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Thanks to EmeraldKitten for all her help with this story.

Once again, this is a pure stroke story. No great redeeming literary value at all.

And don’t forget to vote and send me comments. The more feedback I get, the harder I’ll work to keep you entertained.

* * * * *

Halloween, just after 5:30. I’m glad of my leather jacket for the fall evening is chilly.

Turning my head to the right I can see my reflection in a convenience store window. Rangy is the best word to describe my build. I’m thin and rather tall. My hair and beard are now mostly grey, changing from the dull brown they used to be. With my jacket, black jeans and black cowboy boots I look like a biker who gave it up to be a literature prof. I smile at myself, pleased with the dichotomy.

“But I could use a haircut,” I decide.

Looking ahead, I see a bit of serendipity. There’s a hair stylist’s shop just up the street a bit.

I continue walking until I reach the stylist’s door. I open it and a little bell rings to announce my entrance. The shop is very small. All I can see is a front desk with a cash register and some beauty products displayed behind glass. A divider walls off the entrance from the bulk of the shop. Construction paper pumpkins and witches decorate the walls. Creepy music sounds from speakers mounted on the dividing barrier.

The door closes behind me and the bell rings again. A young woman emerges from the working area hidden from me.

“Woof!” is my first thought on seeing her.

The young lady in question is taller than many, about 5′ 8″. She is not that stick insect thin widely popular, but rather nicely filled out. She would attract my attention even if she wasn’t dressed the way she was. I scan my eyes over the length of her to take in the full effect.

I start at her neck, and note the pale, soft skin there. “Tasty,” I think. She’s wearing a black shirt with brown trim, top buttons undone so that her full breasts are displayed almost to the nipple. A very short black skirt encases her hips. Her lovely legs are contained in fishnet stockings of matching colour. Ankle boots with four inch heels and the same shade are on her trim feet.

With a bit of chagrin, I realize what I’m doing. I move my eyes to hers, which are a sparkling brown. Her beautiful face is long with a pointed chin. Hair is a deep, dark red and curly. A pair of leopard spotted ears sticks out from the riotous mane.

“Ah, yes. A real sex kitten indeed.”

She grins at me, as if she’s following my thoughts. “Hello. Can I help you?” she asks.

“You certainly may,” I reply. My lecherous smile indicates exactly what that help could be. “I need a hair cut and beard trim.”

“It’s going to cost you,” she laughs back. “But I can take care of you. Just follow me…” And she turns to head back towards the area she emerged from.

Following her, I move past the Halloween decorations and through the spooky music. As I do, I admire her from behind. Those statuesque legs that lead up to a gorgeous well-built ass. A leopard’s tail completes the kitten ensemble. Her back towards me offers an opportunity. I reach into my pants to adjust my stiffening anatomy. There’s no subtle way to do that.

As I move past the wall I see her station. A small shelf full of her equipment sits under a large mirror with a barber’s chair in front of it. There is only the one station. This shop must be her own.

She leans forward to pick up a cape. Her skirt rides up a bit and I can just see the bottoms of her cheeks. I can’t tell if she’s wearing a thong or doing without. My prick grows harder at the sight.

The lovely woman I’ve been staring at turns to me with a smile and gestures at the chair. “Have a seat, sir.” I think I see her eyes widen a bit as they run over the bulge in my pants.

Grinning back at her, I climb into the chair.

Graceful hands fasten the cape around my neck and pivot the chair towards the mirror. Standing to my right, she catches my reflected eyes with hers and asks, “So, what am I doing to you today?” There’s a slight pause as she realizes what she’s said. “Er, rather, how close do you want it?”

“As close as you want to get,” is my answer. I arch an eyebrow at her to make it plain I’m not talking about hair.

Her shimmering eyes expand for a second, then a slow, wicked smile creeps across her mouth. “Sounds good to me,” she says.

Reaching over to grab the clippers, she slips an attachment on them and starts it whirring. One leg goes to the foot pump of the chair. She hikes her skirt a touch, revealing her thigh to me. With forceful steps, the chair is raised to the height needed for her work. My gaze travels to the erotic sight, watching the muscles work. A wave of pure lust passes through me.

Her brown eyes smirk at me in the mirror, amused by my hard wired male reaction. Moving closer she presses her lush breasts into my shoulder. The clippers are moved towards my hair.

Before Mersin Escort they reach me, I reach up with my right hand, and scratch my shoulder on that side. The backs of my knuckles run under her right breast. Moving my hand back and forth, I tease the sensitive skin there. “I beg your pardon,” I say putting a not too surprised look on my face, making it sound like my action was an accident.

That pretty face slackens for a moment and a quiet moan seeps from her. The arm moving the shearing tool stops, not quite at my head. She leans and presses her firm mounds harder into my shoulder. Turning once again to my reflection, she smiles and says, “You don’t have to beg for anything.”

She switches her clippers to her left hand, then reaches with the right for the cape. Instead of adjusting it, her hand runs under the linen. Slowly she grazes over my chest, teases across my stomach and finishes by running her fingertips along the iron rod she finds in my pants.

I move my right arm out from under the cape and place the tips of my fingers on her firm thigh. Strumming them, as if playing a guitar, I gently stroke up the warm, and warming surface. Upwards I go, until I feel the hem of her skirt against my forearm. And a bit farther until I cup my hand at the spot between her legs. She’s wearing a silk thong I discover. I can feel her brimming cheeks under my fingers and the damp, almost wet, material rubs against my palm.

Her hand twitches on my tool at my touch. I hiss a soft intake of breath at the feeling that sweeps through me. She squeezes her thighs together, trapping my hand between them. I can feel the silk grow wetter, coating my hand with a thin film of her excitement.

I feel the button of my jeans being undone. She grasps the zipper tab and pulls it down unhurriedly.

With a smile, I lean forward and run my tongue along her ear. There are diamond studs set in the lobe. I circle them one at a time.

A deft movement of my right hand moves the thong aside. Stroking lightly, I spread the warm liquid flowing from her around her quivering lips. My thumb pushes against her hard clit, as if it were a button to launch something into orbit. Then I rotate it, causing the stiff nubbin to stretch and compress in a rhythmic motion.

She moans again at the multiple sensations. I hear the clippers stop whirring and she drops them to the floor. The now free hand grasps my wrist, needing it’s support to keep her balance. The other hand opens my pants and goes under my briefs to grip my lumber stiff cock. Her breath whispers between clenched teeth. She squeezes me and then pumps with a delicate motion.

I grit my teeth and shudder at her maddening touch. My lips leave her ear and trail across her cheek. My left hand reaches around to turn her mouth towards me. I trace her lips, then push my tongue inside to spar with hers. Puckering my lips, I suck her tongue into me and lightly catch it between my teeth.

My hand rearranges itself between her thighs. Index and third fingers move her labia apart and my center finger runs inside. I pump it slowly. And move my invading digit so none of the nerves inside her damp cavern are untouched.

The redheaded beauty whimpers as my mouth claims hers. Her movements on my cock become more insistent, alternately tight and soft. Her tongue twitches in my mouth in a cadence that matches the one in her fissure. Raising an elegant leg, she sets it on the foot pump, allowing me easy access to her heat. Those wide hips buck against my hand as she moans deep in her throat. The demanding muscles inside her pull at my finger, drawing it deeper.

With a sharp gasp, I pull my head from hers. That loving touch has bought me to the very edge. My hips work involuntarily, at the beat she has set. I grit my teeth, and then I’m coming. Sticky fluid shoots from me, spurts followed by dribbles. It soaks into my shirt and coats her hand. A panting groan rattles in my chest as it ends.

She moans as my passion covers her hand. Her fingers loosen their grip, caressing me. My final groan brings an impish smile to her face. Removing her hand from under the cape, she brings it to her mouth, sucking the cream from her fingers. Eyes sparking with pleasure she says, “Mmmm. Every tricker’s favourite treat.”

I manage to regain control of my body while she’s enjoying her gooey delicacy. I answer her smile with a wicked one of my own. “I have another treat for you,” I whisper.

I have lost myself in her ministrations and was no longer working my hand. To make up for it I slide a second finger in her. I speed up the meter of my strokes while my thumb starts to flick back and forth over her clit as rapidly as I can move it.

Her eyes go wide and I see her bite her lip. As my thumbs teases her, her teeth break the skin. And she comes. Her pussy clamps hard on my fingers, pulling them into her. She presses into me, wrapping an arm around my neck and crushing her firm breasts into Mersin Escort Bayan my chest. Her body shakes, quivers and quakes as orgasm rushes through her. It leaves her breathless and sagging against me. Looking at me with a face slack with amazement she manages a feeble, “Oh… God…”

Grinning at her, I slowly reduce my pace, relishing the twitches and shudders I feel. I randomly run my thumb over her throbbing nub, driving final jolts of ecstasy into her. Finally, I pull my fingers out and move them to my mouth. My eyes slit in appreciation of her sweet taste.

“It looks like we both get a treat,” I say with a wink. “We should make a candy out of this. The market would be huge.”

She smiles. “No doubt you’re right. You make that candy and I’ll become your partner.” She pauses. “Business partner, that is.”

She pushes herself off me. I can see her knees shaking from her orgasm. She puts a hand on the shelf of her station to keep her balance. She takes a deep breath and manages to stand straight. Turning to me she asks, “So, shall we continue?”

I glance at my watch. “It’s after six,” I state. “Perhaps you should close up first. I wouldn’t want to have another customer come in and keep you too late.”

Confusion shows for a second. The ruby haired lady doesn’t know me well enough to know why I suggested such a thing. But she goes off to do it.

As soon as I see her gorgeous bum move past the divider I reach down and release the foot pedal so the chair sinks to it’s lowest position. Then to the back release, leaning backwards until I’m almost horizontal. My final action is to remove the cape from my neck. I can hear her locking the door and drawing blinds.

As she returns, puzzlement crosses her face again as she sees the position I’m in. “I was thinking of a face massage,” I explain to her.

She opens her mouth, undoubtedly to explain she’s a stylist, not a masseuse.

“With your thighs,” I continue, before she can say a word.

A delighted smile forms as she discovers there’s more fun to be had. Her legs twitch a little, lust stroking her nerves. “But of course sir. I would be more than happy to meet any of your desires.”

My sweet peach hikes her skirt up and I can finally see what’s beneath it. Her fishnets are held up with black silk garters and a belt of the same fabric. The thong I’ve been fondling is also black. It glistens with the fluids she’s leaked into it and I can see thin trails shining on her inner thighs. The undergarment is knotted at the sides. Two quick pulls of her fingers release it and the delicate raiment falls to the ground.

My gaze sharpens with passion as her delectable nether region is revealed. There is no hair concealing that area. The smooth skin there is completely bare. Her lips are still soaking wet and I can see her clit peek from the folds. “I see how you keep in practice,” I observe.

She actually blushes a bit at that. It’s quite becoming. Her expression then heats up and she moves to the chair. Throwing one leg over it, and me, she ends up standing above my face with her gorgeous tits towards my head. I’m low enough that even with those grand limbs spread so nicely by the back of the chair, there is still a couple of inches of space between us.

I take a deep breath and the musky odour of her arousal and peak waft into my lungs. The most intoxicating smell in existence.

Taking her firm, round ass in my hands I exhale on her slit. I can feel her buttocks twitch at the warm dampness running over her and she draws a deep breath in response. One of her hands reaches down to stroke my cheek. The other goes up, cups a full sphere and tweaks the nipple through the cloth covering it.

I turn my head to one side and lick at her left thigh. The taste of her skin cream is mixed with the fluids that have run there. It’s so delicious I set my lips against her and suck lightly. A breathy ‘Oh’ comes from her and the muscle under my tongue ripples as she tightens her legs on the chair.

Slowly raising my head, I swipe up her warm, soft skin. My right hand moves to the bottom button of her shirt and releases it. One by one, the other fastenings are freed and her garment falls open. Her bra is the same black silk as her other lingerie. I stroke the flesh of the fulsome mounds that isn’t covered.

I notice there is a large, cross shaped scar on her tummy. Inquiringly, I move my eyes to her face.

“From when I was a baby,” she explains. The cast of her face is slightly afraid. She thinks I’ll find it repulsing.

Squirming in the chair I raise my head to the scar and give it a delicate kiss. “Who’s lucky enough to be perfect? You’ll probably find my scars as we continue. No one gets out of this life unmarked.”

For a second, a tender look passes over her face. It vanishes as I pull down one cup of her bra and roll the nipple revealed in my fingers. Her mouth drops and her eyes flutter. She has the most sensitive Escort Mersin breasts I’ve ever encountered.

My lips move back to the spot they left when I reassured her. Kissing and laving, I continue cleaning her spending from her. I growl as the potent taste fills my mouth.

Quite deliberately I move past her pussy, instead licking across her hips just above her moist center. She groans her disappointment. Looking up, I can see her gazing at me. “Bastard,” she whispers with a faux look of anger.

I grin merrily at her. “If I rush, you won’t have as much fun.” Her eyes twinkle at that.

Picking up where I stopped, I move on to her right thigh and work my way down. My left hand squeezes the full cheek it holds. One finger of it teases over her soft, brown rose. My right exposes her other breast and titillates the nipple ignored so far.

A thin layer of sweat forms on her skin. Her breath has become deep and loud. The hand stroking my face tangles itself in my hair and tries to pull me to the quivering slit that she wants played with. I resist easily. I’m giving her too much pleasure and she can’t muster the concentration required for strength.

I reverse my direction, moving up the right thigh. This time I don’t bypass her lips. As I reach the bottom of her quim I lick across it, then up and down. Deliberately I float up her folds, varying the motion of my tongue. With no predictable rhythm, she can’t guess what will happen next. The passion created by my lapping washes into her, she can’t prevent it. The hand in my hair lets go, presses against my face and trembles. I can see her eyes are closed and she runs her tongue over her glossy mouth. She grips the breast I’m not holding, and the flesh of it rises between her fingers. “Oh shit,” she murmurs.

At last I arrive at her clit. Extending my tongue I give it a quick lick.

“Oh,” come quietly from her mouth.

I wait several seconds then give her two more rapid licks.

“Oh. Oh,” sounds a bit louder.

Another short wait, then three.

A longer, slightly louder and trembling “Oh” emerges from her.

I continue this, increasing one lick each time until I lose count. Then I simply go for broke.

A continuous stream of noise now comes from her. “Oh Jesus, that’s good. Eat me. Hss. Don’t stop. God. Don’t stop. Oh. Jesus. Good…”

My left hand runs into the crack between her cheeks. The thumb strokes over the tender skin between asshole and vagina, lubricating it in the warm fluids percolating from her. Once well oiled, I push it inside her cunt. I pump it once, twice, thrice.

When my digit first runs into her she sits bolt upright. At each pistoning she again calls, “Oh!” The third one turns to a guttural wail as she comes.

Sweetness runs freely from her and I lap it up. Not fast enough and my beard becomes soaked. Her upper body presses her tit hard into my hand. Hips pumping wildly cause her slit to run all over my lower face. My nose, tongue, lips and beard graze over her palpitating lips, driving her on and on. She howls her delight, filling me with joy. There’s no bigger ego boost than giving a beautiful woman such complete pleasure.

Giving a final gasp, she wilts. I grab her under the armpits to keep her from falling on the floor. My glorious paramour is as limp as a curare victim, body unable to function at all. I kiss with delicacy at random spots on her lower body, causing her nerves to send tiny echoes of joy to her brain.

After several minutes, she manages to stand. Holding my hand for balance, she lifts herself off me and kneels next to my head. One arm rests on my chest. She takes her lips in mine, giving me a soulful and passionate kiss.

“Thank you,” she whispers as it ends it. “I thought you only received presents at Christmas. I’m so happy I was mistaken.” The hand over my chest undoes the top button of my shirt. Her head moves towards the skin and sparse hair exposed. “But presents have to be met in kind, don’t you agree?”

My cock, never replaced in my pants, has hardened while I was gratifying her. It is rigid again and it jerks, dribbling a little seminal fluid as her promise hits me in a wave of eroticism.

Her tender lips lightly kiss and suck at the skin she has revealed. That delicate hand releases the next button and her head moves to follow it. With a deliberate, maddening pace, she teases me until my shirt is completely open.

A quick motion pulls my briefs from my cock and I’m completely revealed to her happy eyes. She turns her head so I can see her face, one cheek resting against my twitching member. Reaching out with her tongue, she licks under the head of my prick, gathering pre-come into her mouth. Her face becomes suffused with pleasure, as if she has tasted ambrosia. I gulp at the sensation.

My splendid lover sets her lips on the shaft just below the head. She kisses it gently and tickles it with her tongue. She moves down my length, slowly, repeating the teasing that she gave my torso. Her left hand softly strokes the spongy head of my cock and the right gently massages my sack.

I grit my teeth and hiss in a deep breath. My hardness lurches at her ministrations. I can feel myself getting ready to release my passion again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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