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This story takes place in Malta where I was on holiday last week with my sister, her husband and our grandparents. The days were spent lounging round the pool either swimming or catching a tan, or wandering around the resort. In the afternoon we went back to the room as it was just too hot.

I was in a 2 bedroom apartment with my sister and her husband. It was okay, although there was a bar just up the road that seemed to stay open forever and kept me awake at night. Not that I was complaining as I got to hear the sister getting a good seeing to each night which made me horny and wet. It took great self control on my part not to scream the place down as I was playing with myself.

On the 5th day, after lunch my sister and grandparents decided to go to Valetta and do some shopping. This meant they would be gone for the whole afternoon. My brother in law, I’ll call him Dan, stayed behind as he had a book he was reading and he wanted to get it finished.

About fifteen minutes later I want up to the apartment and decided to have a shower to cool down. Walking through from my room to the bathroom, I saw Dan lying on his back on the bed reading his book. While he was overweight, he wasn’t a complete fatty and had a pleasant enough face. Seeing him lying there, I could see my sister being fucked by him and it made me shudder slightly.

As usual the shower got me aroused as I soaped myself all over and then rinsed myself clean. I wrapped a towel around me and walked out the bathroom. I noticed that Dan was now face down on the bed and didn’t look round at me. For some reason, I started wondering if he had a hard on and was hiding it from me as he was embarrassed. I decided to find out and went and sat next to him on the bed.

I explained that I might go Malatya Escort and catch some shuteye as I wasn’t getting much sleep at night as it was quite noisy. He started to go red and tried to apologise, but I held a finger to his mouth and said it wasn’t the noise that he and my sister were making, but the bar up the road. This only made him go even redder and I started to giggle at him. He seemed extremely uncomfortable so I decided to have a bit of fun with him.

I stood up and asked him if he could rub some after sun lotion onto my back as I had caught the sun and it was a bit sore. He said he would so I lay face down on the bed undoing the towel and lowering it so that it only covered my arse. He started rubbing the lotion into me and the sensual feeling of his hands moving over my back was getting me very worked up. He was standing at the side of the bed and I reached out a hand and started rubbing it up and down his leg. I could see his erection was growing and ran my fingers along the outline of his cock.

I rolled over exposing my front and asked him if he could rub some cream on my tits. He smiled at me and said he was sure that could be arranged if I played my cards right. I didn’t need a second invite so I quickly pulled his shorts down realeasing his cock which sprang upright. It wasn’t especially large, but it looked wonderful to me as I lowered my head and took him in my mouth. I reached out and massaged his balls while I run my tongue down his length.

He bent over and spread my legs about and started rubbing his hand over my pussy before pushing a finger into my wet love tube. I have to say that it felt great having someone else’s fingers in side of me. He pulled his finger from my wet cunt and held it in front of me. Malatya Escort Bayan I left his cock alone and hungrily took his finger in my mouth, licking and sucking my juices from him.

He pushed me back on the bed and moved round, so that he could get at my pussy. I stretched my legs as wide as I could so that had could get as close as possible. He ran his fingers up my lips and found my hard button waiting for him. He started massaging my clit before lowering his face to my pussy and running his tongue over my lips. The sensation I was experiencing was brilliant and I groaned loudly. He pulled my lips apart and started flicking his tongue over my clit. I was so turned on that I was playing with my own tits rolling the nipples between finger and thumb, making them stand out proudly.

My pussy was wetter than I think it had ever been and while teasing my clit, he managed to slip a couple of fingers into me, immediately hitting exactly the right spot. I was happy to let him get on with it and after what seemed liked 10 minutes he raised his head and put his fingers in his mouth licking my juices. He lent over me and our mouths melted together, out tongues probing each other. I could taste myself on him and sucked and licked his tongue for all I was worth.

We rolled over so I was on top and I lowered myself onto his hardness, my cunt eagerly enveloping him. I started rocking back and forth, feeling his cock slid in and out of my cunt. I sat up to get a better feeling while he reached up taking my tits in his hands and roughly massaging them. My nipples, which were already hard, seemed to get even harder as he rubbed between his fingers and thumb, tweaking them and pulling them. I reached up with hands, put them over his and held them Escort Malatya on my tits.

My juices were really flowing now and there were wet noises emanating from my pussy. Every now and then his cock would slip out, I was that wet, but it didn’t take much to get it back in. I could feel his length probing me and I slowed right down to get him in as far as possible, feeling has balls right up against me.

We changed position and he took me from behind again sliding his length into my soaking pussy and started pounding away as hard as he could. I reached between my legs and tickled his balls every time he thrust into me. I have always liked doggy style and before long I was having orgasm after orgasm drenching his cock with my juices.

Somehow he managed to control himself and nor shoot his load, but I could tell he was close to coming. I turned around and knelt in front of him, flicking my tongue over the end of his cock. He grabbed hold of his cock and started pumping it for all he was worth. I stayed where I was, mouth wide open ready to accept his wad. He tensed up and shouted as the first stream of cum left his cock followed by a couple more. It splattered onto my face, some in my mouth, some in my hair. It was dribbling down my chin onto my tits and seemed to be everywhere.

He let go of his cock and I quickly licked his tip getting the drops that were hanging there. I took hold of him and started sucking him. He shuddered as it was very sensitive, but I kept sucking as I didn’t want to leave any behind. I squeezed his balls to make sure there was nothing left and slowly let him out of my mouth. I smiled at him and said that was the best fuck I had ever had. He smiled and said it was the first time he had cum on someone’s face as my sister never did that. I said he was welcome anytime before getting up and going back to the bathroom to clean myself up.

We didn’t get another chance to be alone on holiday, but I am already working on getting him to myself when we are back home. Hopefully, that will be another story……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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