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Carol stood in front of her bathroom mirror with her robe open. She stared at her reflection, looking for signs that her pregnancy was adversely affecting her appearance. She looked pretty good. She was thought by others to be a beautiful woman with a sensuous body and she saw little difference in it as compared to three months ago when her doctor told her that she would be having her first baby. Well maybe the boobs were bigger and there was a slight bulge in her belly, but overall she did not see any real change.

She was not normally consumed about her appearance, but the recent actions, or lack of action of her husband Danny led her to consider everything. From the moment he had learned of her pregnancy they had experienced a steep decline in sexual activity. At first it had seemed to be about his concerns at work, then he was too tired and in the last few weeks he acted as if she was not lying in bed beside him. She blocked out the possibility that he was meeting another woman for sex.

And quite frankly, she had not been all that interested in sex during those first few months of pregnancy. But that had changed during the past month and she was hungry for a close encounter.

She had been reduced to taking a surreptitious approach to entice him. Early that morning while he lay on his side deep in slumber, she had stripped and moved in behind him to press her breasts against his back. She had eased her hand under his arm and reached down to locate his flaccid cock. She teased it cautiously, feeling it gradually become engorged and stiff before she pulled it out through the open fly in his pajamas. She encircled the shaft with her closed hand and pumped it gently. She kissed and licked his neck and behind his ears while rubbing her mound on his butt. Still asleep, he groaned and rolled to his back; his arms and legs spread wide in apparent supplication.

She moved to her side, feathering his neck and nipples with kisses and licks while gradually increasing the speed of her hand as she moved it up and down his fully erect shaft. She shifted the blankets off to one side, rose to her knees while still stroking and gently mounted him placing one knee the other side of his body to straddle his hips with her crotch now directly over his upright shaft. Still holding it, she lowered herself slowly until her pussy brushed the end of his knob. Her heart was pounding with anticipation.

She felt his body jerk as he awakened to look up and see his gorgeous wife ready to impale herself on his shaft. He exclaimed, “Carol baby, what the hell are you doing?” His knees pushed upwards to lift her clear of his shaft.

She glared down at him in shock and then jumped off of him and stormed out of the bedroom and into the kitchen for a glass of water. She was shaking in anger and embarrassment. He was sitting on the edge of the bed when she returned.

“Baby, you surprised me, you know I am nervous about sex while you’re pregnant. We’ve talked about it enough. I love you dearly, and I want this baby, but there is no way I can put my cock in you until the baby arrives. I just can’t babe, you’ll have to live without sex for a while.” He was pleading with her, and uncomfortable as well, her doctor had told him there was no danger having gentle sex and in fact it could help his wife deal with some of the negative mental aspects of bearing a child. He believed the doctor, accepted the science, but could not live it out.

Carol responded with a glare of exasperation, grabbed a robe and hustled off to the spare bedroom. She could not return to sleep and lay still as she heard him rise, have his breakfast and leave for work almost an hour earlier than normal.

Danny settled into his office determined to focus on the family business and to push his problem at home to the back of his mind. The phone rang. It was his closest friend just returned from a job in the far north. Jim was a hard-rock contract miner who took on assignments in remote locations around the world. He loved the lifestyle, working 7 days a week while earning big money for months on end, and then returning to civilization with bags of cash to buy and do whatever the hell he wanted.

They had been friends through high school, college and early adulthood, Danny the slick and sophisticated jock from a wealthy family, Jim quiet and ruggedly handsome whose folks would be classed as working poor. He had started working in nearby underground mines during the summer months, enjoyed the work and the money, and continued on with it even after a college education. But friends they were and their different backgrounds were never a point of discussion. Danny had dated and married the princess of the town while Jim hung in the background, dating woman after woman but never marrying.

Danny said, “Hi buddy, where the hell are you? Haven’t heard from you for weeks. Are you out of the boonies?”

Jim replied, “Yep, got in early this morning, took a house keeping suite at the Commodore, still tuzla bayan escortlar a little beat up with travel and plan to catch up on my sleep today.”

Danny continued, “Why the hell the Commodore? You know Carol and I love to have you stay with us. Why not check out after your snooze and I’ll pick you up after work.”

Jim said, “Well, maybe later in the week, I’ve got to catch up with something that I have been missing.”

Danny laughed, “Ah I assume that there was no pussy on this job? You usually find someone to keep the edge off. The local fathers better lock up their daughters for a few days.”

Jim chuckled, “Yeah, it was sort of a dry hole up there this time. No office ladies and very few on the catering staff. You just sort of have to work your ass off and forget about sex. How are things with you? How’s Carol? Still as beautiful as ever? Not sure why she ever chose you to marry.”

Danny was slow to respond and then, “Oh yes, Carol’s still gorgeous.” A pause and then, “but pregnant and not very happy right now.”

“What’s wrong?” Danny asked, “the two of you have been hoping for a baby for a while now. Why is she not happy? She’ll make a great Mom.

“Well, sex has reared its ugly head,” Danny said, “and things are not too pleasant at home.”

“Jesus buddy,” Jim preached, “you gotta give a lady a break when she’s pregnant, they go through all kinds of crap to have a baby. Cut her some slack, If I can go months without it, you should be able to tough it out.”

Nothing but silence for a while and then Danny said, “Well, not going to get into it with you right now, but it’s not what you think. Why not give her a call. You always were able to cheer her up.”

Jim was chastened in his reply, “Sorry partner, didn’t mean to intrude in your family issues. I’ll give her a call before I check out for a snooze. Call you tonight after I arrange a fix of some sort.”

Danny said, “No problem buddy, I know you care. And, what’s the name of the ‘fixer’?”

“Not sure yet! Call you later.”

Jim ambled off to the kitchenette for another cup of coffee. He knew who the ‘fixer’ would be, and that she was as anxious as was he to relieve his issues, but it would have to be later that night, he was beat. He decided to clean his slate, call Carol and then take some serious snooze time.

“Hi beautiful,” he purred, “remember me?”

“Oh Jim, what a nice surprise. Where are you? Are you in town? When can you come over?” Carol’s heart started racing. She and Jim had always played on the fringes of flirtation, despite her making a choice between he and Danny while still in college. In her present state of mind, anything with a sexual connotation was welcome.

“Whoa, whoa, slow down,” he said, “just got in early this morning and I’m staying at the Commodore. Told Danny I might get over to see the two of you in a few days.”

“Ah damn,” Carol responded, “I could use a little cheering up right now. Did Danny tell you that I’m pregnant?”

“Oh yeah, he told me all about it. Also said that you were a little down. Sorry if the pregnancy is not going well sweetheart, but you will adjust I am sure.”

“Oh I’m fine,” Carol replied, “and you are right, things will get better. Can you talk for a while? I’m feeling nostalgic.

“Sure gorgeous, got some time, nothing planned for a while,” Jim responded.

Carol continued, “I’ve been thinking back to our days after high school and before my marriage. We had a lot of fun didn’t we?”

Jim said, “Oh yeah, we had some great years, especially the weekends at Danny’s cottage. I could hardly wait for Friday night to come and head out after school or work to go to the lake.”

“I often think of you in those damn swim trunks,” Carol giggled, “My girl friends used to draw straws to select who would join me each weekend just to see you close up in your Speedo! I could usually only bring one at a time because of sleeping arrangements, so I was very popular all week with them. You were quite spectacular, I took more than one peek myself.”

“My Speedo? You kidding? I was on the swim team and didn’t have the cash to buy a second bathing suit for weekends! Didn’t realize I was an attraction. You should have told me.” Jim tried to include an element of shock in his voice but it was faked and Carol knew it.

“Liar, you loved the attention and made no attempt at hiding it. In fact I am pretty sure that you had more than one pair of Speedos.” ‘Careful Carol’ she thought, ‘don’t let on just how interested that you were in his family jewels’. And then she asked herself ‘why not?’

Carol’s mind was flooding with memories of those weekends at the cottage and in particular about the few intimate moments she had enjoyed with Jim.

She continued, “Remember the night in the sauna? It was jammed with

five girls and three guys, all of us having had too much to drink. We ladies took our tops off in hopes you escort tuzla bayanlar guys would drop your swimmers. We had actually planned it in hopes to get you, or it, out of the Speedo.” She paused, “We all wanted to see it. It was exciting even though none of you stripped.” Another pause as Carol thought ‘oh God, don’t say this’ but next, “You were getting hard. I could see it uncoiling in the Speedo. Wasn’t the first time either.”

Jim was wondering where the hell this was going. But he was also sex starved and he was chatting with probably the one woman in the world that he would have married. He replied, “I remember, and will remember it to my last breath in life. They were, I mean you were, beautiful.” He laughed self-consciously.

Carol was squirming in the bed, her loins heating up, her nipples cramping as she heard the words that she desperately wanted to hear, that Jim had desired her in those days and obviously still did. She latched onto the words ‘they were’ and said. “They’re bigger now Jim. They filled out some since those days, and of course more so now that I am pregnant. Nipples are bigger too.” She waited for his response, holding her breath in anticipation. But he remained silent except for heavy breathing.

Carol continued, “You may have had eyes only for me in the sauna, but I know what you did after. Emily told me that you and she grabbed a blanket and went down the beach and screwed each other until the next morning. Did you know that Emily is recently divorced?”

Jim replied in a hollow voice, “That was a long time a go.”

It seemed like minutes, but was just seconds before Jim continued, “Damn Carol, you have to know you are driving me crazy right now.”

Carol said, “Good, I’m trying to. Remember the party we had the week before Danny and I were married?”

“Carol for God’s sake.”

She continued on as if he needed to be reminded. “We all left the sauna and jumped into the water naked. We were laughing and giggling in the dark, you and I found each other and floated away from the others. You kissed me and felt and sucked my nipples. I held your hard cock in my hands and put it between my legs. I finally had it out of your Speedo, but didn’t get to see it. Feeling it was just as good and maybe better. It felt huge between my legs Jim. You could have taken me right there in the water.”

The only sound from Jim at this time was heavy breathing. Carol whispered, “Is it hard right now Jim? Have I made you hard? I want to feel it in my pussy. My nipples are cramping. Come and see me now.”

“Carol, what can I say? Damn, I don’t think I can do it.”

“Well, if it’s Danny bothering you, he doesn’t want me. Did he say it was my fault? He refuses to fuck me now. And I want it. And I want you. I always have. I used to get jealous when you bedded one of my friends. I wanted you in me and I know you want me now.”

Carol realized that she was getting a little too strident and pulled back in her aggression. “Sorry Jim, I got carried away. Let’s keep talking but you know where my mind is.”

Jim finally asked, “Does Danny say why he won’t touch you? And what can you do sex wise when you are pregnant? I mean can you do everything?”

“He just says he can’t do it. I took him to my doctor who told him that there was no danger as long as we were not too rambunctious. And yes, right now, I can do it any way. When I get bigger, you would not be able to get on top, but if you were here right now you could mount me without a problem.” A pause, “You could fuck me like that.” God she said it. “Or I could ride you, or we could do it on our sides, or even doggy would be very nice.” Carol had slyly begun to use the “you” approach and it worked.

Jim said softly, “What about oral? Is that safe for you? Could I go down on you and kiss you and lick you there?”

Carol’s breath was heavy with desire as she murmured, “Yes, oh yes, that would be perfect, it would loosen me up, but you should just lick and kiss the outside, my pussy lips, and not push your tongue in too far.” Damn, she was going to get off any minute. Finally, “I could go down on you too. I’m thinking about it now, you standing in front of me as I sit on the bed, holding it in my hand, licking and sucking the knob. Hum, holding your balls in my hand.” No words from either of them, just the sound of panting and strangled breathing. “I’ll come to you,” Carol whispered, “I’ll be there in 30 minutes.”

“Okay,” Jim said, “I’ll have a shower but will leave the door open. Suite 312. No turning back if you do come Carol. You come in that door it’s going to happen.”

“Hold the shower until I get there, I need one too but it will save time to join you. And no turning back sweet baby, I know what I need and you have it.”

Jim sat by the window watching the street. Was this a dream? Had he fallen asleep and fantasized all of this? He spotted her car pulling into the parking lot in the mall next gebze escort to the hotel. Smart girl. He unlocked the door and then went into the bathroom and turned on the hot water. He stripped down and looked at his erect shaft in the mirror. He had been hard for over an hour and he wanted relief soon. He entered the shower to rinse off the smell of bush camp and travel.

He saw her form through the steamy glass of the shower stall, bending as she pulled off her panties; her swollen tits swinging wildly as she hastened to join him. There was no hesitation or a word spoken as she took his extended hand and slipped into the shower, there bodies immediately melding as one as he pulled the shower door closed. They backed off a little, smiling sheepishly at each other, having finally revealed in words what had been unspoken for years. They came together, their lips meeting softly and tenuously.

She had always desired him but had made her decision between he and Danny based on which of two men that she loved would provide her the more stable life. From an erotic standpoint she would have chosen Jim and had often fantasized about screwing him on the side. It was simpler for Jim; she was the only woman that he had so far encountered that he would have asked to marry. He had always felt that she was partly his.

Carol pushed back enough to look down between them as his knob rubbed against her mound. “I finally get to see it; it’s beautiful.” With that she forced it down until the knob was in position to slide between her legs.

They groaned at the erotic feel of his long shaft sliding between her legs and along her slit until the knob poked out between her ass cheeks. “Just like the night in the lake,” she moaned, “hold still, let me feel it in my own way, oh God, I might get off.” She raised her face up and they kissed hungrily, she mashed her tits hard against his muscled chest. He held her ass cheeks in his calloused hands. She sensed the strength and tenderness in his body as she moved her hips back and forth, sliding her swollen pussy lips along the top of his rigid cock.

Jim’s balls were tight and aching with built up desire, not only from the last few hours but also from the months that he had been without a woman. He considered lifting her leg up and driving his cock up into her pussy. But he preferred that she lead the way and consciously restrained from reacting in the direction that nature was driving him.

“Enough,” Carol cried, “I want you in bed.” She backed out of the shower stall and grasped a towel and hastily began to dry off. Jim took the towel, “slow down a bit Carol, no rush, let’s do this right,” and proceeded to dry her, turning her away while he moved his hands over her body, down her legs and between her thighs. Turning her again to face him, their eyes locked as he dried her breasts and under her arms, her belly and hips.

She spread her legs, biting her lip as he dropped the towel and slipped two fingers in along her slit while clamping the palm of his hand down on her mound. He lifted her like a toy and sat her down on the counter top while he toweled off. She licked her lips lasciviously as she watched his big cock swing back and forth, up and down until he dropped the towel to the floor and moved in between her legs. His body was heavily muscled everywhere, not from gym workout but from hard physical labor and it looked that way, there was a difference. He looked indestructible.

He pushed more closely, spreading her until her knees were pressing against his hips. Her pussy lips were spread open, a pink gash between her white thighs. She leaned back bracing her body on her hands, waiting for his moves. “I thought we were going to go to bed,” she whispered weakly. He toyed with her pussy, softly but insistently, foretelling more to come.

“We will, but I want to enjoy you. You have been driving me crazy for an hour, telling me that you wanted me. It’s my turn. Let me prepare you, and me, for bed,” Jim smiled at her as he pressed his knob down to plow back and forth in her slit.

She waited for him to enter her, but he only teased her pussy. Then he heft one tit in his hand and said, “Can they be sucked?”

“Oh most definitely,” Carol replied throwing her head back as his lips closed around her nipple. “No milk yet if that is what you’re asking.” She grabbed his head with one hand and pulled it to her.

“Ah tastes good baby,” Jim groaned, “I’ve been dreaming of sucking these again after that night in the lake.” He lifted the other one, rolled the nipple then swallowed it into his mouth. The nipples felt like jujubes in his mouth.

He moved down her body, sinking to his knees as he licked and kissed her belly and hips, pushing his head between her legs.

“Jim,” she cried, “I might come if you kiss it.”

He was deaf to her pleading, sensing that she wanted it and wanting it himself. He looked up at her and whispered, “I’m going to do more than just kiss it Carol.” He flicked his tongue at the tip of the slit.

Carol surrendered, settling back on both hands, eyes closed, teeth clamped on her lower lip and prepared for the ride. She didn’t want to come at that point, she was still dreaming of him sliding his long cock into her so she began to chat in order to retain some control on her body.

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