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As soon as I stepped from the plane into the jet way that served as our passageway to the terminal, I felt the intense heat of the Texas sun. The airport’s acres of asphalt were baking in the summer sun and the hot, stale jet way air took my breath away. I hurried along the corridor to find the relief of the air-conditioned terminal. The cool air of the terminal caused a chill to run along my spine. I was taken aback by the hustle and bustle of the massive Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. The airport serves as a hub for several large airlines and is a departure point for South American flights. That is why I was here. I was traveling to Buenos Aires for an important business meeting. I had somehow managed to arrange a six-hour layover in Dallas. Although I would be here just a short time, I had reserved a room at the nearby Clarion Suites Hotel. I was assured it was less then a mile from the airport and only minutes by cab.

I smiled when I recalled the look on my company’s travel clerk’s face when I explained I needed a hotel in Dallas for a few hours. She clearly thought I was another of the self-indulgent company executives who thought they were too good to hang around an airport for the afternoon. Of course I couldn’t explain the real reason I wanted the layover and hotel room in Dallas. I just smiled at her and said after working all day and a three hour flight, with a long red eye to Brazil and an early meeting, I would need to freshen up somewhere. She smiled back and made the arrangements without comment.

I shouldered my carryon bag and headed for the cabstand area. The rest of my luggage was already checked through to Brazil. I didn’t really need many clothes for the afternoon I had planned. The bag contained a change of underwear and a couple surprises for my friend Chris. Chris was the real reason for the long layover and hotel in Dallas. I had met Chris several months before in my favorite erotic chat room. We seemed to connect right away. There was clearly something more going on then just a long-distance jack-off buddy thing. I was very happy when he too was interested in more then just a one-night stand of pounding his cock with one hand while typing erotic thoughts with the other. Over the months that followed our initial meeting Chris and I had become good friends and long-distance lovers. We both acknowledged that our cocks began to grow as soon as we saw the other was in the chat room. Being bi-sexual and not having the opportunity to enjoy other males in the real world, we expressed our sexual needs for same sex play with each other. We seemed to be a great partnership and talked often of trying to find a way to get together.

When the South American trip came up and I discovered I would be stopping in his area of the country, I managed to finagle a longer then usual layover each way. I hoped the first meeting would be as we imagined and we would be getting together on the return trip. My return layover was even longer. We would have a whole night together. As the cab approached the hotel my heart was almost pounding. Even though I had spoken to Chris just three hours ago and he assured me he was still coming, I feared he might change his mind and stand me up. The cab pulled into the hotel portico and a handsomely dressed doorman greeted me. I tossed a twenty toward the cabbie for the fare and told him to keep it. I was too anxious to be bothered waiting for change. The doorman smiled and welcomed me. Though he seemed clearly disappointed there would be no luggage so he could earn a tip, he politely directed me to the front desk. As he held the door for me I pressed a ten into his palm. Hell I was feeling good and it was the company’s money anyway.

I stepped into the ornate lobby and looked around. Chris had assured me he would be at the hotel waiting. He said that he wanted every minute he could have with me. When I didn’t see him in the main lobby I headed toward the front desk to check in. The clerk handed me a key and I refused the offer of a bellman. I walked to elevator after taking another look around for Chris. I decided he was either stuck in traffic or not coming. Either way best place for me was my room. As I stood waiting for the elevator, I felt the presence of a person behind me. Whoever it was he was awfully close to my back. I didn’t turn around, figuring there must be a crowd waiting and that is why the stranger was so close to me. To my surprise my elevator buddy seemed to move even closer. I could actually feel his breath on the back of my neck.

Just as I was about to move forward or turn around and confront the stranger, Chris discreetly pinched my ass and in a deep sexy voice said, “Hey buddy, what took you so long to get here?”

I whirled around and came face to face with my fantasy lover. We both smiled broadly. I ached to grab him and hold him, but managed to contain my lust the remaining few moments before the elevator doors opened. We stepped on together and happily we were the lone occupants of the elevator car. As soon as the doors çankaya escort shut, we fell into each other’s arms. It was as if we had been sealed in our own private cocoon. Our first kiss was hungry and full of the passion that had built up over the months of our long-distance affair. As our tongues danced, greedily tasting one another, we pressed our desire filled bodies together. Our bulging pants rubbed together heightening our arousal. We arrived far too soon at the eleventh floor. We just managed to break our passionate embrace as the doors opened. I almost burst out laughing as the proper looking older couple waiting for the elevator smiled at us. I was sure we were somewhat disheveled and had they glanced down they would have clearly seen the tents our cocks were making in our pants. Chris and I smiled back and hurried down the long hotel hallway.

I couldn’t get the door opened fast enough. As soon as the door shut behind us, I threw my bag on the huge bed that occupied most of the sleeping area of the suite and took Chris in my arms again. There was no less passion in our second kiss and this time no opening elevator would interrupt us. We kissed hard and deep, tongues moving in and out of each other’s mouth for a long while. Our hands roamed exploring the other’s body, touching in ways we had only described before. Finally the kiss broke. We were both panting and needing to catch our breath. My hands moved to Chris’s belt and in a breathless near whisper I moaned that I could wait no longer to see his body. I undressed Chris down to his underwear. As I reached for the waistband of the sexy tight-fitting boxer-briefs he wore, Chris stopped me.

“Wait, my turn,” he practically purred at me.

Though I was dying to see the cock I craved so and could see outlined in his shorts so enticingly, I relented and moved my hands away from his waist. Chris then slowly and sensually undressed me down to my underwear. I had to concentrate to keep from cumming in my shorts. I had never been that turned on before in my life. We stood facing each other in only our underwear. Unable to hold back, I stepped forward, bent and took his right nipple in my mouth. I licked and sucked and bit his tiny man tit as I slid my hand into his shorts. I sighed into his chest as I touched his warm hard cock for the first time. His hairless pubic region was softer and smoother then any I had ever touched. Chris moaned and his cock jumped in my hand. After a few minutes, Chris pulled me up gently and then repeated my actions. His hand was now in my shorts. His fingertips’ tickling my cock and his mouth was now on my nipple. We simultaneously pulled down each other’s shorts and soon were standing face to face with our hard throbbing cocks rubbing together as we once again shared a passionate kiss.

Chris kissed his way down my chest and abdomen as he gently fondled my cock and balls. As he soon as he dropped to his knees Chris pushed me back gently. My knees buckled and I stumbled and fell back onto the bed. I sat on the edge of the bed looking at Chris on his knees several feet across the room. My cock throbbed in anticipation as he crawled to me. I was surprised when he stopped and began to kiss my ankles and slowly worked his way up my legs. Chris kissed and licked both legs, moving slowly up to my knees. Then he raised my left leg, slid lower and teased the underside of my knee with his warm moist tongue. No one had ever paid such attention to this sensitive area before. I squirmed and moaned as he repeated the treatment on the other leg. He was driving me wild and I ached to have his lips on my stone, hard cock. But I would do nothing to stop Chris’s amazing erotic tongue bath of my legs.

Chris moved to my thighs and I was forced to concentrate to maintain control. His teeth were now added to the mix. Little nibbles joined the kisses and licks as Chris slowly explored my thighs, moving ever so slowly toward my crotch. Soon I felt his hot breath on my balls, but still his mouth teased me. My hands were on his head. My fingers were entwining in his hair. Chris continued to drive me insane with his now agonizingly slow movement toward my balls. Unable to contain my actions, I pulled Chris’s face into my crotch, forcing his lips to my freshly shaven ball sack.

Chris almost screamed, “Yes, Lover! Show what you want! I want to please, completely!”

I moaned deeply in a near whisper of a voice, “Lick my cum filled balls baby and then milk my cock. Make that hot mouth into the pussy you always tell me it is, lover!”

Chris began to lap at my balls like a staving cat laps up a bowl of milk. I begged him to go lower and soon felt his hot tongue licking at the space between my balls and asshole. Chris knew exactly what I loved from our months of virtual fucking. Now just like he had always been on-line he was a willing, giving, amazing lower. Chris nudged me so I would raise my legs and expose my sensitive anus to his tongue. I eagerly pulled my legs up and offered keçiören escort my tight pucker to him. The tip of Chris’s tongue teased my rim, sending jolts of pleasure through my body. It had been a long time since I had a lover so giving and perfect. I screamed in ecstasy as he gave me the most fantastic tongue fucking of my life. He licked and probed my asshole until I begged him to suck my cock. I needed release and I wanted to feed my cum to Chris. I also wanted his sweet cock in my mouth. For months I had dreamed of sucking his cock. I thought of it almost constantly since the night he sent me a picture of his hard cock all ready for action.

I asked to him to join me on the bed so we could sixty-nine. I lay back and Chris straddled my face. As he licked the precum from my cum-slit I took hold of his waist and pulled him down toward my face. I stuck my tongue out and lustfully licked his swollen cock head. His soft spongy glans felt fabulous against my hot wet tongue. My first taste of his sweet precum was intoxicating. As Chris swallowed me, I took hold of his cock and pulled him into my mouth. I sucked hard on the top of his cock as he bobbed up and down on my shaft, deep-throating me. His tongue pressed against the underside of my shaft and his moans made his lips vibrate on my cock. Chris released my cock for a second and told me that I should fuck his mouth like a pussy and feed him my cum as he had craved for so long now. When he once again wrapped his soft sensual lips around my twitching dick, I immediately began thrust my hips upward. I had to release his cock from my mouth as I became lost in fucking his mouth. He took every inch I gave him and my soft hairs brushed his lips with each thrust.

I cried out, “Now, baby! I am going to fucking blow in that hot mouth!”

Chris grabbed the base of my cock and held the upper half tightly in his mouth. He sucked so hard it felt as if a vacuum hose had be attached to my cock head. I screamed and moaned as my cock pumped shot after shot of thick cum into Chris waiting mouth. He seemed to be letting his mouth fill, only swallowing enough to keep up the sucking. I screamed obscenities and told him he was the hottest fucking cocksucker alive. I squirmed under him as he continued milking every drop from my spasming dick. It became too much. The powerful orgasm had made my cock too sensitive. I pulled him away from me and pushed him onto his back.

As I rolled Chris over he opened his mouth and let me see my cum before he swallowed it. I kissed him hard, stealing a taste of my seed from his lips. Then I pounced on him and began sucking and licking his cock and balls like a man possessed. I wanted Chris’s cum and I wanted him to feel as good as he had made me feel. I was high with a sexual euphoria I had never achieved before. When Chris hollered for me to suck his cock, I took his thick delicious meat in my mouth and swallowed every inch. I bobbed up and down on him, humming along the length of his rock hard cock. My throat massaged his engorged mushroom on each pass. My fingers deftly massaged his tightening ball sack. I sucked Chris’s like it contained a life sustaining elixir. His scream rang in my ear just as the first spurt of his seed hit the back of my throat. He came like a fire hose, huge streams of his precious seed shot into my mouth. I tried in vain to swallow it all. When finally the last drops oozed from his dick, I pulled away and licked my lips. Chris sat up and kissed me. Then he began to lick my beard clean of his salty musk. When the task was complete we fell to the bed in each other’s arms. We cuddled and kissed softly while our bodies recovered from our passionate encounter. We still had plenty of time before I had to return to the airport. We talked quietly for a bit, knowing there was more excitement and passion to come.

As we lay together content and euphoric I began dozing and soon was dreaming. In my dream I lay naked on a beach in a topical paradise. Beside me lay Chris, my lover. His beautiful body tanned all over from endless days of frolicking in the tropical sun naked and free. All around us were other couples and groups. All were naked. There were both males and females and the couplings were of every imaginable combination.

As I awoke from my slumber I felt a warm soft moist sensation on my now loose ball sack. I heard myself mummer happily and dared not open my eyes. If I was dreaming all of this afternoon, I did not want it to end. The unmistakable sounds of licking and sucking soft flesh filled my ears. My cock brushed the side of Chris’s face making me know it was no dream and telling me I was again hard as a rock. The soft two-day growth of stubble on Chris’s sweet face tickled my cock causing it to twitch. I smiled broadly at the idea that Chris had let his face go to stubble while keeping his pubic region smooth as a baby’s ass.

I felt Chris’s lips move up my rigid shaft and his tongue roll over the large vein that ran along my cock. etimesgut escort I opened my eyes just in time to see Chris open his mouth and swallow my cock head. His tongue explored my soft glans and pried apart my sensitive slit. I moaned in what one might say was a squeal-like manner as his tongue bathed my sensitive mushroom.

Realizing I was awake, Chris looked up at me and purred, “Ready to fuck me good and hard, lover? My boy-pussy has been aching for this cock.”

I smiled at the words, “boy-pussy”. Although, almost 25, Chris was a boy to me in many ways. He was a delicious sexy boy as well as a hot erotic man. I smiled at the paradox of thought and emotion Chris brought out in me. I was more then ready to fill Chris’s tight ass. The dream combined with Chris’s licking and sucking had fully aroused me. My cock was as hard as if I had not cum in a week. So often in our fantasy play, Chris had acted the cum-slut for me and begged me to fuck his tight ass-cunt. Now I was going to fill him for real. He was going to be mine today, I felt as if my fondest dreams were coming true.

All I could manage in response to Chris’s questions was to moan, “Oh yessssss!”

Chris rolled over and lay on his back. His beautiful hairless cock stood at full attention. He was as excited and aroused as I was. I could see his chest nearly heaving as he panted in anticipation of me fucking his tight ass. I watched breathlessly as he pulled his knees out and up to his chest. He was now spread wide, offering his little pucker up.

Chris smiled sweetly at me and spoke softly in his sexiest voice, “Come on Rick, make me your bitch for real. Drive that hot cock deep into my hungry ass-cunt!”

Chris knew exactly how to drive me wild. I practically dove forward. My mouth found his smooth ball sack and I began to lick lustfully. Passion and desire overwhelmed me. It was as if I was possessed. I covered his balls in my saliva and slowly licked lower toward his tight rosebud. His smooth hairless skin felt amazing on my hungry tongue and lips. Chris’s sensual moans of pure ecstasy spurred me on. I lapped at his anal rim, covering it in spit. I was practically drooling all over his ass as I began to push saliva into his ass with my tongue. I felt Chris open up easily to my assaulting tongue and knew he must have stretched himself for me before I arrived.

Chris cried out, “Oh Rick! Please! Please fuck me now! I need you inside me!”

I kissed his throbbing cock amorously and slid my body between his thighs. I took hold of Chris’s legs and pulled them up onto my shoulders, raising his ass up off the bed. I stared into his eyes as I caressed his rock hard cock and slowly moved my throbbing meat to his widely stretched crack. I rubbed my cock along his crack, letting my oozing precum mix with the saliva lubricant. Chris smiled broadly at me, his eyes and passionate moaning now begging for me to enter him.

“You ready to be all mine, baby?” I asked as I pressed the tip of my cock against his asshole.

Chris said nothing. His answer was to close his eyes and press his ass onto my cock as if he was trying to swallow me. I thrusted my hips forward meeting his push and my cock popped into his hungry ass, my spit and precum serving to lubricate the passageway. I slowly slid my cock into his man-cunt until he had all of me inside him and my balls were pressed to his smooth flesh. He called out my name and told me that he was my cum-slut bitch and begged me to fuck him hard. I took hold of his hard hot cock and began stroking him. As I pumped his cock in my fist I began humping his sweet tight ass. I matched the pace perfectly. My hand fucked his cock in sync with my cock fucking his ass.

Chris wriggled around under me as if he was trying to escape. However, his cries of pleasure and the look of pure rapture on his face told me he was exactly where he wanted to be. I began to pump Chris harder and faster, fully impaling ass on my cock with each deep thrust. I felt his hot cock grow even harder and larger in my hand. Chris’s cock was now throbbing and I knew his balls were churning his seed. Though he had cum hard only slightly more then an hour before, Chris’s cock erupted like a long dormant volcano. Thick ropes of hot, thick cum shot skyward, landing on his chest. A few precious spurts managed to find my belly.

As Chris’s climax took control of his hot sweaty body, his rectal muscle contracted hard, squeezing my dick tight. I felt as if his ass was trying to suck me deeper into him. It was as if I was being drawn into his soul. At that moment we were linked in a tight erotic hold making us nearly one being. Chris, screamed for me to fill his hot boy cunt. With one last mighty thrust I pushed past his tightened ass muscle and buried every centimeter of my hot meat in him. I nearly roared as my cock emptied my balls into the depths of Chris’s body. My orgasm went on and on. I had never experienced anything so powerful before. I felt as if it might never end. As my head began to clear I dropped down onto Chris, keeping my still oozing cock inside him as best I could. Had it been possible I would have chosen to remain inside him for the rest of my days. We kissed passionately. They were the hard, deep wet kisses born of animalistic lust. Our hot, sweaty flesh rubbed together. Chris’s seed felt warm and sticky oozing between our bodies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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