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Aaaaaaand we’re back…

It’s been a long time cumming, but chapter eight is finally up. For those of you that forgot, Donald Key was recently initiated into manhood by his older MILF of a neighbor, Nancy Darsch. His aunt Jill Reynolds spied the two lovers and, overcome by lust, fucked Donnie the next day.

Meanwhile, Donnie’s cousin, and Jill’s daughter, Cassie has been having some fun with her college roommate Sakura (Saki) and a guy she picked up from an end-of-the-school year party.

Cassie and Saki have just returned to Cassie’s home, where Donnie, Nancy and his aunt Jill have just had a threesome.


(As always, comments are appreciated. It lets us authors know we’re doing good and where we need to improve.)


Donnie and Nancy ran for her backyard, desperate to get away from being found out by Jill’s daughter and friend. The pair, along with Donnie’s aunt, had just fucked by the pool when they heard his cousin Cassie and her friend get out of the car and start into the house.

In a panic, they grabbed their discarded swimsuits and made a beeline Jill’s.

The adrenaline rush from almost being caught sped up Donnie’s pulse, forcing blood to his cock. His just spent monster swelled harder. He grabbed Nancy around the waist and pulled her for a kiss as she closed the gate.

Out of the corner of her eye, Nancy saw her neighbor Jill emerge from the pool, where she washed off Donnie’s cum, and give them a disappointed, yet jealous smile.

“Mom? I’m home and I’ve brought a friend,” Cassie said on the other side of the fence.

Frightened they might have been heard; Donnie and Nancy stopped and listened.

“Why are you naked?” Cassie asked.

Quickly thinking, Jill answered, “Oh you know, just a little skinny dipping while I work on my tan. Who’s your friend?”

“I told you about my roommate, Sakura, right?” Cassie said. “She didn’t have anyplace to go for the summer so I invited her to stay.”

Jill gave herself a brief towel down and embraced Cassie’s roommate in a hug. “Mom!” Cassie cried when she saw her mother’s naked breasts mashed against the Asian teen.

“What? I’m just being friendly. And the two of you have already caught me in the nude,” Jill said stepping out of the embrace.

Sakura blushed, feeling herself warm up from Jill’s touch. “It’s alright Mrs. Reynolds,” she said. “But you can call me ‘Saki’. Everyone else does.”

“And you can call me Jill, Saki,” Jill said, moving back towards the chaise she had just been fucked on. “Now, who wants some champagne?”

Knowing they were in the clear, Donnie released his grip on Nancy’s waist. His cock, which had been wedged between them, flopped out, going limp again from the ebb of adrenaline.

Ms. Darsch grabbed the meat and slowly began jerking the teen again. She could feel him go powerless in her grip and pulled him to one of the chairs she had in her yard. Their coupling had lit a fire in her and she wanted nothing more than to fan the flames. Her pussy was a bit tender from the fuck they had just shared but she didn’t want to waste any time and wanted to reward the boy for the good work he had done.

When they neared the chair, she pushed him down into it. Donnie sat; resting his arms on the chair rests, his steel hard cock sticking straight up. Nancy kneeled before him and began to worship him with her tongue.

Donnie moved to speak, but she put her finger of her lips, shushing him, and nodded her head to the fence, lest they be heard. He nodded his understanding.

With a smile, she began to slowly lick around his balls, savoring the salty taste of sweat and her friend’s vagina. Nancy let out a small moan when she felt his shaft bounce against her forehead as she sucked.

Donnie, trying to be quiet, leaned his head back and stifled his own moans.

Next door, Jill lay back on the chaise, the very place where her, Nancy, and her nephew Donnie had fucked. Beads of water sparkled on her skin. When her daughter arrived she had jumped in the pool to wash off his cum, lest they spark suspicion. Now, her daughter and friend stood before her, she had to play it as cool as she could.

“Alright, she can stay,” Jill said, secretly wincing that another set of eyes and ears meant it would be harder to keep her secret. “And I won’t allow freeloading from either of you. I expect both of you to help around the house and to get some sort of summer jobs. Got it?”

“With pleasure,” Saki said. “But do we have to get one today? We just got here.”

“You have until the end of the week.”

“Fine,” Cassie said. “Thank you. Saki, c’mon let’s unpack.”

“That stuff’s not going anywhere and we just got here. Let’s relax a bit,” Saki said. “Do you mind company while you tan, Ms. Reynolds?”

“The more the merrier.”

“Whatever,” Cassie said. “I’ve got some stuff to take care Kıbrıs Escort of. I’ll be back later, Mom.”

Jill leaned up on her elbows to get a better look at her daughter. “You just got here and I haven’t seen you for months. Sit down and relax a while.”

“Can’t,” Cassie said walking back to the house. She slid the glass door shut as she left.

Saki and Jill sighed.

The two women looked at each other, knowing what the other was thinking.

“I knew she was going to go over there as soon as she could,” Saki said, pulling off her shirt and shorts. “I tried to tell her to wait.” She tossed the clothes to the side, leaving her only in her bra and panties.

“What is she going to do?” Jill said, shifting herself to a more comfortable position. “Tell him you two are lovers?”

Saki froze, shocked at Jill’s upfront statement.

Jill cracked her a smile. “I’m laying her nude in front of my daughter and her friend, do you think two women together would make me uncomfortable?”

Saki shrugged. “You never can tell sometimes.” She lay down a similar chaise next to Jill. “She’ll tell him that and that she slept with someone else while she was at school.”

“Oh, big deal,” Jill said leaning back. “She needs a good fuck every now and then. Maybe she’ll relax a little.”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell her, too.”

On the other side of the fence, Nancy was still on her knees slithering her tongue around the base of Donnie’s cock. He grabbed a handful of her hair and slowly pulled her up, making it obvious he wanted her to engulf the knob and take him inside her wet mouth.

She decided to tease him further. Instead of doing what she knew he wanted, Nancy tickled the sensitive underside of his glans with her tongue.

The sudden, intense pleasure was too much for the teen. “Fuck,” he cried, pulling Nancy’s face and tongue closer to his cock.

Saki heard the word and perked her ears towards Nancy’s house. “Did you hear that?” she asked Jill.

“Uh, hear what?”

The teen walked over to the fence. Pressed her head against the wood, she strained her hearing trying to catch what she thought she heard.

Jill watched her with nervous eyes. She couldn’t think of what to say to stop her and not arouse suspicion.

Saki thought she could hear something over there but couldn’t be sure. She moved her head and looked around for a hole in the fence. Finding none, she pulled a chair over and stood on it to get a look.

Jill watched her, afraid yet excited. Seeing Saki stand on the chair, about to peek over reminded her of the night before when she had watched Donnie and Nancy fucking. She hoped it would have the same effect on the sexy Asian teen as it did with her. “See anything?”

Saki gasped. She expected to see someone trying to do yard work not some hunk getting a blowjob. She watched as an older blonde woman licked one of the biggest cocks she had ever seen. She couldn’t break away. Her pussy began to leak as she watched.

Donnie felt her eyes on him and he looked over at her. He gave Saki a knowing grin and pulled Nancy’s head away from his crotch. He pushed Nancy onto her back and pushed his cock into her.

“YES!” she cried, as he entered. Nancy wasn’t sure she was ready to fuck again right away but nibbling Donnie’s cock had made her hot and whatever soreness she had felt was replaced once again by the intense pleasure his thick meat gave her.

Saki watched has the two lovers became one. Donnie, not breaking eye contact, began to fuck Nancy hard, pushing and pulling her across the green grass. As the two lovers fucked, Donnie and Saki watched each other.

The horse-hung teen fucked Nancy Darsch with everything he had. Having just recently cum all over her and his aunt, Donnie knew he’d be able to last longer. He hooked Nancy’s legs over his shoulders and really began plowing into her.

“Oh, fuck!” Nancy moaned. Her eyes rolled back as she felt an orgasm hit her.

When it hit her, her body once again twitched and writhed under his powerful thrusts. Donnie felt her vaginal walls clamp down on his meat, but instead of giving his neighbor a break, he instead began fucking her even harder.

“Oh, God. Stop. Please, please stop,” Nancy, said weakly, trying in vain to push him away.

Her movements were weak, the pleasure overtaking her. Donnie chuckled knowing what was washing over her. He looked away from Nancy’s twitching form back to the Asian girl who was spying on them.

The girl watched with mouth agape as Donnie pounded Nancy into the grass. Saki reached between her legs, into her panties, and teased her wet pussy.

“I’m guessing those two are putting on quite a show over there,” said Jill.

Saki, with eyes half-glazed in lust, hesitantly broke away and nodded to Jill. She wanted to watch more of the show; just hearing Nancy’s grunts of Kıbrıs Escort Bayan passion set her body on fire. She dropped from her perch and moved back to Jill. “That looks like so much fun. I’ve had some big dick in my life, but nothing like he’s packing,” Saki whispered.

“That boy sure can fuck, can’t he?”

“Sounds like it.”

“I’m impressed he’s still going. He’s been fucking my neighbor all night and I just got fucked by him this morning.”

“But last night when I saw how much pleasure he was giving her I knew I had to have him, too.”

Saki laughed. “You sound like Cassie. She went all year without being with a guy, but after hooking up with one guy at the end she became insatiable.”

“Like mother, like daughter. I guess.”

The two women stopped talking and just listened to Donnie and Nancy’s coupling. Jill continued to finger herself as Saki watched. But seeing how comfortable the older woman was around her guest made Saki want to join in. The teen quickly pulled off her panties and bra.

Jill cooed at the sight of her porcelain skin and the small trail of dark pubic hair. “Mmmm, you look delicious.”

“Thanks,” Saki moaned as she too fingered her cunt.

Jill gave her a wicked smile and crooked a finger towards her. “Come here, little one. Let me take care of you.” Saki slowly walked to her host. Jill held out a hand and pulled the 18-year-old to her level, sitting on the chaise.

The two pulled into a deep kiss, their tongues swirling against each other. Jill and Saki both moaned into each other’s mouths. Saki couldn’t quite be sure but there was something salty on Jill’s lips and tongues. It tasted of semen and pussy.

Jill turned her soon-to-be lover around, pressing Saki’s back against her breasts. The two watched the dividing fence, listening to the sounds of Donnie and Nancy fucking away.

Jill reached down to Saki’s sopping cunt and began slowly tracing the outline of her swollen lips. “Can I tell you a secret?”

Saki moaned an affirmative.

“He’s my nephew,” she whispered.

“Oh fuck,” Saki moaned. The taboo confession overwhelmed her. But isn’t incest…” Saki couldn’t continue the simple question. Jill’s fingers and the thought that she was acting out such a dark desire sent Saki into her own pleasure zone. Her clit swelled as Jill’s hand tickled around it.

“Wrong? Sure, but it feels so right. And once we get his cock into you, you’ll agree.” Jill bit on of Saki’s ears, sending shoots of pain into the girl. The combination of Jill’s teeth and fingers sent the Asian girl into an orgasm.

“Oh, fuck! That’s feels good, Mrs. Reynolds. I’m going to CUUUUUUMMMMM!” Saki began to scream from her passion. With her other hand, Jill pulled the girl towards her and silenced her moans with her own mouth, kissing her deeply once again.

“I know it’s wrong, but hearing those two makes me wish I was over there.”

“Even if it’s your nephew?” Saki probed.

Jill shrugged. Continuing to trace her vaginal lips, she inserted one finger inside. “Sometimes dick is dick. It’s been so long that I don’t think I would care whom it was attached to,” she said, pulling her finger in and out. “Besides after I saw that monster he was keeping in his pants, I don’t know if I would care.”

Next door, Nancy and Donnie heard the unknown girl scream. Nancy pulled her legs off Donnie’s shoulders, opening herself wider. “Make me scream like that again,” she commanded.

Donnie grunted and grabbed Nancy’s shoulders. With the leverage he furiously fucked his neighbor.

“JESUS CHRIST!” she screamed. His rough fucking caused her large breasts to bounce wildly, smacking the flesh into her chin. Nancy grabbed her tits and pulled on her nipples, twisting the sensitive nubs. “That’s it you stallion. Fuck me like you own me!”

Donnie pushed himself up onto one knee, the extra leverage giving him more power. “You want this cock? I’ll give you this fucking cock!”

He howled with desire, pushing more of himself faster and deeper into her. Having just cum all over Nancy and his aunt, Donnie knew he’d be lasting for a while. He didn’t care though; all he wanted right now was for that slip of a girl who had peeked over the fence to enjoy the show he was putting on. He didn’t know her name but the moment he saw her Donnie knew he wanted to spread her pussy wide with his dick.

“Oh, God! Oh, God! OH, GOOOOOOD!” Nancy screamed, her body convulsing in an orgasm.

Next door, the two women had taken to lying next to each other. They kissed as their fingers explored each other’s pussies. Jill and Saki had independently fingered the other in the same rhythm as the slaps and grunts they could hear through the fence.

Nancy’s screams and chants cause the pair to giggle at her pleas.

Saki took the moment and gave Jill a light kiss on the lips. She sat up and pulled off her Escort Kıbrıs bra and panties. “I need to work on my tan, too,” she said with a smile.

“I can see why my daughter decided to gave in to her desires with you,” Jill said, admiring Saki’s porcelain skin. “You’re stunning.”

Saki lay back with Jill and the two began Frenching again.

“I have to admit, I’m a little surprised you didn’t run off when I said I had fucked my nephew,” Jill said.

Saki shrugged. “You’re not the only one who’s been with a family member.”

Across the fence, Nancy began moaning loudly again. “I’m going to fucking cum, again! Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop!”

“Like I would,” Donnie moaned.

Pleasure again flowed over the older woman. She screamed and howled, moaning obscenities to the sky. “FUUUUUUUUUCK!”

Jill and Saki heard her and rubbed their clits as they kissed.

“I’m gonna cum, too,” Donnie said.

“Shoot it in my mouth,” Nancy moaned. “I want to drink it.”

Donnie pulled his cock from Nancy’s vagina and stood. The MILF sat up and pulled his cock back into her mouth, swirling her soft tongue around his knob. “Shit, yeah,” he moaned.

With a jolt, Donnie grabbed the back of Nancy’s head as his cock began spewing his cum into her. She swallowed as fast as she could but just as before he came too much for her too handle. A dribble of cream escaped her lips as she drank him.

Jill and Saki listened as Donnie came, his moans passing over the fence. The two women grabbed each, passion overtaking them again. They pressed their naked flesh together, breast against breast.

Overcome, Jill lay back on the chaise. Saki pulled herself over her new lover, placing her dripping pussy onto Jill’s smiling lips. The two women locked themselves into a 69 and began fervently eating each other, savoring the other’s sweet nectar.

“Fuck you’re good,” Jill moaned, breaking away from Saki’s pussy.

“Mmmmm, you’re not bad yourself. Does your nephew eat you out, too?”

“Not yet, but he will,” Jill laughed.

The women dipped their tongues back into the other. Saki swirled her tongue around Jill’s clit, making the older woman writhe. “Oh God,” Jill moaned. She pulled one leg up from the chair and looped it around Saki’s back, pulling the 18-year-old Asian girl further into her.

Encouraged, Saki pushed her own cunt down tighter onto Jill’s face. Jill eagerly stuck her tongue further into the girl’s canal, whipping it back and forth.

Saki screamed into Jill’s pussy. Her moans muffled by the woman’s muff. Jill hooked her other leg around the girl and latched on tight. The two women moaned and writhed, their tongues dancing against and into each other, touching places both physical and spiritual neither woman had thought possible.

Next door, Nancy had heard the moaning and peeked through a crack in the fence. She was shocked to see her neighbor with a new lover so suddenly. In fact, when she saw the women together she grew a little jealous.

Donnie pushed against Nancy’s sweaty naked body, and peeked through a similar crack. His cock was pressed in the crack of Nancy’s ass and he slowly began pushing himself against her.

“Who’s the girl?” Nancy asked.

“No idea. But let’s give them some privacy,” he told Nancy.


Before she could protest further Donnie picked her up and tossed her onto his shoulder. He gave her ass a quick smack. “You know spying on people is wrong.”

“But it always leads to such good things,” she cooed.

He chuckled and took her into her house. “Ain’t that the truth? But now it’s time to recover and I think you need a reward for the day’s work.”

She got the hint and, sitting naked on the couch, she spread her legs, opening herself up to him. Donnie kneeled down and slowly began running his tongue along her pussy’s outer lips.

“Oh, fuck,” she moaned, losing herself once more to her pleasure.

Jill and Saki continued feasting on the other. Finally, Jill’s legs locked from her impending orgasm. She pulled her face away but pulled Saki’s closer. “Oh God. Oh GOD! OH FUCK!” she screamed. Pleasure exploded through her. Her body spasmed, her pussy gushed and her eyes rolled back with her tongue slathering to the side.

After a few seconds, when the powerful orgasm passed, Jill’s body fell limp to the chair. Saki lifted herself off and lay next to her lover. As Jill recovered, Saki lovingly suckled one of her breasts while rubbing her still wet pussy along Jill’s thigh.

“That was amazing,” Jill finally said.

Saki leaned forward and kissed her lover. “I’m glad you liked it. Now, I want to hear more about you and your nephew. From what I saw over there he looks like a real stallion.; Saki said with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

Jill laughed. “I had no idea until last night…” she began.


I hoped you enjoyed the latest chapter. Hopefully more will be posted on a regular basis. Please feel free to comment below. Comments are always appreciated and, as I wrote before, they let us know where to head next or what to improve upon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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