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Perfectly still, I stood silently in the anteroom waiting for You to show. The need to fidget and squirm barely controlled as I wrack my brain for the reason You commanded this meeting. You’d never allowed our personal relationship to spill over into our work lives since the day You’d claimed me. Had it been a mere month since that fateful day? So much had changed since that day. Never have I been so fulfilled. Never have I maintained such a constant state of arousal. Not until You. Little frissons of nerves travel along my spine as I anticipate Your arrival. I can only hope You will be on time, as my absence will be noticed by co-workers and patients. As the clock ticks off the minutes, I tug my lower lip between my teeth, a sure sign of doubt. This is the only empty room on the floor; surely He knows this is where I am. I struggle to maintain the stillness that You prefer. My fidgeting makes You worry, You’ve said.

The heavy metal door swings slowly inward, and my breath leaves my lungs in an instant. Do You know how beautiful You are to me? I think not. I would never be so forward as to tell You, but I have tried to show You in the ways I worship Your body. Even now, I can recall the taste of Your skin as clearly as though my tongue had just dragged across it. Blue/grey eyes search mine, and I try to let everything I feel shine there in my own brown depths. Smiling softly, You seem pleased with what You see. “a, there is a cardiac conference in Los Angeles in 1 month. We will be attending it…together.” Sudden, sharp fear clouds my eyes, and does not escape Your notice. “So, you still fear me? You will be punished for that fear, a, I promise you. escort jigolo gaziantep No one here knows that I am going. No other staff from here will be attending. As for finances, the hospital has already agreed to pay your admission fees.” At the quick question mark in my eyes, you sigh heavily. “I filled out an application for you and requested the necessary assistance. I did all in your name, but that was for my benefit, not yours. You understand this? I have booked a flight for us, as well as a hotel. We leave on Friday, April 2nd. Have your husband drop you off at AEX by noon.”

Suddenly, and without warning, You capture my face in Your hands and take my mouth. Swiftly and easily I am suspended in Your arms. Feet barely touching the floor, I am once again helpless against this all-consuming fire. Raging, clawing need crawls up from my gut. Breath is ripped from my lungs, then scraped back in; each breath a nearly painful testament of your possession. Parting my lips with Your tongue, You begin an oral duel that is purely carnal. No sweet, gentle tasting, this. This is war and You are the victor in that You have left me completely defenseless. Your mouth leaves mine, and I am helpless to suppress the moan that follows. Your tongue lightly traces the graceful line of my neck, down and across the prominent collarbone where the skin is so sensitive. Head thrown back in complete surrender, I am oblivious to the world around us; that I am unworried about interruption is a testament, both to my hunger for You, and to my absolute trust in You.

Dropping Your hands to my buttocks, You lift me completely escort bayan gaziantep lezbiyen from the floor, and fit Your growing erection snugly into the junction between my thighs. Head bent to brush light kisses over the top of my aching breasts, You rock against me in a rhythm as old as time itself. “Shhh, lover, not a sound” You admonish when the silence becomes nearly unbearable to my tortured senses. With every forward thrust of Your hips, my orgasm looms closer. Quick, shallow pants signal my impending rapture.

Abruptly, I find myself standing, or rather sagging, against the wall, on my own feet once more.
Confusion clouds my brown eyes. “We’re at work, a. Would you have everyone on the floor hear your screams of ecstasy?” I’m left further befuddled by Your words. I thought I was mastering the art of silence quite well. Aching with the loss of Your touch, and the missed opportunity for sexual satisfaction, I stand before You, waiting. Frowning, You glance down at the erection so obvious in Your thin scrub pants. “What have you done? I can’t return to work this way.” Taking my hand,You pull me through the inner door of this VIP suite, and into the patient bath. Pointing to the floor at Your feet, You quickly release the drawstring holding up the material that covers your cock. Dropping hastily to my knees, I take care to maintain the eye contact that serves to increase Your enjoyment of all things sexual.

Staring up into Your eyes, I indulge my taste buds, slowly running the tip of my tongue from the tip of Your hard cock to the base and back again. Entranced by your taste, Your gaziantep escort masaj salonları texture, I flatten the top of my tongue against the underside of Your shaft, slowly trailing it from one side to the other, arousing myself as I tend to Your needs. The only sign of Your arousal is the darkening of those clear blue irises and an occasional tremor in Your cock. Time is short though, and the threat of discovery is real, so Your hands fall to knot in my long auburn tresses. I open my mouth, tuck my lips over my teeth, and flatten my tongue in the floor of my mouth in preparation for the face fuck I know is coming. Though Your first strokes are slow and shallow, it is a mere prelude. Within seconds, You are forcing that wonderful appendage past my gag reflex and into the oh, so tight muscles of my throat. With each full stroke I try to time the contractions of swallowing with the withdrawal of Your cock. I can’t keep up, though, as Your pace increases. Never taking my eyes from Yours, I moan around You, a rumbling, tactile plea to feed me. I raise my hands from their passive position on my open thighs to run them up the back of Your thighs and bring them to rest on your straining ass cheeks. I can feel that You are close. Your strokes are harder, Your cock diving deeper, and Your breathing becomes uneven. Finally, with barely a blink to break the mesmerizing gaze between us, You flood my waiting orifice with Your cum. Swallowing quickly and repeatedly, I cannot contain it all and some escapes to slide slowly down my chin. As I lift a hand to wipe the wayward fluid into my now empty mouth, You stop me. Without a word You just watch as it continues its gravity driven descent to my light blue scrub top where it will no doubt be quite noticeable, if unidentifiable to anyone but us. Pulling me to my feet, You whisper “Do not let me find out you finished yourself off before I command it.” And leaving me standing there, aroused beyond anything in my previous experience, You turn and walk out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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