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11pm. Just got off work, got home, showered, and got ready to kick back with some cold beers in front of the television. Thinking about heading online to see if she is on.

Logging in to my favorite chat room, then back out with disappointment that she wasn’t there. Then back to lounge on the sofa in front of a flickering television that I am not even paying attention to. Thoughts of her run rampant in my head. Re-reading the words that filled my senses from the last intense cybersex session with her. My eyes close as visions dance through my head as I picture the scenario played out in words in the chat room by me and her. I can hear the sounds, smell the fragrances, and almost feel her silken skin brush against mine. I grow more and more excited by the moment. The television almost inaudible now as my mind drifts to a plane of desire often reached when she and I engage in private chat in our chat room.

Suddenly my train of thought is abruptly broken by the digital ringing of my phone. “11:30 at night, who could be calling me?” I thought to myself as I reached for the phone. I answer with a hoarseness to my voice, as if I had jus awoke from a desirable dream.

“Hi there baby, guess where I am?” she says on the other line. My mind racing to figure out who it is. Stuttering I search my mind for an intelligent answer when I am cut off by her once more. “It’s me silly, your cyber-love…” And it is then that I realize it is her. Her soft purring voice that I have heard on many occasions. My cyber sweetheart. The one I was just looking for to cure my boredom.

“Ummm, I don’t know honey, where are you?” I ask.

“I’m in town baby, I just got to my hotel. I needed to get away for the weekend, and figured, why not fly out and see where you live.” She says with an audible sense of glee in her voice.

“You’re kidding right?” I ask in disbelief, only to be answered with an exclamation that she is not. And üsküdar escort after a few exchanges of pleasantries about why, and the flight, and other things of non importance, I accept the late night invite to meet you at your hotel.

Changing clothes and getting to the hotel took me no more than a half an hour i my excited stupor, as the next thing I remember was walking down the hallway to your 21st floor hotel room. Arriving at the door, I fix myself to my acceptance as this is our very first face to face meeting. The knock seems to echo through the empty hall, and I begin to perspire as I hear the soft, padded footsteps approach the door. As if from the heavens, and angel surrounded by a soft warm glow opens the door to meet me. Pictures have done this beauty absolutely no justice. Clad in a short black summer dress, with long wavy brunette locks cascading gently down her cream colored shoulders, this vision of pure elegance smiles sweetly and welcomes me in with open arms.

As I follow her into the main living quarters of this very spacious hotel suite, my eyes are fixed on her slender legs which disappear into the luckiest piece of clothing in the world. We sit on a oversized sofa with drinks in our hands and marvel at the fact that we are finally physically in one another’s company. I have no idea how it happened, but our conversation turned to our cyber sessions online and the next thing I knew, we were leg to leg on the sofa. Our faces inching closer to one another’s as our talk softened. The heat between our merging bodies spreading throughout each other. A bead of perspiration rolls down my temple as our lips meet for the first time. Immediately being sent into the heavens as our kiss ignites a flame beneath us both. Our mouths open, taking each other’s tongue inside to engage in a sweet dance of lust. Desire burning strong within me the minute I heard yenibosna escort her voice on the other line.

The lights seemed to have dimmed as I watch her rise from the sofa, stand before me bathed in silhouette as she slips the straps of her dress off her shoulders. I watch in awe as the sheer black material slides slowly to the floor, revealing the most perfect body and man has ever laid eyes on. The look of desire on her face un-swayed by the look of amazement on my own. I watch in a dream like state as she kneels before me, nudging my legs apart with her body. Her hands trail down my body as shivers run up it. Her head drops down to my crotch, mouth opening and enclosing my denim sheathed erection.

Biting down on the material like and animal after its flesh covered meal. He gaze is locked to mine as her hands make their way to undo my zipper. The sound of it being undone echoes in my head as I feel my erection freed from its prison. Cool air rushes over my rigid flesh as the breeze of cool air flows over it from her lips. The same cool air was suddenly replaced by warm, wet lips. Pursed lips that were wrapped around the top of my shaft, the tip of her tongue fluttering and swirling around my head.

I could feel saliva streaming off her togue and on to coat my head in natural lubricant. Slowly my entire length was being devoured by this expert mouth. Her technique brilliantly demonstrated in reality finally. My head races to recall more of her sexual prowess as her mouth continues down my cock. Releasing my cock briefly I hear a breath of passion float out of her succulent lips. My cock dripping with saliva and desire. She gazes up at me as she takes my length down once again. Over and over, repeated motions of her head bobs up and down on me, driving me mad with desire for her. The sound of wet oral sex filling the air around us, melding harmoniously zeytinburnu escort with soft tempered moans of delight.

The pleasure intensifies with each stroke of her beautiful tongue along my length. My groans grow louder, deeper as I can feel my body start to tingle. Her pace quickens, her desire to get me off strengthening with each sound out of me. My head rocks back and forth against the headrest of the sofa as I try desperately to hold off my orgasm, but she is not allowing that. Her hand grips my base, massaging my cock gently, her fingers trailing lightly over my sac as her tongue continues to lather me and pleasure me. I open my eyes to watch this lovely goddess bring me to climax as her eyes have closed, deep in concentration of posessing my cock. Over and over her head bobs onto me, her hands working my balls expertly bringing my cum to a boil within, yearning to be delivered to her.

My body stretches out and goes rigid. She realizes this and releases me from the grasp of her lips, working my drenched cock now with her hands. Her lips smacking together and her tongue swirling around them as she reels off a monologue of demands to me. Urging me to flood her mouth with me gift, to revel in the feeling of her hand jerking me off. Her words fade into oblivion as my head starts to spin, as my cock tingles with impending pleasure. Convulsions take over my body, jerking violently as stream after stream of warm white cum jets into her agape mouth. I try to look as she catches her prize in her mouth, closing it only to take down the load once her mouth was full. Cum drizzles down her chin as her hand slows its rhythm on my rod, milking out the remainder of my explosion and lapping up what streams she had missed.

Cleaning me off with precision work, and snaking her body up my still trembling own, straddling me, gazing into my face with a look of pure satisfaction. Telling me how unbelievable a feeling it is to finally be able to know what I taste like, to not have to hear my groans of climactic ecstacy through a phone line. All the while unbuttoning my shirt, kissing my chest softly, my sensitive nipples engulfed by her devious lips. My bare chest exposed, her hands run up and down my abdomen as the next stage of our decadent first night together prepares to continue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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