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Big Tits

I woke up that morning with one hell of a hard-on and ready for some action. Luckily, my piece of ass was already there, sleeping peacefully next to me. I rolled over in the bed and found her back facing me, the thin cover just barely covering her ass crack. I slowly lifted the cover and pulled it down, being careful not to wake her. I examined her ass closely, falling in love with the smooth curves of each cheek, and how nice and round, and plump it was.

I griped her soft ass cheek in my hand, licking my lips. I scooted in close to her, put my arm around her, and began to softly lick her ear. She didn’t stir, even with my erection prodding at her butt-hole. I thought about how fucking good it would feel when I finally got in her ass. I could hardly wait. I wanted it right now, but not like this, I wanted her to want it. I wanted her to be awake. I didn’t want to take it this time, I wanted her to give it to me, I wanted for it to be mine fair and square.

I rose and went around to her side of the bed. I wanted to wake her by licking out her pussy, but to my disappointment I would have to get the cover off her, roll her over and spread her legs without waking her. It was more of a challenge than I was up for. I stared at her, at those full pretty lips. I stroked my dick. It was so swollen it hurt. I needed to be in her. I lowered it to her mouth and I almost came when I felt her hot breath on it. I pressed my prick to her lips and began to pump in. I saw her starting to wake up but by then I was too horny to care…

I woke up in the morning out of a lazy dreamy sleep. I had erotic dreams of being bound, gagged, beaten and fucked by men I didn’t know, but instead of being disturbed by the explicit dreams, I found myself aroused. Watching myself being fucked by men while I was tied to the bed made me really hot. I woke up horny and wet, and with the sensation of flesh moving across my lips. Coming out of the dream, I remembered what occurred last night and realized the situation I was in, and without opening my eyes I opened my mouth willingly to Jay’s penis, letting him be the first taste in my mouth.

I felt his rigidly and I knew that he must have been stiff for a while. I caressed his sweet dick slowly and sensuously until I felt him put his warm, soft hand on my cheek and begin to work himself in and out of my mouth. I opened my mouth more to allow him entrance into my throat. I was beginning to like the feeling of having him there, or possibly, I just loved the feeling of knowing that I was making him happy. Ether way, I wanted him there, I wanted him to cum in my mouth again. Remembering how he told me to keep my throat relaxed and breath slowly, I was able to keep myself from gagging as he continued to stroke, his head hitting the back of my throat each time. As he pushed in, I decided that I could handle sucking him while he fucked my mouth if I took it slowly, so I sucked on his huge, and still growing meat, and after a while, I dared to swallow. The sudden constraint of my throat drove him to the brink of cumming. Then he stopped.

I opened my eyes to see why he had so suddenly stopped; I knew that he liked to cum in my mouth. He stood there looking down on me; I could see that he was trying to calm himself down, but I wondered why. He slowly pulled his now enormous dick from my mouth and rolling me onto my tummy, he mounted me. I felt his rock hard shaft rub between my butt cheeks as he humped me a few times, licking the back of my neck, his hands tenderly feeling my swollen boobs. It was so intense that I had to hold my breath to keep from cumming. He got off of me and, putting his arms around my midsection, pulled me up on my knees. I lifted my body and got on all fours, but Jay smacked me hard on the ass.

“NO!” He shouted as if he were training a disobedient puppy.



I jumped when I felt the hard smack on my ass. He roughly pushed my head down, burying my
face in the pillow. I didn’t move again.

“Good.” He said, rubbing on my swollen clit. Rewarding my good behavior. I could tell that he really loved the power that he had over me. As he rubbed my clit, he pushed one of his large thumbs into my hole.

“Wow. You’re almost as tight as you were last night!” He said with astonishment in his voice.

“Well, we’ll fix all that, won’t we?” he asked, not expecting a reply seeing how my face was still buried in the pillows.

He slid his cock head up and down my slit, stopping to let the tip of it slowly brush across my clit, and then he moved back to my hole and, with no warning, he bucked his hips and forced his huge, swollen head into my cunt.

My head shot up with a little pain, but mostly shock, but I quickly fell back down to my position when another loud slap to the ass made me remember my place.

“WHAT DID I JUST SAY?” Jay asked shouting. I could hear his grin.

He turned my head to the side so I could answer him. He leaned in close to my ear.

“What did I just say?” he repeated.

“Only move how you tell me to.” I answered huffing, the position constricted my breathing.

“So then why did you move?” I could already tell this was going to be another one of his games.

“I don’t know!”



“FUCK!!!” I cried out as his hand came down hard.



“YOU ONLY TALK WHEN I TELL YOU TO TALK!!!” He yelled. Then he paused, switching tones.

“So then why did you move?” he asked again.

I waited for him to tell me to talk.


“ I FORGOT, O.K. It HURT!” I screamed out.

“Well I’m gonna make sure you never forget again!”

And with that, he bore into me. Pounding me with every muscle in his body, and all the while spanking me for my disobedience. I had heard that some people enjoyed being spanked and I never could understand it, until it happened to me. After the first five or six strikes, I started to enjoy the feeling, well, it wasn’t the feeling so much as it was the whole idea of being punished by this man for not listening to him that was getting me hot. I could feel my self getting closer and closer to an orgasm with each contact. I began to rock my hips now, on rhythm with his; discovering that with each knock of my ass on his tummy, his balls flew up and bounced off my clit, incentive for me to rock as hard as I could.

And When Jay began to shake and squirm, I had no choice but to let myself go and cum along with him. I fell down flat, jerking and twitching. It was better than any orgasm that I had ever had before. I realized then what it meant to have a vaginal orgasm. As his rigid prick rolled, stimulating the sensitive walls of my pussy, the muscles clenched, squeezing Jay even harder, so much so, I thought that he would be in pain, but apparent from his violent convulsions and the repeated calls of my name, urging me to rock my hips faster, that he felt nothing but pleasure.

After a long while, the tremors slowed, and Jay rolled off of my back and onto his own, as did I. We laid there panting, a sensual heat and energy transferring from his body to mine and back again. We wanted each other, but we were too exhausted to take each other again.

“Did you like that game?” He asked me when he got his breath, his cold gray eyes staring into mine.

“Yes.” I replied. I couldn’t help but smile.

“I want to teach you something else.” He said reaching over to massage my tit.

“What?” I asked eagerly, enjoying the full workout that he was giving my stiff nipple.

“ I don’t want to tell you. I’ll let you feel it for yourself.” He said with a sly smile.

I noticed that his cock had already begun to swell up. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the massage that Jay was giving me, his soft fingers gently tweaking my nipples. I pondered what he would teach me next. I laughed at how happy I was for this to be happening to me. I knew that I was a very sexual person ever since I found out that most girls don’t start masturbating until they are about ten or so, and I had been getting myself off at the age of four. I entertained the realization that from four years of age I had been waiting for someone to release my sexual dragon, and now, finally, someone had.

Interrupting my thoughts, I felt Jay lay on top of me, he began licking at my neck and lips.

“Are you ready?” He asked me.
I nodded my head yes.

Then he plunged his cock into my pussy, pumped it a few times, and pulled it out, glistening with a mixture of his own jizz and my wanting for him.

“Get on your knees.” He commanded.

I got on my knees and he positioned himself behind me, lovingly putting his arms around my waist and hugging me close. His hot breath on my neck made the juices of my yearning saturate my thighs.

“Bend over.” He instructed; whispering gaziantep escort into my ear.

I did so, resting my hands on the pillow. His rigid pecker explored its possibilities, sliding on my slit, hitting my clit, and finally coming to rest at my ass-hole. He put each hand on a butt cheek and slowly inched his fingers closer to my hole. He placed his thumbs on it and lightly pressed in…

“Do you want me to?” I asked her. I knew that she did. I could hear her breath quicken.

“Yes.” She said. A hint of excitement in her voice.

I pushed my engorged cock head on Monica’s puckered ass-hole. It was so tight that I could feel the pain for her, but I was already built up with lust and it had to go somewhere…

“Just relax your muscles.” I told her. As she did I could feel my dick start to slightly sink in.

Placing my hands on her waist, I rolled my hips around, and rocked back and forth, slowly sinking deeper. Monica moaned. Once I was inside, I gradually quickened the pace until I was fucking her ass with all that I had. As I hammered in, I reached down and rubbed her soaking pussy.

She let out loud moans and as I touched her, her ass bucked against my dick. As I fingered her clit even more vigorously, she screamed out my name and flopped down on the bed, shaking and gulping in air. Soon I felt my own orgasm build and I exploded into her with a blinding orgasm that even I couldn’t believe. I continued to fuck her ass raw until I was completely drained. My thick cum spilled out of her ass when I finally pulled my pleasure out.

I laid on top of her, letting my soft dick rest between her thighs. I thought about my brother Robert. Rob loved to watch me fuck girls in the ass. He used to help me rape them, but once he married a couple of years ago, we rarely went on our hunts together. He had told me that our “male bonding” sessions had to discontinue for fear that he would be caught by the police and locked away from his beautiful wife. But Monica was really special to me and I wanted to share her with him before I had to let her go…

I laid there with a very satisfied feeling. I could feel Jay’s soft dick pulsating between my thighs and his weight on my body. I was really, truly happy. I was in love with him. But love quickly spilled into hunger. My stomach growled loudly and I laughed.

“Getting hungry?” Jay asked laughing and rolling off of me.

“Yeah.” I replied.

“Well I’ll go get you something then. After all, I can’t let my victim starve, now can I?” He said smiling.

I Laughed.

“What do you feel like?”

“I don’t know.”



“Alright. I’ll be right back.” He said putting on his clothes and added, “And if you’re good, I’ll bring you a surprise.”

He went out taking the key and locking the door behind him.

I laid back down in the bed and thought about my family. They probably had the cops looking for me and everything, and here I was with cum dripping down my legs, not even trying to resist.

After a while I fell asleep and woke to the feeling of a hand covering my eyes.

“Wake up sleepy head.” I heard Jays voice say.

“I have your surprise so keep your eyes shut. O.K.?”


He quickly replaced his hand with a blindfold. Then as if he saw my dream, he went around the bed and tied my hands and feet to each post. So far, I was loving the surprise and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. I was a little scared considering that he did still kidnap and rape me, but more than anything, I was exited, which the juice mixed with left over cum dripping down my thighs betrayed. My nipples grew hard from the exposure to the cool air. Never in my life had I been in such a state. I felt like a slut and I was loving it.

“Do you want your surprise now?” Jay asked.

“Yes!” I yelped.

“You don’t sound like you really meant that.” Jay said pulling my nipple, then letting it snap back.

“I Do! I DO!”

“Well, if you want it SO bad, then what would you do for it?” I knew the question was a set-up.

“Anything you want!” I cried out.

“Open your mouth.” He ordered as he mounted me again, this time sitting on my chest.

I obeyed, opening my mouth and letting his cock slide in. He ripped it away; then I felt him wipe my mouth with a napkin and I herd the rustling of more napkins. Then he resumed his position.
“Was that my surprise I heard?” I asked excitedly. I got no reply. Then I felt a hand on my cheek.

“Jay?” He still didn’t answer.

I felt Jay press his now dryer dick at my mouth and I opened up and sucked on it. He stroked my face as he trusted slowly in and out. I felt him place another hand on my other cheek…

…And then…

…I felt another hand on my thigh.

I froze. I couldn’t understand for a moment what was going on.

“Surprise!” I heard two voices say at the same time. They both seemed to come from the same place.

My mind warped. I couldn’t tell if I had been sucking on someone else’s cock or if someone was watching me suck on Jays cock. I was baffled! I let the unidentified pecker fall from my mouth.

“JAY?” I called, panic in my voice.

No answer.

After a moment I felt a dick placed at the entrance to my pussy. He began to slowly rock himself in.

“NO!” I shouted. I was panicked. I didn’t know how to move next. The man stopped. My chest heaved and my heart pounded. The idea that I had no idea who was fucking me and who I was sucking and that there could be even more people watching made my whole body quiver. I waited a moment, desperately fighting down an orgasm.

“YESS!” I hissed, entrance by the situation.

The man began to ram into me, going balls-deep with the very first stroke. I screamed out with pleasure, and as I did, the other man shoved his cock down my throat and fucked it like I had never felt before.

I came like crazy, bucking, screaming into whoever’s penis was in my mouth, crying, jerking, flinching… I felt like I had totally lost control of my body. And just when my spasms started to subside, a massive load of cum blasted into my pussy and seconds later, one into my mouth. I began to quake all over again and sob with pleasure.

When we were all tired, both men climbed down off of me and I heard the unmistakable clicks of cameras, the thought that there were pictures of me tied to a bed with cum leaking out of my pussy and running down my chin almost made me get off again.

They untied me from the bed, but not before teasing me with the pizza; dangling it by my mouth and pulling it away, rubbing the cum all over me, and taking more pictures. When my blindfold was finally lifted, I was taken aback by the handsome face of the man who had lifted it. I looked around and there was no one else in the room, the cameras had been theirs.
Jay came over and introduced the man as his brother, Robert.

“Thank you for that.” Robert said smiling, his green eyes glistening.

“You’re welcome, Robert.” I said to which he replied,

“Call me Rob.”

We ate pizza; and afterwards, the two men took turns licking me out and ripping mind numbing orgasms from my sixteen year old body over and over until they were both horny enough to fuck me again.

Then I laid on top of Rob while he fucked my pussy and Jay fucked my ass again. They stroked in and out of me at the same time with all of their strength; Over and over and over, until none of us could stand cumming any more. Once we were all spent, I laid between them in the bed, reeling from the orgasms, and enjoying their tender touches and kisses as my head spun.

“You should meet my wife, she would love you.” Rob said when he finally got the strength to talk.

“You should meet Kate, she’d love you too.” Jay said.

“Who’s Kate?” I asked.

“Our sister.” Rob answered, planting a kiss on my nipple. I pondered the possibilities of all the ways four people could have sex. I thought I herd myself ask them if they have sex with their sister, but I was slipping in and out of sleep so I couldn’t be sure.

“Are you ever going to let me go?” I asked Jay after a long while.

“You could have gone at any time during the night or today. I left the key on the dresser all night, and I didn’t lock the door when I left today.” Jay said.

I sat up sharply; trying process what he had just said. I could have left at any time, I just never even attempted to…

“Can I leave now?” I asked.

“Yes, but you’re not going to.” Jay replied casually.

Then I thought about everything that happened, everything he had taught me, and I stated into those cold gray eyes and knew that I couldn’t leave the one I loved. I laid back down in the bed between them.

“You’re right” I said, taking both their hands in mine.

The End?

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