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Last summer I took an assistant coaching job with a summer soccer league. We had a great team with a talented bunch of kids and wound up coming in third place in the county’s Summer 2003 playoffs. Several months later, while I was watching television, the head coach showed up at my house with a wooden plaque flaunting our third place achievement for the past summer. He also dropped off one for Alan Morris, a kid on the team who lived down the street from me. The coach had stopped at Alan’s house, but there was no answer, so he asked if I would drop it off at my convenience, and I obliged.

Throughout the soccer season, I picked Alan up for several practices and games since his mother was either working or settling things with her divorce. She had called me the week before the season started, explaining her situation, and I let her know I would help in any way I could. When Mrs. Morris did come to the games, she often sat out on an extra-large beach blanket under a sun umbrella that she plunked into the field, though that never prevented her from removing her sunglasses. She was a bright bouncy woman in her early 30s with long blonde hair, who always came to the games wearing stretch cotton shorts and either tie-back halters or a tank top. We’d said “hi” a few times, but nothing anything more intricate than that.

When she answered the door on that following Saturday without any sunglasses, I almost tripped over my tongue. Her eyes were a pair big bright sapphires, in a vivid state of surprise and confusion. They hypnotized me in absolute awe.

“Hello—oh!” A giant grin quickly spread across her face, “Mike, isn’t it?”

“Hi, Mrs. Morris, is Alan home?” I answered, staring down at the woman. She was a good foot shorter than I was.

“It’s Mizz Morris, now, but that’s okay. Come in. Come in,” she eagerly pleaded, waving me in, all excited-like. “And call me Ann.” She was barefoot, wearing a pair of white capris-cut sweatpants and an old tightly-fit pink polo without any of the buttons clasped.

“Thank you, Ann,” I said, trying to keep my eyes from her tits.

“Can I get you something to drink, Mike?”

“Well, I—“

I’d told the wife I’d be back in fifteen minutes, but now that I was here, I didn’t really see what the rush was.

“Sure,” I decided, “how about a gin and tonic.”

“Great! With olives?”


She showed me to a tan couch and as I sat myself down I watched her perky little ass pounce off to get the drinks. Jesus Christ, I thought, is this going where I think it is? I loved my wife, but that wasn’t enough to prevent me from acquiring a nasty hard-on. When she came back (without any olives in my drink) I asked her once more if Alan was home. Raising a hand across her mouth, she begged me to forgive her, and that, no, Alan was away for the weekend with his father. I showed her the plaque that I had stopped by to give Alan and after a few moments of excitement, she set it on the oak coffee table in front of us. Ann and I chatted for almost a half hour mostly about her divorce and how she was just thankful that she got the house. She was also pleased her ex (“that asshole,” she called him) was going to have to pay a nice sum for child support.

“Oh my!” She leant forward, dropping a hand on my knee while my eyes drifted up to her breasts that were almost popping out of her polo. She caught me sneaking a peek, and rose from the couch. “Mike, I forgot your olives.”

“That’s Kayseri Escort ok—“

“No, no,” she said, running back to the kitchen.

Returning, without any olives in her hands, slowly approaching me with an evil grin and her hands behind her back, Ann came forward until she was standing over my lap. She pulled her polo off, allowing her fine white breasts to fall freely out in the open, and drew her hands forward, propping them against my shoulders while she leaned forward to kiss me. As her lips met with mine, she slowly pushed an olive from out of her mouth and into my own. It surprised me at first, and I could have choked on it had I not tasted its bitter aroma as quickly as I did. While I chewed the olive Ann ran her smooth thin hands through my hair, blowing softly on my brow as the hard nipples of her breasts gently beat against the top of my chest. I found my own hands resting down on the top of Ann’s firm thighs, gently sliding them back and forth against the soft cotton of her sweat pants.

“Hmmm, Mike, you smell soo good. God, I haven’t been with a man in soo long,” she whispered in my ear. “Will you please fuck me, Mike? If I go another day without some cock I’m gonna fucking go insane.”

She started to softly kiss the nape of my neck and I started to glide my hands up from her thighs towards her waist and tummy. At first contact with my hands against her bare skin she softly moaned then pushed her tits into my face, keeping her hands busy with mussing up the thick brown hair at the back of my head. She smothered me with her tits and I sucked and kissed them, raising my hands up her back, gripping her skin and pulling her toward me. Her nipples were a nice pink shade and hard as pen-tips, balanced at the end of boobs that were “more than a handful” size. I sucked and smacked my lips on them, nibbling the nipples with my lips and teeth. “Oh yes, Mike. Suck on my tits!” she screamed.

Ann moved her knees up onto to the couch and sidled up on my lap. I was going absolutely crazy. I wanted to fuck her so hard, but I wanted to enjoy her first. It had been so long since some one had given her a hard fuck, I wanted to leave her with something to remember. When I finished sucking on her tits, I pushed her back just enough to pull my shirt off. Immediately, Ann’s hands were all over my chest and stomach, roughly driving her fingers up the grooves of my six-pack. I slapped my hands behind her ass, gave them a nice squeeze then lifted her up in my arms. Her legs locked around my body as she held herself against me with both of our wet tongues diving into each other’s mouths.

My cock was throbbing in my shorts now and I thought it was time I let it loose, and so did Ann. It took a bit of effort to unhook her legs from me, but as soon as I did I laid her out with her back against the couch. She was breathing heavily and her face was flushed red. The hard-on underneath must have been obvious, for as soon as Ann was thrown from me, she was leaping back, unbuttoning my shorts and pulling them down to my ankles. “Gimme that cock, Mike. I need cock NOW!” She was starting to scare me a little then, so I knew I had to get my shit together and take control. My shorts fell and my massive stiff cock dove out after them. Before she could grab it, I took a hold of it and pushed it into her pretty face, dragging it across her neck and cheeks, smearing precum. Her mouth was wide open now, just waiting for me to push it in there, while Kayseri Escort Bayan her hands skimmed over my bare ass. I sat down on the front edge of the sofa and reclined my legs out. By tugging Ann along by her hair I pulled her down to the living room floor where she surrendered to her knees and began to slide her hands up and down my taut legs.

She grabbed my cock but before her wet open mouth came down on it I told her, “Ann, I want you to give me the best cocksucking you know how to give. You got me?” Desperate blue eyes stared back at me. “Mike, I wouldn’t think of giving you anything else.” That was good enough for me. I grabbed Ann by her head and pushed her soft eager lips all the way down my cock, holding her down for a moment, while the skull of my cock rested against her throat. I let her head go, collecting her long hair in one fist, and she slowly pulled her lips up the shaft of my cock, making a loud slurpy popping sound when it was fully removed. Every dive Ann’s hot mouth took on my cock was deep and smooth, without any scraping teeth. I was oblivious to why any man would leave a woman who could suck dick as sweetly as this. And she looked so damn cute sucking it; always with her eyes closed and the same expression on her face that I’d seen on my wife when she’d swallow a piece of chocolate mousse. After a series of sucks she’d slap the soaken wet prick out the side of her mouth and swirl her tongue around the helmet all crazy-eyed, stroking it with a free hand, gasping for a good full breath of air.

When one of her hands began to retreat from massaging my stomach and chest and down towards her pussy, I knew it was time to put my cock someplace else. I pulled her head up by her hair until her lips were pressing against mine and she was up on her knees, resting on the sofa with me, hovering over me with my torso between her. “Fuck me,” she pleaded between a kiss, “Please.” Her desperate squeaking voice was enough for me. I tossed Ann into a corner of the sofa, pitched my shorts from off my ankles and stood up. Naked, except for my tennis shoes, my bright red hard-on danced free between my legs. I propped all eight inches in my hand and asked, “You wanna fuck this?” Ann scuffled out of her sweats. She wasn’t wearing any panties, so all of her delights were exposed. Her grin beamed with delight and lust. “Right now! Fuck me right now!” Digging her back into the corner of the couch, she spread her white legs wide, pushing them back with her hands against her inner thighs. A small neatly cropped triangle of blonde hair decorated the top of her dripping pussy. Her cunt was begging for it. I knelt down and dragged my tongue up the length of her vagina, dipping my tongue hard into it. Ann quivered, squeezing her perky nipples, moaning and groaning. The movement of my tongue increased with vigor and intensity, showing poor Ann the lack of sexual sympathy she deserved. She screamed as one orgasm hit her, acrid juices flowing out onto my lips. All her fingertips dug into my skull and pushed me deeper into the soft cavern between her legs. I continued to lick and dig into her cunt and suck on her clit until another orgasm soon exploded from her. There. She was loobed enough.

I kicked the coffee table back further from the sofa to make some room, causing a few items to sail from the top of it. I didn’t fucking care; there was a neglected pussy that needed tapping and I aimed to mine it. “Get up,” I ordered, and as soon Escort Kayseri as she complied I pushed her back into the corner of the sofa so that her back was laid out on the seat with her head wedged forward against an armrest. After climbing onto the couch with her, I grabbed Ann’s ankles and lifted them up and apart from one another, pushing her knees back toward her shoulders. “Come on, Mike! Fuck me!” she began to squeal. Bearing down on Ann, I locked one of her legs against the backrest with my torso and snaked my right forearm down in the nook between her neck and the armrest for support. Understanding that I wanted her spread wide, Ann wrapped her free arm behind the leg that was hanging over the couch and pulled it back until her knee was bent and just behind her elbow, almost wrapping it behind her head like some contortionist. There she was, like some upside down frog, one hand holding back the spread leg at its calf and the other fingering her sweaty clit.

“You sure are supple, Ann.”

“Yoga. Now fuck me!”

With the length of my hovering body tilted slightly and my other hand now propped against the armrest, I pushed my sweaty rock iron cock slowly into Ann. Her cunt was tighter than my wife’s but soaking wet with all that lust she’d been hoarding, so my initial descending was smooth and streamlined. She squealed in delight and grit her teeth, swinging her head from side to side. “Oh God, yes! Fuck me with your cock! Fuck me!” I slowly accelerated the speed of my cock into Ann until I was ripping into her like a jackhammer, both of our torsos slapping against one another as sweat from our bodies dripped and sprayed off of us. Occasionally I would grin maliciously as Ann would moan and beg for it harder and faster, fiddling with her clit so much I thought sparks would start to fly as I fucked her as hard as she had been in a long time, sinking my cock deep into her with every long stroke, pounding the walls of her warm cavern.

She started to scream, “Oh! OH! OH! OH!” so I plunged my cock into her harder and faster until she lifted her hand from her clit and held onto my bicep, squeezing it as her body tensed and then quivered into orgasm. “Yess! Oh God! Ohhhh!!” she screamed then I continued to fuck her through her orgasm then when she was finished I climbed forward and sank my cock into her gasping mouth. After Ann took three strong sucks I took hold of my cock and jerked it a few times, blasting my pearly load into her face as I gasped in glory, watching it ricochet off her cheek and spit across the living room. What was left of my cum Ann slowly sucked out of me, concentrating her lips on the hot red heavy helmet of my penis as she stared up at me all tired and satisfied with a gentle smile on her cummy lips.

“Hmmmm…Thank you, Mike.”

Afterwards we got dressed and I helped Ann clean up the mess we made in the living room. As Ann cleaned my cum from the carpet and other miscellaneous items with a wet towell, I set the coffee table back in its proper place and told her what a fucking idiot her ex was for divorcing her. She agreed. We talked for a bit while we tidied up and Ann made it clear she didn’t want a serious relationship. Whew. She even gave me her cell phone number and told me I could fuck her anytime her son wasn’t home. I thanked her and when I got home I hid it in the garage where the wife wouldn’t find it.

“Oops,” Ann said, lifting up the plaque her son had won. Apparently some of my load had landed on it. I felt like a real jackass, being responsible for that. Ann just giggled and wiped it up, telling me not to worry. When we were finished, I gave Ann a big hug and told her she’d be hearing from me. “I hope so,” she said with a wink and her hand patting my crotch, “I hope so.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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