to the group with worry in her voice. Sophia looked at her mother then shared a nervous look with Rachel.

Megan, who had been assigned baggage watch duty caught the eyes of her sisters and pointed to the suitcases. Sophia nodded and pulled Rachel over with her to stand with the accumulation of bags. They knew of the three of them Megan was the boldest and would push her way into places the others wouldn’t think of entering.

Gabriella scanned the baggage claim area once more but Ben wasn’t there. She had his suitcase so he hadn’t been through the area yet. Megan walked up to her.

“Give me a few minutes,” she said and Gabriella almanbahis giriş nodded. Megan headed off towards the doors to the customs area. Gabriella watched her slip through the doors as a passenger exited. She wished her luck but then the young lady made her own luck.

She looked over at Catherine and saw she was biting her lip. They were both nervous but Tina was beginning to look frantic. “Tina, don’t worry. He’s probably just caught up in some technicality. Megan will find him.

Tina trembled but nodded as her eyes remained locked on the doors.

Megan had surprisingly already made progress. She was sitting on a bench next to a young woman with lovely tattoos. As she’d passed the hall to the security offices she’d overheard an angry voice screaming something about killing the big bastard who sucker punched him and how he’d be back to ‘cut the bitch’. That sounded like a promising lead so Megan walked into the hall as the police dragged the screaming and thrashing man away out another door. She sat down next to the crying woman who looked up hopefully at her. Megan saw she was handcuffed to the bench.

“Hi, my name is Megan.”


“Did a large man come to your rescue against the angry guy?” she asked with a smile.

Lucy looked at Megan with large teary eyes. “Yes! How did you know?”

“That was Ben. My mom’s boyfriend. He does stuff like that. Did you see which way he went?” she asked.

“After he knocked Cecil out the police came and grabbed him. He didn’t resist as they led him away. Is Ben simple minded?” Lucy asked.

“What? No! Why?” Megan snorted.

“He- he seemed kind of out of it when he grabbed Cecil after I was slapped. His face was blank and his eyes were a little scary when he held Cecil up on his tip toes by his ponytail. When Cecil tried to kick and hit him Ben punched him once in the face then dropped him in a pile on the floor. Then he looked at me with a friendly smile.”

Megan frowned with worry. She recalled her mom saying Ben had zoned out before when he beat up their new neighbor who had abuse his wife. She hoped he wasn’t relapsing. If the police had him she had to get Gabriella and her mom on damage control as soon as possible.

“Are you going to be OK?” Megan asked.

Lucy dropped her eyes down to her cuffed hands and worried a tissue into shreds. “I don’t know. Cecil has my passport. And my money. He’s going to lose his shit when he discovers I’m no longer carrying his drugs. He’s going to kill me. I just want to go home!” she blurted then began to cry.

“The police have your passport by now. Just tell them how Cecil held you captive to be his drug mule. From what I’ve read that’s more common than you think. That should get you free from him hopefully. Here’s some cash to get you to our hotel, the Imperial Suites. When we get Ben free we’ll meet you there and he’ll hook you up with a flight home.”

“Oh my god! Thank you!” Lucy gasped. She started crying again so Megan just patted her on the shoulder.

“You be careful and we’ll see you soon, ok?” she said and headed back out to the baggage area. She had information some nervous ladies needed to hear.

Chief Inspector Antoine Boucher stared through the glass at the large man handcuffed to the table and contemplated how good he was going to look in the news tonight having captured Kirion Rapava, terror of the night! The man’s crime spree had come to an end! Women could walk the dark streets at night no longer fearing the blade of this monster.

If it was him.

They hadn’t proven that yet. There were no clear photos of Rapava nor any accurate eye witness descriptions. All they had was that he was large, muscular, had dark hair, and most importantly he had a scar crossing his face.

Boucher had watched the footage of the big man lashing out at the punk who slapped his girlfriend. He was certainly capable of violence. Boucher was a bear of a man but the man in the room intimidated him.

What planted the seed of doubt in Antoine’s mind that the man they had in custody might not be Rapava was the gentle smile the brute had given the girl after he dropped the punk to the floor. Why had he protected the girl? That didn’t fit the profile they had, at all. Rapava had never shown the slightest bit of compassion to any of his victims. All of whom were female. Or looked like a female in the case of that one unfortunate cross dresser.

The door opened quickly and Detective Chanel Babineaux pushed her way in with a fierce expression on her face. She drew up short when she saw Boucher.

“Chief Inspector! Is it true? We got Kirion Rapava?” She swung her face to look through the glass at the man inside. “Is it him?”

“Detective Babineaux, when did you get here?” Antoine asked. He took in the wrinkled suit and the short black hair in desperate need of a wash or even a brush. The woman’s eyes were dark brown and bore right through your head when she focused on you. She had classic symmetrical facial features almanbahis yeni giriş and a long limbed, slim build the ladies on the Parisian catwalks would kill for. Had she worn even the slightest amount of make-up or paid any attention to her looks she could have been breathtaking. But the Chief Inspector knew the detective despised all things ‘girly’. Still rebelling from her mother’s pressure to get her into fashion. He couldn’t fault her for wanting to apply her keen mind to the ‘more worthy’ pursuit of being a detective in the police force.

“Just minutes ago. I was following a tip that Rapava was coming in on a flight today. I got here and was informed that he was already in custody!”

“It might be him. He matches the limited description we have. Our people are going over the documents he had with him. The passport was brand new. Could be fake but it’s a really good forgery if it is. Our tech people are working on accessing the computer he had on him. He seemed to be travelling on his own.”

Babineaux stared at the man shackled to the table. “Who’s doing the interrogation?”


“Ah. Good man.” she conceded. She would have loved to have been the one to crack Rapava. She had a personal connection to this case though she kept that fact to herself. Chanel had been on this case for years. She knew all the details of each attack carried out by that monster. You couldn’t bury yourself so deep in the details without it affecting you. Then he struck too close to home. Someone she’d known… intimately… had been killed and all signs pointed to Rapava.

She examined the man in the room and memorized his features. He was handsome if you ignored the thin white scar that ran from cheek to cheek crossing is nose. Big, dark, and brooding. She wasn’t sure how long he’d been in there.

“Have you seen the footage of him attacking the punk in the custom’s queue?” Boucher asked.

Chanel looked at her boss. “He attacked someone?” she said in shock.

The man nodded and passed her a tablet. The door opened and the Chief Inspector was called outside.

Chanel queued the clip and watched it. She stopped it the moment he dropped the limp man to the ground. She saw the cold expression on his face as he struck the man. Quick as a whip and ruthless. It had to be Rapava. She put the tablet down and turned to the window again.

She saw the door open in the room and the man looked at the three officers who entered. He was staring at them as they spoke but he shook his head. She turned on the speaker to hear what they were saying.

“-English. Sorry, I don’t speak French,” he said.

The officers closed the door and took positions. One moved forward and removed one of the cuffs and stood back.

“You will remove your clothes for a body search.” the officer who released him said. The man scowled at him but looked at the others who had their hands on their weapons. He unbuttoned his shirt.

Chanel jumped when the door to the observation room opened and two female officers barged in. They stopped and stared at Babineaux but she just nodded. Rapava deserved the indignity so she was fine with him having an audience. She moved to the left side of the window furthest from the door which gave her a better view anyway.

Three more female officers and two male officers came into the room to watch the unveiling. Their timing was perfect as the man was just taking off his shirt at that moment. He pulled it open and back over his shoulders. He was very muscular and several sighs and coos were heard from the watchers but that stopped when they noticed the scars. The room went quiet.

Terrible violence had been inflicted upon this man. It was difficult to tell the age of some of the scars. Some looked recent. Some were large and others small so there may have been multiple attackers of different strengths. Regardless they were chilling to see. Perhaps most disturbing were the three old bullet hole scars on his lower torso.

“The pants. Remove them.” the officer said, his voice betraying his unease.

The man scowled again but undid his belt, button and zipper. He kicked off his shoes, pushed his pants down and stepped free of them. The watchers gasped and giggled as they saw the thick cock hanging down between his legs. He stood there with his hands at his side waiting while the officer inspected his clothing.

“Gil, would you like to spend some time with him in his cell?” Chanel overheard a teasing voice say.

“Like you wouldn’t.” was Gil’s reply.

“They found his concealed weapon.” giggled one of the ladies.

“Maybe you’d like to help conceal it once more?” chuckled another.

“You do realize this man is responsible for the brutal torture and murder of over a dozen women?” Babineaux said critically.

One of the women looked at her in surprise. “It’s him then? Kirion Rapava? It’s been proven?”

Chanel looked away from the officers to stare back at the naked man behind the glass who was bending over the table. “Not yet. But we’re getting closer.”

The room winced as they watched the man’s reaction to the cavity check. “You can put your clothes back on.” the officer who did the inspection said when he was finished.

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