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Lisa and I had been loving each other regularly ever since that first night, and while I love the feel of a woman’s body, I was beginning to miss having a man. But that was going to change very soon as well.

It happened like this. One day I had been lying on the sofa, putting on one of my regular shows for Lisa who I knew would be watching from her apartment. It wasn’t long before I heard a knock on the door. “That was quick” I thought, and rushed for the door expecting to see Lisa there. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be the guy who lived next door!

I stood there, stark naked as he stared at me. “Errr.. hi” I muttered as I inched behind the door, trying to cover my nakedness. It was several seconds before he could speak and then he said he was just dropping by to give me a letter that had been put into his mailbox by accident. “Thanks” I said, and reached out to take the letter from him. By this Maraş Escort time he had recovered and was even beginning to smile at the situation. Instead of putting the letter in my hand, he bent lower and sniffed at it. “Hmm.. something smells good,” he said.

Well the fingers of that hand had just been stuck up my pussy, so I knew exactly what they were smelling of. Then he looked me right in the eyes and took one of my fingers in his mouth. “Something tastes good too,” he grinned. “Honey, I can’t believe you’ve been here taking things into your own hands when you have a willing partner right next door”

I giggled and came out from behind the door. This was going to be another interesting encounter. “Why don’t you come in?” I asked.

“Oh baby, I am going to come in – I am going to come in anywhere you invite me”

His corny sense of humour had me laughing and even before I closed Maraş Escort Bayan the door behind him he was already stripping off his clothes. Once the clothes were in a pile right by the door, he leaned back and treated me to an unforgettable view – 8 inches of ramrod straight, thick cock thrusting out at me.

“My mouth first,” I muttered, and I was soon on my knees licking the length of those 8 inches. It had been so long since I was this close to a cock and I took my own time loving it with my lips and tongue. First I sucked gently on his heavy hanging balls, one at a time before I moved up the length of his cock, licking all the way. My tongue circled the tip, fluttered there for a few seconds and then I took him slowly into my mouth. I could feel his hands tighten their hold on my head and soon he was grasping my hair roughly as I pleasured that amazing instrument of manhood.

“Stop Escort Maraş honey” he muttered after a while, “or I’ll be finished right here and now”

I reluctantly took my mouth away, but by now my pussy was aching for some action. I took his hand and led him to the sofa and in seconds he was lying on top of me as I spread my legs for him. “Fuck me hard,” I moaned. He did. He kept ramming his cock into me, even as my pussy juices flowed out by the gallon. He bent down and grabbing my breasts as they bounced up and down with the rhythm of the fucking, pinching and pulling on my nipples, . God, it was good to be taken so roughly – it made a nice change from the gentleness of making love to Lisa.

We both came together, shuddering at the force of the combined orgasm. He looked at me and smiled, “By the way, my name is Pete.” “Pleased to meet you Pete.” I laughed. Lying there with our sweat-slick bodies entwined, I looked over his shoulder and saw Lisa standing at her window staring at us open-mouthed, with one of her hands stuck down the front of her jeans. Lisa had enjoyed this show I’m sure! I winked at her and she winked back. Maybe next time I’ll invite her to join us…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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