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Big Tits

I couldn’t believe my luck. It was New Year’s Eve and I thought I would be spending it alone in my room. Yet here I was in my mom’s room, in my mom’s bed, and my cock was buried deep inside her wet wanton pussy.

“Fuck me, Brian. Fuck your momma as you’ve never fucked a woman before.” She screamed. Her legs wide open on her bed, moving backwards and forwards as I fucked her as hard as I could.

Her sexy black high heeled shoes riding the air. Around her neck, she wore a hot black choker with a diamond in the centre. Her diamond earrings hung from her earlobes, swaying like chandeliers in an earthquake as my hard wet eighteen-year-old cock ploughed her roughly, my hands grabbing her ass beneath me. Her hot big sexy breasts swaying, mesmerising me.

It was three minutes to midnight, and our goal was to see out the shitty Old Year with a bang. And banging my mom was pretty much the biggest kind of bang imaginable.

2020 had been a real cunt of a year, so fucking my moms cunt seemed like the perfect way to firmly put it into the past. And what better way to welcome in the New Year and all the hope of 2021 than by filling up my moms pussy with her own son’s seed.

“Oh yeah mom, take my cock, you dirty little bitch,” I shouted as I pounded her as hard as I could, my balls primed to shoot on the stroke of midnight.

I couldn’t believe my dad could sleep so deeply. Mom was making a hell of a noise and yet my dad, laying next to us on the bed, slept through it all.

Fucking my mom as my dad slept right next to us was the hottest, wildest thing ever. And I knew it was the same for my mom too.

They had planned to party the night away, but my dad had drunk way too much and they’d come home ultra-early, and the result was the ultimate in taboo, highlighted bursa eskort bayan by my thick cock in my moms desperate cunt.

She was so pissed at my dad after he’d ruined her night and the drink got the worse of her too. Yet for me, getting ready to cum in her pussy, I’d got the best of a bad situation. And by the look on my moms face as she let me fuck her on her bed with my dad, her husband lying next to her, asleep, she sure as hell was happy too.

“Baby,” she begged me, “tonight’s so special. We’re finally getting rid of that shitty 2020, so I think there’s only one thing that can truly let us see it off properly.” She said.

Confused, I couldn’t understand what she meant. But then, the clock ticking down, she made no secret of what she wanted, and how she wanted to see out the shittiest year of our lives.

“Here,” she said, reaching into her bedside drawer and pulling out some lubricant. “Sometimes I let your dad fuck me in the ass. He’s not as into it as I am, so I’m sure a wild teenager like you will do a better job than he can. So rub some into my ass and on your cock and smash my ass into 2021, and hurry. I want my ass filled with your cum on the stroke of 2021. There’s no better way to flush this shitty year down the toilet than to take it in the shiter. So that’s what I want you to do hun. Fuck me in the shiter baby.” She demanded.

Mom was a cock hungry whore, that was for sure. And clearly, dad had stopped doing his duty and living up to her standards a long time ago, so clearly it was my job now.

Flipping her on her stomach and ramming my mom’s ass with my cum ready cock, the seconds to New Years counting down, I was gonna have to fuck her like a bitch and squeeze my hardest and best fuck into less than a minute.

Ramming bursa otele gelen eskort bayan down on to her so hard I thought we were going to break the bed, and the noises it made, made me feel sure my dad would wake up at any moment.

TEN – A voice said from the TV, as I smashed my mom’s ass, her butt bouncing forward. Her huge breasts squashed beneath her.

NINE – Fucking her sexy round ass harder and harder with all my might, I kissed and nibbled on one of her ear lobes, sending her into a deeper sense of ecstasy.

EIGHT – My mom screaming out beneath me, next to us, my dad turned in his sleep. Now, although his eyes were closed, he was facing directly at us.

SEVEN – I grabbed hold of my mom’s tits, squashed into the bed, and power fucked her tight ass deeper and deeper.

SIX – A text buzzed onto my phone. It was my sister asking what I was doing? I was honestly tempted to tell her exactly what I was doing, leaving out only the fact of who I was doing it to.

FIVE – My cock was ready to shoot now I could feel it inside. I eased my hard pounding just a little so that I didn’t shoot my load up my mom’s ass prematurely before the stroke of midnight.

FOUR – Another text buzzed through. It was my girlfriend telling me how much she missed me and wished she was with me. Oops! I thought to myself.

THREE – Another text buzzed through. This time it was a fuck-friend telling me she had decided to become bisexual and wanted to introduce me to her new girlfriend. Wow! Things were looking up for the New Year already.

TWO – Now I was banging my mom’s ass as hard as I could, desperate to finally cum inside her. But she was making so much noise as I fucked her with full power, that bursa eve gelen escort my dad seemed to be stirring from his slumber.

Desperate to keep her quiet, I grabbed her sexy red panties and shoved them into her mouth to keep her quiet as I fucked her deep in her ass with my thick wet cum-ready cock.

ONE – “Happy New Year.” The voice on the TV said as loud Explosions from fireworks could be heard. Yet loader still, were the fireworks that could be heard outside our open window.

Turning to my father as the eruption left my cock, filling up my mom, his eyes suddenly, unexpectedly burst open to the shocking sight of his son, deep in the ass of his wife. It was obvious to him that I was ejaculating inside her, fucking her as hard as I could.

Like a geyser or a volcano of hot white cum, I filled up my mom’s tight asshole with my cum.

“Happy New Year,” my dad said in a daze.

“Happy New Year,” both I and my mom said, turning to him still in the passion of fucking, my mom speaking with her mouth full of red panties and her ass full of white-hot cum.

My dad, looking on, thinking he must be dreaming, watched me as I continued to fuck my mom hard in the ass. Coming inside her, there was no way I could stop, the urges were too strong.

Bouncing off of his wife’s ass, I simply continued to fuck her into the New Year, my dad’s eyes, glued to the exhibition he had awoken to, now a voyeur in our perverse, tryst of incest.

Rubbing his eyes, he was sure he must just be dreaming, perhaps he’d already fantasised that I’d fucked my mom. Closing his eyes, he drifted back into oblivion.

Pulling my cock out of my mom, cum bursting out of the rim of her ass, it seemed we had probably just gotten away with the most erotic perverted incest fuck imaginable. And all in homage to the dreadful year that 2020 was.

“Thanks, son,” mom thanked me. “You slammed your cock into me a year ago, way back in 2020, and you pulled it out a whole year later in 2021. Few men can manage a year-long fuck, let alone in the ass where its tightest. But I knew I’d make a man of you someday son,” she smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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